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I steadied my breath, marveling at the fact that we hadn't been detected yet. Around me, the exhausted gasps of my squad could be heard. If you looked real hard, you could even see their outlines against the black night. Charlie squad had killed the power a few minutes back and we had approached the target house in almost total darkness. The commander had foreseen this, and ordered us to use the tactical light attachment for our pistols. If our favored sidearm couldn't use it, we had to use the M9's. This seriously annoyed me, I missed my .44. I've been using that gun since I was 12. But the flashlight would prove an indispensable tool on this mission. The commander always knows what he's doing, but the house shouldn't have stayed black this long. A criminal with a record like Felonious never relies on something beyond his personal control. This house should've been lit up within 2 minutes of the loss of power. Then again, the villain is getting old. Maybe he's been skipping routine maintenance.

A sharp click broke me out of my thoughts. I answered it with one of my own; they were the signal to prepare. I went to various windows, doors, and walls, laying down a total of 5 C4 charges. They would be used to create a distraction or emergency exit once we went loud. I kept one charge in my jacket, as per orders. You never know when you might need a pound of serious explosives. 2 clicks, time to find your partner for the mission. I met with Alex at an armed window, ready to breach. Alex is easily the closest friend I have. We were really close even before this Black Ops project got us. She is the strongest, most focused, beautiful and, under the right conditions, most fun person I know. Many people see her as cold and condescending, but I know better. Three clicks echoed around the darkness, and everyone broke a window and jumped into the house.

Instantly, the house lights snapped on, blinding us temporarily from the shock of so much light after almost none. Simultaneously, a blaring klaxon sounded. It seems Felonious has upgraded his security since he adopted the girls. Pretty shrewd, keeping his house dark unless there's a security breach, helps keep the community looking the other way. Felonious is so dangerous, well-armed and intimidating, no police force would go after him. That's why we were sent in. Still, we were already compromised, and nowhere near our objective. If we didn't move fast, Felonious would have them locked in an impenetrable safe room and the mission would be a failure. Already the little yellow jumping beans, codename minions, were seemingly popping out of the floor, armed with various melee weapons and explosives. The dossier told us that most minions are extremely childish and incompetent with anything but a bomb or knife, but around a quarter of them are specially trained in various martial arts and are much more dangerous.

Sam is the commander of our group. He might be overly enthusiastic and lack some common sense, but he's one of the best at your back when things hit the fan. He had a new plan ready in seconds. "Joseph, with me, we'll draw them off. Nick, Alex, GO!"

We nodded as they sprinted off, doing as much damage as they could and moving to the living room, where the main access to the lab was. If we were lucky, Felonious would interpret our intent as to rob or destroy his lab, and move to protect that first. If we were lucky. Alex and I sprinted for the large spiral staircase, she yelled "You blind 'em, I'll nail 'em" as we went.

I understood instantly, drawing my M9 and turning on the high-power flashlight while she screwed a silencer on her M16A4. Every time a minion or several came running down the staircase, they met with a blinding light and three silent bullets to the chest. The shots didn't seem to kill them, but it sure knocked them down. We made it to the second floor relatively undetected. There, we hit jackpot. A little 8-year old girl was wandering the hallways, looking nervous but determined. 3 minions surrounded her, carrying no weapons. Finally, one objective located.

The fact that the minions lacked weapons should've tipped us off that they were of the elite variety, but we had seconds before Felonious would probably appear to protect his daughters. We didn't stop at all, I just kicked two of the minions into a wall at high speed and Alex scoped up the little girl as we ran past. We expected that would be that, but it wasn't. Alex screamed in sudden agony and toppled to the ground, dropping the kid. Pure rage flooded my system and my vision ran red. I wasn't really thinking properly, but I lined up my pistol's iron sights on little Edith Marie Gru. Thankfully, before I could fire, the minion I hadn't kicked into a wall tackled my arm hard and the shot went wild. It was the first un-silenced shot on this level of the manor, and the fact that it was on the same floor as the girls' bedroom told the housemaster what our intended target was.

The bullet punched a hole in the wall right next to Edith's head, but now my attention was on the minion. Without missing a beat, I used the momentum of the blow to draw my combat knife with one hand, even as the other one reached out to grab the minion. He grabbed my arm instead, swung up, presumably to attack my head, and got stabbed in the eye. The eyeglass he was wearing was bullet-proof, but my anger had given the knife much more power than most bullets. The minion went down screaming much louder than Alex had. Instead of grabbing the girl and running, like I should've done, I dropped down next to Alex. I needed to know she was okay.

Even as I hit my knees next to Alex, she reached under her arm and threw a strange taser-looking device across the room. I shot the damned thing without even looking at it. I didn't speak, just looked right into her eyes. They tell me more than words ever could. Right then, they told me she was recovering from the pain fast, and would be back up soon. Her eyes looked into mine too. She probably saw my worry and anger. Our bond is very deep and powerful. Knowing at last she was okay, I got back up to re-capture Edith.

Suddenly realizing I had tried to shoot our hostage, momentary panic filled my system. Not only is killing an innocent 8-year old sick and wrong, her death would mean total mission failure. Felonious would never co-operate if he found his adopted daughter dead on the floor. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt, only about as scared as someone can be. Edith was scrambling to her feet to run for it when I got her. I feel really horrible for trying to kill her, and promised myself to ensure she would not be further harmed in our care. Even as Alex finally got to her feet and started running, a massive fireball struck the nearby wall. If we hadn't moved right when we did, we would've been roasted alive. Instinctively knowing that the shooter would kill us if he got a clear shot, we dove behind the first cover we encountered: a suit of armor with flowers growing out of its helmet. Behind us, a deeply accented Russian voice growled. "I know you're there. Surrender now, and I may let you live"

Hearing her father's voice, the girl began to struggle and scream. "Daddy! Daddy they got me!"

"Edith!?" The voice changed, it was now thick with shock and worry. "Edith I'm coming!"

I have never heard such venom in a voice than when Felonious gave us his next ultimatum. "Return my daughter to me this instant. If she isn't at my side, unharmed, in three seconds, you will know pain worse than your darkest fear or blackest nightmare" He wasn't joking either. Before escaping Russia Felonious had learned, from personal experience, every type of torture the country knew. That man can make anyone go insane after one day. Previous teams attacking the manor no longer exist due to his dark skill. But Alex and I already knew that surrendering would be suicide. And we had a plan.

Pretending to give up, I got a firm grip on Edith's arm and held her out into the hallway. She started fighting like a demon, biting, kicking and clawing, desperately trying to get back to her adoptive father. From what we know, Edith is one of the toughest and most reckless girls there are, including the ones in our Black Ops team. But there's only so much an 8-year old can take. As Felonious put his focus on the girl, Alex was loading her M320. Right as the world's #2 villain yelled "Let her go!" the hallway basically disappeared in a cloud of white smoke. The M320 grenade launcher is fully capable of launching smoke rounds, and Alex had it mounted under her M16's barrel.

As soon as the cloud burst open, we sprinted for a nearby window. I was firing random shots over my shoulder as we went. Alex tried to shatter the window with her bullets, but she only cracked them before her gun went empty. Knowing exactly what we were going to do, and from how far up we were gonna do it, I grabbed Alex's hand, yelled "hold on" to Edith, and jumped right through the partially intact window. Time slowed down, but the ground was rushing up fast. I curled myself around Edith, to protect her from the fall, got in the crash position, and the world blacked out.

I thought I had died and went to heaven or something when I opened my eyes. I couldn't see a thing, everything was a burning light. Then a small voice said "oops", and the world came into focus. Edith was sitting on my chest holding my M9 and pointing it right at my chest.

"Margo says killing is wrong, so I'm just gonna let Dad get you. He's on his way down right now. You're in so much trouble! Even worse than the time I stole the jetpack!"

Wondering briefly how that particular event had turned out, I knocked her off my chest in a single blow. After a squeal of surprise and indignation, I heard her say "Oh, now you're gonna get it." Slightly worried, I looked at her, bringing the gun to bear on me. Pretty good aim for an 8-year old. I'm guessing Felonious had been training her in firearms. I did notice that my hammer was pulled back, this indicated an empty chamber. So I just mumbled, "I wouldn't do that if I were you" A low click and confused "Hey" told me she had tried to shoot anyways. Then there was another sharp squeal, and a powerful arm on my shoulder, yanking me to my feet. Alex.

"Get up, tough guy, haven't I heard you boasting to Brandon that you could jump off a three story building and not get hurt?" Alex asked, laughing.

"I didn't say I intended to land exactly where I started" I countered weakly. Alex knows me too well.

"Whatever your story was, time to go, Sam and Joseph need an exit." She said, serious again. She hates showing much emotion. But I remembered that our other squad mates were still stuck inside the manor, and grew serious too.

"You got the little terror?" I asked, motioning to the struggling ball of pink energy in Alex's left arm.

"Yep, let's mount out." she called, as I clicked my clacker and 5 different C4 charges lit up the night. Within seconds, Sam and Joseph were with us at the curb, rightly tired out after having to distract The Dr. Nerfario himself and a small minion army for a few minutes. Felinous' forces started pouring out of the manor, sensing victory, when our evac showed up, and all hell broke loose.

A/N: For those of you that don't know, Gru's first name is Felonious. (Seen on the adoption computer screen during the movie) I've always wondered how well Gru's house is protected, this is my take on it. I've taken my character inspiration from Call of Duty Black Ops, but my driving force come from Battlefield 3 (of which I am totally addicted to) Margo is actually my favorite and will play an important role in the story, but I figured Edith would deal with being kidnapped better. Don't expect too much of Agnus, tiny kids confuse me to no end. It's time Gru felt the force of the army in my opinion, that man is arrogant, violent, and crazy! I wonder whether or not I will kill him... :) Chapter 2 has already been sent to NightOwl360, it should be returned soon. 3 is in it's Alpha stage right now. Check out her story: Madcap Moments when you have time. It a'int been updated since February, but she has affirmed it is not abandoned. I hope it is update soon. I'll be back soon! Keep faith in me.