Hello! Welcome to my story, the fifth in the Lunar Cycle which introduces my OC/Time Lady Evelyn 'Evy' Daniels (AKA Luna) into DW as the Link of the Doctor. This will be a revision of Series 6 so I would recommend reading the first stories in this series (The Hidden Lady of Time, Alone No Longer, Together At Last, and Linked Through Time) before reading this to fully understand who Evy is, her special talents, and her relationship with the Doctor (exactly what Linking is/Links are).

A description of Evy...she's a Time Lady currently on her 11th body. She is a slightly short (about 5'5") blonde woman who wears her hair in a high ponytail, with one strand that tends to fall out of it. She has hazel eyes and a button nose. She tends to wear 'western' style outfits, namely a pair of pants tucked into knee high boots, a tank top, and a jacket over it. She was also given a 'holster' belt by the Doctor during Christmas to keep her sonic in, completing the look. She is also, I'm happy to say, pregnant (a pregnancy which lasts 18 months). I picture her as looking similar to Emilie de Ravin.

~8~ scene change

'italics' telepathic communication

This story will be updated daily, with two chapters per episode and one chapter per episode for 2-parter adventures. It will also follow mostly the Doctor/Evy's POV but include some scenes where the Doctor or Evy is mentioned/talked about.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who...or else we wouldn't be waiting months between The Angels Take Manhattan and the Christmas Special...


The Impossible Astronaut

There was a banging noise outside the room as a set of doors were thrown open, "Out of my way!" a man shouted, pounding on the locked doors to the room, "Doctor! DOCTOR!" the doors burst open and a man in Victorian garb and a gray wig strode into the room with a mess of men, all with swords. He looked over at a small pile of clothing lying on a table and a row of paintbrushes and paints set up, before his gaze fell on a picture, recently painted, of a man, clearly the mysterious Doctor, standing there, holding a trident, a string of red cloth cutting across his front, keeping him decent, as small cupids stood on the clouds around him.

The man turned his attention to the young woman who had painted the picture, "Where's the Doctor?" he demanded.

She laughed a bit, "Doctor who?"

Her ruse might have worked had there not been a sneeze from beneath her skirt. The man's eyes widened as he stepped forward and, using the tip of his sword, lifted the skirt as the Doctor's head popped out from under it.

"You know…" the Doctor began, clearly naked, "This isn't nearly as bad as it looks…"

The glare the man sent him let him know he was absolutely wrong…that and the fact that the man grabbed the painting and punched his fist through it. He sighed inwardly, there went his gift for Evy…


Rory was putting groceries on the countertop as Amy read from a large red book, "'At the personal intervention of the king, the unnamed Doctor was incarcerated, without trial, in the Tower of London.'"

"Ok, but it doesn't have to be him," Rory argued.

"'According to contemporary accounts, the next night a woman arrived in court dressed in a scandalous outfit comprising a tunic and trousers to plead his case…'"

"Doesn't have to be Evy either."

"'When the king refused her request for the Doctor's release, that same night a magical sphere some twenty feet across was seen floating away from the Tower, bearing the mysterious Doctor aloft. Witnesses claim to have heard a smack resound just before the light disappeared.'"

"Ok, it's them."

"There's more…"


The Doctor honestly had no idea how he'd ended up in this situation. He'd gotten a call from Jack Harkness, apparently one of his friends in WWII had gotten captured by the Germans and had mysteriously been rescued. After having met the new Doctor Jack worked out who the bow-tied man who had saved his friend was. Not wanting Evy to worry about Jack's friend, he'd offered to get man out…and promptly gotten captured as well.

Which was why he and Jack's friend were now tunneling under the camp, trying to get out, "Doctor!" Jack's friend called up through a hole they'd dug to get their bearings, "Doctor what can you see?"

He dropped down from the hole, looking upside down at the man, "Is the commandant's office painted a sort of green color with a big flag on the wall?" alarms started to blare, "I think the answer's probably yes."

Suddenly he was yanked up through the hole by soldiers following the commandant's commands to seize the prisoner.

Yes…Evy was going to kill him…


Amy finished reading about the Doctor's brief stint as a POW, learning that the next day a blonde woman had shown up and somehow managed to convince the German commander to give up, not only the Doctor and the man he was trying to free, but the other POWs as well…something about idiot being contagious…

Amy closed the book as she leaned into Rory's arms, the two of them lying on the sofa with a movie on, "It's like he's being deliberately ridiculous," Amy commented.

"Evy must be ready to kill him," Rory smirked.

"He's got to stop trying to attract our attention…" Amy began when Rory laughed at the movie and she looked over at it, "Are you watching this again?"

"Yeah, I've explained the jokes…" he said as the doorbell rang. He loved watching old Laurel and Hardy's films, 'Sons of the Desert' was his favorite. Amy just rolled her eyes and got up to answer the door, "So what are you saying?" he called so she could hear him from the front of the house, "You really think he's back there, trying to wave to us out of history books?" he looked down at the book, not noticing the Doctor appear in the movie, wearing a fez and waving, before running over to the lineup, dancing…until a slightly amused, slightly resigned blonde woman dragged him away.

"It's the sort of thing he'd do," Amy called back.

"Yeah but why? If you were pregnant I wouldn't be trying to get myself into situations like that, I'd want to be with you."

"I doubt he's TRYING to get himself into trouble. That usually just...happens. And Evy said it would take more than a year before the baby's born..."

"I mean, I wouldn't want anything to happen to me…and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you trying to help me."

"They'll be fine. Evy's had loads of experience getting the Doctor out of tricky spots. And I doubt she'd let him go if she didn't know he would be ok in the end."

"I don't see why he has to try and be so obvious though."

"Well, they said they'd be in touch," Amy walked into the room as she sorted through the mail.

"Two months ago."

"Two months is nothing," Amy remarked, opening a dark blue envelope, "He's up to something, which means Evy's in on it too. I know they are. I know them," she pulled out a white paper.


16:30 MDT

378-08-388* N, 1108-148-348* W

"What is it?" Rory asked, looking up as Amy was silent, "Amy?"

Amy walked forward, her eyes still glued to the note, "A date, a time, a map reference. I think it's an invitation."

"From who?"

"It's not signed, look," she held it up for him to see, "Card is blue," and it wasn't just any blue, it was TARDIS blue. She tossed it onto the table.


A yellow school bus pulled up in the desert, Amy and Rory getting out, "Thanks!" Amy called back to the driver.

"You're welcome!" he called, before pulling away and continuing on.

"This is it yeah?" Amy asked, looking around, shifting the weight of the large pack on her back, "Right place?"

"Uh, nowhere, middle of," Rory squinted against the sun, "Yeah, this is it."

Neither of them noticed the Doctor stretched out on a red car behind them, wearing a cowboy hat until…

"Howdy!" he shouted.

Amy spun around, grinning widely at the sight of him, "Doctor!"

He laughed, jumping off the car, "It's the Ponds!" he pulled Amy into a tight hug, "Pond One and Pond Two!"

"Hey!" Amy greeted as she hugged him back.

"Hello Ponds!" he laughed.

"So someone's been a busy boy then eh?"

"Did you see me?"

"Of course! Stalker!"


"Husband," Rory said.

The Doctor turned and threw his arms around Rory as well, "And Rory the Roman! Come here!"

Rory hugged the Doctor back, pulling away to point at the hat he was wearing, "Hey, nice hat."

"I wear a Stetson now," the Doctor said, smirking, "Stetson's are cool."

Suddenly the hat was blown off his head by a gunshot. They looked over to see none other than River Song standing there, blowing on the end of her gun before putting it in its holster, "Hello sweetie," she grinned.

Amy laughed at the typical greeting before looking around, "Where's the TARDIS?"

The Doctor just patted the car, "Trying out a new look, like it?"

"How? I thought that thingy that makes it change was broke?"

"Evy fixed it," he said automatically, before his smile faded.

"Where is Evy anyway?" Rory asked, looking around, wondering where she was.

"Not coming."

"What?" Amy frowned, "You two have a fight or something?"

"Or something," he said before quickly, continuing, "Look she just can't make it. Sends her love but she's not here ok?"

"Ok, ok," Amy stepped back, holding up her hands in surrender. She shot River a slightly confused look but the woman seemed just as confused by Evy's lack of appearance as she was.


They were in a little roadside diner, Amy and Rory at the counter getting food, while the Doctor and River sat across from each other in the booth, both flipping through their diaries, "Right then where are we?" River asked, "Have we done Easter Island yet?"

"Uh…" he Doctor flipped through a few pages, "Yes! I've got Easter Island."

"They worshiped you and Evy there," River smiled in reminiscence, thinking back to an adventure she'd shared with not only Evy and the Doctor, but Amy and Rory as well. Having the two there made her curious where she was in their timeline as well, "Remember how they wanted to sculpt Evy but she insisted they just do your head? Have you seen the statues?"

"Jim the Fish," he cut in quickly, though River noticed a slight flinch when she'd mentioned Evy.

She frowned but, as the Doctor looked up, quickly put on an excited face, "Oh, Jim the Fish, how is he?"

"Still building his dam," he replied, scooting over for Amy to sit next to him as River did the same for Rory.

"Sorry, what are you two doing?" Rory asked, glancing at the books in their hands.

"They're both time travelers," Amy explained, "But they never meet in the right order. They're syncing their diaries. So what's happening then? 'Cos you've been up to something."

The Doctor was silent a moment before speaking, "I've been running, faster than I've ever run. And I've been running my whole life. This last trek I've had Evy with me but…" he swallowed hard, "Now it's time for me to stop. And tonight I'm going to need you all with me."

Amy frowned, there was a sinking feeling in her stomach at how he was talking, "Ok, we're here, what's up?"

"Picnic. And then a trip. Somewhere different, somewhere...brand new."


"Space," he smiled, though even Rory could see that it was tired and slightly forced, "1969."


Sitting at a beautiful lake, with the moon full in the afternoon sky, one would think the group of four sitting on picnic blankets, a red car parked a few feet behind them, wouldn't have a care in the world…oh how wrong they would be.

"Salute!" the Doctor toasted as they clinked their wine glasses together.

"Salute!" they all replied.

"So when are we going to 1969?" Rory asked.

"And since when do you drink wine?" Amy eyed the bottle in the Doctor's hand.

"I've travelled everywhere," he replied, "I must have drunk it some time."

"Oh you did," Amy smirked, "Remember? When you and Evy got trapped at Craig's? Evy told me you spit your wine back into the glass because you hated it."

"Well, I'm 1103 now, I'm sure my tastes have changed since then," he shot back, taking a swig of the wine, only to spit it out on the ground to his right, "Ew! Why that's horrid. I thought it would taste more like the gums."

"1103?" Amy frowned, "You were 908 last time we saw you."

"And you've put on a couple of pounds. I wasn't going to mention it…"

Amy rolled her eyes at him and looked out at the beautiful landscape…only for something to catch her eye, an alien form, standing outlined against the sun, "Who's that?"

"Hmm?" Rory turned to Amy, "What do you see?"

Amy looked down at him, "Sorry what?"

The Doctor looked up at her.

"What did you see?" Rory repeated, "You said you saw something."

"No I didn't," Amy argued, taking a sip of her wine.

"Ah, the moon," the Doctor said, stopping more questions, "Look at it! Of course you lot did a lot more than look didn't you? Big silvery thing in the sky, you couldn't resist it…" the smile he had that had slowly been fading was now a frown as he thought back to another moon in his life, "Quite right…"

"The moon landing was in '69," Rory turned to him, "Is that where we're going?"

"No. A lot more happens in '69 than anyone remembers. Human beings…I thought I'd never get done saving you…"

Just then a car rolled up behind them. They all looked back, the Doctor standing, as an old man stepped out. He lifted his hand in greeting as the man waved back, before slowly lowering his arm once more, looking resigned and tired.

"Who's he?" Amy asked.

River stood, looking at the lake, as Rory stood too, "Oh my God," she breathed, drawing their attention. Amy rose to her feet, seeing an astronaut standing, knee deep, in the water.

"You all need to stay back," the Doctor warned them, taking a few steps forward, "Whatever happens now, you do not interfere. Clear?" he looked back at them a moment before walking over to the astronaut as they watched.

"That's an astronaut," Rory whispered to Amy, "That's an Apollo astronaut in the lake."

"Yeah," she breathed, her attention focused on the Doctor.

The Doctor walked up to the astronaut, his hand fishing in his pocket for something while seeming unable to look the being in the face, "Hello, it's ok, I know it's you…" the astronaut lifted its visor, "Well then…"

Amy blinked against the sun as they watched the Doctor talk to the astronaut, she frowned as he gestured to the astronaut's hand and looked down, preparing himself, as the astronaut raised an arm, "What's he doing?" she asked.

Suddenly the astronaut fired, shooting him.

"No!" she screamed as she tried to run to the Doctor's side.

"Amy no!" River called as she and Rory ran forward to grab her and hold her back, "Stay back!"

The astronaut fired once more.

"The Doctor said to stay back!" River struggled.

"No!" Amy screamed as the Doctor fell to the ground.

"We have to stay back!"

They watched, helpless, as the Doctor stumbled to his feet, his hands glowing golden-orange, he was regenerating.

"Doctor!" Amy called.

He could only look over at them, "I'm sorry," he said as his face began to glow as well. He threw his arms out to the side, the regeneration taking hold…

When the astronaut shot him one final time.

The golden-orange light immediately faded and he fell to the ground, unmoving.

"No!" this time it was River who screamed and ran forward.

"Doctor!" Amy followed. They ran to his side as the astronaut turned and walked back into the lake, "Doctor please!" Amy begged as she dropped to her knees beside him. Rory leapt over him, watching as the astronaut left before turning to the girls. River was knelt next to Amy, holding a small device to monitor the Doctor, "River…" she begged the older woman, "River!" there was a flat-line sound. Amy looked at River who just looked stunned, "No, no!"

River stood up and began firing her gun at the astronaut, but was unable to harm it. When her gun ran out of bullets she stared a moment at the disappearing form before muttering to herself, "Of course not…" bullets rarely ever helped against something alien.

The old man walked closer to them, a tank of gas in his hand, as River turned around to look at Amy, sitting beside the Doctor, "River he can't be dead," Amy wept, "This isn't possible."

"Whatever that was, it killed him in the middle of his regeneration cycle," River remarked, kneeling down, "His body was already dead. He didn't make it to the next one."

"Maybe he's a clone or a duplicate or something."

"Maybe I can save you some time," the old man spoke, taking off his hat, "That most certainly is the Doctor and he is most certainly dead," he looked down, at the slightly smiling form of the Doctor, before turning to River, "He said you'd need this," he placed the gas can at the Doctor's feet.

"Gasoline?" Rory asked.

"A Time Lord's body is a miracle," River explained, "Even a dead one. There are whole empires out there that would rip this world apart for just one cell," she stood up, "We can't leave him there. Or anywhere."

"Wake up!" Amy begged, leaning over the Doctor, "Come on, wake up! You bloody idiot! What about Evy? What about her? You can't leave her!" but the Doctor made no reply. Amy put her head on his chest and cried, "Why would he do this?"

"What's that?" Rory asked, spotting something. There had been a second where the light had caught on something metallic in the Doctor's hands.

River knelt down and reached forward, gasping as she held up Evy's medallion with the Seal of Rassilon on it.

Amy shook her head, the implication of what it could mean, of why the Doctor had been so resigned, so willing to die, hit her…Evy never took that necklace off…which had to mean…she shook her head, unwilling to believe that both her 'imaginary' friends were dead.

"What do we do Rory?" she looked up at her husband.

"We're his friends," River said, "We do what the Doctor's friends always do," she picked up the gas can, "As we're told."

"There's a boat," Rory said as he spotted an old one on the shore, "If we're gonna do this, let's do it properly."


They stood that night, watching as the Doctor's body drifted out onto the lake, the boat slowly engulfed in flames. Rory stood half in the water from where he'd pushed the boat off, paying his respects to the man. Amy stood on the shore, hugging herself as she watched her friend burn. River stood farther back, next to the old man, Evy's medallion clutched in her hand as she made a silent vow to kill whatever it was that had led to all this.

Rory turned and walked out of the water, over to Amy, hugging her as she cried.

"Who are you?" River asked the old man, her gaze still on the Doctor's burning form, "Why did you come?"

"Same reason as you," he replied, pulling out his own blue envelope for River to see. Amy and Rory watched as River pulled out her envelope and held it beside his, scarcely believing it, "Dr. Song," he greeted, before glancing over at the Ponds, "Amy. Rory. I'm Canton Everett Delaware III. I won't be seeing you again, but you'll be seeing me," he put his hat back on and turned to go, taking the empty gas can with him.

River watched him walk for a moment before spinning to Amy and Rory, her eyes wide, "Four."

"Sorry, what?" Rory shook his head.

"The Doctor numbered the envelopes."


Back in the diner, River was finishing up her thoughts on the matter, "You got three, I was two, Mr. Delaware was four."

"So?" Rory asked, still not following.

"So, where's one?"

"What, you think he invited someone else?" Rory continued as they walked past a stunned Amy, who had stopped at the booth they'd been sitting in just hours ago.

"Well he must have. He planned all of this to the last detail."

"Will you two shut up?" Amy asked quietly, "It doesn't matter."

"He was up to something," River said, unaware she'd echoed Amy's earlier words.

"He's dead," Amy added, but neither Rory nor River seemed to hear her.

"Space, 1969. What did he mean?"

"You're still talking, but it doesn't matter," Amy said, louder this time.

"Hey, it mattered to him," Rory stepped over to her.

"So it matters to us," River finished.

"He's dead," she whispered, not wanting to say it out loud.

"But he still needs us," River argued, stepping over to the distraught girl, "I know, Amy, I know. But right now we have to focus."

"Look!" Rory exclaimed. They looked up to see him looking at a table in the back, a TARDIS blue envelope sitting there, next to an open bottle of soda. River ran over to it as Rory turned to the man at the counter, "Excuse me, who was sitting over there?"

"Some guy…" the counter boy shrugged.

River turned to them, "The Doctor knew he was going to his death, so he sent out messages. When you know it's the end, who do you call?"

"Your friends, people you trust," Rory answered off the top of his head as Amy walked over.

River held up the envelope from the table, "Number one. Who did the Doctor trust the most?"

Just then the door behind her, with a large painted Elvis on it, opened and the Doctor walked in with a straw in his mouth. He smiled, seeing them, though they were stunned, even as he pointed at them in greeting.

"This is cold," River stared at him, her mouth in a firm line, "Even by your standards, this is cold."

"Or hello, as people used to say," the Doctor grinned.

"Doctor?" Amy breathed.

"Just popped out to get my special straw," he smiled, holding up the straw, "It adds more fizz."

"Which you don't need," a voice said behind him. The door opened and Evy stepped out as well, "Your head's full of enough fizz I think."

He just smiled and draped his arm around her, "You love my fizz, admit it."

"You're lucky I do," she smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek, making him beam.

Amy walked up to them, stunned. The look on her face, as though she were either seeing a ghost or recalling a nightmare, was enough to give them pause. She slowly walked around them, eyeing them closely, the Doctor turned with her, taking Evy with him. Amy reached out, touching the Doctor's bow-tie.

"You're ok, you're both ok," she whispered, "How can you be ok?"

The Doctor glanced at Evy, who frowned at the fear in Amy's voice, "Hey, of course we're ok," he said, gently hugging her, "We're always ok. We're the king and queen of ok."

"You couldn't have thought of a better title?" Evy joked, earning a slight laugh from Amy.

"Right," he agreed, "Forget that title…Rory the Roman!" he shouted, letting go of Amy, who was now fully hugged by Evy, as the Doctor made his way over to Rory, hugging him as well, "That's a good title! Hello Rory!"

Rory started to hug back but just looked stunned and confused. Evy frowned as she saw that and moved to hug Rory when the Doctor let him go, "Everything alright Rory?" she asked.

"I think…" he whispered back, hugging her.

"And Dr. River Song!" the Doctor turned to her and walked to stand before the woman as Evy turned to watch, "Oh, you bad, bad girl, what trouble have you got for us this time?"

River slapped him, hard.

The Doctor spun around a bit, rubbing his jaw as Evy winced and rubbed her own as well.

"Sorry Evy," River muttered, though the glare she was sending the Doctor didn't lighten up at all.

"Ok…" he massaged his jaw and turned to face the woman, "I'm sure that's for something I haven't done yet…"

"Yes it is," she replied tensely.

"Good. I'm looking forward to it."

"I don't understand," Rory said suddenly, drawing the Doctor and Evy's attention, "How can you be here?" Evy smiled as Rory poked the Doctor in the chest, much like the Doctor had when they'd discovered Rory the Roman after he'd been erased from the Universe.

"We were invited," the Doctor said, taking the envelope from River and walking over to lean against the counter by Evy.

"There's a date, a map reference..." Evy nodded, looking at the card, "Probably the same as you."

"We'd assume otherwise, but it's a hell of a coincidence."

Amy shook her head and turned to River, "River what's going on?"

"Amy ask the Doctor what age he is," River said urgently.

"That's a bit personal," the Doctor said, sticking the straw in his mouth. Evy rolled her eyes and moved to snatch it from him but he leaned back, smirking at her in triumph. She could only shake her head at him.

"Tell her," River insisted, "Tell her what age you are."

"909," the Doctor answered, pulling the straw out of his mouth, "Evy's 885. Why?"

"But you said…" Amy began.

"So where does that leave us huh?" River demanded, cutting Amy off, inadvertently keeping her from telling the Doctor and Evy what had happened, "Jim the Fish? Have we done Jim the Fish yet?"

"Who's Jim the Fish?" the Doctor asked.

"What did we say?" Evy frowned at Amy, confused.

"I don't understand," Amy shook her head, tears in her eyes again.

"Yeah, you do…" Rory stated, stepping next to his wife and putting an arm around her.

"I don't," the Doctor cut in, "And neither does Evy, and that's something. What are we all doing here?"

River looked at Amy and Rory, the three of them exchanging looks that didn't go unnoticed by the Doctor or Evy. Slowly River began speaking, "We've been…recruited, something to do with space, 1969…" she kept her eyes on Amy and Rory, sending them meaningful looks as the Doctor turned and walked away, not at all happy with the obvious fact that they were keeping something from them. Evy just pushed herself to sit on one of the barstools, "And a man called Canton Everett Delaware III."

"Recruited by who?" he asked, chewing on his straw.

"Someone who trusts you more than anybody else in the Universe."

The Doctor turned and looked over at Evy. Her eyes widened at his implication and she held up her hands, "Oh, I do…but it wasn't me. You know that."

He nodded, feeling her confusion. He pulled the straw out of his mouth and turned to River, "Who is it then?"

"Spoilers," was all she said.

"You know," Evy said, as the Doctor put the straw in his mouth, not happy, "I'm really starting to hate that word," she hopped off the stool as the Doctor walked past her and placed his arm around her effortlessly, the two of them walking towards the TARDIS hidden in the back room, not seeing the looks River, Rory, and Amy exchanged behind their backs.


The Doctor was running around the console, flicking random controls as River watched him, Amy leaning against the railing while Rory stood back against another set of railings. Evy was sitting on the jump seat, watching the Doctor carefully to make sure he wouldn't blow anything up. Normally she would be up there, running around and helping him but as he wasn't planning on actually going anywhere yet, she'd continue to sit till she needed to get up and help pilot and land the TARDIS.

"1969, that's an easy one," the Doctor was rambling, but it was the type of rambling Evy knew he only did when he was frustrated or angry or trying to hide his feelings and thoughts from his companions, and right now he was very sad and disappointed and worried that they were keeping something from him, "Funny how some years are easy," he stopped running around to lean by Amy, "Now, 1483, full of glitches."

"And whose fault is that?" Evy smirked lightly.

"Donna's," he replied quickly, "I told you we should have never tried to teach her to pilot the TARDIS."

"Says the man who put a dent in the 1980s?" Evy lifted an eyebrow.

The Doctor pointed at her like he was going to say something but just turned back to the console "Now then," he began as Amy turned around and walked away, down the stairs to sit under the glass floor. Evy frowned, watching her go, silently telling the Doctor as well though he didn't let on, "Canton Everett Delaware III. That was his name yeah?" he ran around the console till he ended up by River, "How many of those can there be?"

"Three," Evy answered for him, smiling, as he turned back to the console.

River just walked past him and down the stairs to join Amy. Both the Doctor and Evy watched her go before the Doctor turned to Rory, "Rory, is everybody cross with me for some reason?"

"I'll find out," Rory said, before heading down the stairs too.

The Doctor watched Rory go, already knowing that Rory knew what was wrong but didn't know what to say. He didn't like the fact that his companions were keeping secrets from him. It just reminded him of a time where another very large secret had been kept from him…

A hand rested on his shoulder. He turned to see Evy standing beside him, offering him a small, though sad, smile. She dropped her hand, trailing it down his arm to his hand, pulling him more to her as she gave him a comforting hug.

Whatever was going on they would figure it out eventually.


Rory walked down the stairs just as Amy was speaking quietly to River, "Explain it again," Amy looked up at the woman from her position sitting on the floor.

"The Doctor we saw on the beach was a future version," River said quietly, "200 years older than the one up there."

"But all that's still gona happen. He's still going to die."

"We're all going to do that Amy."

"We're NOT all going to arrange our own suicidal wake and invite ourselves," Rory commented, stepping forward to stand by River, trying to ignore how Amy had flinched at the mention of suicide, the man on the beach had been too willing to let that astronaut kill him for them to think otherwise, "So, the Doctor, in the future, planning that he's going to die, recruits his younger self and all of us to...to what, exactly? Avenge him?"

River shook her head, "Avenging's not his style."

"Save him?" Amy suggested.

River sighed, "He was far too willing and ready to die."

"Save Evy then?" Rory tried. They had already figured that something must have happened to Evy for the Doctor to go so far as to be that willing to die, to not do anything, to not take into consideration what would happen to Evy upon his death. How could something happen to Evy if Evy was already gone?

"But how did he even make it?" Amy shook her head. The Evy they had seen in the Dream Lord's world had fallen apart when she thought the Doctor had died. The physical and mental pain she'd been in...Amy had had nightmares for weeks after.

"Evy always claimed," River swallowed hard, "That the Doctor was stronger than her."

That was the only explanation she could come up with about how the Doctor had managed to keep himself together long enough, how he could act so carefree about it, hide and control the pain. It had to have been recent, enough where the full impact hadn't hit yet. It also had to have been hard, she'd seen the Doctor acting many times, and he'd never slipped up as often as he had before the astronaut came. The snapping, the flinching, he must have been desperately trying to hide it from them…

"Well we have to tell them," Amy said, getting up.

"We've told them all we can," River shook her head, "And we have to be extremely careful about, not just our words, but our thoughts from here on out."

"Why?" Rory frowned.

"While Evy is much better at projecting her thoughts, she can still read ours with effort. Thankfully she doesn't like to do it often, invasion of privacy and all, but if the Doctor gets too curious he may ask her to take a peek. And we can't let that happen. We can't even let them know we've seen his future self. He's interacting with Evy's past, with his own past. It could rip a hole in the Universe."

"Except they've done it before," Amy argued.

"And in fairness," Rory commented, "The Universe did blow up."

"They'd want to know."

"Would he?" River countered, "Would anyone?" Amy was silent a moment before River continued, "And if something truly did happen to Evy…he'd go mad with worry before he could even help her…"

"I'm being extremely clever up here," the Doctor's head suddenly dropped down from the glass floor to look at them, upside down, "As is Evy and there's no one to stand around looking impressed. What's the point in having you all?" he pulled himself back up.

River let out a breath of relief, he hadn't heard her, before turning to Amy and Rory, "Couldn't you just slap him sometimes?"

A moment later there was a smack resounding from above them followed by an "Ow!" from the Doctor and a "Be nice!" from Evy.

River smiled, "God I love that girl."

"River we can't just let them die," Amy said quietly, "We have to stop it," River looked back at her, "How can you be ok with this?"

"The Doctor's death doesn't frighten me, nor does Evy's or my own. There's a far worse day coming for me."

And with that, she turned and walked back up the stairs, Rory and a reluctant Amy following after.

"Time isn't a straight line," they heard the Doctor say as they stepped up, "It's all bumpy wumpy…"

"Like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff?" Evy joked, laughing.

The Doctor grinned broadly at the words before continuing, "There's loads of boring stuff like Sundays…"

"And Tuesdays," Evy added, having discovered her own distaste of the day, much like the Doctor and his Sundays. It was the worst day, in her opinion. It wasn't a weekend, it wasn't the start of the week, it wasn't a week that was halfway over, or nearly a Friday. It was just...a Tuesday...

"And…" he added, getting annoyed as he grabbed a lever, "Thursday afternoons," he nearly spat as though the words themselves were evil. It had been a Thursday afternoon when they'd met Casanova. He flipped the lever down, "But now and then there are Saturdays! Big temporal tipping points where…" he ran around the controls, past River, coming to lean on the console to her left as Evy stood on the woman's right, "Anything is possible. TARDIS can't resist them, like a moth to a flame…"

"Right," Evy snorted, "The TARDIS is the one that can't resist them."

"Quite right," he agreed, not having noticed her slight jibe, "She loves a party," he told River, "So I give her 1969 and NASA, 'cos that's space in the 60s…" he walked off, around the console again, "And Canton Everett Delaware III and this…" he typed on a small keypad, "Is where she's pointing!" he flicked on the monitor as Amy, Rory, and River crowded around him. Evy just leaned on the railing behind them, still able to see the screen, crossing her arms.

"Washington D.C.," Amy read, "April the 8th, 1969? So why haven't we landed?"

"Because we're not going there," Evy answered as the Doctor flicked something on the console.

"Why?" Rory looked at her, "Where are we going?"

"Home!" the Doctor exclaimed, spinning to face Amy and Rory, "We'll you two are. Off you pop and make babies. And you Dr. Song…" he turned to walk past the woman, "Back to prison," he continued on, taking Evy's hand as he passed her, and walking to the other side of the console, "And us! We're late…" he hit a button, "For a biplane lesson in 1911!"

"Knitting," Evy corrected, "It's a knitting lesson."

"Knitting or biplanes, one or the other," he shrugged as he plopped down on the jump seat, putting a hand over his eyes as he hunched over, Evy placing a hand on his shoulder, sensing his distress about the situation finally getting to him. She looked up as Amy, Rory, and River walked over to stand around him. The Doctor dropped his hand and looked up at them, "What?" he asked them, "A mysterious summons, you think we're just going to go?" he let out a scoffing laugh, "Not knowing what it is? Who it's from? If it's dangerous? You really think I'd take that chance?"

"Since when do you not?" River asked in what was meant to be a joking fashion, however the Doctor just glared at her.

Instead of answering, he tugged Evy down into his lap, wrapping his arms around her, placing his hands protectively over her stomach.

River eyed the action before her eyes widened with realization, "You're pregnant," she breathed, "This is when you're pregnant with…" she quickly cut herself off.

"With?" Evy asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Spoilers," River smirked.

"Boy or girl? At least give us that!"

River just shook her head.

"You don't know what it is?" Amy frowned, Evy looked along enough to know by now. In Earth terms, she looked nearly three months, but, knowing what Evy had told Martha, she was probably in her 6th month.

"Tradition," Evy replied, sighing, as she leaned back into the Doctor's arms, "We're not to know till the baby's born."

"Hence the reason I won't tell you," River smiled. She should have known right away that Evy was expecting. Her stomach was slightly more bulging and, while Evy was still dressed in her typical style for this incarnation of herself, her black jacket was a bit looser and her pink shirt a bit larger to hide the swell of her stomach. If she hadn't been looking, she wouldn't have been able to tell Evy was pregnant.

"Hence the reason I'm being extra careful," the Doctor continued, slightly mocking River, before growing more serious, "Who sent those messages?" he asked, looking over each of them, "I know you know, I can see it in your faces. Don't play games with me. Don't ever, ever think you're capable of that. Only one person has ever..." he cut himself off, his jaw tensing slightly.

"I'm sorry for that," Evy whispered, pecking him on the cheek, "So sorry."

He just smiled lightly at her, showing her he knew she was sorry, that he forgave her. Of all the people he knew and had encountered, she was the only one who had been able to trick him for so long, keep him in the dark so long. Had she not regenerated, he probably wouldn't have figured out she was a Time Lady till she told him. He hadn't been looking for one, and there had been one right in front of him.

"You're going to have to trust us this time," River said, breaking through his thoughts.

He looked up at her sharply, his face set, "Trust you? Sure…" he scoffed as Evy stood, allowing him to get up and walk over to the woman, "But first of all, Dr. Song, just one thing. Who are you?"

"We know you're someone from the future," Evy added, "From our future. But who? And who are you to us?"

River was silent.

"Ok," he eyed her, "Why are you in prison? Who did you kill? Hmm? Now I love a bad girl, me, but I've got Evy and since I don't know who you are or who you'll kill, you really think I'd trust you? With my Link? Seriously?"

Evy frowned, seeing that River looked almost near tears at the Doctor's lack of trust in her, but before she could comment or tell the Doctor to back down, Amy spoke.

"Trust me," the ginger said, taking a step forward.

The Doctor looked at River a moment longer, before turning to Amy, "Ok," he said and walked to stand before the girl.

Evy however kept her eyes on River, not missing the woman swipe beneath her eye quickly before turning to Amy as well.

"You have to do this and you can't ask why," Amy said to the Doctor.

"Are you being threatened?" the Doctor asked her seriously, "Is someone making you say that?"


"Are you lying?" Evy stepped up, equally as concerned for her friend as the Doctor was.

"I'm not lying."

"Swear to us," the Doctor cut in, "Swear on something that matters."

Amy looked between him and Evy a moment before nodding to herself, "Apples, fish fingers, and custard."

The Doctor couldn't help but start to smile at that memory, his and Evy's first mutual regeneration, his changing tastes and Evy's newly discovered love of apples, the day they met Amy.

"Our lives in your hands," the Doctor told her quietly, "Amelia Pond."

Amy looked down as the Doctor stepped away and over to Evy, taking her hand and leading her around the console to prepare.

"Thank you," River breathed to Amy, who couldn't even lift her head. Rory just put a hand on Amy's shoulder to comfort her.

"So!" the Doctor shouted, beginning his run around the console again, "Canton Everett Delaware III! Who's he?"

"Bringing it up now," Evy smiled, shifting the monitor to another keypad and typing, reading the information that appeared along with River and the Doctor, Amy and Rory standing a small ways away.

"Ex-FBI got kicked out," River read.

"Why?" the Doctor frowned.

"'Attitude problems,'" Evy replied.

"You would fit in there well," the Doctor smirked at her.

"Oi!" Evy smacked him over the head.

"You see!" he exclaimed, as though her action proved it.

"Watch it you," she pointed at him warningly, though the spark in her eye only made him laugh.

"If you two children are done?" River smiled at their playfulness, "Six weeks after he left the bureau, the President contacted him for a private meeting."

"Yeah 1969," the Doctor nodded, getting back to task, "Who's President?"

"Frosty's 'best friend,'" Evy joked, nudging the Doctor, "Nixon."

"Vietnam," River nodded, reading, "Watergate, there's some good stuff too…"

"But not enough," the Doctor mumbled.

"Definitely not," Evy agreed.

"Hippies!" River scolded.

"Archaeologist," they both just countered.


"Ok!" the Doctor shouted as he finished setting the TARDIS up to the right coordinates, "Since we don't know what we're getting into, this time, for once, I'm being discreet," he ran around the console, flicking levers and pushing buttons.

Amy leaned over from where she was standing on Evy's right, River on the left of the Time Lady, "How did you get him to agree to being careful again?"

Evy rubbed her stomach, "I just said I wanted our child to know who his or her father was."

She didn't notice Amy tense at the words, the girl's mind already replaying the astronaut shooting the Doctor. In that moment she understood what River was talking about. She didn't want Evy to know that the Doctor was going to die, nor did she want to tell the woman she might possibly have already been dead at that point. Because that would mean their child was either dead or an orphan…

River just smiled to herself, she recalled the stories of Evy and the Doctor when Evy was pregnant, he actually seemed to be more cautious than normal. He kept going gallivanting off to distant lands and times, but never anything that could seriously get him killed, and, if he got stuck, Evy had an uncanny ability to get him out of it, though it was probably due to the Link telling her when he needed help.

"Got through to him pretty good, don't you think?" Evy smiled as they watched the Doctor.

"Putting the engines on silent!" he called.

"Oh yeah," Amy agreed. She never thought she'd ever see the day when the Doctor actually wanted the TARDIS not to make 'the noise,' as he loved to call it.

The Doctor tossed a lever that just made the noise louder.

Amy and Rory covered their ears as River and Evy rolled their eyes, both pushing off the railing and heading to the console. River walked over to where the Doctor had just been standing, she looked over at Evy, smirking, before she pushed the lever back down, quieting the engines as Evy returned the smirk and twisted a knob, silencing them completely.

The Doctor appeared around the other side of them, "Did you do something?" he asked, looking between the women.

"No…" River answered quickly, "Just…watching."

The Doctor looked at her a moment before turning back to the console, "Putting the outer shell on invisible."

"Oh, been ages since we did that," Evy smiled in thought.

"Big drain on the power," he remarked offhandedly.

"You can turn the TARDIS invisible?" Rory asked, thinking of other times where that would have been useful.

The Doctor just grinned and flipped a switch, causing lights to blare through the windows, nearly blinding them all.

Amy and Rory flinched back, hands raised to block the light, while River leaned over and flipped the switch back down, "Very nearly," she replied as Evy tapped something in the keypad and the lights outside went dark.

"Did you touch something?" the Doctor appeared again.

River shook her head, "Just admiring your skills sweetie."

The Doctor glanced over at Evy, sensing amusement filtering through the Link. She was just smiling and shaking her head, whether at him or River he didn't know. He shook his head, he'd find out later. He turned to River, "Good…you might learn something…"

River smirked back at the others and Evy couldn't help but laugh. River had once said that she learned how to pilot the TARDIS from her, and that the only thing the Doctor helped teach her was what not to do. She could certainly understand that now.

The Doctor turned back to the console once more, "Ok!" he tapped a button on the monitor, before hitting it as it didn't work, "Now I…can't get the scanner…it doesn't work when we're cloaked…um…just give us a mo…"

He made a break for the door when Evy grabbed his arm, spinning him around, "Where do you think you're going?"


"Without me?" she added, sensing he'd been trying to get out there before her.

While he was trying to make the trips safer, he tended to try and check things out first…which tended to end up with him in some sort of trouble that she would just have to get him out of. It was endearing and endlessly sweet that he was trying to watch out for her and the baby like that, but she firmly maintained that, just because she happened to be pregnant, it was not going to stop her from standing at his side.

"Right," he smiled, sensing her thoughts. He took her hand and they both ran to the door when the Doctor suddenly spun around, holding out his hands, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Amy, Rory, and River, who had been about to follow, stopped and looked at him, "You lot…wait. We're in the middle of the most powerful city in the most powerful country on Earth…" he looked back as Evy opened the door, "Let's take this slow."

She stepped through the door, followed quickly by the Doctor, who shut it behind him and nearly walked into Evy's back. He stopped short, much like she had, to look around in awe at the room they now stood in, the Oval Office of the White House.

Evy nudged him and he looked at her, she nodded towards the main desk. There was a man standing, staring out a large window, with another man seated at the desk, both with their backs to the Time Lords.

There was a tape recorder playing on the desk, playing back the sound of a phone ringing, "Hello?" a man answered on the recording, "Who is this? This is President Nixon. Who's calling? Is this you again?"

The Doctor looked at Evy, nodding, as they both began to creep forward.

"Mr. President?" a voice said on the recoding, a child's voice.

Evy froze, her hand immediately falling onto her stomach as the Doctor took her other hand.

"A child," the man in the seat said, echoing their thoughts.

"This is the President," the recording continued, "Yes."

"I'm scared Mr. President," the child whimpered, "I'm scared of the spacemen."

"A little girl," the man added.

"Boy," the man at the window corrected.

"How can you be sure?" the seated man asked.

"What spaceman?" the recording went on, "Where are you calling from?" Evy glanced over to see the Doctor pulling out a pen and paper from his pocket and jotting down notes. "Where are you right now? Who are you?"

There was a pause before the child spoke again, "Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton."

'Jefferson…Adams…' Evy heard in her mind, 'What was that last one?'

'Hamilton,' she replied, her attention focused on the men.

'Thanks love,' he smiled at her quickly before getting back to his notes.

"Jefferson, listen to me…" the recording abruptly ended.

"Surely this is something the bureau could handle sir," the seated man began.

"These calls happen wherever I am," the man at the window, who they now realized was the President, said, "How do I know the bureau isn't involved?" both Evy and the Doctor nodded at that reasoning, "I can't trust anyone…" Nixon continued, turning around, only to stop when he saw the man and woman standing in his office. The seated man, seeing the look on the President's face, quickly stood up and spun to face them as well.

Evy nudged the Doctor as he was still writing, and he looked up…only to motion for them to continue and got back to his notes. Evy placed a hand on her face and shook her head at her Link's obliviousness…this was how he ended up in trouble.

Sensing Evy's thoughts, he looked up once more, just now realizing the seriousness of the situation, "Oh!" he exclaimed, smiling, "Hello! Bad moment…" he held up his hands before starting to walk back, his right hand taking hold of Evy's and pulling her back with him, "Oh look," he said to Evy as they moved back, "This is the Oval Office!" he turned back to the two men, "We were looking for the uh…"

"Ouch," Evy mumbled as the Doctor led her straight back and into a lamp. She quickly grabbed it, catching it before it fell off a small table.

"Oblong Room…" the Doctor finished, his gaze on Evy, making sure she was ok.

Evy looked over to see the President push a security button, "We'll just be off then…" she tried to smile as she pushed her way around the small table, "Shall we?" she looked at the Doctor meaningfully.

"Of course," he nodded, turning...only to walk straight into the invisible TARDIS.

Evy winced as he fell to the ground.


Inside the TARDIS Amy, Rory, and River were jolted as the box shook from the force of the hit.

"Every time…" River mumbled, walking to the console.


"Every time," Evy breathed, shaking her head at the Doctor who simply popped back up, rubbing the side of his head.

"Don't worry!" he called, mostly to those inside the TARDIS than anyone in the room, "It always does that when it's cloaked…"

"Doctor!" Evy shouted.

He was about to turn around when the seated man, Canton, came up behind him and grabbed him around the chest and arms, pulling down to the ground. Evy ran to his side when the Doctor suddenly shouted up at her, "No!"

'Stay back,' he added to her silently, 'Try and get back in the TARDIS!'

'Not without you!' she argued, glancing at where she could vaguely see the outline of the box.

"Stop that!" he called as Canton forced his arms behind him.

'Luna,' he said, getting her to pause, he never used her true name unless he was serious, 'I need you safe…'


Inside the TARDIS River ran over to the console, bringing the monitor around.

"He said the scanner wouldn't work…" Rory began, watching the woman.

"I know," she smiled, "But Evy has taught me a thing or two…" with that she attached a cable to the monitor, causing it to spark and start up.


"Ow!" the Doctor shouted as Evy ran over, trying to shove Canton away, but the man just twisted so he was sitting on the Doctor and grabbed her wrist, "Ow, ow!"

A moment later the doors burst open and a group of armed men in black suits ran in, their guns drawn, "Lock down!" a black guard ordered, "Lock down!"

Canton shoved Evy away so that another guard could grab her and hold her back. She struggled as more guards ran past her to help Canton hold down the Doctor who was now fighting that much more at the sight of Evy being restrained.

"River!" he yelled, "Has Evy taught you how to fix my scanner?"


Inside the TARDIS River shook her head, watching the Doctor and Evy being held back on the monitor, "Oh, I hate him."


"No you don't!" Evy shouted, as though reading River's thoughts.

"Get the President out of here!" Canton ordered, looking back at a guard by the President, "Sir you have to go with them now!"

"River make her blue again!" Evy called.

Moments later the TARDIS appeared in all its glory, effectively stunning the guards to the point where they didn't even realize the Doctor and Evy slipped out of their grips.

"What the hell is that?" Nixon breathed.

The guards looked down a moment later to see the Doctor gone and then spun around to see the Doctor sitting at the President's desk, flipping through a binder, with Evy standing behind him, "Mr. President…" the Doctor began, mimicking an American accent as he shut the binder.

The Time Lords looked up at the sound of guns cocking to see all the men, save Canton and Nixon, holding guns, aimed at them, "That child just told you everything you need to know," the Doctor continued, as though there weren't guns pointed at them, though Evy could see a tension in him, hinting that he wasn't nearly as comfortable as he seemed, "You weren't listening. Never mind 'no's the answer's yes. We'll take the case!" he clapped his hands, but the guns weren't lowered, "Fellas, the guns, really?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, "We just walked into the highest security office in the United States and parked a big blue box on the rug. You think you could just shoot us?"

River burst out of the TARDIS shouting, "They're Americans!" as if to say 'of course they would shoot them.'

The Doctor jumped up as the guards spun to aim at River, Rory, and Amy as well, "Don't shoot!" Evy shouted.

"Definitely no shooting," the Doctor agreed.

"Nobody shoot us either," Rory murmured as he and Amy walked out, their hands up, "Very much not in need of getting shot…look, we've got our hands up."

"Who the hell are you?" Nixon demanded, looking between the two groups.

"Sir," Canton said, completely calm and possibly more than a little amused, "You need to stay back."

"But who are they? And what is that box?"

"It's a police box, can't you read?" the Doctor said, dropping his hands.

"Rude," Evy coughed.

He looked back at her a moment before turning back, "We're your new undercover agents on loan from Scotland Yard, code name: the Doctor…"

"Oh it's Agatha Christie all over again, isn't it?" Evy rolled her eyes, recalling the trouble his last incarnation got into, "If we end up getting chased by some giant wasp again, I'm gonna kill you."

"You sound like Jackie," he commented, recalling the one and only Jackie Tyler.

"Thank you," she smiled, actually sounding very pleased with the comment. She had the highest respect for all the mothers of his previous companions, they had to be incredible women in their own right in order to have a child that could stick it out with the Doctor.

A throat cleared and they looked over to see River nodding back at the guards with their guns.

"Oh, right," the Doctor grinned sheepishly, "This is my partner, the Beautiful Bird," he looked at Evy fondly, "And isn't she just?" Evy just nodded back to their friends, not bothering to tell the President her name was Evy, it seemed the Doctor wanted all 'code names' today, "Oh, right, and our top operatives," he grinned at Amy, Rory, and River, "The Legs, the Nose, and…"

"Mrs. Robinson," Evy finished with a cheeky grin.

"I hate you," River mock glared at her.

"No, you don't," the Doctor smirked.

"Who are you?" Nixon demanded once more.

"Boring question, who's phoning you?" the Doctor continued, ignoring the President's question, "That's interesting 'cos Canton 3 is right, that was definitely a girl's voice, which means there's only one place in America she can be phoning from…"

"Where?" Canton asked, eyeing them closely, intrigued.

"Do not engage with the intruder Mr. Delaware!" the black guard ordered.

"You heard everything we heard," the Doctor turned to him, "It's simple enough, give me…" he trailed off, looking at Evy.

"Five minutes?" she challenged.

"Five minutes," he nodded, "We'll explain it," he grinned and moved to sit back down, "On the other hand, lay a finger on me or Evy," he tugged her down onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her, "Or our friends and…you'll never ever know."

"How'd you get that in here?" Canton asked after a moment, motioning back to the TARDIS, "I mean, you didn't carry it…"

"Clever, eh?"

"Love it."

"Oh don't encourage him," Evy remarked at the same time as the black guard ordered, "Do not compliment the intruder!"

"Five minutes?" Canton asked him, considering it.

"Five," the Doctor promised.

"Mr. President that man and woman are a clear and present danger to…" the black guard began again, this time trying to appeal to the President instead of Canton.

"Mr. President that man and woman walked in here with a big blue box and three of their friends and that's…" he pointed at the guard, "The man they walked past. One of them's worth listening to."

"I like him," Evy stated, leaning against the Doctor.

Canton smiled at her before continuing, "I say we give him five minutes. See if he delivers."

"Thanks Canton," he smiled.

"If he doesn't. I'll shoot him myself."

"Not so thanks…"

"Sir I cannot recommend…" the guard began as he turned to the President.

"Shut up Peterson!" the President snapped, "Alright…"

"Five minutes," Canton turned to the Doctor and Evy, holding up his hand.

"And the guns?" Evy asked, glancing at the men.

Canton nodded and turned to the men, "Stand down."

Peterson opened his mouth to argue but the President cut him off, "Do as he says."

The Doctor and Evy watched in growing relief as the guards put their guns away.

The Doctor nodded his thanks to Canton before releasing his grip on Evy, "We're going to need a swat team ready to mobilize, street level maps covering all of Florida…" he reached out and tapped a few buttons, "A pot of coffee…"

'I'm a bit hungry,' Evy added to him silently.

He held up an index finger and pointed at Canton, "12 Jammie Dodgers and a fez!" he grinned widely, tapping his fingers on the desk in excitement.

"Oh no," Evy shook her head, turning in his lap to look at him, "No fez."


"I got you a fez and you lost it in 1933," she cut in, slightly chastising, "It's your own fault. No more fez."

He pouted, knowing how it got to Evy, especially now that she was pregnant.

Evy just shook her head at him and gave him a little peck which he gladly accepted. If he couldn't get a fez at least he'd gotten a kiss from the deal.

"Get him his maps," Canton added, grinning amusedly at their interaction.

The Doctor began to pout again and Evy laughed, "You should have known that would happen," she told him, tapping his nose, "The Daleks didn't get you your tea, you really think the President would get you a swat team?" he considered her words a moment before nodding.

He turned to Canton though, "And the Dodgers?" he tried, his hand gently rubbing Evy's stomach.

Canton followed the action and glanced down at her baby bump, considering the request, "And some donuts," he offered.

Evy shrugged, that would do nicely.


There were maps everywhere. There was almost no spot on the rug of the Oval Office, no piece of furniture, not covered by maps. Amy and Rory sat across from each other on two sofas while the Doctor stood in the center of the room, holding up a map. Evy was leaning over another map on a small table while River knelt beside one on the floor. Canton stood near the desk where the President sat, watching them, while two guards stood at the door, ready to block the exit if anything happened.

Evy glanced up as the Doctor turned and walked past Canton towards the desk.

"Why Florida?" Canton asked the Doctor.

"It's where NASA's based," Evy answered for him.

"She kept mentioning spacemen," the Doctor agreed, "NASA is where the spacemen live."

"Unless you're Donna, then they're from Mars," Evy said. The Doctor looked up to see her smirking at him, "Right spaceman?"

He just laughed, shaking his head at her as he placed the map on the desk, "Also there's another lead we're following."

Evy's gaze travelled away from the Doctor, who had his back to the rest of them, and over to Amy, who had gotten up to kneel by River, both women speaking too quietly for her to hear. She frowned at the fact they were hiding things again but could only sigh as it was probably for some sort of noble reason. She turned back to her maps, squinting as she read the index of street names when…

"Amy?" she looked up as Rory stepped in front of Amy, "What did you remember?"

"I don't know," Amy frowned, "I just…" she suddenly put her hand to her mouth and another on her stomach, looking rather green.

"Amy what's wrong?" Evy said, walking over to her.

"Amy?" River looked up.

"You alright?" the Doctor asked, turning and walking over with his map again.

"Yeah, yeah, no, I'm fine," Amy smiled, waving them off, "I'm just feeling a little sick," she swallowed and walked over to a guard by the door, "Excuse me is there a toilet or something?"

"Sorry ma'am," the guard held up a hand, "While this procedure's ongoing we must remain within the Oval Office."

"Actually, I think I may need a go as well," Evy said, stepping over to Amy.

"Ma'am, we must remain in the Oval Office for the duration of…"

"Fine, that's all well and good," Evy cut in, "But as you can see I'm clearly pregnant, which means I have a baby pressing against my bladder. Now if you want me to stay here, that's fine, but I think the President will be rather cross if a stain appears on the carpet. If you know what I mean."

Canton laughed, "Just take them to the restroom."

The guard turned to the second guard and nodded back towards the door, "This way ma'ams," the second guard held up a hand to lead them.

"One moment," Evy said, before quickly turning and walking over to the Doctor. She took the map from him, turning it upside down and handing it back.

"Thanks love," he smiled at her, embarrassed. She just kissed him on his cheek and rushed back to Amy and the guard.

"Thanks," Amy said to Evy as she joined her. Evy just smiled at her.

"Your five minutes are up," they heard Canton say as they turned to leave.

"Yeah?" the Doctor countered, "And where's my fez?"

"In 1933!" came Evy's reply as she and Amy disappeared around the corner.

The guard led them down the hall, to a side door, gesturing to them that this was the door they were looking for. Amy started to head in, the guard following, when she turned and stopped, "Actually I can usually manage this alone."

The guard hesitated but then stepped back.

Amy started to go in but paused, looking back at Evy who was standing there, a confused look on her face, her hand resting on her stomach, "You coming?" she asked the Time Lady.

Evy looked up, snapping out of her thoughts, "Actually…I think I may stay here."

Amy frowned, "But don't you have to…"

Evy laughed, "Secret," she leaned forward, "A Time Lord's bladder is in a different location than a human, the baby doesn't press against it at all, lucky me. I just said that so you could get out," Amy smiled at her thankfully, "But if you want, I can come in with you, hold your hair back or something if you think you might be sick..."

Amy shook her head, "I'm fine. Not that sick anymore."

"If you're sure…"

"I'll be fine," Amy rolled her eyes, "It's just a toilet."

She turned and walked in, leaving Evy watching after her worriedly. She couldn't help but feel like something was wrong. She was all set to go in there with Amy, but something in her gut told her to stay out of the bathroom. And, ever since she'd discovered her pregnancy, she'd been listening to her gut, her maternal instincts, more than ever. She frowned, waiting for Amy as she couldn't deprive the woman of her relief, she was probably just still jittery from the guns that had been pointed at her before.

Suddenly Amy rushed out, looking pale, scared, and out of breath, "Amy!" Evy rushed forward and hugged the girl, "You ok?"

"I'm fine," she smiled, hugging the woman before pulling away and wrapping her arms over her stomach, "Much better, thanks."

"What's that?" the guard asked, nodding to the phone in her hands and Evy frowned, looking down at it too.

"That's my phone."

"Your phone?"

"Why do you have it out?" Evy looked up at her, concerned.

"I have to tell the Doctor," Amy told her.

"Tell him what?" Evy shook her head, confused.

"Sorry," Amy tried to laugh, looking equally as confused, "I don't know why I said that…"

"This way ma'ams," the guard cut in, holding out his arm to lead them back to the Oval Office.


The Doctor was standing, looking at his map, looming over the President's desk as he did so, when the phone started to ring, everyone looking at it as Amy and Evy walked back in.

"The kid?" Canton asked.

"Should I answer it?" Nixon wondered aloud, looking at the Doctor.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" the Doctor straightened up, "The only place in the United States that call could be coming from!" he pointed at the map as Evy walked over, smiling, "See obvious when you think about it?" he grinned at her as River walked over and Canton leaned over to look.

"You, sir, are a genius," Canton remarked as the Doctor stretched out his back and clapped, "Mr. President answer the phone."

Nixon hesitated a moment before answering the phone and pressing record on the tape recorder, "Hello? This is President Nixon."

"It's here!" the little girl cried, "The spaceman is here! It's gonna get me. It's gonna eat me!"

"There's no time for a swat team," the Doctor shouted as Evy grabbed his jacket and held it out for him, "Let's go!" she helped him put it on as the others ran back into the TARDIS.

"Mr. President tell her help is coming," Evy told the man on the phone before running into the TARDIS as well.

"Canton," the Doctor added as he backed up, "On no account follow us into this box and close the door behind you."

"What the hell are you doing?" Canton shouted as the Doctor disappeared inside. He ran over and shut the door behind him, the box disappearing before the President's eyes.


Inside, Canton stopped short, staring around in shock at the interior of the TARDIS. The Doctor, River, and Evy were running around the console, getting the coordinates put in and flying the TARDIS. Rory stood by the door while Amy watched the pilots.

"Jefferson isn't a girl's name..." the Doctor began.

"I've met boys named Jayne," Evy shrugged, cutting in.

The Doctor suddenly stopped and stood before her, "When was that?"

She just smiled and patted his cheek, "Jefferson?" she reminded him.

"Right!" he shouted, spinning back to the console but then turned to her, "We're talking about that later."

"Of course," she agreed with a laugh.

"It's not her name either. Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton...River!"

"Surnames of three of America's founding fathers," River recited.

"Lovely fellows," the Doctor grinned, "Two of them fancied me."

"Well one of them proposed to me," Evy countered.

The Doctor spun to her again with his finger raised, "I thought we agreed never to speak of that!"

She just laughed harder.

Canton spun in a circle, trying to look all around him, "You ok?" Rory asked, "Coping?"

"Nixon asked her two questions," Evy turned back to the conversation at hand, "Where are you and who are you. She was answering the first one."

"It's bigger on the inside…" Canton mumbled.

"Yeah…" Rory smirked, "You get used to it…"

"Now, where would we find three big historical names on a roadmap?" the Doctor asked.

"Where?" Amy asked him.

"Here!" Evy said, pulling a lever, landing the TARDIS.

"Come on!" the Doctor shouted, grabbing Evy's hand and running to the doors, only to have Canton stop him.

"It's, uh…" Canton shook his head, at a loss for words.

"Are you taking care of this?" the Doctor turned to Rory, "Good!"

They pushed past Canton and ran outside as Rory shouted after them, "Why is it always my turn?"

Amy stopped and turned to him, "Because you're the newest," she smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek before running outside. She stopped short and looked around, "Where are we?"

The Doctor was sitting on a chair, Evy on his lap, waving a small American flag at her. The room was decrepit, dirty, scattered with boxes and other items, looking very run down and abandoned.

"I'd say almost five miles from Kennedy Space Center," Evy replied, glancing back at River and Amy standing behind them.

"It's 1969, the year of the moon," the Doctor added as the two women pulled out torches, "Interesting don't you think?"

"But why would a little girl be here?" Amy shook her head.

"I don't know. Lost her maybe. The President asked her where she was so she did what any lost little girl would do," Evy stood up and the Doctor took her hand, walking over to the window and looking out, "She looked out of the window."

Evy glanced back to see River picking up a phone as the Doctor stared out at the street signs with those famous names on them.

"Streets!" Amy nodded, catching on, "Of course, they're street names!"

"And this, is the only place in Florida," Evy began, "Probably all of America, where those three street names meet on the same junction."

"And Dr. Song," the Doctor turned to lean against the window, looking past Evy at the archaeologist, "You've got that face on again."

"What face?" she asked, smirking.

"The 'they're being so clever' face," he smirked as well.

"This is my normal face."

"Yes it is."

"Oh shut up."

"Not a chance."

'Doctor,' he heard Evy say in his head. He turned to see her holding the phone River had just been looking at. He frowned at her expression and walked over, taking it from her and listening. His expression grew more confused as River walked away, past Canton, who had just come out of the TARDIS.

"It's moved!" Canton exclaimed, looking around. The Doctor put the phone down, taking Evy's hand once more and walking over towards the man, "How…how can we…have moved?" he started laughing.

"We haven't even got to space travel yet?" the Doctor smirked at the man.

Rory shut the door behind him, "I was going to cover it with time travel…"

"Time travel?" Canton looked back at Rory, stunned.

"Brave heart, Canton, come on!" the Doctor clapped his hands and turned to walk away, draping his arm over Evy's shoulders.

"So we're in a box that's bigger on the inside and travels through time and space…" Canton began to Rory as they followed.

"Yeah, basically," Rory smiled.

"How long has Scotland Yard had this?"

"It's a warehouse of some kind…" River said as they walked into the main room of the building, "Disused."

"Do you realize this is almost certainly a trap of course," the Doctor stated, his arm on Evy tightening.

"I noticed the phone yes."

"What about it?" Amy asked.

"It was cut off, which begs the question of how the child was able to phone from here?" Evy answered for her.

"Ok, but why would anyone want to trap us?"

"Don't know," the Doctor shrugged, "Let's see if anyone tries to kill us and work backwards."

Evy just rolled her eyes and stepped out from beneath the Doctor's arm, pulling out her sonic from its little holster and using it as a torch and scanner.

"Now why would a little girl be here?" River asked.

"I don't know," the Doctor repeated, "Let's find her and ask her."

"What's this?" Evy said, spotting some sort of lab table/examination area set up. She walked over to it, scanning the various wires with her sonic as Rive came to join her.

"Its non-terrestrial," River read from readings on her own scanner, "Definitely alien. Probably not even from this time zone."

"Which is odd because look at this!" the Doctor called. They looked over to see him rummaging through a crate filled with paper filling, a NASA astronaut suit sticking out.

"It's Earth tech!" River's eyes widened as they walked over, "Contemporary."

"Very contemporary," Evy corrected, kneeling down to look at the suit.

"Cutting edge," the Doctor agreed, lifting up a helmet to look at, "This is from the space program!"

"Stolen?" River frowned.

"By aliens?" Amy asked incredulously.

"Apparently," Evy mumbled as she sifted through the paper for anything else that might be hidden in there.

"But why?" Amy shook her head, watching as the Doctor put the helmet on, "I mean, if you could make it all the way to Earth, why steal technology that can barely make it to the moon?"

The Doctor said something that was muffled by the visor so Amy and River looked over at Evy, "Oh, he said 'maybe 'cos it's cooler!'"

The Doctor lifted the visor, "Look how cool this stuff is!"

"Cool aliens?" Amy raised an eyebrow at that.

"Well what would you call us?" Evy asked, smiling.

"You?" Amy thought a moment, "Cool…him…" she nodded at the Doctor, "An alien."

"Oi!" the Doctor shouted, struggling to get the helmet off.

Evy just laughed, "We make a set."

"I, uh, I think he's ok now," Rory called, pointing his torch at Canton, who was looking up at the warehouse with his own light out.

"How are you, Canton?" Evy asked as the Doctor dropping the helmet back into the crate and walked over.

"I like your wheels," Canton replied, still looking up.

"That's my boy!" the Doctor grinned, patting the man on the shoulder as he walked past with Evy, "So come on, little girl, let's find her."

Evy looked back to motion them on and saw Amy and River quietly talking again. Amy seemed to be arguing something with River who seemed resigned as she countered what Amy was saying.

'You could take a peek you know,' the Doctor's voice drifted through her mind, noticing them as well.

'No,' she shook her head, 'Whatever it is…they don't want us to know for a reason.'


'I've been in that position before and Amy asked us to trust her. I won't look.'

The Doctor seemed on the verge of pouting when River's voice cut through their thoughts, "Doctor! Evy! Look at this!"

The Doctor sighed and held out this hand to Evy who took it as he led her back over to where Amy and River were standing. River crouched down and moved a manhole cover to the side, showing a wire running down it.

"So where does that go?" the Doctor asked, trying to look down the hole as River held her scanner over it.

"There's a network of tunnels running under here," River replied.

"Any sort of life signs?" Evy asked.

"No, nothing that's showing up…"

"That's the worst kind," the Doctor mumbled, squeezing Evy's hand in his as they both recalled the last time a scanner had claimed no life signs and River was involved.

"Be careful!" Evy couldn't help but shout as River started to lower herself into the manhole.

"Careful?" River looked up at them with a smirk, "Tried that once. Ever so dull."

"Shout if you get in trouble," the Doctor ordered her lightly.

"Don't worry, I'm quite the screamer," she laughed as she went down, "Now there's a spoiler for you."

Evy frowned at that, not entirely sure in what context that should be taken in.

"So what's going on?" Canton asked as the Doctor stood.

"Uh, nothing," the Doctor replied, spinning around to face them, "She's just a friend," and then turned to Evy, who was kneeling, making sure River got down safe, "Seriously, I swear, she's just a friend. Our friend. That's all. Really…"

Evy just stood up and kissed him, quieting him down, "I know," she whispered. She had a feeling that River only said that to irritate the Doctor, see him squirm. It was sort of like how she continued to call him 'sweetie' despite how annoyed he got with it.

"I think he's talking about the possible alien incursion…" Rory stepped forward to speak quietly to the Doctor, who now looked embarrassed as he'd forgotten Amy, Rory, and Canton were still there.

"Ok!" he shouted, patting Rory on the shoulder as he moved past him, doing the same to Canton as well.


Canton was looking at some sort of liquid in a jar on a table across from where Amy was doing the same. The Doctor, Rory, and Evy were scattered around, each looking at the area as well, "So," he said, getting Amy's attention, "I was in a bar having a drink, tell me honestly, am I still there?"

"'Fraid not," she smiled, understanding his feelings.

"You alright?" Evy asked.

They all looked over to see River had come up from the manhole, breathing heavily. None of them save Evy had seen her slightly startled expression before it morphed into the calm one she wore now.

"All clear!" she shouted, "Just tunnels. Nothing down there I can see. Give me five minutes, I want to take another look around."

She stared to head back down as Evy frowned.

"Stupidly dangerous!" the Doctor called after her.

"Yup!" River laughed, "I like it too!" she paused and turned to Amy, "Amy look after them."

'Doctor, something's wrong,' she turned to look at the Doctor.

'What do you mean?'

'Back in the White House, when Amy went to the toilet, she came out of it looking really scared. When I asked her if she was ok, it was like a switch flipped and she was fine. It was like something happened and she didn't remember.'

'Do you not remember either?' he asked, making his way over to her, his hands resting on her head to check if she was ok.

'I didn't go in,' she admitted, her hand resting on her stomach, 'There was just something telling me not to go in.'

He nodded, 'And you think whatever happened to Amy happened just now to River too?' she nodded, sending him her memory of when River had come up, the exact same switch flipping from River being scared to calm, 'Ok.'

"Rory," he turned to the man beside him, ignoring Canton who was staring at them with a questioning look, "Would you mind going with her?"

"Yeah, a bit," Rory said.

"Then we appreciate it even more," Evy smiled at him as the Doctor clapped him on the back.

Rory sighed and turned to walk towards the manhole, "Hang on River, I'm coming too!"


Rory jumped off the last rung of the ladder down the manhole and turned to see River hunched over, looking ill, "You ok?"

"Yes, yes, just felt a bit sick," she straightened up, "It's the prison food probably," she swallowed hard and pulled out her scanner, "Ok. This way? What do you think?" without waiting for a reply, she set off, scanning things as she passed, with Rory following behind her.

"I keep thinking I hear things," he said after a few moments.

"That's interesting…" River breathed, "These tunnels are old…really old. How can they be really old and nobody noticed?" she stopped short, seeing a door a few feet away.

"It's a maintenance hatch," Rory frowned, eyeing it, wondering why it would be down in the tunnels.

"It's locked," River muttered as she scanned it before kneeling beside it, "Why do people always lock things?"

"What's through there?" Rory asked as River got out some sort of lock picking device.

"No idea."

"Something bad?"

"Almost definitely."

"You're going to open that, aren't you," Rory said, more of a statement than a question.

"Oh it's locked. How's a girl supposed to resist? Evy wouldn't be able to either for that matter. Good thing I have this," she smiled at the device as it powered up, "Birthday present from an old friend."

"Is this sensible?"

"God I hope not," River flashed her tool against the lock and got to work.

"You and Evy and the Doctor…" Rory muttered, "I can kind of picture it."

"Keep a look out," River glanced at him, before focusing on the door again.

"What did you mean?" Rory spoke again, a few minutes later, "What you said to Amy. There's a worse day coming for you?"

"When I first met the Doctor and Evy a long, long time ago," she began quietly, "They knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl, suddenly this man and woman just drop out of the sky and she's clever and he's mad and they're both just wonderful and they know every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl."

"I don't really have to," Rory admitted softly.

It had happened with Amy, the very same thing. The Doctor and Evy fell out of the sky and whisked her off later. And he knew, he knew Amy harbored some sort of feelings for the Doctor that just grew over time. He was certain nothing would happen though, at first the Doctor had been imaginary, but then, when he saw the man was real, he'd seen how in love he was with Evy. Amy saw that now, and she accepted that. The two travelers were even starting a family…but there would always be something lurking in the back of his mind that, maybe, Amy was just with him because the Doctor was taken, like he was second best…

"Trouble is," River continued, unaware of Rory's inner turmoil, "It's all back to front. My past is their future. We're travelling in opposite directions. Every time we meet, I know them more, they know me less. I live for the days I see them, but I know that every time I do they'll be one step further away. The day's coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor, or hug that girl, my Evy, and they won't have the faintest idea who I am," there was a clicking noise as the lock opened, "And I think it's going to kill me."

Rory turned around as the door opened and they both walked into the room to see a large space inside, a spaceship with a few control pads set up with an orb in the center of them.

"What is this place?" Rory asked, standing in the doorway as River stepped in.

The lights began to flicker as a beeping noise sounded, "That's an alarm," River called back, "Check if anything's coming."

Rory looked out the door, spotting an alien with a large head in a suit and quickly turned back, calm again, "There's nothing out there."

River scanned the orb in the center of a panel, taping some sort of code in, and put her hand on it before looking back at the scanner, "These tunnels. They're not just here, they're everywhere. They're running under the surface of the entire planet! They've been here for centuries…" she saw something like electricity crackle behind her and spun around, her eyes wide, "RORY!"


Canton held up a wire, looking at it, as Amy came over to him, "So, you were kicked out of the FBI, because you had attitude problems," she began.

"No, I just wanted to get married," he told her, putting the wire down.

Evy looked over at the comment from where she was scanning some of the tech with her sonic before getting back to work.

"Is that a crime?" Amy frowned.

"Yes," he nodded, before pointing over to where Evy and the Doctor were working, "Doctor who? Exactly?"

"That's classified."

"Classified by who?"

"God knows."

"But you work for him. For them."

"They're my friends, if friends is the right word. I haven't seen them in a while. I had something I wanted to tell them…" she trailed off, deep in thought, "But stuff always gets in the way."

"Stuff does that," Canton remarked, looking at another wire.

"Help me!" someone that sounded like a little girl shouted. They all spun around to look in the direction of the voice, Canton pulling out his gun as he stepped forward, "Help! Help me!"

"That's her!" he shouted, running off after the call. Amy started to run after him but suddenly hunched over, holding her stomach in pain.

"Amy!" Evy called, drawing the Doctor's attention a she ran to Amy's side, Canton running past.

"What's wrong?" the Doctor asked, kneeling down before Amy and Evy.

"I need to tell you something," Amy began, gasping as she grabbed his hand, "It's important! It's really, really important!"

"Doctor!" Canton shouted, "Evy! Quickly!"

"What, now?" the Doctor asked, before pulling her up and running after Canton, Evy helping to support the girl. They ran to a corner, the Doctor motioning for them to be quiet before he rushed around it, his sonic out, "Canton!" he yelled, spotting the man knocked out on the ground. He ran over to him as Evy and Amy ran around the corner as well, "Canton, are you ok?"

"Is he alright?" Amy asked as Evy soncied the man.

"Just unconscious," Evy sighed with relief, "Someone whacked him."

"Doctor, Evy, I have to tell you something. I have to tell you it now."

"Not at the moment Amy," the Doctor replied, still focused on checking on Canton. Evy was tempted to smack him for being so rude, but the situation was far too serious and distractions wouldn't do well.

"No, it's important. It has to be now."

"Help!" the girl shouted and they turned, hearing her, the Doctor and Evy trying to spot her, "Help me!" Amy knelt before them, "Help me!"

"Doctor, Evy," Amy took a breath, "…I'm pregnant."

The Doctor and Evy turned to stare at her, their mouths open, when the sound of boots stomping reached them. They looked over to see someone in a spacesuit walk in. The Doctor stood up.

"That's it…the astronaut…" Amy breathed.

Evy looked over at her, startled and confused, before she too stood by the Doctor's side, both of them watching as the astronaut raised its visor to reveal a little girl.

"Help me!" the girl cried, raising her hand to them.

"Get down!" Amy shouted.

The Doctor turned to see Amy grabbing Canton's fallen gun, "What are you doing?!"

"Saving your life!" she shouted, spinning and firing, just as Evy leapt towards her.

"NO!" the Doctor yelled as Amy screamed.

To be continued…

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