Harry Potter and the Black Moon Hunters


Harry ran like hell. He knew it was stupid to run away. It was as stupid as blowing up his aunt. Harry was sure he would get expelled from Hogwarts for that. He wondered how he had lost it that easily. Hogwarts was his only home and now he would lose it for good.

Maybe he could go to the Weasleys, but then, why should they take him in? Just because he was Ron's friend?

No, he had to run and that as far and as fast as he could, but finally Harry got out of breath. He stopped gasping and held his stinging side. He looked around, but it was pitch black. No moon in sight, just some lonely stars. The road he had come from was unlit, and led into the unknown.

Suddenly Harry heard a rustling noise nearby. He turned around starring into the darkness, trying to make out something, but I was useless. Then he heard a whimper.

"Hedwig?" Harry asked. He had freed his owl right before he fled the Dursleys. His snowy owl hadn't been happy, being woken so rudely, but she had understood fast and then swept out of the window.

The rustling sound was heard again, but this time Harry thought he heard steps, too. Harry's heart was hammering fast. The boy drew his wand and prepared himself for an attack. As he finally got attacked though, it happened that fast, that Harry had no time to react.

Chapter one: Bite me!

"Harry!" a high pitched voice called out. Harry winced but then he found his arms full of a girl with curly brown hair.

"H'mione!" the boy croaked fighting for air.

"Where the hell have you been?" Hermione asked releasing her missed friend again.

"I ran away." Harry answered simply.

Hermione stepped back and looked at the boy with a critical eye. After looking up and down she finally said: "You look horrible! What happened?"

"Slow down, Mione. Let me say hello to Harry, will you?" a red haired boy Harry's age demanded.

"Hi, Ron!" Harry greeted his friend.

"Hi, Harry. Cool hairstyle, how long are you planning to let it grow?"

Harry smiled nervously but didn't answer. He beckoned his friends to sit down at a table in the corner of the pub. They ordered three butterbeers and some sandwiches, before Ron and Hermione started with their questioning.

"So. Since when are you here at the Leaky Cauldron?" Hermione started.

"Since yesterday," Harry replied taking a big gulp of his butterbeer trying to calm his nerves. He didn't know why he felt that restless. He found himself starring at Hermione's neck. Then he shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind. Luckily his friends didn't notice his inner turmoil.

Ron told Harry that the ministry had been in an uproar since they realized that Harry had vanished.

"Yeah I know. I talked with Fudge yesterday. He seemed to be very relieved that he finally found me. Although it was more Tom who informed him that I was here, but never mind."

"You look so tired," Hermione said concerned.

"Well, I am."

"Do you want to lay down a bit? We can talk later," Ron asked.

Harry shook his head, "I had enough sleep. It can't be that. I don't know what's wrong. Guess that's just an aftereffect. I mean, I spend a whole week in the wilderness."

"Maybe you should see a healer," Hermione suggested.

Harry just shrugged his shoulders. "I will, when it doesn't get better."

"But Harry," Ron started, "Why didn't you come back earlier?"

"I was… kind of… erm… lost. I fled my relatives in a blind run. And then it was dark and… I don't know… everything was so strange," Harry tried to explain.

"So… how did you finally find your way?" his friend wanted to know.

"Well, that was strange, too. I thought I saw a big black dog and pulled out my wand and then suddenly a triple-decker bus materialized out of nowhere in front of me. The conductor told me, they would bring me where ever I wish to go, and so I landed here", Harry explained everything.

Hermione frowned thinking, while Ron's eyes lit up, "The Nightbus? Wow, I always wished to ride that bus one day."

"No." Harry said vehemently, "Believe me; you do not want to ride that bus!" At Ron's big eyes Harry explained how uncomfortable his ride was.

"May I ask what happened, that you ran away?" Hermione asked finally. This question was burning in her head since the start of their talk.

Harry sighed, and then he told them, that he accidentally blew up his aunt, just because she said some rude things. He told them how sure he was that they would kick him out of Hogwarts and how surprised he was that he: not only was still allowed to go to the school, but also got the permission to stay here in the Leaky Cauldron at the expense of the ministry. After the fiasco with Dobby the year before Harry really didn't understand the actions of the ministry.

"I'm sure that's because of Sirius Black," Ron tried to explain.

"I heard a bit about him, but what's the big deal?" Harry wondered.

"Well, he broke out of Azkaban. Nobody ever was able to do that, because of the Dementors there. They drive the occupants insane," Ron explained.

"So how did Black do that?" Harry wanted to know.

"That's the question!" Ron said looking mystified.


Harry stayed the last week before the new school year started at the Leaky Cauldron. He rarely left his room and when he did, then at night, when it was dark outside. The sunlight caused him a headache. His whole body felt weird. He was always hungry although he ate enough and he felt so tired. He slept nearly the whole day. It was as if he was missing something badly, but he didn't know what that could be.

His friends were shocked when they saw Harry a week later at Kings Cross.

"Harry? You look awful? Do you have problems with sleep?" Hermione wanted to know.

Harry just shook his head tiredly and let himself sink into the cushion of the train's seat closing his eyes again. He slept at the whole trip to Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron didn't dare to wake him up until it was time to change into the school uniforms.

Harry looked a tad better as they reached Hogsmead. As they left the train and went to the carriages Harry stopped abruptly wrinkling his nose in disgust, "What the hell smells that awful?"

Ron and Hermione exchanged bewildered looks. "What do you mean, mate?" Ron asked.

"Don't you smell that? It's like rotten meat," Harry said nauseated. The nearer Harry got to the carriages the more awful it smelled. "How can you not smell it?"

As they finally reached the castle Harry fled the carriage. Ron looked puzzled and Hermione frowned deeply in thought.


At the welcome speech Harry felt asleep again and just woke as the meal appeared. Hungrily he dug into the food. The variety of dishes was big, but Harry was just interested in the steaks. Like an animal Harry burrowed his teeth into the bloody and juicy meat unaware of the shocked looks of his classmates.

"Harry? Are you okay?" Hermione finally asked with a disgusted expression.

Harry looked up and then down at his hands, realizing that he held the steak in his fingers. "Erm…," he mumbled.

Meanwhile Professor McGonagall was also on her way towards Harry. "Mr. Potter!" she said shocked and angry, "Never before have I seen such unsavory behavior. Ten points from Gryffindor for… barbaric manners at the dining table."

Harry gulped; everybody in the Great Hall was looking at him now. He opened his fingers and let the meat fall down onto his plate. Then he took his silverware and started eating again, this time in a more civilized manner.

After finishing three steaks his stomach was full, but he still felt kind of hungry. Harry sighed hopelessly. What was wrong with him, he wondered one more time.


On their way to the Gryffindor tower Harry noticed an odor, which could only belong to one person. Harry growled angrily and said without turning around, "What is it Malfoy?"

Hermione and Ron swirled around and indeed there was Malfoy just a few steps behind. Slowly Harry turned around, too. Dangerously he glared at the blond boy. Draco stood routed to the spot and simply stared back.

Draco knew that something had happened to the green-eyed Gryffindor. He recognized the signs he was seeing, but he couldn't really believe it. So he starred in wonder and watched Harry approaching.

"I asked you, what you want. Staring at me the whole night?" Harry asked with a low growl.

Draco shook his shoulders "Why not."

"That brave without your goons around to protect you?" Harry said and stepped around the other boy like a wild animal before attacking. Finally Harry stopped in front of Draco and sucked in the air which was full of Draco's body odor. It was new to Harry to smell someone that clearly.

Draco thought he knew what was in front of him and he wondered if it was a good idea to provoke Harry, but he couldn't step back either. He was too curious if he was really right about the other boy.

Harry started circling Draco again, growling discontented. "What do you want to prove, just standing there? Did you lose a bet?"

Ron and Hermione starred at the scene before them unable to decide what they should do. They didn't understand what possessed their friend and therefore didn't know if they should help Harry or just wait.

"What do you want to prove wolfing down your food like an animal?" Draco returned the question.

"My eating habits are none of your damn business." Harry hissed.

"Eating habits? It's your habit to behave like a predator? Oh… I forgot… you are a Gryffindor, right? A lion, yes? But then I wonder why your head of house took points from you."

Harry shook his head in an attempt to clear his head. He was so furious. He wanted to shut Malfoy up; he wanted to hurt him… to bite him. Then he shook his head again, why would he want to bite Malfoy?

Draco realized that Harry was fighting with himself. His own heart beat doubled in excitement and fear. "What?" he taunted "Don't you want to attack?"

Harry sharply looked at Draco; he pulled his chin up and bared his teeth. Ron and Hermione didn't understand what was happening, but Draco knew what it meant, it was a threatening gesture. The blond knew he should stop provoking, or Harry would lose it. On the other side Draco was too excited over his new findings to think things through, and so he went on.

He whispered, so just Harry could hear him, "Bite me and you are mine!"

Harry jumped forward and closed his hands around Malfoy's throat. He starred at the pale skin on the boy's neck and found himself nearly unable to resist. Then he froze. He heard footsteps and a new smell reached his nose. Draco and Harry turned their heads at the same time.

Again Ron and Hermione wondered what was happening until they saw that someone turned around the corner, froze for a moment and then approached very fast with black ropes billowing behind.

"Mr. Potter. What do you think are you doing?" asked Professor Snape with a demanding voice.

Harry looked back at Malfoy realizing that his hands were still around Malfoy's throat. He released the blond and stepped back with an irritated growl.

"Professor, I think he is-" Draco started excited, but Professor Snape stopped him midsentence.

"Mr. Malfoy, go to your dormitory and stay there. Same goes to you, Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger." While Professor Snape gave his orders he fixed Harry with a stern glare. The boy glared back angrily.

"But, Sir" Draco started one more time only to get interrupted again, "You will learn soon enough, if you are right."

Draco sighed and finally left, but not without casting glances over his shoulder back to Harry and the professor.

"Come along, Mr. Potter!" Professor Snape commanded, but he received just another growl. Losing his patience, the professor grabbed the boy's upper arm and dragged him along. Harry tried to get free but it was it vein, the professor had an iron grip on him.

"Let me go!" Harry hissed. This time it was Professor Snape who growled.

Ignoring the struggling boy in his grip he rant to himself, "Incapable, stupid pack. Always making such a fuss and then missing the right moment. Where had they been? How could they let this happen?"

As they reached Professor Snape's office, Professor Snape released the boy's arm and pushed him inside.

"Sit!" he ordered while he took a seat behind his desk.

Unsure and a bit confused Harry complied.

"How long is it ago?" Professor Snape asked stapling his fingers together.

Puzzled Harry looked up, not understanding what the professor wanted to know.

"Potter, do not try my patience. How long is it, since you got bitten?"

"Bitten?" Harry repeated getting nervous, "I'm not bitten."

"No? You think you are acting completely normal? You are not hungry and unable to still your hunger?" Professor Snape asked.

The frightened look the professor received was a good enough answer, but the boy refused to acknowledge that. "I was in the wilderness for a week; that left marks!" he tried to defend himself.

"Who are kidding? You lived a whole week at the Leaky Cauldron at the expense of the ministry. I believe you had enough time to recover from your adventure. Now tell me, when did you get bitten."

"I'm not…" Harry started once more, but stopped midsentence as Professor Snape jumped to his feet, strode around the desk, approached the boy and pushed Harry's head ruggedly to the side to get a look at the boy's neck. "Hey!" Harry cried, but the professor ignored the protest. He found two red dots at the base of Harry's neck which hadn't heeled completely.

"Hmm…" the professor hummed as he studied the biting marks. "He didn't finish."

"Finish? Who? What are you talking?" Harry asked irritated.

Professor Snape released the boy again and retook his seat before he said, "You have a biting mark on your neck. Do you have any ideas how it got there?"

Harry glared once again. "I got attacked by a snake!" he said sullen.

"No, Potter. I don't think so. That's not the mark of a snake."

"It was a snake!" Harry insisted.

"Don't play games. I know you drool over blood," Professor Snape replied.


"You know, you will die if you don't drink some in time."

"I DON'T DRINK BLOOD. I'M NOT A VAMPIRE!" Harry screamed enraged and desperately at the same time.

"Yes, you are!"