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Ling Yao loved radios. Love was probably an understatement. He adored them. Ever since the 12th prince had visited Rush Valley, he had begged for one. Begged was an understatement. He literally clung hold to his advisor's leg until his wish was granted. So one can imagine his uncontainable excitement when he finally got one. He had discovered the strange metal invention in the town square, blaring out a contemporary song. And now, owning one of his very own, Ling felt like he had a small piece of Rush Valley, and Amestris in a way, right beside him in his bedroom quarters. Upon receiving the radio, Ling had grabbed Lan Fan's wrist, who tinged red at the cheeks at the sudden explosive action, and hauled her up to his quarters, slamming the door shut with a bang.

"Wow," Ling giggled, staring the silver device up and down. It was in perfect condition, save for as few marks of sand blisters from its travel across the desert and a slight copper rust decorating it's clunky antenna. "Let's turn it on!" He suggested excitedly. He turned on his heel, facing his retainer who was glancing around his room nervously. She stiffened and bowed a slight bow, clamping her mouth tightly shut. "Care to do the honours Lan Fan?" Lan Fan felt her heart swell with Ling's courteous attempt to be polite. She nodded her head, slinking shadily to his side.

"Of course, Young Lord." She reached out a hand and flicked what appeared to be a button. The radio cackled to life, hissing and spitting sleepily. As the transmissions faded into a song, Ling cheered and smiled eccentrically. Lan Fan had resisted the urge to jump at his dangerous excitement. "I love this song!" He declared. Lan Fan lent an ear. She hadn't heard this song before, not in Rush Valley or Central Amestris. She assumed that Ling had listened to a lot more radio than she first thought. Ling cleared his throat and joined in the song, voice pristine and clear, sending a unexpected wave of goose bumps up Lan Fan's arm.

"And the message is clear; this could be the year for the real thing." Lan Fan stiffened as Ling began to dance around her swiftly. She felt her chocolate brown eyes glaze as Ling crept closer and closer. "No more will you cry. Baby I will hurt you never! We start and end as one, in love forever!" Lan Fan felt her heart skip a beat as Ling playfully brushed her shoulder with twirling fingers. Even such a brief touch was warm and nauseating. It made her shiver. "Islands in the stream, come on Lan Fan!" Ling grabbed her wrist, fingers slipping with ease into her palm. "That is what we are, no one in between. How can we be wrong?" Ling yanked Lan Fan's wrist lightly, pulling her closer to his body. She stumbled, making use of her feet to ensure that at least a few measly centimetres where between her and her Lord. Ling smiled pleasantly and giggled before continuing to sing, "Sail away with me to another world,"

He swayed his hips slowly and gently, in an effort to get Lan Fan to relax. This of course, only made her more flustered. Lan Fan wobbled awkwardly, hoping that this song, or rather nightmare, would soon be over. She toppled over suddenly, Ling caught her, saving her from crashing to the ground by placing his hand on the small of her back and pulling her into his embrace. "And we rely on each other, ah-ah." Lan Fan's eyes wandered dizzily, accidently locking onto Ling's pearl black ones. His gaze softened, making her freeze. Ling reached out their combined left hands, causing Lan Fan to swoon towards the ground. She felt Ling's chest hover over her collarbone, in an awkward attempt to keep their balance, considering their height differences, and entwined his fingers between hers on their combined right hands. Lan Fan's face erupted in a cloud of heavy scarlet as his well-built stomach pushed against her flat one. Her breath hitched in her throat, strangling her. Suddenly, her heart forgot how to beat. "From one lover to another, ah-ah." Then the song ended.

Lan Fan didn't hear the final note however, over the roaring in her ears and blood rushing around her head and face. Ling chuckled under his breath, pulling Lan Fan up steadily and untangling their hands. His fingers ghosted over her collarbone as he showed her outside, to the stairs. Waving his hand briefly, Ling farewelled her and closed his door shut, wishing her the best of evenings. Lan Fan reached up and touched her shoulder, traced her palms and knotted her fingers, everywhere Ling had touched, she searched. She wanted to recapture that feeling of Ling's hands upon her, holding her carefully like she was a precious porcelain doll.

With a sigh, she turned on her heel and slinked down the hallways of the great Xingese Palace. She had been held, by the royal Prince of Xing and fondled, without the slightest clue, by the great Homunculus Greed.

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