**This collection is dedicated to Gamma Orionis because it is entirely her fault that it even exists. ;-)**

If you read the summary and still clicked on the link, let me say again that this is rated M for a reason! I should also warn you, fair readers, that I don't write smut. Or at least I didn't… This is kind of an experiment, so if it's terrible, don't say I didn't warn you.

This is for the Family Boot Camp using the Black Family. As always, feel free to request a pairing and I will do my best. The only restriction here is that at least one half of said pairing must be or have been a member of the Black Family.

Also for Gamma Orionis' Kink Challenge

Prompt: committee

Kink #24: Biting

Pairing: Rodolphus/Narcissa

Narcissa stood in the front hall of Malfoy Manor to see her husband off. He was going away to represent some committee or other for the Ministry of Magic for a week and she'd done all she could to hide just how much she was anticipating his departure. She wasn't even so sure it would have mattered as he was completely oblivious to anything concerning her lately. Everything was all about business with him and Narcissa could probably walk about completely naked and he wouldn't notice.

Lucius pecked her on the cheek and said a distracted goodbye before heading out the door. She waited for the telltale sound of someone Apparating outside before bolting up the stairs to her room where she had a most welcome visitor.

"Finally!" Rodolphus exclaimed and pressed her against the bedroom door. He leaned down to latch his mouth onto the side of her neck and sucked hard, ensuring that there would be a mark later. The thought sent shivers up Narcissa's spine.

"I know!" she breathed. "I thought he'd never leave."

She frantically struggled with the buttons on his shirt and he smirked down at her in amusement. "Eager aren't we?"

She rolled her eyes and started to unzip her dress while he shrugged the shirt off his shoulders. "Just shut up, Rod."

As soon as they were naked he had her against the door again and he did shut up, deciding that there were better things he could be doing with his mouth than talking. He kissed her fiercely and held her wrists up above her head. He once again latched onto her neck and his teeth grazed her skin causing a whimper to escape her mouth.

"You like that?" He smirked against her shoulder and sunk his teeth into her again, harder this time.

She moaned and wrapped a leg around his waist, rubbing her throbbing, wet center against him, letting him know that she did, indeed, like it. She twisted her arms in an attempt to free herself from his grip, but Rodolphus was too strong for her. She groaned in frustration. "Come on!" She pressed her back against the door and lifted her other leg to dig her heels into his backside, pulling him against her and actually taking him by surprise. She'd managed to position him so the tip of his cock was brushing her soaking clit and he hummed his approval before pulling his head back to meet her eyes.

"Come on and what, love?" he asked.

"We have the rest of the week to play these games, Rod. Fuck me, now!"

Again, this outburst took him by surprise, but he definitely liked it. Narcissa was usually content to submit to his teasing, but she wasn't having it tonight. And he had to admit, she had a point.

He relinquished his hold on her wrists and placed his hands underneath her thighs, giving him a better angle. He lowered his head to the nip at her collarbone, while he finally thrust up into her. She ran her hands through his hair and arched her back, moaning in appreciation. He gave her what she wanted; fucking her hard and fast, and very soon he could feel himself getting close.

He reached between their bodies to stroke her clit and then bent down over her even lower to suck a nipple into his mouth. He gently grazed it with his teeth and the pleasure bordering on pain sent Narcissa over the edge. She cried out and her inner muscles clenched down on his cock as she came hard. He found his release soon after and pressed his forehead to hers, breathing heavily.

She lowered herself back down onto the floor and together they stumbled on shaky legs over to the bed and collapsed, basking in post-orgasmic bliss. When he'd regained his breath, Rodolphus moved to hover over her and pressed gentle kisses to the red marks covering her neck and shoulders where he'd bitten her. "That's going to bruise," he informed her.

This did not bother Narcissa at all. She sighed and allowed herself to enjoy his attentions instead. "Good."