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Frigga unbuckled her seat belt after she turned off the car in front of the Rogers' house. "Mom, our fingers are still shaking," Thor stated nervously from the back seat.

"Mine are too, Thor. It's adrenalin, remember?"

"Yeah….But I still don't like it. I don't think Loki does either."

Frigga looked back at her youngest son. "Loki, do you feel like talking yet?" Loki jumped and darted a glance at her before looking back to his hands and meekly shaking his head. He hadn't said a word since explaining what had happened earlier, and Frigga was starting to get worried. "Alright, that's fine. Just tell me when you do, okay?" Loki nodded, playing with his seat belt. "Okay. Time to go inside. I'm sure Steve's excited to see you again so soon." Loki offered a small smile, but nothing more.

They stepped inside, getting greeted with gentle hugs from Sue and Maria Stark, who had heard that 'something had come up.' "Thor, Loki. The boys are upstairs in Steve's room. Why don't you join them? We'll bring apple cider up soon."

Thor took a still quiet Loki by the hand and led him upstairs to where Tony and Steve were waiting. Once they were gone, the womens' soft smiles where gone and they sat down at the kitchen table. Sue left to get some already-made coffee for Frigga and placed the warm mug into her hands with a comforting pat on the shoulder. "What happened?" Maria was the first to ask.

"I'm still not entirely sure. I went upstairs near dinner time to play piano for a bit, then near fifteen minutes later, I heard Odin yelling. I started to go downstairs, and the closer I got, the easier I could hear that Thor was too, and Loki was crying. When I final got down there, Odin was standing over the boys and yelling at Thor not to yell at him. Thor was holding Loki, who-" Frigga choked and her shoulders shook. "I never thought he'd do this! I – thought that it was getting better. I mean, I knew that Odin never liked Loki for – for what I did, but I didn't think that he really would ever – do that!" Her friends waited patiently, as she tried to hold back her tears, with eyes that told her they felt her pain. "It's not Loki's fault, what happened. He was bringing Odin a glass of water and tripped, breaking the glass and spilling the water on Odin's chair."

"I saw a cut on Loki's cheek. Odin didn't-" Maria broke off in horror. "Did he?"

Swallowing back what was threatening to become a sob, shaking her head. "No. No, Odin didn't hit him. When Loki fell, a piece of glass cut his face."

Both the women breathed a sigh of relief, relaxing into their chairs. "Good," Maria said. "That's when I told Howard I'd leave; he threatened to hit Tony."

Frigga nodded in memory. "You lived with your mother for a few months, while Howard sobered up. Oh, if only it was that easy," Frigga moaned, burying her head in her hands. "The problem is there's nothing to fix. Odin…hates Loki for what he is - for what I did. There's nothing to change. I'm afraid that he'll never accept Loki as his son. When I – when I cheated on Odin, I had never…expected anything to come of it. It was supposed to be a way to escape my life, not to create another one."

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