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Wolf Trouble— Five

Never in her life had she ever been treated that way, after the incident in P.E Kagome was still fuming over what that guy said to her, that Inuyasha just thinking about him made her head boil. After P.E the rest of her three classes went by fast and she did not like her math class she had no idea what the heck she was learning not to mention in literature class, who the heck was Shakespeare and why was he even important? Kagome didn't understand anything about this era there was too much to learn, it was so different when she had to learn to become a princess.

She sighed, trying to get accustomed to this era was going to be trickier then she thought it would be.

"Rin do you know that guy from our P.E. class?" Miroku asked as they had to lunch, Rin was taking them out to the courtyard were they would be able to eat outside in the fresh air. Hearing Inuyasha's name brought her to glare at Miroku but he wasn't looking at but at Rin as they walked down the crowded hall with the rest of the student body.

"Oh yeah, he's Sesshomaru's younger brother." Rin said. Kagome's jaw dropped that jerk was related to their headmaster. Of course that should have explained why they resembled each other what with the same hair and not to mention the matching eyes.

"You seem familiar with Inuyasha when you were yelling at him." Kagome said, thinking back about it Rin must have been talking about him when she saw them playing soccer.

"Yeah, the Tashio's adopted me when I was a little girl and I live with them." Rin said. Kagome couldn't believe that a sweet girl like Rin could be associated with a rude guy like Inuyasha and a cold-hearted guy like Sesshomaru.

"Is our Headmaster normally so cold to his new students or was it just us?" Miroku asked. Rin smiled softly catching both of them of guard Kagome knew that look it was the same one Miroku normally got when he thought he was in love with the five women he'd want to bare his children.

"Yeah he is, but don't let that fool you he's really sweet once you get to know him better." She said softly. Kagome looked at Miroku who just shrugged as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Who are we to judge her, let's just keep it between us no need to embarrass her." He whispered. Kagome nodded, she liked Rin she was sweet to them and she seemed like a good friend to have not to mention she was a girl and it would be good for Kagome to have a girl friends besides Miroku.

"I'm surprised that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are brothers they both have different personalities." Kagome said as they stepped outside. Rin shrugged.

"Inuyasha's always been like, he doesn't like letting people in." she said not explaining why he was like that. Kagome found it curious that Inuyasha wasn't the type to let other's in with the way he acted at P.E he seemed like he was popular. Kagome was still thinking about him when he shoulder came in contact with someone's shoulder.

"Oh I'm sorry." She apologized turning to the person she bumped, it was the wolf demon from earlier who had winked at her. Kagome's insides dropped when she notice the gleam in his eye as he reached out taking a hold of her hand.

"Well what do we have here." He said with a wicked smile. Kagome did not like the way he was looking at her as she tried to take her hand back, but he only held it tighter.

"Hey what's the rush you bumped into me remember." He said moving in closer.

"That was an accident which I already apologized for so you can please let go?" she asked. He only smirked at her as he brought her closer but a firm hand stopped him, Kagome turned to see Miroku pull her from the wolf demons arms, she sighed in relief.

"I believe she apologized, so leave her alone." Miroku said, he looked at him with serious eyes which Kagome knew meant that that if the wolf demon didn't back down he was going to get it.

"Well looks like you're boyfriend came to the rescue I can treat you better then he can." He said leaning closer to Kagome, she mentally gagged stepping closer to Miroku who placed a protective hand on her wrist.

"Kouga, leave Kagome alone or I'll tell the Headmaster on you." Rin appeared her hands on her waist. Kouga snorted as he turned around.

"Like that guy scares me…see you around Kagome." Kouga said with a wink after leaving them Kagome frowned she did not like that guy what so ever.

"Try and be careful around Kouga, he may seem like a player but he has one bad temper he's not one to mess with." Rin told them as they walked to the courtyard in front of tree that resembled the tree back at the shrine. Kagome tilted her head seeing a faint scar on the tree as she climbed up the roots to touch it.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Miroku asked as him and Rin sat in the grass watching her with a puzzled expression.

"This scar…I feel like I've seen it before." She said softly, but that couldn't be right the village close to the well was the western lands and she's never been there before, or had she?

"Hey! Get away from that tree!" a voice shouted at her. Kagome startled jumped in the air in surprise as she tripped landing on the ground. She looked up to see someone land in front of her and it was none other than Inuyasha scowling at her.

"What's your problem it's just a tree." Kagome said rubbing her leg as stood up.

Inuyasha snorted, "This is my tree you got that, so stay away from it." He snapped as he turned around Kagome watched with amazement as he jumped in the air and landed swiftly on one of the branches sitting down as he laid back and closed his eyes.

"Jeez what's his problem?" Kagome asked as she sat next to Miroku who had their lunches. Rin just shook her head.

"Ignore him, Inuyasha was born without manners." She said taking sip of her soda. Kagome glared up at the sleeping boy, she couldn't help notice the way his cute dog ears kept twitching and she wondered if he was listening in on them?

"What class do you guys have next?" Rin asked them. Kagome checked her schedule that she had folded in her pocket.

"Archery lessons, which is stupid I already know how to use a bow." She said shaking her head. Miroku gave her a look.

"That's not as bad as monk training I'm going to have to starve myself and get rid of any temptations like fair beauties as beautiful as them." Miroku said his gave wandering to the girls who ate around them. Kagome grabbed her chopsticks poking him in the neck.

"Leach, maybe here you they'll help with you being a perv." She said eating a rice ball. Rin giggled as she watched the whole exchange both cousins to give her an odd look.

"Sorry you can tell you guys are close if you weren't related I would have thought you were dating." She exclaimed. Kagome and Miroku's face paled as they gave her forced out smiled. Rin blinked.

"Um….you guys are cousins right?" she asked. Kagome swallowed the food that was in her mouth.

"Yeah, distant cousins but just that I see Miroku as a brother anyways." Kagome said. Miroku nodded in agreement.

"And I feel the same being raised an only child Kagome was the sister I never had." He said with a soft smile, Kagome returned it. Rin sighed.

"You guys have this aura that you're so close I wish I had a friend like that." Rin pouted. Kagome giggle as she reached out taking a hold of Rin's hand.

"Well I've never had a girl for a friend so let's be friends starting now." She said. Rin's eyes tears up as she hugged Kagome happily, Kagome took the chance to look up just in time to see Inuyasha watching them he turned away when he saw Kagome staring at him, but she saw the look of approval when she told Rin they could be friends, and couldn't help wonder about it. She was stilling thinking about it as she found herself lost, Rin had told her they held archery class outside close to the karate class, but there she was wandering around lost. She was about to turn back around and see if someone could point her in the right direction, when she came in contact with a chest blocking her way. Kagome stepped back to see Kouga watching her with a smirk on his lips.

"Well what do you know we meet again, Kagome." He said as he took a step forward. Kagome felt her back hit a fence, and realized her mistake she was now trapped with Kouga's arms blocking her way.

"You know I don't think I got an apology from you earlier." He said moving closer to her. Kagome felt herself begin to panic here she was alone and not only was there a demon harassing her, it had to be Kouga who needed a mint for his bad breath.

"I did apologize, can you please move." Kagome said raising her hand to his chest as she tried moving him, but he didn't even budge. If she had her abilities as a vampire she would have knocked him down with one shove, but she was human here. Meaning if she couldn't fight him with strength, she could use that as an advantage.

"Look I know you're new and I've taken a liking to you how about being my girl." Kouga said bringing his face closer to hers. Kagome felt her lunch start to climb up her throat as she used all her strength and pushed him off.

"Sorry but I'm not interested." She said as she tried to run, but Kouga reached out taking a hold of her arm, Kagome used took the chance to attack bringing her leg up, her foot coming in contact with Kouga's nose. He yelped in surprised as he dropped her arm holding his bleeding nose.

"You bitch! You're going to pay for that!" He shouted. Kagome smirked when he charged for her, his eyes were watery that he hadn't noticed her right hand was glowing purple as she raised it up ready for him when silver hair caught her attention her eyes going wide when she saw Inuyasha in front of her. Before she could react he slapped her hand away before coming in contact with Kouga as Inuyasha punched him in the face with his left hand.

"What the hell mutt face!" Kouga shouted as he laid there on the ground with a giant bruise forming around his cheek not to mention his nose was still bleeding.

"You idiot, you're lucky it was me who found you and not Sesshomaru or he would have killed you." Inuyasha snapped. Kagome pulled her hand out of Inuyasha's hold wincing wondering why did he block her attack with his hand?

"Listen here wolf boy leave her alone or you're going to answer to me got it." Inuyasha growled out. Kouga narrowed his eyes as he stood up glaring at them both.

"We'll see about that I won't forget this mutt." Kouga said eyeing Kagome one last time before he took off. Kagome turned her eyes to Inuyasha, and then to his right hand which she noticed was a dark red.

"You're hand it's hurt." She said. Inuyasha looked at his hand and then to her as she held her wrist to her chest.

"Come on." Was all he said as he turned away not even bothering to see if she was going to follow or not.

Kagome sat on the bench in the nurse's office as she waited for Inuyasha, the nurse had already bandaged her hand advising her not to over use until tomorrow, she was lucky it was only sore and not damaged. Kagome turned to her side were Inuyasha sat, after putting some lotion and also wrapping it the nurse told them to wait there until the bell rang for them to go to class. Kagome wished she could just leave, the nurse left five minutes leaving her alone with Inuyasha who hadn't even bother talking to her, he didn't even look at her instead there they were. Kagome sighed, at least he hadn't hurt her badly enough she would still be able to hold a bow later.

"You were going to attack him by purifying him weren't you?" Inuyasha asked. She jumped startled that he talked first. She looked at his wrapped hand, and then to the intense look from his golden eyes.

"It's not like it was going to kill him." She said wondering why she had to defend herself to this guy.

"No, just turn him into a tomato." He said as he raised his injured hand. Kagome felt her blood boil.

"Well if you didn't get in my way you wouldn't have gotten hurt." She said. Inuyasha just snorted as he stood up.

"Look I won't tell Sesshomaru about this he'll just punish us both, just stay away from Kouga he's not someone you'd want to mess with." He said, and with that he left leaving Kagome with her face ready to explode, the nerve of that guy trying to blame all of this on her she couldn't believe that someone like him had saved her not just once, but twice.

"Ugh! I hate him!" she screamed slamming her feet to the ground just in time for the bell to ring. Not only was her next class history but it was with her sister who eyes her suspiciously when she walked in.

"What happened to you hand?" Miroku asked in concern when she took the seat in front of him.

"Don't Ask." She said coldly. Miroku frowned but didn't comment he knew not to say anything when Kagome was in a bad mood. Kaede was about to bring the class to attention when the cause of Kagome's problems walked in taking the only available seat which was next to Kagome, it was official today was not her day.

"Today I will partner you up in pairs for a project, it's about the feudal era pick anything you believe was important in that time period and you'll present it in a week." Kaede said as she started naming pairs, Kagome's heart sank when Miroku was partnered with Sango, and Rin with a boy named Shippo. Who was her sister going to choose her? Kaede stopped in-between Kagome and HIS desk.

"Inuyasha I hope you will help Kagome in this project after all she is my granddaughter." Kaede said as she moved along the aisle. Kagome's mouth dropped she couldn't believe her sister had paired her up with THAT GUY!

"Feh figures I get stuck with the teacher granddaughter." Inuyasha mumbled under his breath. Kagome crossed her arms against her chest.

"I hope being the headmaster's brother won't make you into a slacker." She said. Both looked each other in the eyes before turning their heads away at the last minute. Kaede noticed the exchange knowing that they were both sulking, but she couldn't help smile a bit realizing that even though it showed that the two of them disliked each other Kaede could already see a bond begin to form.

'Be careful Kagome for Inuyasha is not someone you wish to get close to.' She thought to herself knowing full will not even she could stop fate.

***Oh I wonder what Kaede means by that some superstitious for the new future I might add (evil laughs)

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