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Epilogue – 3 months later

Draco let out a deep breath and swept the sweaty hair out of his face. The potion for his final exam had been difficult and the brewing had kept Draco occupied for the past three hours. He made a face, knowing that his hair was a mess and his face was pink from leaning over his cauldron for so long. He probably smelled like frog spleen or something.

On the bright side, his potion was absolute perfection.

The examiner made a hum of approval as he bottled a sample from Draco's cauldron.

"You may go, Mr. Malfoy."

This was his last exam, and then he was done forever. Graduation was set for tomorrow, and Draco would celebrate his victory later, just as soon as he cleaned up.

He was on his way back to the Slytherin common room when a hand reached out of a dark alcove, seized his wrist, and pulled him out of sight.

Draco sighed, rolling his eyes. "Potter, I'm disgusting. Let go of me, you twit."

Harry only hung on tighter, burying his nose in the crook of Draco's neck. Draco didn't bother trying to escape. He smiled, because Harry couldn't see his face, and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist.

"You have frog spleen in your hair," Harry murmured happily into his ear.

Draco huffed out a short laugh. "Yes, I know. That's why I was on my way to my dorm. Cleanliness, Potter. I know you know what that is."

"You're perfect like this."

Draco felt his face flush horribly. No matter how many times Harry said it, he still couldn't believe he was this lucky. Harry was ridiculously content to cuddle him, whenever or wherever they were. He often walked straight out of potions or off the Quidditch field only to find Harry waiting for him.

Harry just grinned and pressed a quick kiss to his mouth.

Draco melted into it, quite happy to allow Harry to push him up against the wall and snog him breathless. After a moment or two, he laughed and untangled himself.

"Seriously, Potter. I am getting clean, and then I'm all yours. Okay?"

"I'll be waiting."

When Draco emerged from his dorm, absolutely clean and fresh out of the shower, Harry was indeed waiting still. Draco sighed as he realized that Harry had managed to pick of a few people along the way. Granger and Weasley were with him, and they seemed to be chatting amiably with him.

They all turned at his approach.

"Malfoy," Weasley said in a neutral tone. "I hear you're done your final exam."

"Yes," Draco answered in a civil voice. "Granger was in Potions with me. How did you find it?"

He made small talk with them as best he could. He still found it awkward sometimes, and he'd bitten his tongue more times than he could count trying to hold back a sarcastic comment. It appeared to be working, as they'd stopped shooting him distrustful looks. Mostly.

Harry cut in, grabbing Draco's hand and grinning at his friends. "I'll see you at dinner. I have to talk to Draco about something."

Draco felt his stomach seize up. He wasn't expecting Harry to want to talk to him, as everything was going surprisingly smoothly, as far as he could tell. He quickly sifted through the memories from the past week, trying to figure out what Harry could possibly want to discuss. Nothing came to mind, which was worrying.

Harry lead him outside, pulling him towards the lake. Draco followed with trepidation. He remembered the argument they'd had by the lake that had started this whole thing off. He'd been extra vigilant ever since then, being careful not to get kidnapped again.

Harry finally turned to him, and his cheeks had more colour in them than usual.

"So, Graduation tomorrow, right?" Harry smiled nervously. "Are you looking forward to it?"

"Well, yes." Draco nodded, still in the dark. "I've been anticipating tomorrow for the last month or so. How are you feeling about it?"

"Quite good," Harry's face reddened further for some unfathomable reason. "In fact, I think we should celebrate tomorrow."

"Well, yes. There'll be a lot of celebration tomorrow," Draco thought that maybe Harry was going to try and talk him into going to a party in Gryffindor. He readied himself to reluctantly agree.

"No, um. I mean celebrate.Oh, I'm going about this all wrong. I mean, I want to... you know. That thing you wanted to do that I wanted to wait for..." Harry's face was burning by this point.

And Draco got it.

He smiled gently and pulled Harry into a kiss. It was careful, slow, and Harry's cheeks were hot underneath his fingers. He smiled into it, feeling the curve of Harry's mouth against his. His hands slid into Harry's messy hair, and Harry's lips parted under his own. He tasted divine. When he pulled back, he brushed a quick kiss over the end of Harry's nose.

"If you're sure," he said, because he didn't want to rush Harry.

Harry looked up through the dark fringe of his lashes shyly, and Draco felt his heart skip a beat. He couldn't help leaning forward to kiss him again. "Okay," he breathed against Harry's mouth. "Alright."

The next day was the perfect type of day for Graduation. It was sunny, warm and there wasn't even a hint of rain. But Draco wasn't paying attention to that, he was hardly able to get into his Graduating robes properly. He couldn't believe it, but instead of being excited for finally finishing school, he was looking forward to spending the night with Harry.

Harry was placed near him, because the line was alphabetical by surname. He kept shooting glances over at Harry, and whenever their eyes met, Harry blushed. He went first, and when he walked across the stage to receive his diploma and Auror recommendation, hardly anyone noticed. It didn't matter though, because Harry was watching him. Everyone cheered for Harry, of course, but that was a given.

The whole thing was some sort of time paradox, because Draco had no idea how the day managed to pass in a blur at the same time as it seemed to drag on forever. But finally, finally he could be alone with Harry.

After dinner, Harry dragged him off, evading well-wishers and adoring masses with ease. There was a party in the Great Hall for the Graduates, but Harry was pulling him towards the Gryffindor common room. The dorm room was empty, and Draco was relieved to find that Harry's friends had not tried to take him to the party. Harry halted in the empty dorm, and turned, eyes wide and green.

"Um, so how do we... do this?" Harry nervously ran a hand through his hair.

Draco had no idea.

He closed the door behind him and locked it.

"I think we just... go with it?" His voice curled up questioningly at the end, and he winced at how unsure he suddenly sounded.

Harry's eyes widened impossibly more. "Wait, you haven't...? You were just so... confident about the whole thing..."

Draco shrugged awkwardly and explained. "It's not that I'm confident. It's just... it's you. I trust you. So I know it'll work out fine, in the end."

"What if I hurt you?" Harry's eyes were clouded with worry.

"You won't."

Draco tugged him gently forward by the front of his robes and kissed him. No need to rush things; they had all night to figure this out. Harry's hands slid into Draco's hair, and caressed the area just behind his ear. Draco shivered and gave a small gasp, and Harry deepened the kiss. Draco slid his hands up Harry's stomach and chest and unclasped Harry's cloak. It fell to the ground, but Harry didn't even notice, as he pulled Draco towards his bed.

Draco struggled out of his own cloak just as Harry pushed him back on the bed. Harry climbed on after him, pausing for a moment as if to ask permission. Draco smiled slightly, nodding. Then he gave himself over to the feeling of Harry's fingers undoing buttons, shaking slightly as they revealed skin. Draco tilted his head back and brought Harry's mouth to his, tugging at Harry's jumper until it came off too. Piece by piece, the two of them came unraveled.

Harry couldn't take his eyes off him. Draco could almost feel the path those verdant eyes took as they traced his body. The feel of warm hands on his skin sent waves of heat crashing through his system. He could barely breath, but that was nothing next to Harry moving overtop of him. Harry's mouth started following the same path as his eyes had taken, and Draco shuddered. Last he checked, his stomach hadn't been that sensitive.

Harry paused where he was kneeling, between Draco's thighs. He pressed a messy kiss to the inside of Draco's knee and then looked up. "Okay?" His voice was low and rough with desire.

"Yes," Draco whispered.

One slick finger pressed at his entrance, and Draco took a shaky breath. When had Harry cast the lubrication spell without him noticing? He didn't ponder that for longer than it took to take another breath, as he felt Harry's tongue swirl around the head of his cock. He cried out at the unexpectedness of the action, then dug his fingers into the sheets. Harry's other hand closed around the base and stroked , his thumb working the vein on the underside. Draco made a choked whimper as Harry's mouth closed around the head and his tongue explored previously unknown territory.

Harry's other fingers, slick and warm, were working their way inside him. Draco's body opened up for him, allowing the intrusion with remarkable willingness. The two sensations warred with one another for Draco's attention. Draco was mindless with the intensity. His spine arched and his fingers twisted in the sheets desperately.

"I think you're ready," Harry told him, words breaking through to his mind.

"Yes," Draco gasped, throwing his head back to present the pale column of his throat. "Please."

A moment later, Harry was pushing into him, slowly but without pause. When he was fully sheathed inside Draco, he rested his forehead against his, their sweaty hair mingling together. Draco opened his eyes, and their gazes locked.

"Move," he said, and one of his hands found Harry's and twined their fingers together.

Harry moved. Draco gasped, and tightened his hand hard around Harry's, hanging on for all he was worth. The intimacy of having Harry this close to him was breaking him apart. His world was on fire. Harry was filling him up, over and over, and each thrust brought him closer to tipping over the edge.

"Harry," he cried out, words cracking along the seam. "I'm almost there."

"Come on then," Harry gritted into the sheets next to his head. "Come on."

Draco buried his free hand into the midnight dark mess of Harry's hair. His legs, slung easily around Harry's back were sliding free. Not yet, he couldn't fall apart just yet–

Harry buried himself to the hilt in Draco's pliant body one last time, hitting that spot inside Draco. Pure ecstasy washed over him, drowning him. He could feel himself screaming Harry's name, but he couldn't hear himself. He came apart all at once, and it was glorious.

When he finally came back to himself, Harry was collapsed overtop of him, breathing starting to even out. Their hands were still joined, slicked with sweat and starting to stick together. Draco didn't care. He reached down and pulled the covers over them, before snuggling down into Harry's embrace.

"You're mine," Harry murmured into his collarbone.

"Yours," Draco confirmed.

And Merlin help it, he was. He was Harry's, and he would be till the end of time. Later, there would be challenges for them to face. Harry's friends would disagree with them, and Draco's would too. They would struggle their way through Auror training. They would fight.

But they would face it all, just the same as they had at the very beginning, when they woke up in that dungeon, shackled together. They would get through it all.

But for now, he and Harry were without worries. Just for tonight, everything was perfect.

Draco fell asleep, pulled tight against Harry's side. Tonight, it was just them.