A/N: First up, I love the idea of Diamond/Serena- hopefully this fic gives a new twist on the couple in an AU type of way. Next, it is AU so they're regular people. Finally, I'm not that big a fan of Darien so if you can't stand Serena being with anyone but him- this isn't for you.

Oh Yeah! I also use both the character's English and Manga/Anime names. Think of them as nicknames and middle names if you'd like, but know I am talking about the same people if it comes up.

Pairings: Diamond/Serena, Emerald/Sapphire,

Ages: All the characters are between 19-24 unless stated otherwise.


"Here's your stop, Miss."

Serena Tsukino smiled weakly as she opened the small clutch she had wrapped in her in grip. Reaching inside and pulling out more than enough to cover her ride, she handed the driver the bills as she slowly got out of the car.

"Thanks," He nodded appreciative of the large tip she had gifted him.

Wide baby blues drifted over to the mouth of the lounge she waited across the street from. Women were enticingly dressed hanging on the arms of men even more conceited than them. This was the place Mina had mentioned to her whenever she stopped in to visit. It would be perfect for what she planned to do. She could tell by the energy in the air and the bodies swaying that this was the nightclub Bijoux Noir.

Maybe she should-

"He sure is lucky…" interrupted the voice of the taxi-driver as he gave her one last look over.

The strapless sheath dress fit her body like a glove, stopping mid-thigh. The pleated neckline drew subtle attention to her bust as the azure colored fabric shone brilliantly against the soft apricot tint of her skin. Standing tall in four inch midnight blue Malano pumps, diamond accessories completed the look with their brilliant depth, and white gold molds. Her golden mane was piled elaborately atop her head as curled tresses tumbled loosely down her back.

She blinked stammering out a 'thank-you' just as he pulled off leaving her alone on the curb. The Bijoux Noir twinkled beckoningly at the unsure woman.

She stood dressed to the nines and ready to make an impression- only she really wasn't. The cool night air chilled her skin and her attitude.

Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought in response to the lustful gazes that were directed her way by the stragglers on her side of the street. Why was she here again? She should go spend the night at Lita's place and sleep her anger off. That's what this was, right? Righteous indignation? Sighing at her foolish intentions and embarrassing efforts, she opened her clutch with the intent to call the mothering brunette. But before she could begin her search she felt the vibration of her phone saving her the effort. Checking the insistent sleek gadget, she frowned at the message the screen read:

**Don't do anything stupid**

Correction: Justified,righteous indignation.

She remembered now- her fiancé was a controlling jerk everyone thought she should be falling over herself in joy for.

"He's so handsome," her friends had swooned at the dark haired man she'd introduced them to, "and intelligent!"

"Oh Usagi, look at his eyes! Aren't they the warmest shade of brown? And to think that he's rich!"

"You're so lucky Serena. I'd do anything to be with a man like that."

"Lucky, lucky girl."

"Lucky," she muttered with delicate brows furrowed in bitter resentment.

"You should be so lucky that I'd glance at someone as dull and ambitionless as you!"

She remembered sitting there in their - his - foyer, clenching her fork as his normally calm voice bared down upon her in anger "You may have a pretty face, love, but that's about as far as the interest goes! Sometimes I'm not sure if anyone's home."

She hadn't meant to anger him, she had simply asked why he always stumbled into bed so late. She'd just moved in a little over a month ago and, she hardly saw her dashing fiancé. If the late nights, foreign lipstick stains and silky panties she'd found in his murcielago hadn't been answer enough, his latest outburst had solidified her suspicions.

Darien had been cheating on her and she was the one who was supposed be counting her lucky stars that such a man had shown interest in her.

Screw that. Serena Tsukino was tired of being told what to do and tonight she'd do exactly as she pleased. Squaring her shoulders as she held her head high, the blonde beauty made her way across the strip with a confidence forged from her anger.

Lucky her ass.


Dimande Black was a man of simple pleasures. Despite the fact that his family's name was known for its status and prosperity, the young heir did not require much to suit his pleasure. The Bijoux Noir was an investment his father had made years ago in the Tokyo city. It had been a smart move on his part, as the lounge/club was one of the city's hottest spots.

The young man sat at the bar with a group of associates as tonight would be the last weekend he'd be in this part of the world for a long time. His father thought it would make him a better businessman if he were to tour the world for a year or two. Smirking bitterly into his drink, he pretended to care about one of his associate's stories as the other two men burst into laughter.

"Well Dimande," came the voice of the man sitting furthest from him. "Good luck with your traveling." The group of three held up their glasses in a toast. "Yeah! Not all of us get the pleasure of fucking around for a year before we're expected to be billionaires and fuck around some more."

Rolling his dusky hues at the tipsy man's statement, the reserved heir held up his wine glass in false camaraderie. "Salud."

He paid no attention to the lustful glances the women threw his way nor the displays on the dance floor that were meant to entice. His associates found the whole thing amusing. Especially when a silky voice sang breathily in his ear.

Turning to face the ash blonde girl behind him, he adopted a bored look on his face.

"S'cuse me," She drawled charmingly in French, "But how's about a dance?"

"What are you doing here?" he asked in the same language.

Emerald Broussard grinned draping her arms around his neck, "Cousin, you don't look happy to see me."

Dimande rested his hands on her hips as he tilted his head with a smirk. "Because you always bring trouble," he returned. "Where's Sapphire?"

"He refuses to come out as always," she pouted hiding her dejection. "But-"

It was in that moment that a blonde vision wrapped in the deepest shade of azure walked past, taking his indigo colored orbs with her.

Emerald groaned at his distracted gaze until she caught sight of the blonde woman who passed by with a determined sway of hips to take a seat on the other side of the bar.

This could prove interesting, she thought with a glance to her indifferent cousin.

"You're not listening…"

"I don't really need to."

Emerald made a face.

"He'll come around… He always does." The blonde was thoughtful as she took in his words and the time to study the blonde who caught his attention.

"She's lovely…" She commented admiring the designer ensemble which showcased the cornflower blonde's beauty. There was a refined quality to the woman's style that many of the patrons in the Bijoux Noir were lacking. This girl had come to make a statement, and judging by the sharks lurking about, she'd done exactly that. She had the look of a queen, but the countenance of a narcissus.


"You'd best make a move, Cousin. I'm afraid the sleaze may get to her first." Her hands ghosted over his chest smoothing imaginary wrinkles out of his vest.

He snorted giving her his undivided attention once again.

"I'd rather enjoy this 'celebration' with you," he insisted still in French, squeezing her hips affectionately. Emerald rolled her eyes at his sarcasm. She adored her cousin, but he was a master of indifference.

"Diamond, dear, there's a beautiful woman in front of you, you should make it count," she whispered loud enough in English for the men beside them to misattribute her statement to herself.

"Dance with her," they encouraged laughing at what they jokingly called the stick up his butt and his indifference to women. Reproaching her dirty tactics, he shook his head with practiced patience.

'Leave it to Em to cause a scene,' he thought wryly.

Hazel eyes regarded the other three bodies to the left of her cousin. She raised a finely arched brow in silent question. "If you wouldn't mind," he said in English prompting her to do the same.

She pressed a playful kiss to his mouth. "Anything for you, Diamond," she grinned with a twinkle in hazel eyes.

Flipping her pale blonde ponytail over her shoulders she set her sights on the three men who'd looked on in amusement and silent envy.

"Soooo, who else wants to dance with me and company," she teased, playing up her French accent. Not waiting for a reply, Emerald sauntered onto the dance floor where she reunited with her three friends.

She addressed her clique nodding in the direction of the three trailing dance partners, "Let's make sure these boys have a good time." She'd caught the cornflower blonde staring and sent her a playful wink.


Serena's first thoughts about the privately owned lounge was that it was very upscale and chic.

Faking it most of the way to the bar, she couldn't help but glance at the shock of white hair to her left. She could tell by the look of his clothing that he came from money. He wore dark navy slacks and a matching vest. His dress shirt was the color of the palest blue that only the navy of his other pieces were able to subtly draw out.

The bar she sat at jutted out a bit, allowing her to sit across from the three men and couple she'd passed to get to her side. Couples, groups and singles danced to the pulsing music which had earlier beckoned her. Despite the large crowd, there still was sufficient space to move about without feeling too cramped.

Baby blues locked with his dark depths of indigo. They were mesmerizing, slowly stealing her away until she found herself floundering. Blinking, she turned away breaking away from his hold. She noted that he did the same and went back to focusing on his companion.

Trying not to make a show of staring, she found herself casually studying the ashen blonde whose arms were loosely locked around his neck.

Serena felt her heart plunge. She was gorgeous.

The quarter sleeved dress, was made up of bronze sequins. The sparkling fabric stopped just above the knees, attractively clinging to the blonde's curvy figure. Her pale ash blonde hair was pulled tightly away from her face in a low ponytail. The hairstyle had a 1950s glam appeal as the bang was a winding pin up curl that rested just above the corner of her right eye. With bronze heels, the woman's accessories were to a minimal as she only wore an amber jeweled bracelet and matching ring.

She could tell by the posture and the twinkle in hazel eyes that the girl had a mischievous spirit.

For a second, Serena was envious wishing she had that kind of spirit and charm. Maybe Darien would appreciate her more if she were more lively. When she'd tuned back in from her musings, the paler blonde was on the dance floor. She watched as the other moved shaking her hips like she owned the place.

Her eyes widened when the hazel-eyed girl caught her stare, smirking and winking in return.

She could feel her face heating up as she immediately called upon the bartender to buy a drink.

The bartender tipped his head in acknowledgement.

"Disaranonno on the rocks, please," she requested over the music.

Seconds later a drink was in front of her.

She felt a giddy rush of something flood her veins as she took a big gulp of her drink, finishing it. Forcing her wired thoughts away from the gorgeous couple, she instead smiled at her own predicament. She was in one of Tokyo's most exclusive nightclubs with no Darien to direct her every action. She could feel her skin flush from a mix of alcohol and excitement.

Sitting her drink down, she wiped her sweaty palms on her dress as she took a deep breath vainly trying to cool her flustered nerves.

'You're in a bar Tsukino, so order a drink,' she instructed herself. 'Just signal the barkeep, don't glance at he-I-will-not-think-of's way and order another drink.' Just as she was about to request something, a confident brunette took a seat and began to chat her up.

"Is there a reason a lady such as yourself is sitting alone?" He smiled flashing a mouth of pearly whites.

Surprised at his interest, she responded almost shyly.

"C-can't a girl enjoy a drink alone?"

"Not if she's as pretty as you," he replied smoothly to which she smiled.

He was cute. Not gorgeous as he-who-she-would-think-of-but-was-thinking-of, but still soft on the eyes.

"My name's Jacob."

"Serena." The two shook hands.

"May I?" He asked motioning at her empty glass.

"A scotch, please," at this Jacob gave her a look.

"That's a bit hard for someone like you don't you think?"

She opened her mouth to ask for something else feeling embarrassed until her thoughts wandered to similar things. Serena frowned as her cheeks heated. How many times had Darien hinted that something she did was displeasing?

"That's a little risqué, don't you think? Why not wear the silver one."

Was she being immature about this? Maybe this was a bad way to spend the evening….

"You're too old to be playing with paint, don't you think?"

"Baby, imagine what my parents would think if they knew you hung out in places like that with people like those…"

Or maybe it was the perfect way to do what she wanted.

"I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds, I was just concerned." He apologized in response to her changing expression.

Schooling her face, Serena looked up into pale green eyes and responded with a calm she didn't know she possessed.

"I have a mother back home whose job it is to be concerned, so forgive me if I choose to ignore yours."

Tossing her hair haughtily, she promptly rebuffed him by placing an order for her drink. "A scotch, please," she called out innocently to the bartender. A drink slid in front of her seconds later.

She could feel her heart slam against her ribcage as she felt his eyes glaring at her. 'Why wasn't he leaving?' She thought reaching for her glass.

"That was a little rude," he said playfully though his eyes communicated something less than playful.

"Is there a reason you're still here?" She asked with feigned civility.

Bristling under her dismissive behavior, the brunette gave a glare before angrily pushing off the bar leaving her to her solitude.

Smiling into the glass before downing the amber liquid, she breathed into the burn that felt a lot like the breaking of bonds. It felt good asserting herself. It was wonderful, and so she giggled as her body began to respond to the relaxing lull of the top shelf amber.

"Barkeep! Another scotch, please!"


The white haired prince watched the scene unfold with mild curiousness. Frowning at the uncertainty that painted her expression, he noticed the tenseness of her body as the darker haired male 'smoothly' chatted her up. His brow furrowed as an odd wave of disappointment washed over him.

Why should he care who she talks to and how obviously uncomfortable she looked. It had nothing to do with him, and he'd make sure it stayed that way.

Rolling his eyes at the pathetic attempt going on across from him, he instead forced his gaze to drift across the dance floor to where Emerald was throwing him odd looks and glares. He gave her a bored look which later melted into a frown as she politely excused herself from her group and made her way towards him

"Why look when you can touch?"

"What an unladylike thing to say…" he drawled taking a sip of his drink.

"Are you implying something, Cousin?" She inquired playfully snagging his drink and drinking the rest.

Diamond frowned at her antics, signaling the barkeep.

"It's not like you don't want to… I can see it in those jewels you call eyes." Her cousin was on the opposite spectrum of expressive. But the longer you were around him the easier it was to pick up on things.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" He huffed taking a hand through his hair. The bartender addressed him respectfully.

"Mr. Black?"

"Another, please George."

The bartender nodded.

"And whatever the lady in blue is drinking, give her another!" Emerald said in a tone that wasn't a request. George stared at her oddly. "Tell her Mr. Black sent it." He looked to Diamond for permission.

"Will you leave if I do?" His tone betrayed his annoyance with her.

"I would but there's no one here to keep me company," She pouted innocently. "If only Sapphire were here…" She trailed playing with her ponytail.

Rolling his eyes, he nodded at George's amused expression and then pulled out his phone.

Two minutes later, Emerald was hugging him tightly.

"Oh Diamond! Thank you!" Smiling as George refueled his drink, she kissed her cousin and made to leave. "George, don't forget to refill Madame's drink," she said over her shoulder as she strode off to make good on her word.

Sighing, he looked up just in time to see the other blonde receiving her drink. Her baby blues widened in surprise before locking with his.

He gave a nod of acknowledgement as a slight smile tugged at the corner of his lips. It was a predatory grin that made her flush as she dropped his gaze. Chuckling to himself, he took another sip of his drink and turned in his seat- his brother would be there soon.


Serena stumbled out the bar feeling dizzy. The last hour had been filled with liquor and conversation from different men with the same intentions of trying to bed her. She smirked as she leaned against the wall to steady herself. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so in charge of herself or so tipsy for that matter.

There had been Brian, Adam, Christopher, Jackson and… and… who cares. She'd flirted with and denied every single one. But the dusky-eyed stranger hadn't even bothered to talk to her. Frowning as she swayed a bit, she thought over the whole thing. He'd simply sent her a drink and gave her a look that made her heart pound loudly in her ears. Her skin had heated up and for a moment she had forgotten about the anger that knotted itself inside her. He made her feel something she hadn't felt in a while. Too bad he was with that girl… Or more importantly, why was he sending her drinks with a girlfriend?

Ugh, cheater… Assholes wouldn't know a good thing if it were three feet in front of 'em. Why did men cheat? Why had Darien cheated?

Serena casually leaned against the wall hiding her teary eyes behind her hand. The realization of her fiancé's betrayal had finally begun to sink in. Bitter tears rolled down her pretty face as she tried to get a grip on herself.

Darien wasn't worth her tears or her hurt. But still there was both.

Swiping furiously at her leaking eyes, she turned on the wall as she gathered her composure and righted herself. She should've went to Lita's instead of revenge clubbing. Makoto was always ready with something sweet and delectable- something Serena definitely needed. Just as she was about to rummage through her clutch for her cell, a rough hand had seized her wrist and yanked her forward causing her to drop the matching purse.

"If it isn't the rude princess," came a familiar voice in sneer form.

Serena was spun around to face cruel green eyes.

Her eyes were full of shock until a flash of recognition shone in her eyes at the man holding her wrist rather tightly.

"What're you doing? Let me go!"

"Too good to remember my name?" He hissed maliciously, slightly slurring his words.

Realizing he was drunk, Serena could feel the iron talons of fear gripping her heart as she noticed no one was around. Lucky, indeed.

"Let me go!" She gritted out yanking fruitlessly on her arm trying to stop her thoughts from filling with the more unsavory outcomes of this encounter.

"Doesn't matter nyway… Gonna know my name todayy, bitch!" She panicked as he began dragging her towards a secluded alleyway.

"Jacob!" Her desperate brain supplied, "Jacob, stop!" She could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks as she struggled wildly against his grip. This could not be happening… How could the night turn out like this?

Just a while ago she was the center of everything, now she was being drug down an alleyway for something she didn't want to think about.

"Please! Please, don't do this Jacob!"

"Shut it!" He screamed whirling around to strike her in the face. Serena could taste the blood in her mouth as her head snapped back from the force of his blow. Faltering, she found herself stumbling before she was falling forward on the ground.

"Get up!" Jacob barked almost falling himself because of his grip on her wrist. Serena was seeing stars. Jacob opened his mouth again as he tried to yank her up.

"Get up!"


"Are we leaving?" a slightly more than tipsy Emerald whined holding tightly to the younger, raven-haired Black. The trio stood in the lobby of the club ready to retire for the night. Diamond watched the two with an amused expression on his face, especially his brother's reaction to having the slim blonde snug as rug in his arms. A faint blush stained fair skin as Sapphire's coal colored gaze burned almost longingly on his companion.

Much like his brother, Sapphire was tall with defined features. However, unlike his brother, the younger of the two was a bit more lean and on the boyish side of handsome. Both had the Black family's good looks and smoldering eyes.

Diamond snorted, "You can't even walk straight," he chided almost like a mother hen.

Emerald pouted as she tried to get her bearings pushing off Sapphire's lean body. Purring at the solid build beneath, she felt her face flush from something other than alcohol, not that anyone could tell. She tried to walk unassisted (not that she was complaining about the embrace she was in seconds ago.) Placing one foot in front of the other before stumbling, she felt the strong arms of the younger Black saving her from a painful stop on the floor.

"I could too if the ground would stop spinning."

"Exactly my point."

"Shut it!" She hiccupped in French to her cousin's disapproving glare.

"Are you alright?" Sapphire asked the ash blonde who looked put out due to her inebriated state. Looking up into his concerned gaze, Emerald couldn't suppress the soft giggle that was so unlike her usual laugh. The darker-haired man smiled softly before helping her right herself.

"I'm calling-"

"Wait!" Emerald screeched with wide eyes. Both men winced before staring at her oddly as her face scrunched in concentration.

"Do you hear that?" she whispered.

The two quieted before shaking heads.

"Em, I think it's time we got you home," Sapphire stated softly

The blonde groaned, "Fine."

The trio finally made it outside only to hear a woman's cry.


"Stop it!" Serena cried, "I'm not going anywhere!"

She could see the flame in his eyes from her position on the concrete. Jacob still held tightly to her wrist yanking her up. She really should've went to Makoto's, but que sera, sera, as they say.

NO! Forget the Destiny bullshit.

Yanking back against his grip, her heels slipped allowing her the perfect momentum to secure a hard, diamond ring dressed fist to his crotch.

"FUUCCK!" Jacob wheezed immediately falling backwards cradling his 'kiwis' with his hands.

Even though she was free of his bruising grasp it didn't dawn on her to get the hell out of there as she was still shocked by what happened.

She didn't have to worry as another set of hands, cool and almost gentle, hauled her quickly to her feet.

'Oh God!' she thought wildly, 'not another one! I really must be dumb- I didn't even hear him coming…'


The sound of someone in trouble seemed to sober up Emerald as she was able to trail behind the boys as they raced around the corner. She gasped as a woman dressed in an azure colored sheath dress was thrust into her arms.

She managed to catch the person and stay on her feet as her comrades moved to deal with the man moaning murder on the ground. Shaking her head, she recognized the trembling mess in her arms as the cornflower blonde from the other side of the bar.

"C'mon," She soothed, pulling the girl away from the two brothers with similar looks of disgust. "Let's let them handle it now." She led her out of the alleyway so that they could wait out in front of the club for Diamond and Sapphire.

The blonde turned and sobbed in her arms as the events seemingly caught up with her. Emerald's expression went from concerned to sympathetic as her embrace tightened around her.

"There, there. You're safe now, blue. You're safe now… Did he… hurt you?"

She shook her head, to which Emerald sighed in relief.

"Is there someone you'd like to call?"

She saw the panic seconds before the cornflower blonde was begging.


Twenty minutes later Serena found herself in the back of a black limousine on the receiving end of Dimande Black's shrewd gaze. After the two bothers remerged from the alleyway with discussions about policeman and pressing charges, 'Em' as the darker haired one called her had informed them that calling someone for her was out of the question and that Serena didn't want to talk to the police.

"She was almost raped Diamond! Not even you can be that cold."

"Emerald… I don't see how going home with a bunch of strangers is going to help her."

"Diamond…" she had stressed with wide hazel eyes, "Please."

After a quiet debate between the ashen blonde and her boyfriend, Serena found herself alone with the stoically handsome man.

To say the ride was awkward was an understatement.


"What are you doing?" Sapphire hissed as the black limousine pulled away.

"Getting your brother laid…" Emerald replied with a smirk as the two began walking to the lot he parked his car.

"She's married, or did you not see that diamond ring on her finger?"

Emerald gave him a look as she matched his stride, "Diamonds may be a girl best friend's, but girls really do just wanna have fun. And your brother sums up both of those clichés nicely. So do him a favor and get out of his way."

"He's not going to sleep with her."

"Maybe, maybe not, but you didn't see the way he was looking at her."

"And you did?"

"Of course, someone's gotta look out for that cold excuse of a man."

"Ya know not everyone shares your casual attitude regarding sex." She stumbled a little shocked by the words and attitude. Sapphire looked away missing the brief hurt that flittered across her face.

She was still a virgin, but so what if Sapphire thought she was a slut, it's not like she was in love with him or anything.

"Why don't you stick to your little books and let me handle the social aspects of the situation," She said unkindly, "Blacks aren't known for their passion or astuteness with women."

"And Broussards are?"

Her eyes flashed, "Undoubtedly."


"Where are we going?" She asked quietly wanting to break the silence.

"My family owns a townhouse about 30 minutes away."


"Next time you should be more mindful of what you're proposing... someone may actually succeedin taking you up on your offer."

Her fury at his words was instantaneous. "How dare you?" She hissed angrily glaring at him across the luxurious space of their seat. "You presumptuous little snot."

Dimande smirked at the fire that burned in her cerulean gaze. Such a lovely palette of emotion this one had. It irked him for reasons he didn't care to admit. Her countenance told tales of naiveté and injustice. Her chest rose and fell, almost heaving, as she continued her verbal onslaught angered by his judgment of her. "I don't need you or anyone else to tell me what to do! I am so sick and tired of everyone wanting to control me. If I wanna go out and fuck some stranger who are you tell me that I can't?!"

Mentally groaning, she quickly turned to look in the opposite direction as her face flushed in embarrassment. Of all the things to say... maybe she really was an idiot. Her heart slammed against her rib cage as she felt his eyes burning into her. Despite her righteous anger and irritation at the situation she still felt unbelievably nervous and regretful due to the careless words that exited her mouth and the fact that she was almost raped only a little while before.

Way to go Tsukino, you in no way sounded like a slut.

"Don't expect to be treated like an adult when you throw tantrums like a child. And I think the words you were looking for were 'thank you.'"

Her face still held a twinge of blush as she felt the shame settle in her. She threw blonde tresses over her shoulder as she turned to hold his appraising gaze with a glare of defiance.

Tilting his head slightly, the 'ice prince' studied her with a thoughtful expression about his features. She was a nice girl trying to come into her own- he couldn't fault her for that he supposed.

Amusement danced in his indigo gaze as he leaned forward until they were a breath a part.

Talk about nerves. It pleased him greatly to know that he made her so nervous.

"W-what? I'm not thanking you," she stammered wary of the beast that lay dormant beneath the snow.

She felt his fingertips dance across her clavicle leaving sparks in his wake. He let his eyes wander, first following the motion of his fingertips traveling across apricot colored skin before stilling on the curve of her neck.

Closing her eyes, Serena felt as if he had woven a spell over her. The closeness of him mixed with the gentle manner of his touch was as soothing as it was maddening. She wanted to fall into flame, but was weary of the fire.

His expression was bittersweet as his rich tone filled the space between them.

"You should. There's an innocence about you I'd hate to see squandered on something so trivial... and undeserving."

"My fiancé cheating is trivial?"

His spell had weakened as angry irises burned into his. She could feel her body trembling in response to his words and the feel of fingers buried in her hair. Was he getting closer?

"Do you love him?" was his soft reply to her heated words.

She fumbled, blinking as if such a question was surprising.

"I-I...Of-of course."

He lightly pulled her head back pressing his lips gently against her pulse. Her skin was sinfully soft.

Serena gasped at the coolness of his mouth moving against her fevered skin. It actually felt pretty nice.

"Convince me," he murmured as he gently feasted upon her neck till his mouth rested near her ear. Very nice really. She could feel her vision blurring as he pulled away from her leaving her feeling disappointed and relieved.

She loved Darien... didn't she?

She did... why else would she have stayed with him for so long... given up her love of art for something more practical (his words)... put up with the pitying looks people gave her because work rodehim so hard...

Why was her relationship a giant sacrifice?

Diamond watched the conflicting emotions that played across her face as salty rivulets trickled from her baby blues. She truly was beautiful, even if in sadness.

"Why did you?" He asked as if sensing the nature of her thoughts.

"I-I don't know… ignorance maybe," came her pitiful voice devoid of the passion he'd come to associate with her. "Can we not talk about it," she asked curling into herself and the leather of the seats.

"Why did you come tonight?" he asked ignoring her request. If he had to disrupt his non-existent plans, then she had to talk. It couldn't possibly be because he was concerned- he was just curious or so he told himself.

"I don't-"

"Tell me," came his firm voice.

Serena found herself lost in indigo colored pools. "I guess I… wanted to be myself again," was her reply. He raised a light colored brow. Serena huffed. "To do what I wanted, how and when I wanted. Obviously it didn't turn out that well." He regarded her almost sympathetically. "God I'm so stupid," she laughed derisively holding herself with one arm while hiding her face with the other.

Frowning, Diamond realized he preferred her spitting angry to this pitiful state of existence. He did something out of character as if he weren't already acting out of character.

"No man should ever force himself on a woman." Serena stared at him surprised by his statement. "Even if she is flaunting all of her assets."


Serena's first thought of the home she currently walked through was classic. With high ceilings and roman inspired architecture, the Black's family Tokyo residence felt like a dream. Warm lighting and crème colored walls and accents softened the more severe timeless pieces of the room. Her heels clicked nervously across hardwood floors as she studied her surroundings.

Such an odd townhome the artist in her thought pleasantly- like a traveling man's abode.

"My father had it renovated," his voice floated from behind as he watched her study the room with interest. "He's a bit of an old spirit. It's been a while since he was here."

Startled by the rich tones of his voice, she didn't have to turn as he was suddenly right beside her. Lightly taking her wrist as he guided her to the stairwell on the opposite side of the room.

Serena found herself passing various photographs that lined the walls. The light-haired man moved too fast for her to take the time to study any of them. He pulled her into a room just as he flipped on the switch.

"You can sleep here," he said motioning to the elegant dressed guest room. "The bathroom is through there." Serena nodded thankfully as he took his exit.

When she'd returned wrapped in a robe from her shower, she found an oversized button up on her bed. Fingering the soft material she bitterly wondered whose bed her fiancé was sleeping in.

Was is it the tall classical looking brunette who worked as his secretary? Or maybe it was his lawyer, the striking Eva whose voice sounded like liquid amber. Oblivious to the hot tears flowing down her face, she didn't realize she was crying until graceful fingers gently wiped her tears away cradling her face.


Hurt filled eyes locked on indigo orbs of concern. He was seated in front of her on his knees still in his slacks and dress shirt. She laughed humorlessly as she finally recognized genuine concern. But before she could speak, she felt his mouth cover hers in a soft coupling of lips.

The kiss sent tingles down her spine as she felt his tongue slowly sweep across her bottom lip. Parting her lips as the kiss deepened, she felt his hands slide down her neck and onto her shoulders softly caressing her skin.

The Black heir didn't know what possessed him to kiss her, but the hurt on her face was so acute. What started as an innocent kiss of comfort was quickly gaining speed as he found things stirring inside of him that said more than he cared to admit.

Serena forgot the garment she had in her clutches as she grasped his wrist following his arm until she had locked her own arms around his neck falling forward into his embrace. Breaking away from his mouth, she couldn't believe how heated things had gotten.

The two stood together feeling both confused and excited about the kiss they'd shared. Darien never kissed her that way. His kisses were always rough and branding, not that she'd ever minded, but there was a gentleness in Diamond that contrasted greatly with his glacial demeanor.

Oddly enough, the blue-eyed girl found herself smiling. He looked so uncomfortable.

"Thank-you," she said after a while, "Despite your arrogance and tactlessness, you're surprisingly kind."

Diamond rolled his eyes before shaking his head, "Good night, Serenity." At least she wasn't crying anymore.


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