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Word Count: 1,165

Steve Rogers sat at the foot of his bed with his legs hanging off the edge and a grown – up expression on his face. Why? It had been over a week (nine days) since Loki and Thor and their mom had come to stay with them and the grown – ups wouldn't tell anyone anything. Steve wasn't stupid. Actually, his mom and dad said that he was smarter than most _ year olds. It was obvious that Mrs. Burson was in a fight with Mr. Burson about Loki; it was impossible not to because he'd talked to his best friend about it.

So why did their parents act like everything was okay? Okay, that wasn't true. They didn't act like everything was okay. They acted like it was okay to pretend that everything was okay. His mom had tried her best when they first came to the house to make it feel like a fun stay –over, but still looked sad and worried.

Now, though. She looked like she was about to explode from nervousness. Mrs. Burson too! Steve had never seen her so scared. It was weird 'cause (Steve knew) she was there (in his house) to protect Loki from whatever was going on. But every time she looked at him she looked like she was about to puke from really scared… excitement? Like a roller coaster. You really don't want the big drop to happen, but you know it will. So you try to handle it well, but don't.

But she always tried to hide it. It kept surprising Steve that Loki and Thor's mom was so good. I mean, not that she'd done anything that would make someone think that she was bad! But their dad… No matter how much he tried to encourage Loki, Steve wasn't convinced himself that Odin loved him enough.

He hadn't lied when he told Loki that his dad loved him enough to want him, but he wasn't sure that Mr. Burson loved his son enough for Loki to want him. A little (even for his size) part of Steve didn't want Loki to want his dad because of how much because of how much it was hurting Loki.

His parents (when they'd told him about his first mom and dad) had told him that when he was older and if he wanted them to, they could look for his first family. But until then, he shouldn't think about wanting to meet them because he couldn't and that would make him sad. Steve took that to heart because his mom and dad (his second ones) had only wanted and done the best for him. And Steve couldn't honestly deny that (to him) Loki was wanting something that he couldn't have.

Steve blew a huff of air and hopped off his bed to find Thor. They and Tony had talked a lot about what was going on and what they might be able to do to help, but they couldn't think of anything good. The best they'd come up with was spying to get info, but Tony was the only one who didn't feel guilty about doing it. And he ended up feeling guilty too, half way down the stairs. So they continued to hope that the adults would tell them something (either on accident or on purpose).

He just wanted to find Thor so that he could ask if Tony had called like he was supposed to. Tony had phoned them a few hours ago, but no one had answered. So he left a message with, "Guys, I forgot! I'm so stupid! We're so stupid! I'll call back in a couple of hours when I'm from lunch with Dad and Mom. Then I'll explain." Needless to say, all three kids at the Rogers house were both confused and excited (and worried 'cause of the stupid part). The parents just thought Tony was being weird again.


Tony was going nuts! He felt like the biggest, stupidest idiot alive! He and his friends had spent the entire last week trying to figure out why their parents (mothers specifically) were being weird, and they forgot to talk to the smarted person in the group: Bruce! Bruce would know what to do long before any of them did! He had to call him! But he was just about to go to lunch with his parents! He decided to call Steve's instead and tell him what he'd figured out.

Ring… Ring… Ring….

Man, Tony hated phones! Why couldn't everybody talk to each other through their brains? Huh. Answering machine. "Guys! I forgot! I'm so stupid! We're so stupid!" He was just about to say something about Bruce when he realized how awesome it would be to leave them in suspense. So he finished with an "I'll call you back", and hung up the phone.

The Starks were back from lunch little over two hours, but right after he stepped in the house, his mom asked (more like demanded, if you ask him) to help with the dishes. Even though emptying a dishwasher wasn't that bad, it still took time. It took fifteen more minutes to that and by then, he was practically buzzing and vibrating to get to the phone. But as soon as he'd turned around to run upstairs, his mom called him back again! "Tony, get your shoes back on. We're going obver to the Rogers."

Yes! "Thank you, Mom!" Tony wasn't even in the room to answer Maria's "What for?"

They were there in approximately ten minutes and Tony was out the door in a moment and pounding up the stairs to Steve's room. "GUYS! Guess what I realized?!"

Threes boys' heads snapped up at his entrance and there was a tripled "what?"

"Why don't we call Bruce?"

While Tony and Steve's faces lit up, Loki's wrinkled in confusion. "Loki, we've been trying to figure out what our moms are always talking and worrying about; we think they're keeping something from us."

"And you want to figure out what it is?" Loki's small voice sounded strange.

"Well, yeah… Kinda." Tony strolled over and set next to Loki's bean bag. "We want to know what they're talking about, but we don't want to do anything wrong – or bad. So we're thinking about calling Bruce to figure out what he thinks we should do."

Loki nodded and his shoulders seemed a little less hunched. "Okay. I'd rather not be here, though, when you call him. I don't think we should even ask Mom what they're talking about. If she wanted me to know, she'd tell me. You too. I think we should – leave them alone." Loki's voice had gotten more raspy and quiet as he went on. By the end, only Tony could hear him.

"Okay, bud. We'll talk to Bruce about that too. Maybe he'll agree with you and say that we should just be patient. Thor and Steve nodded their agreement, but Loki still left the room.

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