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To say Serena slept peacefully would have been a stretch. Given the circumstances, she slept about as well as she could. Waking up to the smell of coffee, pancakes, bacon and eggs, the blonde moaned at the thought of breakfast.

Marie, their housekeeper, made the best pancakes in Tokyo. She wanted to sing at the woman's psychic abilities. After the horribleness that was last night, Marie's pancakes and fresh coffee seemed like a good start to the day.

However, upon opening her eyes Serena realized that this was not the case. The previous night's events hit her like a semi, headache and nausea included. She realized she was still in the guest room of the Black's townhome. She groaned as she sat up squinting her eyes at the light flooding the room. Blindly groping about the bedside drawer, she searched for her clutch and frowned when she realized she had no idea where it was. Flopping back down, she realized she'd have to get up and ask about her purse and a phone to contact someone to pick her up.

Dragging herself out of bed, her stomach lurched as the room tilted dangerously. Losing her balance, she yelped as she crashed into the floor. She could hear an imaginary Mina laughing at her klutziness.

"Laugh at the coordinately-challenged," She griped at the figment.

"I'm sorry," Emerald hiccupped causing the other blonde to scramble in embarrassment. Noting her state of dress, Emerald raised a brow at the large button up that swallowed the other's form.

"Oh! I didn't realize… You sounded like a friend of mine."

"Should I leave the two of you alone?" Emerald asked carefully looking about the room.

Serena jumped up, blanching at the sudden movement. "Don't be silly," she laughed nervously regretting the quick movement. "Is something the matter?"

Emerald laughed again, "No, Diamond sent me to tell you that breakfast was ready if you were interested."

Diamond. Serena didn't know what to make of the handsome man. One minute he was cold and condescending, the next he was gentle and kind. She thought back on the gentleness he'd shown her last night and paled. Diamond was Emerald's boyfriend and she had kissed him… And enjoyed it!

Concern filled hazel eyes as Emerald stepped into the room making her way to the cornflower blonde. Mistaking her paleness for sickness, she placed a hand against the blonde's forehead. "You too, huh? We normally don't eat this late, but everyone, excluding Diamond and Sapphire, were under the weather from last night's festivities." She laughed at her own joke. "There's some aspirin in the medicine cabinet along with some pepto. Trust me… you'll be feeling better before you know it."

"Are you and Diamond together?" Serena asked nervously after the other removed her hand. Her baby blues were wide with distress. She felt like such a hypocrite… worse even since the other had been so patient and helpful towards her.

Emerald tilted her head and narrowed her eyes as her mind processed the anxious energy. "Did you two sleep together?" She exploded with wide hazel eyes.

"No! No! It was just a kiss! I swear, it wasn't-" Serena stopped trying to explain the situation when she realized the other was somewhere else with a smile of celebration on her face. "Emerald?" she voiced carefully.

"He kissed you?" Emerald sounded dazed with delight.

"I kissed your boyfriend and you're… glad?"

"What?! Diamond is not my boyfriend… But this- this is golden!" The older girl was a rush of words and excitement. "Go get cleaned up and come down for breakfast."

"Wait- I have nothing to wear." Serena was beyond confused.

"Just put his shirt back on! Everything you'll need is in the bathroom. Remember- aspirin and pepto! Our housekeeper, Sienna makes the best blueberries pancakes you'll ever taste!" After her flurry of words, Emerald was gone.

Rushing back downstairs to the dining room, Emerald stopped at the door so as to not appear overexcited. Taking a deep breath, she swallowed her excitement before strolling in and taking her seat across from Sapphire. Sapphire was seated next to Diamond who sat at the head of the table.

Wishing a good morning to the others, she was ready to tease the stoic man into oblivion but was interrupted by the arrival of breakfast. Smiling warmly at a dark-haired woman with olive complexioned skin, Emerald watched as the older woman whisked around the table with a tray full of pancakes sitting them in front of the three.

"Sienna Maretti…" she moaned as the aroma of their meal drifted to her nose, "Why do you insist on tempting me with such decadence?" The older woman with soft eyes laughed at her charge.

"Ms. Emmy, you're skinny enough as is. A couple of these will give you curves that'll make all the boys sing." Sapphire chuckled as Diamond rolled his eyes. Sienna had been on their family's payroll for years. When their time in Tokyo was up she'd be with them on the flight back to Europe.

"Speaking of curves, tell your granddaughter I'm almost finished with her gown," Emerald informed thinking of the red dress she'd spent the past two weeks working on. Sienna's granddaughter Elisabeth had a curvy figure that put most supermodels to shame. It was no secret to anyone in the room how ambitious the ashen blonde was when it came to designing clothes. When Sienna casually mentioned Elisabeth needing to go dress shopping for a formal two weeks ago, Emerald had been all over it.

Despite his belief in Emerald's talent and his respect for her work ethic, Diamond's mind was on other things. "Did you happen to grab the paper on your way in?" The elder of the three asked eager to usher in a casual morning.

"Yes, Mr. Black," Sienna reached into her apron pocket producing a copy of Wallstreet for Diamond and a thick envelope for Sapphire. "Stocks and business for you, and an acceptance letter for you…"

"Seriously?" All eyes landed on a stunned Sapphire.

"It's illegal to open someone else's mail…" Sienna prompted watching the man with coal colored eyes stare wistfully at the package in his hand.

"Open it!" Emerald encouraged. Even Diamond looked on expectantly.

Sapphire stared at the package with its John Hopkins insignia. "I don't know…." He trailed placing it down as if it were jinxed.

"Just open it- They wouldn't send you something this big to reject you," Dimande reasoned opening his own parcel.

"But… what if I didn't get in?"

"For heaven sakes!" Emerald griped snatching up the package.


Watching as she ripped open the file, Sapphire was too nervous to be angry at her intrusion. Hazel eyes skimmed over the paper intently. "Dear Mr. Black, this is an official letter from blah blah blah. Yes, yes, yes…" She stood as her eyes brightened, "after reviewing your application it brings us great pleasure to inform you of your acceptance to our medical program!"

Sienna beamed proudly at the dazed man young man across from her. "Congratulations!"

"Oh Sapphire! We have to celebrate! This is amazing- No surprise- but still amazing! You're going to America!"

Diamond smirked at the blush his brother displayed.

"Thanks," the younger black murmured eyes on the ashen blonde across from him.

Diamond peaked over the top of his paper to congratulate him as well. "Congrats brother, Mother would be proud," indigo eyes were alit with pride and sincerity.

Sapphire gave a timid smile not used to such attention from everyone at one time, "Yeah?"

Emerald leaned over and held out the letter willing him to see for himself, "Auntie Ana would sing her praises!" She laughed in agreement as the younger boy took the paper to read over it.

It was at that moment Serena hesitantly padded into the dining room.

The fairer haired Black just happened to look up when he caught sight of her in nothing but his shirt. Feeling completely unprepared, he was shocked at the sight of her. The shirt stopped a little before midway her thighs showing off long shapely legs. Her damp wavy hair draped over her shoulders as her baby blues hinted at her uncertainty. She looked like a princess with all the light shining through the windows hitting her just right.

Sapphire looked from his brother's stunned expression to the cause of his distraction. Blinking, he could feel his face flush as he quickly diverted his eyes out of respect. Maybe Emerald had been onto something… However, he refused to meddle in his brother's affairs. Speaking of Emerald, he could hear her snicker from across the table as Sienna rushed forward to lead the girl into the room.

"You must be Serena," the older woman smiled remembering the guest Dimande had mentioned earlier. "Come sit… we've barely started." Serena smiled gratefully as Sienna ushered her forward and seated her beside Emerald.

Sapphire palmed his face at the smug look he knew Emerald was displaying. "Serena!" She said jovially, "So glad you could join us. Isn't that right, Cousin?" She directed at older man.

Annoyed at younger's meddling, Diamond somehow managed to keep what little composure he had left. Why should he care what the others thought? He couldn't help that she looked amazing fresh out the shower with just his shirt on. He was only human after all. With that in mind he allowed a smirk to stretch itself across his face as he finally addressed her. "I trust you slept well," he said.

Serena blushed as she thought on their conversation from the previous night, "I did thank you."

"I'm going to grab the rest of the meal and tableware." Sienna announced excusing herself from her charges.

"We'll help you, Sienna," Emerald said with a mischievous glint in her eye. "C'mon Sapphire." The darker-haired boy looked ready to protest, but a hard kick to the shin changed that.

"Christ!" Serena stared at him strangely at which he reddened embarrassedly. "I'm sooo ready to help!" he nervously replied with a chuckle. Tabling his letter, he quickly excused himself following the other two into in the kitchen with the intention of reining in the other's meddling.

Serena looked embarrassed as she felt like an outsider, "Look, I can just call a cab and-" she said standing.

"It's fine," he assured her placing his paper down, "I apologize in advance for anything else they might do in the future."

She smiled tightly at his words and sat back down. The heir could swear his heart skipped a beat. Annoyed with effect she seemed to be having on him, he opted for more casual conversation. "Sienna makes the best pancakes you'll ever taste."

"So I've heard," she grinned genuinely amused by the status of these pancakes.

"You should stay. I promise you won't be sorry- you'll be too busy wanting more."

"Are you trying to proposition me?" Serena teased.

Diamond's gaze turned smoldering. "If I were to proposition you my dear Serenity, I wouldn't need any help from Sienna's pancakes, delicious they may be."

She blushed as his words seemed to tickle between her thighs. It was then that Sienna, Sapphire, and Emerald re-entered with more food and tableware saving her from having to respond.

Breakfast carried on with more congratulations for Sapphire and familial chatter as things began to take the form of a normal meal for the Black's and a surprisingly pleasant morning for Serena.

Chuckling at her expression, Diamond's eyes seem to say 'I told you so,' when she took her first bite of the older woman's cooking. Poor Maria… Serena thought going for seconds, Sienna had her beat.

"We're going to be late for the exhibit," Emerald announced as Sienna swept in clearing the table after everyone had eaten.

"Exhibit?" Serena's ears perked at the sound of something art related.

"Yes. Uncle Caleb has made a very generous donation to the Tokyo Museum of Fine Arts, and as his heirs and plus one, we're to attend the dedication ceremony as well as the opening for Marcus Krack-"

"Krackowizer!" The blonde almost choked on her coffee. "I had heard about that! I love his work! He's a genius when it comes to modern impressionism. I mean his use of color in the portrayal of light is amazing- A modern day Monet and Renoir if I ever saw one. And his abstraction…" Serena trailed as she realized she'd let her passion get the best of her.

The whole table perked with interest. Especially Diamond, he liked the way her eyes lit up and the way her hands spoke as she lost herself in talks of her craft.

"Are you an artist Ms. Tsukino?" Sapphire asked intrigued by her expression.

"I used to be. I was accepted into the city's University of Fine Arts, and was in the running to have an apprenticeship in Paris."

"My hometown, eh?" Emerald said in French.

"That's amazing!"

"Not as amazing as getting into John Hopkins's though." Her smile was warm and Sapphire smiled in return at her sincerity. To have just met him, she was awfully proud of his accomplishment. "What happened?" he asked accepting her compliment, but more curious about her.

Serena could feel Diamond's gaze burning into her as she dropped Sapphire's gaze. "Lost interest," she smiled tightly embarrassed at how incredibly lame that sounded. A nervous silence ensued as no one wanted to make her any more uncomfortable than her blushing suggested.

Diamond narrowed his eyes all too sure of why she lost her interest for something that she obviously loved.

Sensing the beast about to pounce, Emerald quickly intercepted before Diamond could upset the blonde any further. She stood grabbing the blonde's wrist asking if she'd like something to wear. Grateful at the other's save, Serena nodded allowing Emerald to pull her out of the dining hall and up the back stairwell.

"Would you like to come with us?" Emerald asked as she led her to her bedroom which was right down the hall from the guest's bedroom.


"Really," she laughed. "You sounded so excited. Plus it'd be nice having another girl around. You should come. I've got plenty of clothes you could pick from."

"I really shoul-"

"Please, Serena! You won't be sorry!"

Conceding at the pleading emotion in hazel eyes, Serena smiled. "Alright… but do you have my clutch from last night?"


After Emerald informed her that they'd probably have to pick up her clutch from the club, the two went on to get dressed for the dedication ceremony.

The trio was unintentionally color coordinated. Emerald looked like an old-fashioned glamour girl with her black and white horizontal stripped band dress and red rogued lips. Diamond wore a white dress shirt and slacks with a black blazer. His hair was pulled away from his face in a loose ponytail, while sapphire wore all black with a red vest and tie, dark hair slicked back.

Serena felt rather plain standing next to the trio in a pair of dark skinny jeans and a champagne colored embellished top. Appropriate but toned down. Emerald assured her that natural was a good look for her, so the blonde wore her long hair in a single over-the-shoulder braid with just enough lip gloss to make her lips appear moist.

The group piled into the family's black Escalade all set and ready to go. Serena and Diamond occupied the front while Sapphire and Emerald sat in the back. Serena watched the two in the back interact, smiling at their chemistry. The older girl was all confidence and emotion while her companion was content to watch and smile adding his input when he felt appropriate.

Diamond drove, indigo eyes catching baby blues in his mirror every so often. Serena blushed, while the ice prince would chuckle quietly to himself. He hoped he bothered her with his presence as much as she bothered him with hers.


Serena had had a feeling that these people whose company she'd fallen into were not ordinary people. Her time with Darien had taught her to recognize those who came from money. When she saw the renowned Caleb Black, owner of Black & Co., standing outside the museum's staff entrance, she almost fainted. How she managed to keep her composure, she never knew as she realized just how rich her new posse was. Diamond's family was known for a number of things- from architecture to jewelry, the Blacks had their hands in everything. Darien was always going on about how if only his father could strike a deal with Caleb. Not that she cared about that, but she really didn't want them, or anyone, to think lowly of her. She especially didn't want this to get back to Darien- she'd never hear the end of it.

She hadn't thought about him all morning, and now that she had she'd felt her excitement diminish. She'd begged him to take her to this exhibit, but he claimed he had to work. Noticing her crestfallen face, Diamond grasped her wrist halting her movement as Emerald and Sapphire continued on to greet their family's patriarch.

"You don't repay your unfaithful fiancé by lamenting his lack of fidelity." Cerulean eyes belied her shock at his insight to which he snorted. "You're not as subtle as you think you are."

"Then what do you suggest, Dr. Drew?" she bit out annoyed with his attitude. Why did he have to be so mean about it?

Smirking at the fire in her eyes and the irritation in her voice, Diamond responded as they continued onward. "You accept it and get over it."

"I could've thought of that," she huffed.

By the time the duo reached the group of three plus three bodyguards, Emerald accosted Serena's arm pulling her closer. "Usagi! Meet my Uncle, Caleb Black." Usagi felt unsettled. The dark haired man was an older version of Dimande with shorter black hair. In a dark tailored suit that showcased his lean build, he was as intimidating as he was handsome.

Indigo eyes glittered coldly. "Charmed." Serena shook hands with this man who was even more of an enigma than his son. "Thank-you," She stammered feeling unsettled by his demeanor.


"Dimande." Caleb's mouth twitched at his son, while Diamond's jaw tensed as they shook hands and embraced. Serena's gaze lingered on the two as Emerald drug her inside.

"This shouldn't take too long. Uncle Caleb just has to give a speech and take a few pictures. Afterwards we'll be done and we can grab your clutch on the way home."

The group was met by the museum staff and curator briefing them on the new wing and its featured collection as they led them to the floor. Halfway there, people began to recognize them and hence the reporters trying to snap pictures. However, security was on hand making sure they arrived to the wing with little to no hassle.

Caleb's speech was short and professional. He expressed his family's appreciation of the arts and wished the featured artists great success in their future endeavors. After cutting the ribbon declaring the Black Wing open, everyone clapped as the dark man posed with the curator and his children plus one.

The fondness Caleb felt for Emerald was obvious in his affection for the girl. His pride for Sapphire could be accounted for as well as he hugged the boy a little tighter and longer at the news of his acceptance. It was his relationship with Diamond that seemed to be in limbo. There was a hesitancy he displayed in regards to his eldest. Both were cordially awkward with each other, despite the flash of longing that Caleb displayed whenever Diamond turned away.

Serena could tell Diamond was more affected than he let on when he came to stand by the railing with her after the group had disbanded to see the exhibit. His expression was a jumble of things he seemed to be trying to swallow down.

"Your family is beautiful," she smiled nudging him lightly with her elbow, "really…it just doesn't feel real. It's obvious you care about each other… but you're all so distant."

The Black heir raised a light colored brow. Draping his arms casually over the rail, he stared at the contemplative woman beside him. "That's awfully perceptive for someone as…" he trailed pretending to search for a word. Usagi rolled her eyes.

"Immature?" she filled in remembering their conversation from earlier.

He lightly tugged on her braid, "I was going to say passionate, but if that's how you view yourself…" Serena swiped at him with a put out expression on her pretty face. Diamond chuckled.

"Why don't you like your dad?" Her expression was serious as her baby blues were staring him in the face. Serena loved her parents' despite their disagreement about her relationship. They'd been so upset when she'd turned down her scholarship and declined an apprenticeship. She'd been so adamant at the time about her engagement, but now she was starting to see her relationship for what it really was. Even though, it still didn't make sense to her how anyone could be so distant to someone so close.

Unnerved by the seriousness in her eyes, the Diamond found himself caught off guard. Her naiveté was refreshing and the older man briefly wished to lock her away so that she may never encounter anything worse than what she had.

Serena watched as his mouth set into a frown. "I don't want to talk about it," he voiced quietly.

"Why not?"

"It's too complicated," he breathed running a hand through his hair loosening his ponytail.

His words obviously stroke a chord as Serena's features showcased a frown all her own. Darien would say things like that whenever he was annoyed with her questions. Sometimes he would humor her, but more often than not, he was busy, and being busy translated into 'no time to dumb it down.' Serena hated that most of all because she always felt like a child in the end.

Pushing off the railing, cerulean eyes were alit with hurt and anger as her words, again, caught him off guard. "Or maybe I'm too dumb to understand. I'm not a child, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't treat me like one!" The cornflower blonde was ready to stomp away when her heel caught and she found herself tripping forward.

Way to go, Tsukino, you really showed him. She knew these heels were a bad idea… Bracing herself for impact, Usagi never hit the ground as Diamond's arm had encircled her waist before she was anywhere near the floor.

"That's not what I meant." He sighed as he pulled her closer to himself. Serena could feel her face flush. "I didn't say that and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop twisting my words around. It's annoying."

Rude, much?

Turning around in his embrace, she set her jaw grasping at what dignity she had left. "Fine," She entangled herself from his arms and made a show of standing tall. "But you shouldn't keep everything buried like this. It's unhealthy or is the good doctor guilty of not taking his own advice?"

Maybe it was because of the challenge in her pretty blue eyes, or that he simply wanted to keep her close… Either way, he found himself grasping her wrist and pulling her back to stand beside him. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me. It can't be any worse than those Korean dramas my friend Molly watches."

Diamond had never been one to willingly share his feelings with someone, but there was something about Serenity that made him want to. Serena was a lot of things as he'd come to realize, naïve being the first, but she was also kind and honest in a way he didn't see too often. Hoping he wouldn't regret it later, he decided to tell her.

"When I was twelve years old, my mother and I were in a car accident. My mother was killed instantly, but somehow I managed to survive. (He heard her sharp intake of breath and felt her lay a comforting hand on his arm.) The doctor's said I needed a blood transfusion I was in such bad shape."

"Diamond…" Usagi couldn't believe it. No wonder he was so... himself. She couldn't imagine life without her mom. And at such a young age… "I- you don't have to tell me-"

"No, it's fine, and you're right. It'd be hypocritical of me not to."

"Yeah, but this isn't trivial stuff."

"Like your fiancé's cheating isn't trivial?" Shocked by this considerate version of him, she was speechless. "Serenity, trust me. I wouldn't tell you as much if I didn't want to."

Touched by his words, she offered him a timid smile as she squeezed his arm encouragingly. "Please, continue."

"Anyway, both my brother and father were suitable donors but my father felt Sapphire was too young so he volunteered himself… long story short, Caleb wasn't a match."

Serena felt her heartbreak for the white haired man. "Diamond, I'm so sorry- I didn't know! You really didn't have to tell me any of this." He could see the sentiment in her eyes as one hand flew to her mouth and the other found its way to his.

"My mother married Caleb after she found out she was pregnant," he forced out in a flat tone. "Caleb isn't my biological father. My mother had an affair and passed me off as his son."

Despite her sympathy, Serena was still shocked. Diamond looked exactly like Caleb. "But you look so much… like him." She trailed sounding confused. Diamond smiled derisively, "That's the complicated part," he continued.

Analiese Black nee Petrova 12 years ago

"Ana…" I had to be hallucinating. That voice, so unlike Caleb's, only haunted me in my sleep. It couldn't be him and I wasn't going to let myself get worked up over something that only hurt me more as time went on.

Throwing my dark hair over my shoulder, I was about to make my way back to the room when I felt a hand firmly grasp my wrist and pull me around. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

He looked the same as I remembered. Beautiful with long silver hair pushed away from his face. His dusky hues stared back with a mix of things shining through. He wore a pair of charcoal slacks and a crisp white button up.


This couldn't be real… He couldn't be real. I could feel my vision blur as tears I thought I cried years ago were pooling in my eyes. Blinking away the sensation, I'd hope he'd be gone as well. Only he wasn't and pale fingers were dancing along my jawline making me dizzy.

"Analiese Petrova…" At the sound of his voice the resent had finally pulled through. All those years of hating myself for lying to my family and my children. All those nights crying wishing Caleb was someone else. I had been a fool then, but I was stronger now. Slapping away his hand I told him of my decision.

"Black," I spat. "Analiese Black. I married Caleb."

"I know." His voice was quiet and sad.

"You know?!" Mine was the opposite. Loud and lividly surprised.

"I was there…"

"At my… wedding?"

He nodded.

"Why did you leave?"


"I was willing to give everything up for you and you left me! You left me all by myself and-"

Suddenly his lips had crashed onto mine. At first I had struggled to stay angry for the last twelve years of my life. But my body had a mind of its own because it was reminding me of things I had so desperately wanted to stash behind me. I remembered the way his kisses set my skin on fire, and how right we fit melded together under cotton sheets in his bed, at his home in Loire Valley.

I remembered the first time we made love and how beautiful I felt as he looked at me indigo eyes alight with so many things. I had never felt more privileged.

Whatever he said I would accept because I was an idiot when it came to him. I had never loved any man as much I'd loved Damien.

Damien Darkholme owned me heart and soul.

Groaning into his mouth, I pushed my body as close to his as I could. His tongue stroked and devoured my own mouth like a thirsty man in the desert. His arms had wrapped around me, lightly trailing up and down my back sending tiny sparks of electricity everywhere he touched.

Suddenly I was glad Sophie had chosen the Christan Dior number I was wearing. The dress was a black halter- with a deep v neck. After such an elusive drop that showed enough to make a man wonder the rest of the fabric wrapped form fittingly around my hips stopping just above my knees. Feeling his hands against my bare skin was intoxicating to say in the least.

I could feel my heart hammering away inside my chest as so many emotions coursed throughout my veins. There was love, happiness, betrayal, confusion and anger. All thoughts and feelings inspired by him and his sudden return into my life.

"Damien," I moaned as he attacked the column of throat nipping and sucking like a man possessed. I held him to me as tightly as I could, long tresses tickled my face and neck as I was lost in a sea of silver and him. As good as it felt, I couldn't forget the hurt so the tears came naturally.

"Damien, please…" This time it came out as a whimper and his lips were back on mine as his nimble fingers wiped away crystalline tears.

"I'm sorry koi…" He whispered in my mouth before whispering in my ear rubbing soothing circles on my lower back. "I'm so sorry, Ana." He whispered kissing me over and over again.

"Why didn't you come back?" My lips were swollen and I knew my gray eyes were wide with unshed tears. "I was so… broken without you."

He sighed before kissing away my tears again.

"Ana… There is something I have to tell you." And with that I took him to my hotel room, where I made him tell me everything.

He had looked so nervous as I sat on the bed waiting for him to explain. His indigo eyes were bright with anxiousness. It made my heart clench to see him so wound up.

"Damien…" I called softly. His beautiful gaze was now on me. Before I could say anything, he had dropped on his knees in front of me. Taking my hands, he'd kept his eyes on me as he kissed the insides of my wrists. It was amazing how five years hadn't changed much.


"There once was a rich man and a very powerful woman. The two had married and later gave birth to two little boys. The woman loved both of her sons, but because her husband's estate could only be left to one she gave one away so as to not cause strife between the two. The woman loved her sons equally and it broke her heart in two to give one away.'

"Damien…" Suddenly I didn't want to know how this story ended as a feeling of dread sank deep within my stomach. I had always thought the two looked so much alike. Too much alike. Both were beautiful with their aristocratic features and indigo eyes. Only Caleb's hair was the color of onyx, while Damien's was silver.

My eyes pleaded with him to stop, but the sad smile he showed me was enough for me to confirm the ugliness of this story.

"Both boys grew up, neither the wisest to the other's existence. The youngest, was sent away with a woman who loved him fiercely. However, life can still be cruel and so it was for the two of them. Yet what she lacked in money she made up for with love. But the boy still fell prey to longing and bitterness. His 'mother' died when he was the age of sixteen. However, upon her deathbed she told him that he was not her biological son and that he should seek out his real mother…"

"How… did you find out?" I asked quietly.

"I tracked him down and Annrietta confirmed it… the day after I proposed to you."

"Did she tell you to leave me?" I asked quietly as the frigid face of Annrietta Black came to mind. It was easy to see where the two received their sharp features from. Annrietta had always been beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. I understand more now that Damien had told me part of his story.

"Yes." His eyes were anxious again.

"I see." With me and Damien together, he and Caleb were bound to meet. Caleb would want to see the man that had acquired my hand in marriage.

"But not for the reasons you think. When I first heard of you, my only intention was to make my brother feel the same way I did when I found out about my heritage." I could feel his eyes upon me gauging my reaction. Honestly, I didn't know how to react. Part of me felt even more hurt and betrayed, while something else inside me was willing to do whatever necessary in order to be with him. I felt like such a pawn. I could feel my face flush as my mind processed what he was saying.

He continued, "I wanted him to know that even though I wasn't…. worth… as much…" Watching him trying to say what it felt like to find out what he did was heart wrenching. "I could have the one thing he'd always want." For all their differences, the two were so much alike on an emotional level that it could be comical. Caleb despised his inheritance… He said it made him feel like less of person because people loved the name and not the man.

Closing my eyes, I tried my best to swallow down any feeling until he finished his story.

"Your family's beautiful." He whispered in the space between us.

I could feel more tears fall down my face, "There's someone you should meet."

Serena was at a loss for words when the other finally finished his tale. How awful, she thought feeling horrible for goading him on. She wondered how happy his family had been with such a horrible secret between them and why the name Analiese Petrova sounded so familiar.

"I don't fault my father for not being able to care about me the way he does my brother or Emerald, despite her being a family friend. I mean, my parents were never particularly happy with each other, but to have a physical reminder like myself… And by a brother he never knew he had…" His voice trailed as he appeared lost in thought. Snapping out of his trance, he turned his focus back to Serena. "This must sound crazy to you. I told you it was complicated."

Wow… This was worse than those Korean dramas Molly watched. "How did you find out?" was her quiet response.

"He told me a couple of weeks ago," was his reply. "I inherited stocks to the family's company and a position on the board when I turned 24. My father told me on the night he signed it over. After the accident, things were… different between us. He was never cruel or anything of that nature… but there was this distance that didn't used to be there. For a while I thought he blamed me."

"Diamond, he couldn't possibly-."

"And that was fine… I could live with that, but then my birthday came and it all made so much more sense. I… the others don't know."

"I won't tell," She quickly promised. "I mean that's a horrible thing to find out at any age but you're wrong. Caleb… your dad… He loves you. I can see it in the way he looks at you."

Indigo eyes were unreadable as they rested on her. "And what could you possibly see in him that I can't?"

Usagi gently cradled his face between her hands as she gave him a watery smile, "He gives you the look…" before dropping them to his shoulders and pulling him into an embrace, holding him as close as possible. "You shouldn't pretend this doesn't hurt you. It's okay to be upset Diamond. Even when being upset won't change anything" Her voice was barely a whisper as the shocked man found himself slowly returning the gesture.

Being so close to Diamond always managed to inspire something inside her. Whether it was nervousness or excitement, in the end the blonde always felt warmer. This time was no exception. She felt strong… needed. And those were things she hadn't felt in a while. With Darien, she'd always felt small- insignificant despite being his fiancée. Everyone acted like she could be anyone, and sometimes she felt that way. But not with Dimande… even at the height of his arrogance he provoked intensity and seemingly relished in receiving it.

Finally, the two separated wary of their surroundings.

Not wanting to dwell on the situation Diamond was relieved when she grasped his hand and pulled him forward. "Let's check out the exhibit," she suggested, smiling when he agreed.

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