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"Mom! Mom! Dad's home!" Thor started bouncing around the living room, climbing on furniture and roughly petting the poor old golden retriever that had happened to be in the way of his completing his happy dance. "Come and see! Come and see! He's pulling something out of the back seat! I think he has presents! Presents!"

Frigga laughed at her son's enthusiasm, coming out of the kitchen with a flour-covered apron and a mixing bowl. "Calm down, Thor, or you may pass out. Loki, you're getting nose prints on the window! Back up! Patience, children!" But Loki's nose and hands remained firmly pushed against the window as he watched his father approach the front door via walkway, and Thor continued to bounce around in circles.

When Odin caught sight of Loki in the window, now waving ecstatically, he frowned, causing Loki's own smile to waver. With a threatening point at Loki's left hand, still pressed against the glass, Odin turned his head and walked on. Loki felt his stomach knot up as he pulled his hand back, realizing that he had already done something bad, and Dad wasn't even in the house yet. Quickly, Loki realized that there were lots of things he was doing wrong right now! His feet were on the couch, his socks were on upside down (you couldn't really blame him for that; he was wrestling with Thor and the socks were too big) and his pockets had candy wrappers in them.

Just as Loki had fixed his socks, Odin opened the front door and saw Loki, giving him another frown. Loki blushed and stood, shoving his wrappers as deep as he could into his pockets. "Welcome home, Dad." Odin grunted and turned to Thor, who was currently barreling toward him.

"Dad! You're home! Did you bring me something? Did you?" Loki wanted to tell Thor to stop repeating himself, but he knew that Odin would just tell him to not lecture his brother. So he stayed quiet and let Thor talk. "It's been weeks since I had a new present," Thor happily told Odin from where he was being held in his father's arms.

Odin chuckled and sat down in his arm-chair, still holding his son. "I did bring you gifts, my boy, but they must wait for tonight. Right now I want to talk to your mother, so go play with Loki in the back yard." I'll come and get you when dinner's ready."

Thor grinned and hopped off of Odin's lap. "Alright, Dad! Come on, Loki," the boy exclaimed as he grabbed his younger brother's hand, racing to the back door.

Odin stood when the children had disappeared and the back door had slammed shut. He pulled Frigga into a long hug after she had put the bowl on a table, but she remained tense in his arms until he pulled away to look at her questioningly. "You didn't say hello to Loki."

Odin sighed and turned away. "The child was blatantly disobeying me again. He had his hands on the window and he still won't tuck his shirt in."

"It's been over a month since he's seen you. He was excited and got too close to the window."

"Exactly!" Odin exclaimed, turning back to her. "I gave him an entire month to fix himself up, and he couldn't handle himself for even a minute."

Frigga sighed and picked up her bowl, disappearing into the kitchen. She knew when Odin was shutting her out, and this was one of those times.


As soon as Loki heard Thor slam the door behind them, he let out a breath of what could only be called relief. Dad hadn't yelled at him. He hadn't done anything too wrong, and Odin had realized it was an accident. "Hey, Loki, let's go build a castle in the sandbox!"

"Okay!" Loki smiled and let Thor lead him to their small sandbox in the corner of the yard. Soon enough, their hair was dirty, their toes were ticklish, and their nails were full of sand. Plastic buckets were being repeatedly filled and emptied onto one spot in the center of the box, but no castle seemed to form. Instead, the two little boys had masterfully created one giant (in a child's eyes) sand hill. As exciting as this is during the first few minutes, soon enough the art of sand can bore a boy. And that's what happened to Loki. So he decided to go inside and see if dinner was ready. He was just about to step into the living room when he heard Odin talking.

"The child was blatantly disobeying me again," he heard his father say. "He had his hands on the window and he still won't tuck his shirt in." Loki looked down and saw that yes indeed, his shirt wasn't tucked in. He sighed and started to fix it. So Dad had cared...

He turned around and went back outside, deciding that playing with Thor really wouldn't be that boring.

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