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Oh my gosh, Alicia! Can you believe it?" Savannah asked, bouncing up and down in her airplane seat. She gave me a huge grin. "I mean, in a few short hours, we are going to meet Candace Freeman. Candace Freeman, 'Leece!" Savannah was having trouble containing her happiness.

I smiled and nodded. Hey, I wasn't one for words.

"Talk a little, Alicia. You can't be Nudge and not talk."

Yep. You heard it right.

Savannah and I had been best friends since the second grade. We balanced each other out perfectly. I was the quiet one, Savannah wouldn't shut up. She loved fashion, I couldn't care less. Well, I mean, I cared how I looked, just not as much as Savannah did. I was black, she was Hispanic. I loved food, she was on a diet. I had the unruly brown curls of an African-American girl; her glossy hair was black and wavy. But we both had brown eyes, big grins and loved acting.

Which brings us around to March of the eighth grade.

"Hurry up, 'Leece!" Savannah shouted, grabbing my arm. "We can't be late!"

I nodded agitatedly and hurried after her. We both groaned when we saw the line that was waiting for us.

"Oh no," Savannah moaned. "We might not make it." I nodded sadly and tried to ignore the number of black girls in line. Most of them were breathtaking and I felt like a potato, even after 'Vannah had dolled me up.

The girl in question seemed to sense my unease and squeezed my hand. "We both know you're going to make it, Alicia," she reassured me. "You're beautiful and a great actress and Angelina Jolie's got nothing on you."

I laughed. "You'll make it too," I promised. "You're so confident they'll take one look at you and go, Okay, we've got the one for the part. Everyone else scram!" We both grinned.

What were we doing? Well, Savannah and I have both gotten the leads for every one of our school plays for the past four years. Our director had a contact, and suggested we try out for him to see if we could snag a role in a movie. Savannah's reaction had been to squeal, and I had grinned enthusiastically. I didn't do squealing.

And now we were in line behind around 200 other kids.

We laughed our way to the front of the line, each of us making jokes stupider and more ridiculous than the other. I didn't notice the time pass, and soon it was my turn. All laughing stopped, and my stomach dropped and filled with gargantuan Amazon butterflies. Savannah's gigantic hair clip had nothing on them.

'Vannah squeezed my hand one last time and I stepped into the room. Three stern faces and a camera stared calmly back at me. Only one woman looked energetic and young. I took a liking to her immediately.

"Hi," I said, smiling nervously. "I'm Alicia Winters, and I'm here for an acting role." They seemed to relax at the sound of my voice. Funny, I've always had that effect on people.

"Of course," said the pretty young woman. "I'm Corinne Sloan. Let's see what you can do."

The other three stern faces nodded. I felt like the camera was nodding too.

For the next ten minutes, I did my best acting. I laughed, I cried, I glared. They looked truly intimidated by my glare, and I almost cracked up. I even did a scene with some truly realistic squealing. I just copied what I thought Savannah would do if she were in the same situation. They looked enchanted. During my scene being a mean girl, I smacked some non-existent strawberry gum and tossed my curls for effect. My voice became nasal and loud, and I rolled my eyes dramatically. Finally, I showed them my special skill: singing. I sang for them until one of the strict faces softened and teared up. I almost cracked a grin at that. When I finished, one of the strict people said, "So you're one of those two talented girls Janice was telling me about."

I nodded and smiled. "The other one, my best friend Savannah, is outside."

"Excellent," another one said. "Well, that was fantastic, Alicia. We will let you know if you will be cast in something say, around, April 23rd. How does that sound?"

"Great," I said, smiling again because that's what you do to make people like you. "Thank you so much for your time."

Before I left, Corinne beckoned me over.

"I'm positive you'll get cast in something," she said in a low voice so that the others wouldn't hear her, smiling friendlily. I grinned and floated out of the door on a cloud of happiness.

Savannah and I sweated the whole month of March, trying to distract ourselves and tell each other that we failed so that we didn't get our hopes up. But we both knew we had done well, and would be crushed if we didn't get a part. Finally, one day, my mother burst into the kitchen where Savannah and I were stuffing our faces with cookies.

"Bad news, girls," she said, looking close to tears. "You didn't get a part." Savannah and I looked at each other and Savannah's lower lip trembled. "Just kidding!" Mom yelled. "YOU MADE IT!"

I actually squealed along with Savannah.

"Mom! Don't ever do that again!" I yelled. "I was so scared!"

Mom just grinned.

What she hadn't told us was that Savannah and I had been cast as Nudge and Ella in The Angel Experiment, book one of our favorite series of all time, Maximum Ride.

"'Leece? Alicia? You there?" Savannah called, waving her hand in front of my face. I realized that I had spaced out and blinked.

"Yeah? What did I miss?"

"Well, I was saying, I can't believe that we're actually going to be in a movie with Candace Freeman. Can you believe it?"

Oh right, it was June now. Eighth grade was over.

"Nope," I agreed, touching down to reality.

"Come on, Alicia, talk! You have to talk to be the Nudge Channel," Savannah said in a duh voice.

"And isn't Ella a little more laid back? She doesn't squeal," I retorted. Savannah pouted.

"Well, we're not going to be Ella and Nudge until the plane lands," she reasoned. "I can keep being Savannah and you can keep being a female Fang."

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, Miss Tall, Dark, and Silent, how do I know that you can actually act like Nudge?"

"Well, I got cast, didn't I?" I said in a duh voice.
Now it was Savannah's turn to roll her eyes.

"Prove it," she said stoutly.

I sighed in exasperation and my face stretched into a huge grin. "ZOMG, 'Vans! Like, I'm Nudge, and everyone says I talk a lot! Eww, Gazzy, that was, like, totally gross!" I bunched up my nose in fake disgust. "Anyways, I think Max and Fang would be sooooooo cute together, don't you? Like, they're always, like, looking at each other, and, like, totally having eye convos! I wish Max would let me get a cell phone so I could get people's numbers, and, like, text them and, like, totally become BFFLs! Do you have a phone? What's you're number? ZOMG, we could, like, totally become super-BFFLs! Huh, you think?"

Savannah stared at me, wide-eyed.

"So, convincing enough?" I said sarcastically.

Savannah didn't answer. She blinked.

I stepped off the jet and waved goodbye to the captain. He grinned and waved back. I could feel eyes on me and whispers, and I smiled at everyone so that each of them got a special smile and no one felt left out.

"OMG, Alicia, that's her!" I heard one girl whisper to her pretty friend.

"Yup," the other girl said, shaking back her head of messy curls.

I smiled at them and heard the first one squeal, and I walked by, grinning to myself. I loved fans. I wanted to get to know each and every one of them, but there wasn't enough time for that. So I contented myself with giving them smiles. I sighed. Sometimes being famous was exasperating.

I climbed into the cab to my hotel. Those two girls would have been a good Nudge and Ella. The first girl exactly fit the description of Ella, minus the squealing, and the second looked like a very mature Nudge who didn't know how to squeal. I grinned.

I couldn't wait to start my new role. Tomorrow we would start shooting The Angel Experiment, and I would be Max. Max, from Maximum Ride, my all-time favorite series. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself from squealing. No, I instructed myself. You are Max, not Nudge. No squealing.

"Here, please," I told the cab driver, flashing him a smile and a wad of cash. He took it and I opened the door, immediately being bombarded with cameras. I smiled at them wearily. Cameras were the only things I had no patience for, so as a result my usual full-on smiles became half-grins, sort of resembling a smirk, which made me look a lot cooler and calm than I actually was.

"Candace! Over here!" one of the paparazzi shouted. I resisted glaring at him, because that would be mean, and then I would feel awful. Instead, I ignored him coolly and brushed past all of them to get to my hotel. In the hotel, the whispers started again, and I sighed. And then I smiled.

After an hour of paperwork, autographs, and cameras, I finally made it upstairs, turning on the lights and drawing the curtains so that no little creepers could look in. I crashed on the bed, thinking of the long day ahead of me.

I had no idea who would be playing Fang, Angel, Nudge, and Ella. Iggy would be playing by a guy called Alex Flair, and Gazzy would be played by the famous child actor Jake Hudson. Ari was going to be played by Nick Porter. I had no idea who he was, but he looked a lot like Josh Hutcherson. And I would be Max, I reminded myself. I was so excited I barely noticed the shadow on the wall.

Which wasn't mine.

But I noticed it.

Hey, I said I barely noticed it. Not that I didn't notice it.

I just decided to let it slide because I was too happy to be bothered by creepy shadows.

I snapped the picture of the oldest girl as she fell asleep. She winced at the flash, but continued sleeping. I let out a sigh of relief and crept out of her window. Subject one down. Five more to go.

Ooooh, scary.

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