Title: AoKise:24/7.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Drabbles from the lives of Aomine and Kise, ranging between fluffy K – M rated scenarios (with warnings before each drabble).


Drabble: Photo booth.
Rating: K.

Kise works as a model. People are always looking at pictures of him, and starting at him whenever he happens to be around. He is confident in the way he looks and goes about his day, never really shying away. It was in front of a camera that he seems to be at his most confident.

Aomine wonders what happened to that Kise whenever they are alone. He wonders why he turns into a shy, little goof. He notes that even as he reaches to hold his hand, that he shies away, pulling himself away and busying his fingers as he 'texts' to no one in particular.

Smirking, he tries to wrap his arms around his waist. But, as expected, Kise finds a way to break free. To make things difficult, he shifts his backpack around, making it harder to hold him with it in the way.

While he likes the chase and when Kise plays it hard to get, sometimes it's a pain in the ass because—damnit, Aomine just wants to touch him. And not even in a bad way. Don't even get him started on that—That was its own topic and problem at this point, but that's a different story for a different day.

Sighing to himself, they continue walking down the busy downtown streets towards one of Kise's favorite cafes. A handful of failed attempts at PDA later, they find themselves stopping in front of a photo booth. Aomine comes up with an idea, and suggests they go in, knowing Kise's model instincts couldn't possibly say no to a few pictures.

As they slip in, they pop a few coins into the slot and there are four flashes.

First, they smile normally—Or, at least as normal as someone like Aomine can smile.

The second, they are making silly faces—Aomine puffing out his cheeks, Kise crossing his honey eyes and sticking out his tongue.

The third, they are no longer on the same train of thought—Kise continuing with a funny expression with Aomine turned to face him.

The fourth, they are a milky and tan blur—Aomine suddenly rushing to press his lips to Kise's, as the blonde fumbles around in surprise and to wrap his arms around his neck as the last flash goes off.


Drabble: Starts With a Kiss.
Rating: M.

Aomine notes that sometimes when it comes to Kise, it always starts with a kiss. After their lips meet, Aomine closes his eyes. And, suddenly—

Breathing down each other's necks, loud screams pass through Kise's swollen lips while Aomine hisses. Their hair is damp with sweat, and their breaths are terribly uneven and short as their lungs heave for more and more oxygen. Kise's flawless complexion is flushed in a dark, red tint, and little blotches can be seen lining his exposed collarbones and neck.

The heat that surrounds Aomine is almost as sinful as the noise he hears coming out of the boy under him, and his fingers dig into the milky white hips he grips onto, absently, harshly. Both of their needs take over, and all their is running through their heads is the satisfaction that is coursing through their systems and the growing flame they feel burning them, leaving them in such a needy heat.

He hears him calling his name, loud and desperate, and moves frantically—in and out, in and out—until—

"Aominecchi? Aominecchi~~ Ne, Aominecchi, are you okay?" Aomine opens his eyes and see's Kise looking down at him. "You were grumbling a lot… Did you have a nightmare?"


Rubbing at his eyes, he sits up to find himself lying down on the couch in Kise's living room. His head had been resting on the model's thighs while the rest of his body seemed to take up the rest of the comfy couch as he slept through one of Kise's favorite movies.

Aomine groans to himself. It was a dream. It was such a good dream.

While he doesn't know what exactly he saw, Kise smiles knowingly, and leans over to give him a kiss on the cheek. Aomine smirks as he shifts to pin him down, noting the way that whenever it comes to Kise, it always starts with a kiss, smashing their lips together.