Epilogue: Sexual Awakening

"Put your dirty angel face between my legs and knicker lace. Fight me, try me, kiss me like you like me. Twist it round again and again." Goldfrapp "Twist"

A/N: Warning: due to the intense design of this ride, clothing may get soiled. This story is prohibited to those with cardiovascular problems, bone fragility, and high blood pressure.

3 weeks later…

Henry now had a permanent drawer at Kathryn's house as he seemed to be getting shipped off there quite often while his moms made up tenfold for a lifetime worth of inadequate and unfulfilling sex. He didn't even mind since Regina had relented and gotten him his own kitten, who he named Sparklehorse.

Now that Regina had an orgasm she couldn't get enough, insatiability had replaced her previous sexual worries and fears. Just when it seemed she'd be sated a new pang of desire would emerge, shooting straight and steady through her. Emma was more than willing to oblige

They had fucked in every room of Regina's massive house. They had 69-nd on the floor of her office study licking at each other merrily for hours. They fucked against the kitchen counter, as Regina bent over the sink, greedily biting the fingers of Emma's left hand, while her right plunged her tight pussy under her skirt.

They did it under the apple tree at every opportunity, and on Regina's desk, even under Regina's desk. Regina even got to live out her conference table apple fantasy in full Technicolor reality. They had hot jail sex in both cells in the Sheriff's office. They even had one of their best sessions fucking on Mary Margaret's couch with Emma completely naked and straddling Regina's lap while she remained fully clothed. It gave them quite the thrill along with the unprecedented threat of the demure school teacher walking in on them at any moment.

Of course, the toys didn't go to waste. They played with everything and Regina squirted for the first, second and third time with the aid of the 'jungle jiggler dolphin'- it lived up to its advertisement. Although, Emma was curious about these jungle dolphin's but Regina shut her up by returning the favor, and suddenly the likelihood of a dolphin in the jungle seemed like a very real possibility.

Regina discovered she loved nothing more than being fucked by Emma wearing a strap on, hard and deep, with a vibrator pulsing on her clit. She came so hard from that, and any worry or lingering embarrassment she had about the town knowing she was fucking a woman, amazingly vanished from her mind. She nearly black out and then come to and they'd do it over again.

Regina also found she enjoyed wearing the strap on, doing Emma from behind, watching the purple head of the fake cock disappear and reappear between Emma's legs. She loved the sound of her thighs smacking against Emma's body as they met thrust for thrust. She really loved tugging forcefully on that long blonde hair, and spanking her ass to watch it ripple and enticing red hand-prints appear in pretty contrast to her white skin.

Sometimes they'd lie in bed, not touching each other, but just touching themselves: sweaty shoulder's and hips bumping as they breathed erratically, fingers working their cunts, and moaning as the tension built. They raced each other to reach climax first. It was always a photo finish. The sight of one reaching orgasm inevitably led to the other falling over the edge instantly.

Regina's body never failed her. They met for nooners, afternooners, morning sex, evening sex and all night long sex. She was definitely getting her fill and they even attended Granny's passion party as a couple to pick out some new toys they hadn't tried yet.

Most importantly, Regina found she could sleep unbothered by frustrating and unfulfilling dreams. Her body was always relaxed and in tune, more awake and alive than ever before. It still surprised her every day that she had found this compatibility and balance with Emma of all people, but she wouldn't change it for anything.


A/N: Thank you all for reading this story! I had no idea that a fast and dirty smut prompt would extend for 10 chapters. I had so much fun writing it and love all reviews and comments. Also,. the 'anon' who gave me this original prompt has been revealed to be none other than the lovely and amazing Scribes and Scrolls. So stand up and take a bow.