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"It's my turn! Give it to me!" Percy yelled pulling the TV remote towards his side of the couch.

"The advertisements are going on in your channel. It makes more sense to put mine back on!" Harry shouted pulling it towards his side.

Percy whined, "It's not fair. I'm watching a movie about faith, love, devition– "

"It's devotion!" Harry scowled.

"Yeah. I'm watching about the dangerous journey of how a father is re-united with his son and you want to watch a documentary on lions!" Percy bellowed.

"You're watching an animated movie! About fishes! You've seen 'Finding Nemo' a dozen times and lions are so much better than fishes!" Harry yelled.

"You heard what they said; lions sleep 18 hours a day! They hunt small animals and escape humans for the rest 7 hours–"

"6 hours! 18 from 24 is 6, Percy!"

"You're just proving my point! I told you what they do for 6 hours, now will you change to my channel?!"


"It's not fair! It's my turn! And look! The advertisements are done and the movie is back on, so Shushhh!" Percy slipped the remote from Harry's grip as the latter sulked and went into the kitchen muttering, "Déloyale. Il a regardé tellement de fois ... Il suffit d'aller dans l'acte!"

(Unfair. He watched it so many times... He can just go act in it!)

Harry has really wanted to know about the luminescent vision of lions in the night. When their eyes glowed in the dark, there were some…stuff that fireflies had, which lit it up. He had no idea what the 'stuff' was called. And now, he'd have to wait for tomorrow's rerun of the episode.

He hated it when they fought like this. He knew it was what Mum called, brotherly quarrels. And in truth, if they had never moved here, he'd never have experienced it, but he did wish they could skip these parts. He knew of Percy's fascination of 'Finding Nemo'. And it not just about fishes.

Harry knew that Percy would like to think that his Dad was searching for him. In the movie, the clownfish, crossed the entire ocean to save his son. Truthfully speaking, when Mum had told them that Percy's Dad had been lost at sea, Harry had suspected some amiss in her words. But he couldn't understand why she would have wanted to lie to them. Or not say the whole truth. The second one seemed most likely. But then he would have come back to her, right? Who would not want a lovely lady like Sally? She was kind and sweet and beautiful and the best mother in the world.

Harry leaned against the kitchen counter, fiddling with the sleeve of his black T-shirt, wondering what to make. Mum had said absolutely no use of knives, forks, stove and oven. He could make a sandwich. The bread was in the fridge. He could couldn't slice the tomatoes, he might have to use spoons. Some lettuce leaves were in the fridge too, weren't they? Could he use an egg? No, Mum said no stove…

'Love you, Dad.' Little Nemo said smiling up at his father who looked down at him and said, 'Love you, too, son.' The fish then swam on the white ray which than slowly disappeared into the deep blue sea.

Percy smiled. That was the best part of the movie. When his Dad was ready to let him go. He always loved that. He switched back to Harry's channel to see a documentary on eco-buildings. Harry did like documentaries. He said they were the real things and not fake love-shmov stories called movies.

But movies did give a message out there! You just have to wait for 2 to 3 hours to get it. That was the fun!

"Hey, Harry. It's about skyscrapers going green. You'll like it." Percy called.

"I'm coming." Harry's voice became louder and he sat down on the couch with two sandwiches. Percy frowned, "I thought Mom said not to cook anything."

"Completely uncooked." Harry said taking a bite out of it. Percy hesitated before taking the other sandwich and biting into it cautiously. It tasted weird.

He turned to Harry who was munching calmly as if the taste wasn't abnormal. But then again, the guy eats lemons, so this wasn't the strangest thing that Harry had made.

But the sandwich felt like a slap to wake someone up.

"This feels like a punch to the jaw." Percy said, swallowing his portion. Harry shrugged, his eyes trained on the T.V. "My invention. What do you think I should name it?"

"Sucker Punch." Percy said wincing as he took another bite to finish it off. He was eating it not to hurt Harry's feelings. But the taste, if possible, actually worsened.

" That's good. But I was thinking 'knuckle sandwich'. You said it's like a punch to the jaw." Harry told him, putting down his plate. He turned to see Percy's empty plate and a green face.

"Percy?" He called in shock. Percy grimaced and said, "What did you put in it?"

"Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, a little pumpkin, slight hummus, cabbage leaves, some cheese and jam for taste and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. I couldn't heat it, but other than that, it tasted fine, didn't it?" Harry said as if that was the most normal thing in the entire world.

"Oh no!" Percy groaned and laid back. "I ate a mix of vegetables and fruits with cheese, hummus and jam on bread. Somebody save me."

Harry frowned, "Okay, maybe the jam was unnecessary, but the others–"

Percy sprang up and ran to the bathroom. Harry stared open mouthed and followed him.

"Cheese and jam! Pumpkin, you added pumpkin to a sandwich!" Sally asked flabbergasted as she rubbed Percy's tired back. He had retched his entire lunch out and was still feeling sick.

Harry's pale cheeks had a tinge of pink to it. As far as she had seen, Harry had actually never blushed.

"I didn't think it was that bad." He mumbled.

Sally sighed, "Your body can withstand all kinds of fruits and vegetables in any combination. Percy's can't, so next time you make some bizarre thing like this, don't give it to him, alright?"

Harry nodded. Percy's face still looked green as he threw up again.

It took three days for Percy to recover. Sally wanted to forget those three days. Not just because of the smell, it was because she couldn't bear to see Percy so sick and weak. As a demigod, he actually had a very strong immunity system and the chances of falling sick were very low.

Sally was quite impressed of the way Harry took care of him. He didn't grumble or complain, but diligently catered to every one of Percy's needs and had even thought of pushing the T.V. into his room if he hadn't been hindered by Gabe.

Harry was really the model big brother and he took it upon him to see that Sally could rest before and after going to/coming from work.

She had inadvertently eavesdropped on one of their conversations.

"I didn't know that you'd react so horribly to the knuckle sandwich. Sorry."

"That's the seventeenth time you've apologized. Take a chill pill while I take medicine pills, Harry."

Sally muffled her giggles.

"It was still unprofessional not to think ahead about how you would feel about it."

"Well, you're not a professional sandwich maker. So, it's alright. But you did it because I wouldn't give you the remote, right?"

Remote?, Sally thought.

Harry voice came calmly, "Of course not, I would have made and given you the sandwich even if we had not fought."

Sally heard retching sounds again.

It took a few weeks for Percy to warm up to the idea of eating fruits and vegetables again. And even then, he'd eat them slowly, nibbling at first to see if the taste was good enough. Harry would make sure none of them had any defects before giving them to Percy. Once the training started again, Percy felt much better and today's riddle was…

"What goes all around the world, but stays in a corner?" Percy muttered to himself. Harry was bent over his homework. He was in grade seven and even then, came top in the class. For an eight year old, you'd think, that was an accomplishment. Harry never studied for tests. Listening in class and doing his homework was enough. He was one of the lucky few kids around the world who could understand every concept with even having to try.

Percy leaned back on the couch and yawned. He stared at the T.V., flipping the channels and stopped at a movie, 'Tangled', where the two animated protagonists where in a boat, singing. Percy snickered and Sally frowned, "It's not funny, Pepe."

"It seems funny. I mean, who sings when they think they're in love?" Percy grinned and his mother ruffled his hair.

"It's just for the movie. But when you do find that one person who you think is all you need in the entire world, you're willing to crazy things just for her." Sally said softly.

Percy looked up, "So, you won't mind if I take Angelina Jolie for a boat ride and sing along with her?"

Sally controlled her facial expression, "Angelina Jolie? I don't know, hon. She has to go through me, if she wants to be with you."

Percy's eyes widened, "But, she's like perfect! I mean, she's real pretty and she's strong and she can fight and I like her hair!"

"Her hair, huh? Well, if you do get to ask her out, you have to bring her home, so that she can meet me."

"Go easy on her." Percy pleaded.

Sally laughed, "Did you know that in the olden days, years and years ago, during the times of kings and queens, the prince could go out to find his love only if the heir is married?"


"The first child of the king. The eldest should be married or be engaged and only then, his brothers and sisters were allowed to fall in love." Sally explained, enjoying the look on Percy's face.

Simultaneously, the both of them looked at Harry who sat at the table with four text books, two library books and a rough note book spread out in front of him as he scribbled something on it. With his glasses and the look of concentration he had as he solved the physics problem, he seemed to be the last person in the world who would fall in love with something else other than books.

Percy's face showed horror as his mother patted his head and said, "Wait until you're at least a teenager before searching for girls, Pepe." She got up and went into the kitchen leaving Percy in a kind of trance.

He jumped up, ran to the table, pulled out a chair and sat right in front of Harry, who looked up, surprised.

"The moment you turn thirteen, you better get a girlfriend." Percy threatened him.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "And what is the accompanying reason behind your order, that will be strong enough to convince me of all people to get a girlfriend?"

Sally clapped her hand over her mouth to prevent her laugh from getting out.

" 'Cause I want to sing with Angelina Jolie!" Percy whined.

Sally clutched her stomach.

Harry's other eyebrow, raised up to join its partner. "Yes, Percy. That makes quite a lot of sense."

"Come on! I can get her only if you can get a girlfriend! If you sit with books all day, everyone will run away from you, screaming."

"Everyone runs away from us, screaming. They already think that we're freaks, don't they?" Harry corrected. Sally frowned.

"Well, maybe when we grow up, it will all change." Percy said hopefully. Harry snorted and went back to his calculations. Percy sighed. The fingers on his left hand were twitching as if they were on the strings of the Lily Potter's guitar. Sally sat with them on a chair and said, "Tell you what, after the both of you turn thirteen, you can grow your hair."

The sentence was so unexpected that the boys stared at her with equal amounts of confusion on their faces. Sally smiled.

"Not too much. Just enough for it to attract some girls. Maybe even Angelina Jolie." She winked at Percy who blushed.

"Girls like long hair?" Harry asked slowly. Percy rolled his eyes, "Of course, they do! Why do you think they grow theirs?"

"The two of you are already very good looking now. By the time you grow up, you'll need to beat them off if you aren't careful."

Harry looked taken back, "But if we beat them, they won't come near us, will they?"

Sally blinked, "No, Pumpkin, that's not what I meant. It's a figure of speech. Right now, I give you a hair cut every week, don't I? When you're thirteen, we'll just change the schedule."

Harry stared at the table and then shook his head, "I can't believe we're talking about girls. I need to find the focal length of my glasses!"

He went back to his problem as Percy stared at him, "I'm not going to get Angelina Jolie, am I?"

Sally laughed. "There are a thousand fish in the ocean, Pepe."

Percy frowned, "Just because they always make kissy faces to me doesn't mean that I want to kiss them too."

Harry dropped his pencil and went under the table to retrieve it. He didn't come up for a few minutes. Sally buried her face in her hands and with a deep breath, she looked at him again.

"What I meant was that there are thousands of girls out there. When you grow up, take your time and search for the right one."

"Oh. But I am growing up. Look."

Percy showed his teeth, where all 28 teeth were present, white and perfect. Sally tried not to sigh. Eight year olds shouldn't have all 28 teeth. Yet, she could name two exceptions…

Harry emerged from his pencil quest and said, "Not to change the subject, but when's dinner?"

"You are changing the subject!" Percy accused. "In fact, those were the same words that guy on Discovery Channel said about tigresses and cubs."

Percy stopped and hesitated. His eyebrows came together as he frowned and Sally had a feeling that what he was going to ask next would not be good. But before she could get up…

"Mom, where do babies come from?" Percy asked looking up at her. Harry looked up too, slightly curious.

Why didn't she trust her gut?

"Babies are the most innocent beings on this earth. So pure white storks bring them to their parents door-step."

The boys stared at her as if she had gone mad.

"Mom, we're not that young." Percy said.

"Alright, I'll tell you after you turn thirteen." Sally said, getting up.

Harry frowned, "Is it that complicated? I'm sure we can understand. It has something to do with honeymoons, doesn't it?"

Sally's jaw dropped. "Where did you hear that?!"

"That's how it works! People get married, go on honeymoons and nearly a year later, they have a kid." Harry said not understanding why his mother was getting so worked up.

"Is it a special kind of shop where you get babies from?" Percy asked interested. Sally's face turned red and she said, "You're too young to understand. Please, listen to me! I'll tell you when you're older. Now just stamp and push out that thought from your brains, please!"

Harry was quite as he contemplated this as Percy's eyes lit up, "Stamp!"

"What?" Sally and Harry chorused.

Percy looked proud of himself, "The answer to the riddle! It's a stamp!"

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