When the time is right

As Harry woke up the next morning, he felt relaxed and contented. Harry nearly purred as he stretched his arms and legs. As he wriggled his body on the bed, he bumped into something solid and warm. Startled, he opened his eyes and found someone sleeping next to him.

Realising that Severus had stayed the night with him caused a warm feeling to spread from his stomach through his whole being. The man also looked more relaxed and even younger when asleep. Harry smiled and watched in fascination, as Severus slowly started to wake.

"Hi," Harry greeted shyly.

The man blinked confused, but as his eyes landed on Harry he smiled and finally sat up. "Good morning, Meadow Moon. How are you?"


"I take it, you slept well?" Severus asked.

Harry nodded with a big grin. "Like a stone. Why did you stay with me?"

"It wasn't my intention. I must have fallen asleep before I could get to my own room."

"It was nice. I wouldn't mind repeating it," the boy said carefully, unsure if Severus even would want to.

Severus smiled and stroke through Harry's hair. "Me neither," he said. "You know you can always come to me, even in the middle of the night. I will never reject you. I know, the way from Gryffindor tower down to our quarters is long but maybe we could arrange, that you can sleep down here from Fridays to Saturdays or Saturdays to Sundays."

"Or both," Harry chipped in.

Severus laughed at the comment before he confirmed, "Or both. I will have to talk with Professor McGonagall."

"That would be great," Harry agreed and wrapped his arms around the man in a hug.


Harry was glad to realise that, even if Severus looked still tired, that he wasn't looking any worse than the day before. He was forced to acknowledge that his father wouldn't break down any minute and was now more certain that Severus can hold on a bit longer.

Still, the next new moon was approaching fast and Harry couldn't suppress the fear that came up whenever he thought about getting bitten. Draco reassured him countless times, that it will not hurt and that Harry will even like it. He promised more than once, that it was a very special moment and nothing to fear. Harry tried to believe him, but his only experience with biting was the one that turned him into a vampire and that was not an experience that Harry wanted to repeat.

Harry was still grounded, but Severus had stopped giving him detentions. Nevertheless, Harry sought the man out every day to help him prepare ingredients for a potion or to clean some cauldrons. The boy loved his alone-time with Severus. Ron and Hermione weren't really happy about Harry's choice of leisure activity, but they didn't make Harry's life more difficult as it already was either. They just hope that one day their friend would spend more time with them again.


Harry woke up early in the morning and yawned sleepily. It was far to early to stand up again, but Harry knew just the thing that would help him get some more sleep. Grinning, he slipped out of his bed. It was Saturday and Harry had stayed the night in Severus's quarters. Now he was tiptoeing into Severus's room and stood next to the big bed.

"What are you waiting for? Jump in?" the man grumbled, half asleep.

Harry wasted no time in diving underneath the blanket and snuggling close to the warm body.

As Severus felt Harry's frozen feet at his warm skin he growled, "Next time you walk bare feet over the cold stone floor, I will hex pink bunny slippers permanently onto your feet."

Harry just snickered without taking the man's threat seriously.


Later that day, they both had breakfast in their quarters.

"You should do your homework, so you have the rest of the weekend free."

Harry sighed. He worried his lip with his teeth, a sign that he was worried and nervous. He looked at Severus and admitted, "That was the plan, but … today is... you know, the blood feast. I don't think I'm able to concentrate on my school work. The last feast was great but I was … I don't know... I wasn't myself. I don't want loose control."

"You worry too much, child!" Severus responded gently. "You can't fight your instinct; nor the high feeling you get on such a day. Just go with the flow. Nothing bad will happen as long as you have somewhere you can retire to. Besides, I'm here for you. You aren't alone in this."

Harry smiled at that, but then he frowned again. "How many moon circles will it take until I'm completely comfortable with all this?"

Severus shook his head, "I can't answer you that. Everybody experience the new moon nights differently. There is no right or wrong and I can't say how long it will take to find your own way. You don't need to worry."

"So... it's okay to be nervous?" Harry asked once more. Feeling the need to be comforted by his Dad.

"Yes, Harry. It's okay. Do you want to spend the morning with your friends? Maybe they can distract you from your nervousness?" the man suggested.

Harry shook his head wildly. Nearly fearful, he confessed, "I want to stay with you."

Severus smiled. "Okay. What would you like to do then?"

"Can we go flying?" Harry asked hopefully.

"In the bright daylight?" Severus asked and pointed towards the window. "You could fly on a broom," he suggested.

"Alone?" Harry shook his head. Hadn't he said just moments ago that he wanted to spend time with Severus together?

"Hmm... maybe I know something, but you have to close your eyes," Severus said, an air of mystery to his voice.

Harry's eyes widened at this, enthralled. "Is it a secret?"

"Yes," replied Severus, "you could say that."


Many corridors later, Harry couldn't believe what he was seeing. He blinked in wonder and turned around with an open mouth trying to take in his surroundings. "What... What is this place? Aren't we still inside the castle?" he asked as he looked up the trees near by, the smells exactly like those on the forbidden forest and the trees stretching as high as those found there.

"It's called the Room of Requirement." Severus explained, with a small smile on his face as he watched Harry's face full of wonder. "It can turn into anything you wish."

"Wow. That's incredible. I didn't know such a room existed. So, if I would need the toilet really badly it would turn into a wash room?"

Severus chuckled, but confirmed, "I believe there are enough wash rooms within Hogwarts but theoretically, yes."

"And... erm... if you want to add something you just wish for it? I mean, if I want a spring right over there with cool water it would..." Harry didn't need to finish his sentence; because as soon as he visualised the spring in his head, it appeared at the exact place as he imagined it.

With an astonished face, he turned to Severus. "Is it real water? I mean, is it... drinkable?"

"Try it!" the man encourage the boy.

Carefully, Harry walked over to the spring and held his hand out. Just inches before he would touch the water, he looked back at his dad, his face expressing his nervousness and his wonder at the situation. Severus jerked his head to tell the boy to go on.

Clear cool water ran over Harry's hand. Harry cupped his hands and then took a testing sip of water. "This is unbelievable! It's real water. But... how is that possible?"

"It's magic!" Severus said with a smile. "And... how about flying now?"

Harry stood and looked once again at the trees and to forest behind. "Is it okay if we explore this place first?" He pointed to a small path that wound around the trees. " Can we go for a walk and look around?"

"As you wish, come!" Severus started to walk towards the path Harry had pointed out and Harry soon fell in line with him. "I haven't shared this place with anyone else before."

"It's magnificent. I'm glad you showed me. Where does the path goes?"

"You will see." Severus said simply and continued to walk along the winding path.

After some time in relative silence, they reached a brook and the path followed it upriver. Suddenly, the wood opened up a bit and gave a free view of a beautiful waterfall.

Harry was captivated by it. He just stood and stared, slack jawed at the breathtaking sight. After a while, Severus placed an arm around Harry's shoulders and said. "There is a cave behind the waterfall. Do you want to see?"

Harry nodded, still speechless at the beauty of this place.

"Won't we get completely wet?" Harry asked finally, as they got nearer to the waterfall.

"No. But be careful the rocks are slippery and I don't want you to fall." Severus guided Harry over a small path and rocks towards the waterfall and now Harry could see, that there was a small gab between the water and the rock face. When he slipped in some of the frozen water caught him and he yelped in shock and surprise at the cold temperature. Severus chuckled at Harry's response to the water temperature, while he steadied him. Before Harry could protest at continuing and risking further cold experiences, Severus had dried him again with a spell and continued to lead the teen around the waterfall.

The cave behind the waterfall was bigger as Harry had thought it would be. It was a perfect hiding place to spend some time in, especially if you wanted peace and tranquility. Harry looked around and then noticed that at the back of the cave there was a gap deeper into the rock with little light. "How deep does it go?" he asked.

"I don't know. I never explored it any further."

"Can we?" Harry asked eagerly.

"If you wish."

And so they did, until Harry's stomach grumbled, indicating his hunger. "Oops. Sorry," Harry mumbled, a slight blush on his cheeks.

"No need to apologise." Severus responded, "It's time for lunch, we should go back to the entrance of the cave and call an elf for lunch."

If the elf was surprised about it's surroundings when called, it didn't show it. Dutifully, it brought two plates and cutlery for the two and vanished again. The two ate their lunches while talking lightly about the cave and what they had seen while exploring. After lunch, they left the cave and Harry asked, "Are we going flying now?"

Severus laughed, "I thought you would never ask." He said, changing in to a bat and seamlessly flying in to the air. "Yes let's fly!"

Hey, wait! Harry called as changed into his bat form too.

Catch me if you can! Severus called playfully and flapped higher into the air.

I will! Harry yelled, accepting the challenge and gave his best to catch up with his dad.

Is that what you calling flying? Severus taunted and laughed as he watched the small bat attempt to dive towards him. I thought you trained with Draco.

I had and I will catch you in the end. He promised his Father, having no intention of giving up that fast. After some time, he found his rhythm and closed in on his father.

They zig zagged through the sky, up and down, back and forth, laughing all the way. Although Harry never managed to pass Severus, he had fun to no end.

All too soon for Harry's taste, they landed again next to the spring Harry had conjured previously.

"That was great. Can we come back again?" Harry asked with bright eyes and a big smile.

"We will see. But now it's time for me to prepare everything for tonight. Why don't you go and play with your friends until it is time for the feast. We will meat at five, okay?"

Harry tried his best not to show his disappointment. He knew he was neglecting his friends in the last few weeks and he knew they would be happy if he would spend some time with them; but today Harry wasn't really in the mood for them. But, if even his dad is pointing out that he should spend some time with them, then maybe he really should.

He nodded with a sigh. "Okay."


Hermione was the first who saw him and waved him over to their table. She was in the middle of a chess game with Ron and asked Harry to help her. It wasn't looking good for her. Harry knew there was nothing that would help her to win the game, but he tried everything to make it a real challenge for Ron.

In the end, Ron still won but he was impressed with Harry's new skill in chest. "That was brilliant!" He complimented his friend.

"Yeah, seems like it has some advantages to be different," he said with a half-smile.

Ron frowned at first in puzzlement, but then it clicked. Sometimes, he forgot about Harry's condition as he seems so normal.

"Isn't your club meeting today?" Hermione asked suddenly.

"Yes" Harry confirmed, fidgeting nervously on his seat.

"Do you sometimes get the urge to... well you now...?" Ron asked, wondering how hard it would be for a vampire to blend in.

"What? No!" Harry pointed out, feeling hurt that his friend was assuming he could or would bite him.

"I... I didn't mean it like that. I know we are safe. I was just wondering if and if, when how hard it was. I mean, you act like there is nothing wrong and I wonder... is it hard?"

"No. Not with a bond in place. It just... on days like these... I don't like the distance." Harry explained.

"Then why are you still here?" Hermione asked.

"He said we will meet at five." Harry said and smiled at the girl.

"And if you go to him earlier? What will happen then?" the girl asked curiously.

"Erm..." Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Nothing, I guess."

"Well, then, what are you waiting for?" Hermione asked and made a shooing gesture at her vampire friend. "And when he asks why your there early, you can say I throw you out of the tower."

"You are the best friends one can wish for, I hope you know that!" Harry said with a big smile and in the next moment he was out of the common room.

Hermione shook her had and sighed with a smile. "He is so different and then still the same. I never thought that it is possible to be friends with a … you know."

Ron nodded, "Yes. I still wish he would spend more time with us. He hangs out an awful lot with Snape and Malfoy these days."

"It's a little like he suddenly has a girlfriend, don't you agree?" the girl asked.

At this Ron sat up straighter, "Wait. You don't think, he is seeing Malfoy, do you?"

"No. Of course not!" Hermione said, but then she realised that she didn't really know which gender Harry preferred, but being thirteen it was also a little early to say for sure.


"Harry," Severus was surprised to see his charge entering the vault so soon, but there was a unmistakable tone of relief in his voice.

"Hi!" Harry greeted back while he looked around. Last time, he hadn't really had eyes for the room. Harry then grinned at his Dad and asked cheekily, "Did you miss me?"

At first, Severus wanted to say no, but then he realised that he did feel better now that Harry was with him again. "Maybe." he finally admitted.

Harry smiled happily at this. So it wasn't just him. "Can I help you with the preparations?"

"If you want, you may help preparing the ingredient for the potion."

"Are you sure I won't ruin anything?"

"After all the weeks you have helped me recently, I'm quite confident that you will manage." Severus said and Harry felt proud at the compliment.


So they worked in silence until someone else joined them. "Hi Meadow Moon. Good evening, Night Eye," a dreamy voice greeted them from the doorway.

"Hi Luna!" Harry said with a smile but Luna shook her head.

"It's Moon Cloud."

"Ok. Hi, Moon Cloud. Nice to meet you."

"Harry, are you finished cutting that root?" Severus asked.

"Erm... in a bit." Harry answered and finished his job.

"May I give you a hand?" Luna asked Severus.

"Not this time. Harry was already a great help. But thank you."

When Harry handed over the tray with the cut root, Severus thanked him and said that the preparations were finished.

Harry and Luna stood to the side and began to talk a little more.

"I see, you have finally settled in into you new life." the girl observed.

"Erm... yes. More or less. It's not all that bad to be a vampire." he said and then he remembered what he called the members of the Black Moon Hunters that first night and hung his head, "I'm really sorry how I called you all blood sucking monsters. Now I know that there is much more to it."

"Don't think to hard about that incident. Nobody felt insulted by you. We understand how difficult it had been for you."

"Thanks. I guess I've been very lucky that Severus took me in."

"Yes," Luna agreed. "Severus is very special. You still had no idea in what way, but you will see, soon."

"What do you mean?" Harry wondered but Luna just smiled and turned away as in this moment Draco and Blaise entered the vault. Their arms full of snacks for the party. House elves were not permitted in this room, so they had to organise their snacks on their own.

More and more hunters entered until everybody was there. They chatted with each other like friends, the colour of your house tie didn't play any role in here. Even Severus was treated like a friend and not like a professor.

Later they all met around a cauldron to brew the potion together. Obviously really everybody knew how this potion was done. Finally the last step had approached. Just one ingredient was still missing. The blood. A dagger was passed around and everybody cut his palm to add his blood into the mix. Harry starred transfixed at the dagger until it landed in his hand.

He gulped. How could he just cut his hand? Wouldn't it hurt? The thought alone made him flinch.

"You don't have to do this bit, if you're not ready", Luna said immediately and everybody agreed with her.

Harry was torn. He wanted to belong to them, but he wasn't sure if he could do it.

Severus's hand came to rest on Harry's shoulders. Then one of his hands reached towards the dagger and took it out of Harry's hand. Ashamed, Harry hung his head.

"Don't worry, Harry. I waited nearly a whole year before I was ready to add my blood into the potion. There is no shame in waiting. You are new to this and nobody expect you to feel comfortable with all of this straight away. You are still one of us. You are still a Black Moon Hunter." Blaise said.

Harry looked at him in surprise. Until now, the black skinned boy hadn't spoken to him often, but hearing these words from him took away Harry's bad feeling more efficiently than if Luna or Draco had said them.

"Thank you!" he whispered then he turned to Severus who had cut his palm and added his blood to the potion. Harry gulped as a strange urge took hold of his body. Transfixed he stared at the bleeding hand of his blood partner. Was that jealousy he was feeling? Breathing harshly he tired hard to damp his instinctive reaction to jump his partner and get his own portion of blood.

Severus recognised as the blood rush took hold of Harry and he wondered if he would be able to complete the potion before Harry completely lapsed to it.

Just a moment, Meadow Moon and then I will be all yours, Severus assured the young vampire.

Harry jerked himself out of his trance. I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Nothing is wrong; It's a normal reaction. Severus reassured Harry. He pulled his bleeding hand back and healed his cut. Then he placed his hands back on Harry's shoulders squeezing them lightly. Harry trembled in excitement.

With Severus blood, the potion was finished. Everybody smiled at each other as the potion in their midst bubbled and hissed before finally settled down. Then everybody moved back with their bond partner.

Severus, Harry and Draco moved to the sofa they had occupied the last time. Without thinking, Harry placed himself on Severus lap and the man encircled him with his arms.

It didn't take long for Draco to noticed that the two only had eyes for each other and he began to feel very lonely. That is, until he suddenly looked up and his eyes fell onto a blond haired man entering the vault.

"Father!" he yelled in surprise, jumped up and ran to greet his father.

"Draco, I thought maybe you could use my company today." Lucius greeted.

While he hugged his son, he cast a glance at Severus and greeted him with a nod.

Harry didn't notice the arrival or the greetings exchanged as he snuggled deeper into Severus' arms and relished in the warmth they have. Absent-mindedly, his finger traced the previous cut on Severus hand. Nothing was visible after the cut was healed, but he knew exactly where it had been.

When Harry looked up to search Severus eyes, he found the man looking at him with a calm gentle expression. The boy face stretched into a smile and the smile was returned. Then Severus titled his head to the side in an inviting gesture.

Harry gasped as the blood rush took hold of him again, this time full force. Before he knew what he was doing he kneeled, straddling Severus's lap, and moved his mouth to the base of Severus's neck, feeling how his teeth grew. The longer they got, the stronger his urge to bite became. The smell of Severus' blood was fogging his mind completely. Still, Harry found it in him to be gentle when he finally sank his teeth into to waiting flesh.

The taste of Severus's blood was as mind blowing as ever. It made him feel alive and joyful.

But when he finished and slowly sat back down on Severus' lap, he felt guilty; more than last time he had drank from Severus. He realised he couldn't deny Severus his blood any longer. Although he still felt the fear of being bitter after his first experience, he also was still captured in the joy he had felt moments ago and he wanted to share this joy. Therefore, he locked eyes with Severus and also titled his neck to the side.

Severus's eyes widen. "You don't have to." he whispered.

"I do!" Harry contradicted.

"You are still fearful," Severus pointed out.

"Yes. Take it away, please. Show me that I have no need to fear this. This fear will not go away on it's own."

Severus hesitated. He still feared he could traumatise the boy, but he had no idea how long he could hold himself back, if Harry invited him in that way.

"You are sure?" he asked one last time, looking into Harry's eyes; trying to see Harry's thoughts and feelings within them.

"Please, Night Eye." Harry pleaded and slowly Severus leaned forwards.

He stroked through Harry's hair with his pale thin fingers and then placed one of his hands at the back of Harry's neck. The other hand came to rest on Harry's shoulder, steadying the boy and attempting to provide comfort at the same time. Carefully, Severus breathed in Harry's smell. His control was slipping from him with every passing moment, smelling the intoxicating blood beneath the surface of the skin in his hands. He still felt Harry's fear, but he also felt the boy's determination. Harry was ready to face his fear.

Suddenly, Severus realised how long it had been that he last drank real blood. He mentally cringed. What if he hurt Harry?

I trust you Harry encouraged the man and closed his eyes, an expression of calm on his face giving reassurance to the older man.

Finally, Severus's last restrain fell from him and be sank his teeth into the delicate neck of the boy. Harry jerked a little, but Severus couldn't stop himself anymore. He had nearly forgotten how wonderful it was to taste fresh blood.

Slowly, Harry relaxed again. The short pain from being pierced by the man's teeth had vanished already and all his bad experience and his fear got washed away by an unbelievable feeling of intimacy and connection. He suddenly felt whole and he wasn't sure if what he was feeling belonged to him or Severus, but it didn't matter. They were one.

The two didn't realise the red glow that engulfed them as their bond finally closed around each other.

The others in the room watched in fascination. They all knew that it wasn't a normal bond, this was something special but they didn't know in what way.

Draco tugged at Lucius's sleeve, gaining the man's attention. "Father? Why are they glowing red? What is happening?"

"I have no idea, my son." the man answered, mystified by the sight in front of him.

"It's the Eve Bond. They are meant to be together, for their whole life. Now as father and son, but later when Harry doesn't need a father figure any longer; the relationship may change into that of life partners." Luna explained.

"How is that possible?" Lucius wondered. "An Eve Bond is not automatically a vampire thing. Besides Severus and Harry couldn't stand each other for a long time. And now that?"

"Maybe this all is connected, their animosity before and their bond now. The bond probably became possible because of Harry's transformation. It may also be the reason why Night Eye didn't fight Meadow Moon as he was about to bite him that first night."

"If they had been meant for each other, it could also explain, why Severus never took my proposal to bond with me into consideration." Lucius said more to himself.

"Magic works in mysterious way." Luna said in her dreamy voice and smiled.


After Severus drank his fill, he rested his head on Harry's shoulder for a while. His emotions were all over the place. He felt closer to Harry than ever before. Involuntary, his arms tightened around the boy. Harry was his. Slowly, he leant back against the sofa rest and pulled the boy against his chest. Both males fell into a light slumber, basking in the feeling of warmth and togetherness.

Draco cast an curious glance at his father and wondered how it would be if is father would turn into his lover. But then he shook his head. That just doesn't feel right. His father was his father. Nothing will ever change that. On the other hand, looking at Harry and Severus, it wasn't that impossible to imagine. Maybe, because Severus wasn't really Harry's father. He just took this parental role for now as the boy needed guidance.

Lucius locked eyes with his son, "Well son, I fear we will never know the promise of Prince or Potter blood."

"You may be right father. But who else will become my blood partner?"

"Don't stress yourself. You are still young." Lucius relied unconcerned.

Soon, the others turned away from the newly bonded vampires and went back to their own business. Luna and Blaise started to pour the potion into the vials and stored them in boxes, talking amicably as they did so. Some of the remaining vials would be shipped to the Black Moon Hunter camps outside of Hogwarts.

Slowly, Severus came back to himself. He looked down at the black haired head where it still lay on his chest. He couldn't help but smile. The tiredness of the last few days had vanished completely; instead he felt proud at Harry's courage and he felt a very strong sense to protect his young partner. He felt honoured to have been gifted with such an valuable gift, both the trust and blood of his bonded. But that was Harry to him, a gift sent from God.

"May we be allowed to sit with you?"

This voice brought Severus out of his mind again. He looked up and saw Lucius and Draco standing a short distance away from them. He smiled and nodded. "Sure. I'm sorry, I was a little … spaced out."

"Well, that's understandable, after such an unique bonding."

Severus frowned at these words. "Unique?"

"Well, Mother Magic sealed and blessed your bond. You two glowed red for some time. Moon Cloud said something about an Eve bond. I think, I have read about it previously, but I have never seen such a thing before. It was... fascinating." Lucius explained.

Severus froze and his eyes widened a bit. He also had read about Eve bondings, but it was a long time ago and … wasn't this the bond for two lovers? He didn't have such feelings for Harry. He was quite comfortable in his role as the boy's father.

"Just think, Severus. The boy will grow up; one day, he will be an adult. He will mature into a man." Lucius explained as if he had read Severus thoughts.

Severus nodded, still surprised by the revelation. He resolved to learn everything known of this kind of bond before he attempted to try to explain it to Harry.

"We should have known." Lucius words broke the silence that had settled over the small group.

Severus arched an eye brow "Known?"

"Well, yes." Lucius said with a shrug, "The way your bond acted even before it was complete. The telepathic communication, the exchange of feelings. It was just the start. I wonder what else you two will be able to do, now that the bond is complete."

Before Severus could say anything in response, he felt Harry move slightly as the boy was slowly waking up again. For a while, Harry looked confused. He looked up at Severus's face and found the man smiling at him.

Harry smiled back and whispered softly, "Hi."

"Are you okay? How are you feeling?" Severus asked a little concerned if he had hurt Harry with his bite.

Instead of a verbal answer, Harry snuggled back into Severus arms. I'm feeling home he said via mind link.

Severus snorted amused, but tightened his arms and admitted. I'm feeling home, too.


I know it took me some time to continue this and I don't know how fast the next chapter will come. What do you think about that kind of bond? It wont really change the way of the story right now, but it has potential for a sequell later on.

Who could become Draco's blood partner? Will he really never know how Potter blood is tasting? Or Prince blood? Will the four of them become something more? Was the Eve bond just the first step? If you have some ideas or if you feel the need to protest about this absurd idea, just let me know. I'm big enough to cope with it. Ha. Ha. ;-)