(A\N Warning: if you didn't have a valentine, don't read... But if you DID, please continue to read. P.S. I was supposed to post this on valentines, but I forgot... Oopsie daisy.)

(3rd person)

JayFeather let out a sigh as he gazed out into space. First Mr-stick-with-claw-marks, now HalfMoon? Why? Why did this have to happen to him? "Hey JayFeather- Whoa! What's wrong with you?" BriarLight asked as she took one look at his ungroomed pelt. "BriarLight, have you ever gone every Valentine... Without an actual valentine?" He asked with his head on his paws, still gazing into space. "Uhhh... No-o-o." She answered slowly. "I mean, everyone has a valentine, even other medicine cats has a valentine!" He babbled. BriarLight backed out of the den slowly and carefully. As if any sudden movement could set JayFeather off. "I mean, come on! me and HalfMoon? HalfMoon is pratically dead!" He continued babbling. "Ri-i-i-i-ght. That's fascinating." JayFeather stopped ranting and jumped. "DON'T DO THAT YELLOWFANG!" JayFeather screeched. YellowFang lifted a paw and made a shooing gesture.
Jayfeather shook his head. "YellowFang? Do YOU have a valentine?" He asked. The old she-cat looked at him. "Yes... Jayfeather, did you and Mr-stick-with-claw-marks break up?" JayFeather started sniffling. "Me... *sniffle*... and Mr-stick-with-claw-marks... *sniffle*.. Didn't break up! I dumped him!" (A\N Isn't that the same thing?) YellowFang looked at him. "Isn't that the same thing?" (A\N Exactly!) She asked sounding confused. "Uh... Umm... Er... Shuddup!" He yowled. YellowFang shrugged and then POOF! "TTFN YellowFang!" JayFeather exclaimed. "Hmmm... I wonder what MothWing and the others are up to..." He mumbled to himself

"Hey, MothWing!" MothWing looked up from her herb digging. "Here to gloat about your valentine?" She hissed. "Um... I actually don't have a valentine." He mumbled. "Oh... Well... Care to be mine?" MothWing asked. "Sure!" JayFeather exclaimed.


(A\N Sorry it was short and the ending was sucky, but I'm sick... *Sigh* Again. Reviews might make me feel better though! XD)