T-Bone Junction, regardless of being infested with Crimson Lance it was still the main meeting point for the vault hunters, who were about to double in number according to Axton.

"So you said these guys are vault hunters?" Maya asked Axton, who were both in the back of the Mock-Bandit Technical the four hunters were riding in on their way to T-Bone.

"Yeah, friend of mine, ex Crimson Lance. Said he and a couple others are also looking for the vault, suggested we all group up and make things easier." Axton said back, raising his voice a bit so Maya could hear him over the combined sound of the wind and the car's engine. After about 10 more minutes of driving along the wrecked Pandoran highway they made it to T-Bone Junction. Once everyone was out of the Technical, they all walked over to a small bar nearby, which, according to Axton, was where the other vault hunters would be waiting. Four people were sitting there, including a man who looked like he lived off of nothing but ground beef and steroids his whole life*.

"Hey, are you guys the other vault hunters we were supposed to meet he-ah!" Maya attempted to say, being abruptly cut off as the behemoth of a man quickly sprang up, spun around, and lifted Maya off the ground in a death-grip of a hug while yelling what sounded like the name Mandy.

"Brick, that's not your sister, hell if you had waited a couple of seconds you would've seen the two look nothing alike. Now drop her before her face starts to match her hair or something." Another man stated in an accent, quickly standing up to try and get Brick to not kill Maya by mistake not even thirty seconds after meeting her.

"Oh, woops. Sorry, you sounded a lot like her." Brick stated, ungracefully letting Maya drop to the floor while she tried to get her breath back.

"Ok, now that that disaster is averted, name's Mordecai, you four the vault hunters Roland told us about?" Mordecai asked, helping Maya back on her feet afterwards.

"Yeah, good to meet you, name's Axton, that's Maya, the tall mysterious guy is Zero and the midget is Salvador." Axton said, introducing his three partners.

"Hey, up yours!" Salvador called out, seemingly insulted by his short stature.

"Wait a minute, you're a siren?" Mordecai asked, looking at Maya's uncovered arm.

"Yeah, how do you know? Almost everyone else I've met just thinks it's regular tattoos." Maya stated, wondering where Mordecai learned about sirens.

"My friend Lilith over here's got the same markings. You two know each other by any chance?" Mordecai said, gesturing to the redheaded woman next to him.

"No, we don't. Glad to meet another siren though." Maya stated, looking at Lilith's markings, she was definitely another siren.

"Ok, now that you're all here we can discuss the deal me and Axton made, we're all after the same thing, so with that said we're going to be working together. At this moment we're busy trying to track down the remaining fragments of the vault key. 8 people is a bit overkill for a scavenge hunt, so Axton suggested a while back that you four deal with some other jobs we've been asked to do, and in return we all go for the vault when we have more info to go on." Roland stated, gaining everyone's attention. "The Jakobs corporation said they have an issue out at Jakobs cove that needs dealing with, they didn't say what but offered us too good of a reward to justify ignoring it. You four head out there and see what the issue is, might want to rest first though, those Bandit technicals are not the most relaxing thing to ride in."

"Hey do me a favor, you find a Jakobs warehouse anywhere out there, loot it for me, I wouldn't mind a new revolver." Mordecai asked jokingly, half expecting them to not take him seriously.

"Alright well if that's that we'll let you know when we have anything, Jakobs sounded kind of worried we wouldn't accept their contract though, so be careful." Lilith stated, sounding vaguely worried.

"What's the worst it could be? It's not like they're dealing with a zombie infestation or something." Salvador said, making fun of the improbability of a zombie invasion.

"Good point, but still." Lilith responded.

And with that the two groups went their separate ways, each heading off to rest before attempting any more missions.

"Hey Maya, you said you have an apartment around here?" Axton said, mentally praying they wouldn't have to spend the night on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, bought it not too long after I got to Pandora, it's just up the road." Maya responded, gesturing to the second floor of a building directly ahead

Once they reached the apartment door, they entered to the sight of a small, messy apartment with one open door leading to a bedroom on the other side of the room, a couch on the right, a one person chair in the back left corner, and a table covered in news reports and articles detailing sirens. There was also a metal slat window parallel to the couch, covering everything in a dim blue light. The silence was interrupted however, when Salvador barreled past the others, sped for the bedroom, closed the door, and locked it with a very audible click.

"Did I just lose my bed to a midget? Really?" Maya stated in disbelief at the sight of Salvador forcibly claiming rights over the one actual bed in the apartment. "Well could be worse, at least there's still the couch." Almost right on cue, Maya turned to the couch to witness Axton drop onto the couch and relax, claiming that as his final resting place for the night. "Grrrgh, well I guess I'll sleep in the cha-really?" Maya cut herself off in disbelief as she witnessed Zero sit in the last piece of furniture in her apartment, and she certainly wasn't about to try sharing a bed with Salvador. Zero's only reaction was to calmly pat his lap and display the text symbol for a heart from his faceplate as a joke. Realizing it was that or the floor, she very hesitantly accepted. "Look, I don't know if you're enjoying this, but I swear if you haunt me about this, I will rip that helmet of yours off, you understand?" Maya threatened, not sure if Zero was enjoying being Maya's temporary seat or not.

"I will never tell, an embarrassing secret, you do not want shared." Zero responded in that weird Haiku format he always spoke in. And with that everyone gradually drifted off into unconsciousness… with the exception of Axton, who, enjoying the prospect of being a dick, waited until Maya and Zero were asleep, then took photos of the two of them.

Author's note

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