Title: Sensual, Warm, Healed & Delicious (1)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: M

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property.

Summary: A prompt for the glorious queen of smut: Regina has never actually had an orgasm ... Until she meets Emma. (nb and that could even be a diy outcome) Sex for her has always been about power and control. So this is a shock to her. Especially who finally undid her.

"Shut your eyes, there are no lies in this world we call sleep
Let's desert this day of hurt, tomorrow we'll be free" - Sia "Soon We'll be Found"

Regina woke startled and breathless. The nightmare. She flexed her arms and legs, testing her limbs just to be certain she was unbound. The feeling was too real. Must have been all that rare roast beef she had for dinner. She clutched her stomach as a painful spark ran through. Her dreams were always dark and cloudy. Often she dreamt of the old world, gleaming under the light of the full moon, back when her powers were at their height. She dreamed of snow, glass and apples. She saw herself as a black angel, and always the bearer of the nightmare. She had never been the victim in her own dreams, that is, until recently….

Regina had never feared darkness; she was married to it. The dreams of late had been different. Actually, the same painful dream over and over: tied to her apple tree, powerless and panicked, while the angry mob glowered and sneered. Emma was always the leader in their hunt and riot as she clutched Regina's neck; green eyes boring into her with hate and an emotion Regina couldn't place.

She rose from bed, scattering the blankets along with the lingering flames of fear. As always, she raced down the hall to check on Henry to reassure herself with the sight of his slumbering form under his comforter. Her mouth was bone dry, and she drank a glass of water to cool the burn in her throat. She must have been screaming in her sleep again. She was awake for the rest of the night.

The next day she felt herself snapping. The lack of rest was catching up to her, and she unloaded her anger on her secretary for no reason. It didn't make her feel any better. She wished she knew what was wrong with her.

That night, she read Henry his comic book, and he drifted off before the story was through. She downed a glass of cider to relax before she went about her nightly routine. She paused to stare at her bed before crawling under the soft cool sheets. She hoped that tonight the dreams would stay at bay.

The dreams started as soon as her brain released a flood of serotonin. She was falling. Tumbling through the clouds, at a breakneck speed, clawing desperately at thin air for a hold or a lifeline where there was none. She couldn't see it, but she felt the ground rapidly approaching. Her limbs were akimbo as she twisted desperately in the air, her clothes rippling against the wind, until a flicker from the corner of her eye drew her attention. Then strong steadying arms stabilized her body.

Emma… fucking 'Super Emma' had swooped in and saved her.

She wrapped her arms snuggly around Emma's neck and nuzzled against her unable to look. They floated gently to the ground and Emma brushed back a wisp of wind swept hair from Regina's brow leaning in as she did so. Emma smirked warmly before releasing her to her feet, and looking skyward. She thrust her fist into the air and took off into the sky, and in a blaze of red and blue, she flew away.

She woke up feeling unsettled and disoriented. The fleeting warmth of Emma's body pressed against her own had moved something in her. Tendrils of silken want kissed her blood warmed skin. She hugged herself tightly trying subconsciously to recapture that feeling. Then she forced herself to lay flat on her back, hands at her side, and to will the confusing need away. She tossed and turned sleepless for the rest of the night.

The next day Regina dragged herself through her tedious life tasks in a daze. She felt off kilter, her body and mind unbalanced from the mounting lack of sleep and the odd dreams. When the town council meeting finally adjourned, she juggled her coat and purse, and walked briskly across the lawn of Town Hall. Her phone buzzed and she fumbled for it, squinting to see the screen under the deluge of bright sunlight.

Regina didn't notice Emma crossing in front of her and they bumped into each other. Regina's phone fell out of her hands like a football fumble, and Emma automatically bent over to pick it up, while Regina tried to step out of the way. Instead she stumbled forward, her hips connecting with Emma's jean clad ass. She felt the warmth against the tops of her thighs, and her body reacted by pressing closer trying to soak her in. Her hand flew to Emma's hip to help regain her balance. Emma slowly stood up and turned, as Regina fingers slid down her thigh. They looked at each other for a long moment, before Emma held out the phone like a peace offering. Regina wanted to yell, she wanted to unleash her frustration. Instead, she snatched back her phone and furrowed her brow before taking an involuntary shaky breath.

"Here you go…sorry," Emma muttered, her cheeks rosy. She dropped her head and hooked her fingers through her belt loops as she took off. Regina cleared her throat, words dying on her lips. She thought about calling after her. She even thought about thanking her, but the moment had passed. She shook her head and walked in the opposite direction.