The Snow Leopard and His Little Cat

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Chapter 1- The Mating Game

Pacing his bedroom, an eight-teen year old male, with bright emerald green eyes and shoulder length black hair that was untamable, thought about what was happening below his room. He knew his parents were down there greeting all the dominates that would be there to try and find if Harry would be their submissive mate. The panther shifter was anxious about who would be his dominate mate because being a panther shifter meant he had a special gift that most male submissives did not have, he could carry a litter of cubs. Thus many that knew what his animal was were hoping to be Harry's mate.

Everyone was a shifter and all animals were physiologically compatible to all other animals. There were few animal shifters which allowed male submissives to carry young. Only two known species had the ability for males to carry children to term, panthers and snowy owls. The animals that people shifted to were dependent on their personalities and a few other factors that no one was quite clear on. The animal that a person shifted to was discovered at age five, dominance and submissives were figured out at age six-teen while submissives were allow to be mated at age eight-teen.

The door to his room creaked open but so into his musings and pacing, Harry didn't hear it. Harry felt an arm lower itself around his waist and lips pressed to his ear.

"You are mine," the man whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry stiffened at the words and inhaled the air to identify who had entered his space. The first thing that he could tell was what kind of shifter was behind him. Snow leopard, he only knew one of those shifters and he wasn't one of the few that he liked.

"Shouldn't you be downstairs with the rest of the hopefuls?" Harry snarled at the man. "I distinctly remember the protocol for a submissive's mating prospects and you're breaking the most important one."

"Can't break it when the dominate knows that the sub belongs to him. But I digress, if you want to go through this farce of a meeting, by all means let's do it."

"Get the hell out of my room, Tom! You aren't my Dom!" Harry shouted.

The racket in Harry's room drew his mother upstairs to see what was going on. The site that greeted Lily's eyes was an interesting one, her baby boy wrapped up in Tom Riddle's arms. She watched quietly from the doorway as Tom whispered in Harry's ear. Lily knew that Tom was Harry's dom, had known as a mother knows when her child has met the one who completes them. She could see it when Tom was protective around Harry when someone was flirting with her baby.

Clearing her throat, "Tom, I think you should go back downstairs, we're about to begin. You know the rules."

With a nod, Tom walked passed Lily and smiled like a cat that swallowed the canary.

"Mom! Why did you let him up here?! You've known that he's obsessed with me, thinks we're mates!"

Lily shook her head and stroked Harry's hair. "Don't worry about it now, we're ready to being with the ceremony, you need to shift, baby. I'll stand outside the door so that you can shift."

Harry slipped out of his shirt and jeans so that they weren't destroyed due to the shift to his animal form. The shift was uncomfortable but it was over quickly and in Harry's place was a beautiful black panther with emerald eyes that couldn't belong to anyone else. Padding to the door, Harry nudged Lily's leg to get her attention.

"Let's go baby, we need to find your mate, then everything can be calmer around here because, I'm about to tear out my hair with all these crazy doms running around our home," Lily said to the panther at her side, smiling when she heard the chuffing laughter come from Harry's animal.

When they reached the bottom of the staircase, Harry let his panther, Vasilios , take control.

We need a strong dominate mate, to protect us and our cubs. Only one can I scent that is strong enough for this honor, but we need to test him.

I know that we need a strong dom, Vasilios, but how will I know if he is competent for us?

When we've found his scent, we attack and see if he can subdue us, then we will know.

When Harry and Vasilios finished talking, the panther closed it great emerald eyes and began to sniff at the screens that hid the identity of the dom behind it. Imeaditly, Vasilios passed over all doms that gave off the scent of fear believing that this was a sign of a weak dom. When Vasilios reached the screen that had the strongest scent of a dom that could take care of him and his human host, Vasilios raised a paw and tore the screen away to reveal a large snow leopard that was grinning as much as a leopard can. For a brief moment, Vasilios stilled, looking into the smoky silver eyes of the dominate that he had chosen to be his and Harry's mate. He knew this man could protect him and any cubs they had together, but to be completely sure, Vasilios lured the snow leopard out of the house and into the surrounding woods so he could test the male.

Following the emerald eyed panther, Einar the animal half of Tom Riddle, knew what was coming next and he knew he would not lose to their submissive mate, one that he had waited so long for. He would have this little cat under him by night's end if it took that long. Einar could feel his human eager to finally claim the boy who he had watched for a great length of time. Circling the panther, Einar could see a sheer rock wall that no animal could climb and tried to back Vasilios into it. Vasilios was relaxed and knew his territory and just went with what the snow leopard was hoping to accomplish.

As the two cats neared the rock wall, Vasilios leapt over Einar and took off running toward the stream that had a water fall where it was very easy to lose a scent trail. But Vasilios miscalculated as he felt the snow leopard's teeth sinking into his right hind leg. The bite brought him down to the ground which allowed Einar those precious few seconds to have leverage over Vasilios. Getting on top of his little cat, Einar tried to keep a tight grip on the fur at Vasilios' neck in order to keep the panther on the ground.

Vasilios laid still and waited until he felt Einar's grip on the back of his neck loosen then rose quickly to his feet and threw the snow leopard off of his back. Momentary stunned, Einar lost sight of his prey as the panther took off for the water that was just a little ways away. Vasilios ran at a dead sprint to the waterfall which had a cavern that was off to the side of the waterfall where he had been many time before as a child. When he was safely inside the cavern, he waited for any sign that the snow leopard had found him. As Vasilios waited, he became a little disheartened that the beautiful snow leopard hadn't caught him or at least figured out where he was.

With a huff, Vasilios slipped into the water and swam to the shore. He was going home, if this dom could not find him and bring him down, Vasilios would just find another dom. Not paying the least bit of attention to his surroundings, Vasilios failed to notice a pair of eyes watching from the tree above him. Waiting until the last second, Einar jumped from the tree branch he sat on, waiting for his little cat to come from the cavern, and pulled him under his strong body and kept a tight hold on the scruff of the panther's neck, not yielding when he felt the cat beneath his body go limp. He wouldn't fall for that trick again.

Growling at his panther to return to human form, Einar kept his dominate position over his tricky sub. Feeling the panther's muscles bunch and prepare for an attempt at escape, the snow leopard kept the sub's scruff in a firm bite to remind him that Einar was in charge. Finally, with a huff from the little cat beneath him, he felt the soft fur change into an expanse of beautiful lightly tanned skin. Allowing his human to take over and shift back into their human form, Einar waited patiently for the sub to expose his neck and allow his dom to place the mate mark for all to see.

"My Submissive," the voice whispered in Harry's ear and then bit down where neck and shoulder connected to mark the wonderfully unmarked neck with his teeth.

Harry, coming out of his haze, turned to look up into the eyes of his dom. Those azure blue eyes looked into his with pride and a little bit of teasing as Tom whispered into his ear.

"Well my little cat, what was that that you said earlier?"

Harry's only thought, OH SHIT!

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Vasilios is Greek and means with royal blood or regal

Einar is Old Norse for lone warrior.