Title: AoKise:24/7.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Drabbles from the lives of Aomine and Kise, ranging between fluffy K – M rated scenarios (with warnings before each drabble).

Note: All drabbles taken off my RP tumblr, Bakaomine.

Always open to requests on Bakaomine, but nothing to specific please! Only one liners or a word or a kink or something. I'll be sure to credit.~


Prompt: Enamor Me - a fluffy drabble about my character trying to woo yours [be it out of the blue/Valentines Day,feel free to specify.]
Rating: K (or C, for cheesy OTL)

What do you give the boy who has it all?

Aomine never understood this.

Kise was rich, a model, athletic, and girls (and sometimes guys) are always all over him like animals at the zoo during feeding time. Everyone wants him, and lot's want to be him. Aomine doesn't know how exactly what to give him as their anniversary comes around.

Though he is capable of remembering the date all by himself, it's only when Momoi asks him what he bought for Kise that makes him worry. He practically crawls up the wall with concern as he tries to figure out the best thing to give him. Aomine wasn't necessarily poor, but he wasn't rich—A boy who grew up middle class, with money to spend, but never as much as Kise.

He tries to ask Momoi and the others for help, but they tell him the same thing every time. "It shouldn't matter what you get him—He'll love it anyway." They'd say. "It has to be from the heart; and I can't help you there."

Kise see's the growing concern and absence in Aomine's eyes and expression as they walk home together, hands clasped together firmly. He asks him what's wrong, but Aomine shakes his head. He goes on like this for another week or so, and Kise starts to worry. He wonders if Aomine's questioning their relationship, and he goes to the others for help. Everyone tries their hardest to bite their tongues, Momoi finding it especially hard as she goes out of her way to avoid him as a precaution.

It is only when Kuroko, seemingly unaffected, tells him what is going on.

The next day is their anniversary, and Aomine is still empty handed. No matter what he thought of giving, it either seemed to be to expensive for him, or something Kise already had. Just like Momoi days before, Aomine deliberately avoided Kise, which proved to be hard as they shared the same class.

At the end of the day, Aomine attempts to rush out of class but is stopped by a hand on his wrist, and Kise practically flinging himself into Aomine's slack arms.

Kise is smiling as he nuzzles his face into the crook of Aomine's tanned neck. "Ehhh? So Aominecchi did remember?"

Aomine notes the way Kise's mood goes about at an all time high, though he isn't sure whether he should be offended at the surprise in Kise's voice, or glad he still came up on top and made him happy.

What do you give the boy who has it all? Apparently nothing, and Aomine doesn't understand this—Not like he's questioning it, though, as he brings his hands to hold him affectionately.


Prompt: Hurt/Comfort.
Rating: K

It hurts Aomine more than it hurts Kise.

He thinks about him more than he would like to admit, and stares at the empty seat in front of him at school, almost as if the blonde's warmth and light would bring back the sun into his gloomy, cloud filled life.

Everyday he does this before class starts. He doesn't talk to Kuroko, or Momoi during the little bit before lessons, always leaving the pair worried. It was never in Aomine's character to be… This upset. He is like a hallow copy of his old self, which makes it worse—He is an empty copy—A lifeless copy.

Everyday he does this before the plane flies. He ignores his manager and assistant during the little bit before take off, sometimes concerning them, as they truly do care about Kise's feelings. It was never in his character to look so… Unhappy. He is an empty light—A once glorious fire that has withered into a flickering candle light on the verge of being put out but even the lightest of wind, the lightest of movement in the dull waters of his emotions—A dying light.

He thinks about him all the time, and he skims his old pictures of them from their days at Teikou on his mobile, almost as if Aomine's fierce presence is strong enough to somehow travel through the little screen and into the plane seat beside him.

It wasn't like he meant to choose modelling over him—He was pressured, and he couldn't bare to disappoint his fans, and now there he is, disappointing the person he would gladly trade all of those fans for to see—Gladly taking the other boy's love and affection over that of his fans, gladly choosing the way he makes his name sound special in his low voice over the manic screaming of his crazed followers.

Just what is the point in having lot's of money and tons and tons of fans—Fans in Japan all the way to the city in America he finds himself flying to, when he didn't even have the person he wants most in this world? The distance is unbearable, and, while people say 'distance makes the heart grow fonder', he's realized it's done nothing but tear them apart.

Aomine sighs as he sits through third period.

Kise drops his head as he sits through his third stop in America.

It hurts Kise more than it hurts Aomine.