A/N: Sorry I've been gone so long, but I'm back, and I'm just a little overwhelmed with the start of Year 12, and all these assignments and working on my Major Projects. But anyway, I'm back, and I know it's short, but I'm really just trying to get the baby years over and done with, because i'm losing ideas for what I want to happen with baby Rachel. Toddler Rachel, Pre-teen Rachel and Teenager Rachel should, hopefully, be longer chapters but... Yeah. Plus I really want to get Rachel singing so... Anyway...

A Little Bit of Trouble and Baby's First Crawl

Taking Rachel home was a lot more stressful than she'd expected. The baby girl refused to be taken from her mother's arms, and it took at least half an hour just to get her in the car seat, and even then she'd only lie down if she could see Shelby. She was screaming too, and Shelby was absolutely certain her daughter was going to be just like her, stubborn with a set of pipes. Shelby, after tiredly trudging up the stairs with Rachel drifting off in her arms, collapsed on to her bed, tucking Rachel in to her side.

"You are going to be trouble princess." She sighed, closing her eyes momentarily as Rachel shifted beside her.

A knock on her bedroom door woke her, startling her from what she thought was just a moment of sleep. Glancing at the clock beside her, she frowned.


She could've sworn she'd just closed her eyes at one. She looked around, her eyes widening as she couldn't find Rachel.


She sat up, turning her head looking for her daughter frantically, completely forgetting about the knock at her door.

"She's downstairs honey, lying on top of your father and pulling on his beard."

Shelby turned, sighing in relief as she spotted her mother leaning against her doorframe. She settled back, staring at the ceiling.

"I guess I'm just… cautious."

Amy smiled, nodding her head, and moving from the doorway.

"Well… Dinner's ready."

Shelby nodded, listening as her mother left the room and her footsteps could be heard down the stairs. She took a deep breath, before swinging her legs over the side of the bed and standing. Stretching, she yawned, before following her mother's footsteps. Entering the kitchen, she rolled her eyes as William lifted Rachel over his head.

"She just got out of hospital dad." She complained, passing her father and taking Rachel from his arms.

"I know that honey. I was just having a little… granddaughter-granddad time. Is that too much to ask?"

Shelby rolled her eyes, holding Rachel to her chest as she thanked her mother.


After dinner, Shelby sat on the floor with Rachel between her legs, clasping her hands as she tried to mimic William. Shelby supported Rachel by holding her up, her palms flat against her back. She turned as her mother spoke, asking whether she wanted a coffee or not, and for a split second removed her hands.

Nodding at her mother, she turned back to Rachel, but got distracted by her father's look.


William pointed at Shelby, gesturing to Rachel. She looked down, only then realizing that she was no longer holding her daughter up. But Rachel was still sitting, clapping along and laughing.

"Oh my god."

Rachel leaned forward, falling on to her hands and looked up. She grinned, lifting up slightly.

"Oh my god, she's gonna crawl!"

Amy moved in to the room at her daughters shriek, grinning as she saw her granddaughter. William moved from his seat, nodding his head at Shelby.

"Trade places. Get her to go to you."

Shelby smiled, moving to take her father's place and sliding to the floor. She opened her arms, smiling at Rachel.

"Come on princess. Come to momma."

Rachel laughed, putting one hand in front of the other and following on her knees.

"Get the camera!"

Amy rushed from the room as Shelby shrieked at her, returning in moments with the camera already on and Rachel half way across the room.

"Come on princess!"

Rachel giggled, stopping a few feet from Shelby and turning her head, her smile turning in to a frown.

"Come on baby, just a few more."

She smiled, pushing towards her until Shelby could snake her hands beneath her, lifting her up above her head and laughing.

"Of course. You put me through all of that, and then you do this."

Rachel squealed, laughing as if she hadn't only just been in the hospital eight hours previously.

"My little trouble maker. My brilliant, little trouble maker."

A/N: I don't remember how old I said Rachel was, whether it was six months or eight months, but I think, I think, baby's start to sit up on their own and crawl around her age. But if I'm wrong, I apologize, I know nothing about babies but what I learn on the internet, and I'm being a bit lazy and couldn't be bothered looking it up. Anyway, that's about it. Hope you liked it at least a little, laters.