She and Aleesa, her personal assistant, had been setting up for the past two hours. Everything was in place and Emerald was definitely satisfied with the look of the space they had rented for the introduction of her new fashion line. Envy by Emerald was a mix of silver screen glamour and eastern chic.

Displays of her merchandise were all over the room. She was even wearing some of her pieces. The dark emerald halter top she wore had wide straps that gave the top a chic, yet oriental look. Sleek and backless, the v-neck cut of the shirt stopped just above her ribcage, allowing a satin black, v-neck cami to peep through. The black pencil skirt she wore was a perfect fit outlining the curve of her hips, stopping an inch before her knees. Finally, suede, emerald colored, Steve Madden pumps completed the look with their classic Mary Jane twist.

Smiling at the number of people milling about, the blonde was actually pretty excited. Tonight was her night and she prayed nothing would ruin it. Deciding to grab a drink from the bar they'd setup, she was stopped by a familiar voice.

"Everything looks amazing, Emerald!" Her face broke out into a huge grin when she turned to find Serena standing in front of her.

"Usagi, you look beautiful!" And she did. The white chiffon dress was Greek inspired with its gathered bust, and flowing skirts. The braided headpiece securing blonde tresses matched the gold-embroidered waistline of the dress. "Thanks for coming."

Showing her friend around her merchandise, the two were enjoying themselves until Emerald froze mid-step. There across the room was the subject of her heartbreak laughing as some other girl threw herself in his arms. Hazel eyes went wide before they turned hard. As if sensing her stare, Sapphire looked in her direction before embarrassedly turning away.

Serena stood there dumbly watching the whole thing. Before she could comment, Emerald had spun on her heel stalking off in the opposite direction. Staring after the upset girl, Usagi looked back in Sapphire's direction to see him frowning. He briefly locked eyes with her before turning away and leading his companion elsewhere.

What was going on?

Emerald couldn't think. Seeing Sapphire just bought everything back tenfold. His presence had surprised her and for a second she felt a flutter of joy seeing him before reality slapped it out of her. She had hoped he'd stay in America, but Dimande, that weasel, must've mentioned it.

"Serena, I'm not going back out there!" She knew the blonde had followed her before she even turned around. The building had two stories and the office was located on the second floor with a bird's-eye view of the main room.

"What was that?" Serena had shut the door behind her as she rushed in after the other. The two were in the building's office.

"I don't wanna talk about it." Emerald sulked, wrapping her arms around herself.

She looked so hurt… An expression that strengthened Usagi's resolve to get to the bottom of all of this. "No way! You and Sapphire are … well I don't know what you are, But what just happened?" She asked referring to the brief stare down from earlier.

"I can't face him… Not when he's out there smiling with some other girl, pretending that I don't exist." Emerald seethed as anger and hurt flowed through her veins. Staring down at her guest, she easily found the man in question still in conversation with the brunette. Turning away from the view, she grabbed the closest object to her and flung it across the room with a screech.

Wincing as the glass vase shattered, Serena moved to calm the other grabbing her arms to steady her. "Emerald, what happened between the two of you?"

Emerald was aware of warm hands cradling her cheeks encouraging her to breathe. Grasping Serena's wrist, she led her to the couch prompting the other to take a seat. At first she didn't know where to start, but once she did she couldn't stop. With encouraging blue eyes Serena listened as the other finally expressed what had been bothering her for the past six months.

Emerald remembered getting out of the shower and slipping into her robe. She had her robe secured, when she walked into her room brushing the tangles out of her damp hair. There was a knock and the blonde remembered Sapphire stepping into her room. She remember speaking and the next thing she knew, she was against the wall as Sapphire's mouth was claimed hers with a desperation that made her heart flutter.

She could feel his hands tangled in her wet hair yanking her head back as he pressed open-mouthed kisses up and down the column of her neck. Moaning at the feel of his mouth unyielding against her flushed skin, Emerald couldn't believe this was happening. The alcohol that ran through her veins lent surreal-ness to the encounter, adding to her stupor.

Clutching him tighter to herself, she never wanted to let this man go. His kisses seemed to burn hotter as he kissed the spot behind her ear, murmuring all sorts of unintelligible praises. He kissed her jaw line, trailing to the corner of her mouth before engulfing her lips in a kiss that was as deep as it was intimate.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Emerald found she couldn't support herself as the moment intensified. Sapphire held tighter to her as the two slid to the floor in a heap of limbs. The first time he took her, coal eyes seared into her heart. The younger heir took his time with her despite the fierceness of their coupling. It had hurt at first, and Emerald found herself wincing as Sapphire lovingly kissed her tears away, but as the pain decreased her pleasure increased itself to the point where the blonde couldn't keep her mouth shut.

Emerald remembered arching into his touch, his name falling from her lips in something like reverence. And just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, her mind went completely blank as she felt her whole body swallowed in a flash of white pleasure Sapphire controlled.

Emerald found she liked this side of him as she spent the night on the receiving end of his affections.

The next morning she had awoke to a slight hangover and a ton of bruises on her normally flawless skin. She was sore and achy, but despite all that, there was a pleasant pulse between her legs that brought the previous night's actions back full force. Moaning at the thought, she pushed herself up unaware of the coy grin she sported.

She couldn't believe she was no longer a virgin, or that Sapphire was the one to do it. She hoped this meant as much to him as it did to her. She had to talk to him, but when she went to find him in an over-sized night-shirt, Sienna had informed her that the youngest heir had left for England with most of his things in tow.

Emerald had blinked stupidly before the reality of what her housekeeper was telling her sunk in…

"Are you serious?" Serena couldn't believe Sapphire would do that, and to Emerald of all people.

"I can't face him, Serena." Esmeraude's face flushed in embarrassment. "Not after all that. I feel like such an idiot! He's not even supposed to be here."


Serena had never been the aggressive the type, but her execution in her need to find Sapphire gave people the opposite impression. Onlookers looked wary of the determined blonde who moved with purpose. When she finally found the youngest heir, he was in conversation with his brunette companion.

"Excuse me," she cut in politely. "Sapphire can I talk to you for a second?" Two sets of eyes turned her way- one in surprise, the other in thinly veiled irritation.

"Serena," The younger heir greeted. "Petz," he said to his companion, "this is Serena. Serena, this Petz."

She smiled at the edgy dressed woman with brunette hair and dark olive eyes before turning her attention back to Sapphire. "I need to ask you something… privately."

"Oh?" He looked to the other girl, "Petz, do you mind?"

The other girl shook her head. "Take your time. Maybe that louse of mine is finally here." As soon as Petz took her leave, Serena laid into him.

"How could you do that to her?!" Serena demanded with fire in her eyes, careful not to be too loud. She still had trouble believing Sapphire was capable of such cruelty, but actions don't lie and the young heir had been avoiding Emerald like the plague. "What were you thinking or were you not thinking?"

"Excuse me, but what are you going on about?" Grey eyes were confused, but Serena didn't care. She was going to figure this out before the night was over.

"I'm talking about Emerald." She noted the pained expression on his face when she mentioned the other girl's name. "Were you lying when you told me you loved her or are you really a bastard? I hope you're proud of yourself." She scowled not giving him time to offer an excuse. "I bet you didn't even care that you were her first."

"I didn't know…" His response was quiet as his pained gaze burned into the floor. Serena almost felt bad for the young man as his remorse and dismay were painfully obvious. Almost being the word.

"If you cared for her at all you wouldn't have left her that way."

"No, it's because I care about her that I left." She didn't think him capable of such anger, but the tone in which he spoke made her shrink back a little.

"What are you talking about?"

"I forced myself on her, Serena! I took advantage of her!" He exploded. Baby blues were wide as saucers. People were looking in their direction with a mix of interest and concern. What the… Grabbing his arm, Serena pulled him away from the main room and away from any onlookers, demanding an explanation. Did she hear him wrong? Because what he was saying was a bit different from what Emerald had told her.

"Forced… yourself on her?"

The dark-haired boy looked away in shame. "Serena… I-"


"We were at the gala and I don't even remember drinking that much, but I was working up the nerve to take your advice. I wanted to so bad… to tell her I mean, but I couldn't find the right time so I decided to wait." He was so upset, Serena felt bad for badgering him the way she had. He exhaled shakily before continuing. "I went to her room to talk, but I didn't know she was just getting out the shower. I saw her standing there and the next thing I know we're on the floor and everything's a crazy blur. I'm pretty sure we were both still out of it but it felt so fucking good having her that way. Believing she's mine and that she'd want me that way too." Looking on encouragingly, Serena held her breath for the next part. "By the time I realized maybe she didn't want it, it was morning and she was covered in bruises. Her wrist, her neck, her thighs, her hips... And then there was the blood. I knew I couldn't be around her… not after that. I just couldn't." Tears feel from his eyes as he squeezed them shut. "I hurt her… You see, I couldn't stay after that."

Serena was slack-jawed before getting a hold of herself. The relief she felt was instantaneous. It was a misunderstanding! Sapphire had panicked thinking he did something wrong. Poor Esmeraude… Poor Sapphire. Her blue eyes belied her empathy. "Talk to her... You- Just go and talk to her."


"You owe her that much."

There was hope for the two yet.

She sent him on his way hoping he'd seek the other girl out. With a sigh, Serena turned to hit the bar. She needed something for her nerves.


The couple sat in the limo outside of the building Emerald had rented for her launch party. An exhibit room with cherry hardwood floors, bright lights and modern architecture. It'd been a while since he'd talk to Emerald. She'd seemed so out of it as of late, but the heir knew she'd mention it when she was ready.

"Why are we even here?" Wren groaned as she applied her red lipstick. The wicked lady smiled, tossing her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder. The black dress she wore hugged her body like a glove. With its mesh sleeves and sweetheart neckline the younger woman looked like something from a noir film. A daring split lined the side of the dress showcasing firm and pale flesh.

"I'm here to support Emerald… I don't know why you're here." Diamond snorted glancing out the window. "Emerald hates you."

"Hate's such a strong word, love." Wren drawled, leaning forward to accost his attention.

"Yet it's no less accurate."

"You've been in such a foul mood, Dimande." She kneeled between his legs with a mischievous glint in her maroon eyes. "Can I do something for you?" Indigo eyes were wary as they stared down at the vixen.

He tensed at the feel of her hands massaging his thighs, creeping closer to his crotch.

With a smirk, Wren pushed herself up and caught his lips in a hard kiss. There was nothing sweet or soft about the two of them together. Groaning, the heir grasped her arms before shoving her back onto the other seat.

Laughing at the Prince's response, Wren smiled in the face of his irritation. Opening her purse for a napkin, she tossed the tissue at her lover. "Wipe your mouth or else everyone will know it's me you're fucking."

"I'm sure they already know that." He replied wiping away her lipstick. Wren smiled tightly. Again she popped open her purse rummaging around. Diamond sighed. He already knew what she was searching for as he reached out to still her hand.

"Not tonight, Wren." The strawberry blonde looked up in annoyance before showcasing a sly grin.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were concerned for me."

"But you do know better, don't you." He let go of her hand and went to get out of the car.

He never saw the frown on her face.



The sound of his voice made her voice hitch. Taking a deep breath, the blonde refused to face him. She was so angry with him. "I didn't invite you, ya know."

"I know… but I had to show my support for you… somehow." His smile was sad.

"Please… stop. I don't know what you're trying to prove by being here. But you can't make this better for me." She paused. "You know I've never felt so stupid in my entire life."

"Emerald…" He sounded pained.

Good. "I trusted you…" She spat ignoring the sound of his approach to stare out over the floor. "And then you just ruined everything… Ruined me. I've wanted so much to hate you for all of this, but I can't!" She could feel his presence directly behind her. Closing her eyes, the blonde wanted so badly to lean into him but refrained.

"I… Y-you don't understand." His hands rested shakily on her shoulders.

"What is there to understand?" She said over her shoulder. "If you didn't… want me… all you had to do was say so. You didn't have to leave like that. To treat me the way you have."

"I couldn't stay with you! Not after I realized how much I'd hurt you. Em, you were covered in bruises and the only thing I could think of was how could I do this to someone I love."

"What?" Hazel eyes blinked in confusion.

"How could I have hurt the one girl that mattered to me?"

"Wait… You thought you'd hurt me?" her voice was soft as she turned to face him.

"I did… and I hate myself so much for it. I'd give anything to take it back, Em! Anything!" Coal eyes were full of remorse and the heir couldn't lay eyes on her.

"Sapphire, you stupid, stupid boy!" She cried throwing herself into him. "Don't you know that I've loved you forever? That I wanted that with you?" Leaning back her arms had locked around his frame as she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I thought you regretted it… that it was me. I thought you… Don't you know you could never hurt me like that?" He slowly turned to look at her studying the pleading in her face and the emotion in hazel eyes. "Never."

"Emerald-" Before he could say more, the ash blonde had fused her mouth to his in a kiss that conveyed all her longing, hurt and comfort. Initially, the heir resisted, but moments later he responded with the same desperation. With her eyes screwed shut, Emerald didn't even realize she was crying until she felt Sapphire's hands moving to cradle her face, wiping away the salty droplets.

"I love you…"she murmured against his lips as she slid her hands along his body. "I love you so much."

Breaking away from her mouth, he pressed feather soft kisses to her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, and the corner of her mouth. "You don't how much I've wanted to hear you say that."

"Don't leave me like that again," she warned as he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her as close as possible.

"I promise," he rasped sealing the deal with a kiss that made her sigh. There was much to talk about but for now the two enjoyed each other's presence.


Wren's laugh was a deceptive thing, as was the Wicked Lady herself. Girlish on the edges but iniquitously tempting at its core. A little while after they walked in, people began to notice her for the aspiring actress she was. He felt sorry for the people enamored with her because the real girl was nothing like she seemed. Catching his gaze, Wren winked at him as she continued to regale the people around her.

Slinking away from the small crowd, Diamond casually observed his cousin's display. Emerald had worked hard and it was obvious by the look of the pieces she had showcased. He had no doubt that the ambitious girl would go far. He wondered where she was and if she'd seen his brother.

The bar seemed to be calling his name a thought that left him a bitter smile. An unfortunate habit he picked up in the last six months. Sometimes the younger man wondered what he'd do if he ever saw that familiar flash of blonde hair. Would he approach her? Kiss her? Shake her senseless? Or would he simply ignore her?

With a sigh, he wordlessly hailed the barman leaning on the counter as he requested a glass of lambrusco. Nodding, the man went about the order presenting the white haired customer with a wine glass full of the sparkling red liquid. Inhaling the scent of the

intoxicating drink, Diamond took a sip letting the taste flood his senses.

Pushing himself up, he turned to leave when he saw a disturbing vision.


"Serenity?" Her heart froze painfully in her chest as the sound of his voice tickled her ears. Swallowing, Serena turned to lock eyes with the man who haunted her dreams. He looked as she remembered him only tonight he wore all white.

"Diamond…" Her eyes were bright as her heart thundered in her chest. Usagi knew he'd be here but seeing him was something quite different. She held her breath as he took a step towards her, indigo eyes shrouded with disbelief and longing. She felt his fingertips brush her cheek before trailing down to trace her jaw.

Slowly, she exhaled before reaching out to still his hand with her own. "I… missed you." She whispered searching his face for some type of reaction. Her uttered words seemed to break his reverie because his gaze hardened. Before Serena could blink, he tore away from her leaving her in a tizzy.

As Diamond hurried away from the blonde, he found himself hastily unbuttoning his coat as he blindly bumped into others.


"Watch it!"

The space in his chest was on fire and the young man feared he'd be consumed by the heat. Why was she here? His jumbled thoughts screamed at him. And why was he running? Bypassing the stairwell that led to the second floor as well as the bathrooms, the heir didn't realize where he was going until he came into contact with the sounds and taste of the night air in an outside courtyard.

Diamond welcomed the chilliness of the night air as he stood with his back to the door and his hands on his hips. He hoped he wouldn't do something he'd come to regret.

Serena reached out to lay a hand on his shoulder, but found herself stumbling backwards when Dimande spun around with an irate look in his eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but found she could not when he shoved her against the wall before attacking her mouth with his own. The kiss was as punishing as it was frantic. Cerulean eyes widened before she was lost in the intensity of the motion.

Her skin was so soft and all the heir could think was this is what he'd been missing. This was who he wanted to be with.

He pressed his body closer to hers as he felt her fingers drag along his scalp before clinging to his shoulders. The blonde moaned at this eclectic mix of pleasure and pain. How could she have stayed away for this long?

He realized that it didn't matter to him what she'd say as long as she'd have him. A thought that made him wary, pulling him back to himself. What was wrong with him, he wondered as he broke away from her lips. Usagi whined at the loss of contact as a feeling of breathlessness overcame her. She clung to him until he wrenched away from her, uncomfortable with this new discovery about himself.

Serena leaned against the wall as she tried to calm her excited thoughts and feelings. Maybe this would all work out. Finally the heir spoke to her.

"What are you doing here?" He managed with some composure.

"I wanted to talk to you," was her reply.

"About what?" Now he sounded more like his usual self. "I waited for you… and you didn't come. There's not much to discuss."

"That's not how it was," she pleaded. "I wasn't who you thought I was."

"And who did you think I thought you were?" He didn't even sound amused.

Her face flushed. "A woman not afraid to stand up for herself and the way she lived her life. Don't you see?" Her tone was heartfelt as she beseeched the man before her. "I wanted to be with you. I couldn't stop thinking of you. But that didn't mean anything if I couldn't stand up for you."

His gaze softened and Serena felt encouraged. "You made me feel so much stronger than I was and while I loved that about you that wasn't enough for me and it wasn't fair to you. I like that I could stand tall with you, but I needed to be able to stand tall by myself." Gathering her strength she smiled as she stepped up to him, lightly running her fingers down his face. His expression was unreadable as he took hold of her hand. "I want to be with you. I wasn't strong enough then, but I think I am now."

She waited for him to respond and the longer it took the more nervous she became. "Say something... Anything."

"I'm with someone." The heir didn't know what to say so he said what was honest as he let go of her hand.

Was he rejecting her? Obviously, she'd hurt him when she hadn't returned, but his reactions thus far gave her courage. Taking a deep breath, she took another step forward making them a breath a part. "But she's not me…" she whispered.

Diamond wet his lips, "No… she's not."


After shaking four white capsules into her hand, Karina popped them into her mouth and washed them down with a double shot of tequila. Her head was killing her. Why was she so upset? It wasn't like Diamond was her boyfriend. He was a fool as far as she was concerned. Attractive and rich, yes, but a fool nonetheless.

She'd gone looking for her companion only to find him engrossed with someone else. And not just anyone- his precious Serenity.

She signaled the barkeep for another shot, draining it upon sight. It was only a matter of time before his perfect fucking princess left him hanging again. Maybe she'd take him back… He was pretty good in bed and she'd hate to see such talent go to waste.

Karina frowned. Who was she kidding- She was jealous. Their arrangement never bothered her before, but seeing Diamond with that woman twisted something inside of her. If it were anyone else she wouldn't have felt like a cheap imitation.

She pressed a hand to her temple as her migraine flared. Wincing as her vision began to blur, the strawberry blonde stumbled backwards into something. She was absently aware of someone steadying her, but the pain only seemed to intensify. Now came the voices. They sounded unnatural to her ears with their slow cadence and slurred syllables. Squinting as her vision twisted, she could feel the room turn as an overwhelming wave of nausea came upon her. Shit… Did someone turn on the heater? Clutching at her dress, the troubled actress wanted it off! She couldn't breathe with it on… and the heat! Why was it so hot? What was happening?

Her panic level had skyrocketed as fear saturated what was left of her mind. With a strangled gasp, Karina felt like she was drowning in fire as the world around her faded into black.


"Karina Akumara, please."

"Room 261. Fifth room on the right."

The dark haired man smiled as he followed the nurse's instructions to the young girl's room. He'd put this off long enough. When he arrived to the dull dressed room he wasn't surprised to see a well-dressed man in a seat beside the incapacitated girl's bed.

"What're you doing Dimande?"

"Father." The heir did not turn from the pale form of the girl in front of him. Wren had been in a coma for two weeks and the doctors were skeptical about her recovery. Even though he knew of the younger girl's destructive tendencies, he still felt responsible for her condition. A feeling he hadn't been able to shake.

Caleb frowned at the troubled man before him. This had continued long enough. He hated seeing his son in such distress. "You know this isn't your fault. You didn't make her swallow those pills."

"I might as well have. If I hadn't been with Serena Wren would've never saw us together. She'd have never done this."

"Wren had a history and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened." Caleb reasoned. He heard a sigh. "Walk with me?" He asked after a while. "It's not as if she's going anywhere." Indigo eyes turned to regard him reluctantly.

Caleb smirked and moments later the two were casually walking the hospital's grounds. The weather was nice and Diamond had to admit it felt nice to have the sun shining on his skin.

"I don't expect you to understand, but this is my fault…" He spoke after a while.

"Why? Because in a moment of weakness you reached for a woman to help you deal with what you assumed to be rejection from another?"

He stared at his father uncomfortable with his intuition. Caleb grinned. "Diamond… look in my eyes, we have the same eyes. I know whenever my eyes look like that a woman is involved. And that night your eyes said it all."

"I don't have your eyes... " The heir sulked folding his arms across his chest.

"Yes…" The older man stepped in front of his son halting his movements. Tapping the bottom of his chin, confident indigo eyes stared into a mirrored pair with an inversed expression. "You have your grandfather's eyes. The same eyes I happen to have as well." His son's expression brightened just a bit and the two continued their walk. "Your relationship with Karina was bound to end in disaster. But not this kind. Karina already had a problem, you were just an excuse."

"A convenient cause, but a cause either way."

"What about Serena? She seems to care for you deeply."

His mood darkened. "I can't be with her knowing Wren is here because of me."

Caleb frowned. "Dimande, can I tell you a story?"

"Your stories always have a way of turning my life upside down."

He laughed. "Of that they do. There's a reason I've always had trouble approaching you. The younger opened his mouth to speak. "And its not the reason you think."

"Oh?" A light colored brow rose. Eyeing a bench a couple steps ahead, Diamond nodded towards the stop before taking a seat.

His father remained standing as he took a hand through his hair. "Looking at you reminds me of my guilt." He sighed. "Of a chance I never took."

"So it has nothing to do with my mother having an affair with your estranged twin?" The heir was serious despite his sarcastic tone.

"It does, but not for the reason you think. Your mother wasn't the only one guilty of having an affair."

Diamond furrowed his brow in confusion as he stared up at the older version of himself. That meant… "Why didn't you divorce my mother if you didn't love her?"

"That's just it. I still loved your mother, but it was a painful kind of love. An unrequited love."

"Why did you stay with her?"

"Pride, youth... Stupidity." Caleb was thoughtful with in is hindsight. "Mostly stupidity," he smiled. "How would it look for the esteemed Caleb black to divorce his wife because he was incapable of getting her to love him. It would've been bad for both of us."

"I... I don't understand."

"Your mother didn't need anything ruining her success. And your grandfather would've died if such scandal tainted our name." Both men rolled their eyes at Sebastian black's aversion to scandals he ultimately caused. "Besides the woman I fell in-love with was married. Her husband was a wretched creature who didn't deserve her. He used to beat her and threaten to steal her daughter away... but she stayed out of fear and duty."

"I'm sorry…" Diamond was sincere in his apology.

"We understood that about each other. She didn't care that I was an emotional cripple because her husband's emotion always meant pain. I didn't care that she was weak because she'd never have to fear me. Your mother could be cold but she was never cruel the way Cassius was."

Wait... "Cassius…. Broussard? Emerald's father?" Caleb nodded as he studied his son's reaction. "You cheated on my mother with her best friend?" Diamond couldn't keep the shock out of his voice. His father looked so unaffected... His mind immediately flashed to Emerald. The hazel eyed girl his father took such a liking to.

A sad smile graced Caleb's lips as he answered the question his son was thinking. "No... she isn't. I always wanted... but maybe that's the only good that came out of it all. I see the way she and Sapphire look at each other when they think no one is watching."

"Father, I don't understand…" And he really didn't. "What's this have to do with me?"

"I was never intimate with Almita. We both cared about your mother too much. Even if she didn't love me I was still her husband and Almita was still her friend. Remember, I didn't know about her affair at the time."

Indigo eyes were beginning to brighten in understanding. Everything was beginning to make so much more sense. His father's fondness for the hazel eyed girl who lived with them and the odd relationship they shared. Caleb had always been a bit of a mystery to him, now it seemed the mystery had been solved. "I don't know what to say."

The older man swallowed. "I always thought that if I had left like I wanted, Almita would still be here and Emerald would still have her mother. Maybe your mother would've married my brother and we'd all be so much happier. When I look at you it makes me think of my inaction to protect her from Cassius' jealousy as well as my own thoughts of 'what if.' It in no way excuses my behavior towards you, but I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. Love is a precious thing Diamond and if you love this girl and she loves you, you shouldn't let your pride or guilt, imagined or otherwise, get in the way of that." Caleb took a seat beside him.

"You've always been my son... even when I was told otherwise. The only thing any father ever wants is for his child to be happy." He paused as he locked eyes with the white-haired young man. "Torturing yourself over Karina isn't going to make her better. You deserve to be happy and I'd hate to see you squander it on something you'll regret."


When the duo made it back to the room, Diamond was shocked to see a familiar head of blonde hair sitting in his seat across from Wren. He turned to face his father who simply smiled and nodded. Caleb knew his son was capable of securing his own happiness, but sometimes a man needed a push. "Talk to her," he encouraged before leaving.

Diamond stood alone in the doorway watching the other with a soft look in his eyes. He'd always been his own person, but since he'd met Serena everything had changed. Feeling whole paled in comparison to feeling complete. Caleb was right and with that in mind the heir went inside to make things right.


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Mian-mian: Thanks so much! I like her being good. I always feel so bad for . There aren't enough Diamond/Sere up here. Lol. The ones I find are either in Spanish (which is fine, but reading through a translator site is nothing like reading it for yourself or what the author intended) or they just aren't really what I'm looking for. I mean there are some out there but its nothing compared to the more traditional couple of the show. Thanks again, and I hope this 'series finale' was worth your while!

Rakusa: Thanks so much for the review! No I haven't read the story you suggested, but I'm definitely interested. Shoot me a link?

Marie1000: Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness of your review! I'm glad the more technical parts were to your liking as I was actually really worried about the way I was telling the story because it is long and there is a lot going on. Hopefully the ending didn't make you cringe.