Title: AoKise:24/7.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Drabbles from the lives of Aomine and Kise, ranging between fluffy K – M rated scenarios (with warnings before each drabble).

Note: All drabbles taken off my RP tumblr, Bakaomine.

Always open to requests on Bakaomine, but nothing to specific please! Only one liners or a word or a kink or something. I'll be sure to credit.~


Prompt: Neck Kiss.
Rating: M

Kise's neck was always sensitive. Aomine remembers first noticing this a few months back when he was adjusting Kise's necktie, his finger slipping and brushing against the side of his neck, resulting in a quick jerk and swat at his hands. It was interesting, and Aomine wanted to see what else he was capable of, so he's been testing this out ever since. Casually scraping the back of his neck with the tips of his fingers, and holding him by his neck when they kiss; he was so ticklish, Aomine just couldn't help but push his limits with each and every opportunity.

Sitting on the couch with his hands on Kise's hip, the model's thighs on either side of him as he straddles the power foward's lap, Aomine slips a hand underneath the latter's flimsy shirt, teasing his nipple between his fingers as they kiss clumsily, too consumed in mutual desire and overflowing sexual tension. Aomnine bites down on Kise's lower lip and the blonde's back arches beautifully, throwing his head back as Aomine moves away to kiss at his jawline. Kise rocks softly in his lap as Aomine slowly kisses his way down the model's jawline towards his chin, and then to his neck.

Kise flinches and tries to pull away but Aomine has none of that, keep him in place as pressing his lips to the blonde's Adam's Apple, nipping, biting, and leaving hickies along the side of his neck with a smirk. Little moans escape through the small space formed between Kise's kiss-swollen lips. He wants to pull away, but he wants to keep still, ticklish but unable to pull away from his lover's caress and lips.

Kise's neck was always sensitive. Aomine grins against the pale flesh, looking through his peripheral at the small bruises that line its sides proudly. Casually scraping the back of his neck with the tips of his fingers, and holding him by his neck as he pulls him in for a kiss; he was so ticklish, Aomine just couldn't help but push his limits with each and every opportunity.


Prompt: Forceful Kiss.
Rating: M


"But, Aominecchi—"



He sighs at the blonde perched atop his lap, thighs spread on either side of Aomine's, their clothes laying in crumpled heaps of disarray; their shoes and socks by the door follow by their jackets soon after, their pants, Kise's under and Aomine's shirt, and then everything else as the trail leads closer to the living room couch where they sit, flustered and hot, staring at each other expectantly. "I'm not letting you top, that's that."

"But you said I could—"

"I was drunk, and I never said when that would happen—"

"That's why I'm saying it's happening now, please?"

"No. Get up, I'm not in the mood anymore—" Aomine is interrupted by the smash of Kise's mouth against his, moving his lips slowly, as if to coax him, hips rocking slowly, teasingly, feeling the slowly hardening flesh spring to life. Willing and easy to manipulate like this, Aomine returns the kiss as he parts his lips and holds Kise roughly, fingers digging deeply into his pale flesh of his hips, surprised at the forceful manner in which the model flicks his tongue and bites at his lips.

Abruptly, they part to take sharp breaths of air and eye each other, Aomine sizing his lover up and examining the shift in demeanor, the odd way his gold eyes stare at him possessively catching him by surprise. He smirks in response. "I see what you're doing."

Snaking a hand up his spine covered in creamy-pale skin, the sight of his back arching, their chests pressing against one another harshly, Aomine grabs a fistful of blonde hair and gives a hard pull, he brings Kise's face back towards his own, and devours his mouth greedily, returning every brash movement with his own, unique flare that has Kise moaning, and groping at Aomine's muscles in response.

They pull away a second time. "If you're planning to top, you better prove yourself, pretty boy."