Been a little down lately, and in an angsty mood. Wouldn't even be posting this if it weren't for Rhiannamator.

Adam lay curled in bed, tear-soaked pillow clutched tightly in his arms. He'd make a mistake. A terrible mistake, but a mistake all the same. And when he'd tried to be a man and confess it, Jay had gotten upset and left Adam standing in their kitchen, tears running down his cheeks.


"Jay-Jay, you love me right?" Adam asked, fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers that were always left on their table.

"Of course, Add," Jay replied, turning to give his boyfriend his full attention.

"And you wouldn't leave me right?" Adam continued, steadfastly refusing to look at the other man.

"I made that promise when we were 18, haven't broken it since and I'm certainly not going to start now," Jay assured him. "What's wrong?" Adam traced random patterns on the tabletop with his finger.

"I did something bad Jay, he whispered. Jay raised an eyebrow.

"Did you murder someone?" he teased, frowning when Adam looked up at him with eyes glistening from unshed tears.

"I slept with Jeff," he whispered. Jay froze, hoping against hope that he'd heard wrong.

"You did what?" he asked, forcing the words past the lump in his throat. Adam just looked up at him, tears overflowing and rolling down his cheeks.

"Jay I am so so so sorry…" he started.

"You're sorry?!" Jay yelled, letting his anger take over the hurt he felt. "You're SORRY?! You obviously weren't so sorry when you CHEATED on me!" Desperately forcing back the tears he stormed through the kitchen, heading for the front door.

"Jay wait!" Adam cried, reaching out to grab his wrist. "I'm sorry! Don't leave me!" Jay just threw a disgusted look at Adam before he left, leaving Adam to stand alone, tears rolling down his cheeks, sobs haunting Jay long after he couldn't hear them.

Adam had eventually found the strength and motivation, to turn the stove off-ignoring the fact that Jay had only left it on in his haste to get away from the elder blonde-before he slowly climbed the stairs to their shared bedroom. He dug in the back of his drawers for the old E&C shirt he'd kept, the one that had belonged to Jay until he jumped ship to TNA and Adam had 'borrowed' it. Even after so many washed, Adam could still smell the unique scent of his Jay on it. It was why, after so many years together, that shirt only came out of the back of the drawer when Jay wasn't physically able to be there. It had been tucked away after Jay had appeared at Slammiversary and WWE had decided to shelve him until his appearance at Bound For Glory. Adam had been promised another few weeks of domestic life with his Jay, until he had gone and screwed it all up. Now Jay had gone and broken the most important promise he'd ever made to Adam, and honestly Adam couldn't blame him. He'd made a bad decision and he was just going to have to live with it.

The title is especially meaningful for me this time. Made a lot of mistakes this last year, some that I regret and some that I don't. Got involved with a selfish, egotistical girl last year. I regret it only so far as it still makes my heart ache at times. But honestly, if I hadn't? I wouldn't have met some of the amazing people that I have this last year, and I probably never would have met my girlfriend. Kinda proven to me that even when you get your heart-broken, good can still come out of it.