First Night and Last Night

The Doctor danced around the TARDIS console as Evy stood at one end, hitting a few buttons here and there, as she held LJ in her arms, balancing him on her hip.


River Song looked up from reading her journal as she sat in her cell in Stormcage, the sound of rain outside fading as she heard the wheezing of the TARDIS grow louder. She smiled, getting up…


The Doctor pulled a lever, setting the TARDIS to land and, not a moment later, River Song walked through the doors. She smiled widely, seeing the three of them there, but then her gaze was pulled away to a metallic-golden dress, quite low-cut, hanging on a hanger beside the console, "The dress is a little daring…" she remarked.

"Yup, so I went for this instead," the Doctor gestured to his suit and white jacket.

River looked at Evy for an explanation, "For some reason unknown to me I thought it would be fun to let our boys pick," she sighed, "Probably not the best idea," she looked at her own gown, a very slinky, black dress that looked like a bikini top with a strip of fabric connecting it to the skirt that had a slit running up the side of it to a little above her left knee. The Doctor hadn't been able to stop his hands from ghosting over the skin on the sides of her stomach, much to his delight, as he'd discovered she was quite ticklish in that particular area. She shook her head, "And LJ…" she bobbed the baby, who was waving his arms excitedly at River, "I believe he picked yours because it was shiny," she nodded in though, "Yes, those exact words."

River shook her head and walked up, dropping a little kiss onto LJ's head, as she smiled at the Doctor and Evy, "Are we going out?"

"Your parents are asleep," the Doctor turned to the controls. After seeing the Ponds again for Christmas and taking them along for a Christmas gift adventure, he and Evy had thought that they should visit River, see how she was holding up, "How's Stormcage?"

"I'm on the first night of 12,000 consecutive life sentences. Kind of early to say. Where are we going?"

"Calderon Beta" Evy smiled, "According to him," she nodded at the Doctor, "It's the 'Boring Planet of the Chip Shops,' but," she nodded, leading River around the console to where the Doctor was putting in coordinates, "In the middle of the sea there's a mountain that has a 400 foot tree growing out of a cliff top on its northern side. If you take the lift to the top of the tree on the 21st of September 2360, and look up at 12:12 in the morning you'll see more stars in one sky than at any other moment, in any other place, in all the Universe."

The Doctor pulled a lever, "It's like daylight, only magic. You could read a book by it."

"Or," Evy grinned, bobbing LJ on her hip, "Begin your lessons."

River frowned, "What lessons?"

"In Gallifreyan. You're part Time Lord after all, can't have you running around not knowing our language."

The Doctor nodded, "We may not be able to teach you everything about the Universe or other languages, but we can certainly teach you that."

Typically the language was an innate knowledge. Often the lessons of Gallifrey were passed down from parent to child while in the womb, it was why it was such a long gestation. The child had to basically absorb all manners of knowledge from their parents. What they knew, the child would know. It was a shared knowledge of their people, but with River not having Time Lord parents she was at a disadvantage. And, with the two knowing how River's time would end, they wanted to make sure she at least knew Gallifreyan given the fact she would know it later, possibly even the language of the Gamma Forest, at least the basics of that.

River shook her head, "But you two and LJ have already started my lessons."

The Doctor blinked, "We have?"

She nodded, thinking about the times they popped in to see her at the university, with interesting books on poetry or history for her, the small talks they would have where Evy would smack the Doctor on the back of the head for saying something stupid and he'd lick her hand to get her to stop covering his mouth when he tried to say something stupid. She laughed a little, "You visited me at the university a few times to give me books and see how I was doing..." she frowned, realizing something, "...but not yet?"

"It's alright," Evy put a hand on the girl's shoulder, seeing she was worried that she'd let some important information about the future slip, "That's the sort of thing we don't mind being an established event," she smiled, telling River it was ok, but also to be careful.

River smiled as well, "But either way, is it ok if we don't for now? I'd rather have my first real adventure really be an adventure, not a lesson."

Evy shook her head, "Just this once."

"We've got ten minutes, get dressed," the Doctor turned back to the console, "Did you bring the diary?"

"It's a diary?" River asked, holding up her journal and flipping through the pages.

"Oh yes," Evy readjusted LJ to her other side.

The Doctor nodded, "Listen, River from now on, there are rules…"

"Oh," she pouted, "You've gone all strict."

"River, the three of us, well, I suppose the four of us now, we never seem to meet in the right order," Evy warned her, "So we need you to put everything in the diary so when we do meet, we'll each know where we are."

"Put what in the diary? I'm in the highest security prison in all of the known Universe."

"River Song could walk in and out of that prison like the walls aren't there," the Doctor remarked, crossing his arms.

"I'm River Song."

"Then you'll be fine."

"You can find a different dress in the wardrobe if you'd like," Evy told her, "First right, second left, past the helter-skelter."

River nodded and headed off down the stairs.

The Doctor looked over at his family, smiling widely at them. He walked over and gave LJ a little kiss. Evy smiled, leaning forward to kiss him as well, when there was a thump against the doors of the TARDIS, followed by gun blasts. The Doctor ran to the doors, Evy quickly placing LJ on the jump seat before running to help. They pulled the doors open to see an older River trying to get in.

"River!" Evy called, pulling her in as the Doctor quickly shut the doors.

"I knew you'd come back here!" River gasped, "Hold me!" and promptly fainted in a spin, leaving the Doctor little choice but to catch her, Evy rushing to help him.

"River!" he called, alarmed, "River! River! River!" they quickly laid River down on the floor, "River?" the Doctor asked, tapping her on the cheeks, trying to wake her as Evy pulled her sonic from the back of her dress and flashed the woman, "Are you ok?" he lifted her arm to check on her, "Talk to us…ok, um…uh…" he kept trying to see if she was alright, doing everything short of having to give her CPR, "Breathe, breathe, come on," Evy checked the sonic as he listened for her breathing, "Gotta keep breathing…uh…" he moved to give her mouth-to-mouth, when Evy put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

She held up the sonic to him, "River," she called as he snatched the sonic and looked at the results himself, "You're holding your breath."

River's eyes opened and the Doctor jumped back, startled, "You're fine ones to talk about holding. How many hands do you have?"

"Get up," Evy laughed, pushing herself up and reaching out to help River up as well. River brushed off the bottom of her dress and smiled widely, seeing LJ sitting on the jump seat, trying to clap, and giggling at her.

"What are you doing here?" the Doctor asked as she walked over to LJ, scooping him up and tickling him. He pulled a lever and turned to lean against the console, "And who's shooting at you?"

"Oh just a few Sontarans," she remarked, making funny faces at LJ, "Chased me halfway across the galaxy."

"Do we want to know why?" Evy asked with a small smile as she leaned on the railing and crossed her arms.

River shrugged, turning to face them with LJ in her arms, "I asked them if they were on a hen night."

Evy laughed at that, "Probably not the best idea," she said at the same time the Doctor shouted, "River you can't do things like that!"

"Or what?" she turned to him, tugging LJ's hand away from her hair as he tried to pull at it. Evy shook her head and went to take him from her, it seemed he'd developed a bit of an obsession with pulling hair…oh he'd be a handful for sure, "You've already had me banged up in jail for five years. What else are you gonna do? Spank me?"

"You are not our daughter," the Doctor stuck out his tongue at her.

"Hold on a minute," River cut in, starting to frown, as she spotted the dress hanging there, "Have you brought someone else here?" she looked at them, annoyed, "Does anyone agree to wear that dress?" before spinning on the spot and storming off, "Where is she?"

The Doctor rubbed his face, "River think it through…"

She just ran up the stairs, pausing at the top to look at him, "This happened the last time we were here! You brought someone else!"

"No, we didn't!"

"Yes, you did! I heard you talking to her!"

He paused, "Why aren't you yelling at Evy?"

"YOU'RE the one that brings home strays," River remarked with a huff, turning to go find the other woman. She didn't get to see LJ much as a baby and she treasured the time she got to spend with him, to have to share that with anyone else…

"It's the same night!" the Doctor called as Evy laughed behind him. He turned around, pointing a warning finger at her as she quieted down with a silent giggle.

"Doctor!" the younger River called, entering up the stairs with clothes in hand, "Were you talking to someone?"

"No, he was just talking to me," Evy answered with a smile.

River eyed her before turning and leaving, a moment before the older her entered again, "Were you talking to someone?!"

Evy bit her lip to keep from laughing, "No dear, just to me."

She left as well, the Doctor shaking his head at all this. Why was he always the one to get yelled at?

'Because half the time you're an idiot,' she reminded him, 'It's like how you were rude last time.'

He pouted and Evy shook her head, moving to give him a little kiss, when the door to the TARDIS opened and yet another River, much older, wearing the golden dress, entered. The Doctor let his head drop onto Evy's shoulder as she turned to look at the next River. He shook his head, this just wasn't his night to get a kiss was it?

River shook her head at them, smiling, "You two just can't keep away can you…" she frowned, catching sight of the dress, "Evy?" she asked, fingering the straps of her dress, "Why have you brought another one of these? Who else is here?"

The Doctor glanced back over his shoulder and then to her, "River could you just check the light on top? I think the bulb needs changing."

"The bulb?" she asked, eyeing them a moment, before leaving to check.

Evy rolled her eyes and handed LJ to the Doctor, "That's it, I'm taking over…"

"But…" the Doctor began.

She just pointed a warning finger at him, "In the span of 30 seconds you mange to get three River's in here. I am piloting."

He pouted a moment and she sighed, about to give him a peck, when the second River waltzed in, "Who are you talking to?"

The Doctor let his head hang, he'd been so close to getting that kiss.

Evy smirked at him before striding past him and over to River, "You," she told the woman, "We're talking to you," she pulled out her sonic, "Back to Stormcage River," and held up the Vortex Manipulator on River's wrist to work on.

"Oh at least give me a lift. You know what this thing does to my hair."

She laughed, "Yeah, nothing."

River pouted, "LJ gives me a lift all the time!"

She shook her head, "I'm not LJ," she smiled a bit, "I'm his mother," and River disappeared in a crack of energy.

The Doctor grinned at that and they both spun around, hearing the door open again. The oldest River entered, "The light's fine, I don't know what you're talking about…"

Suddenly a young man ran in after her, "No Riv!" he shouted, "Wrong TARDIS, it's parked around back…"

He trailed off, spotting them, giving them time to eye him. He was tall, dressed in a black suit with golden-metallic tie the color of River's dress. He had dark brown hair parted on the side, with ice blue eyes, very familiar coloring.

The Doctor and Evy looked at the baby in the Doctor's arms and back.

He grinned and pointed at them, "Mum, dad," and then gave a cheeky smirk, "Much younger versions…"

"Oi!" Evy shouted, coming out of her shock at seeing their son grown up again, she'd never get used to that. Was that how Amy and Rory felt when they saw River?

"Two of them!" River breathed, staring at them with wide eyes, "The mind races, does it not?"

He laughed, about to speak, when the Doctor's distinctive voice called from outside, "Come on, you two, we'll be late!"

"Especially with the Doctor driving!" Evy's voice added.

River laughed and headed out, calling back to them, "We're going to the Singing Towers of Darillium! They've been promising for ages!"

The smiles on their faces began to fade, the Doctor hesitated a moment, rearranging LJ in his arms, "The first time we met River, at the Library, when she…" he glanced at Evy, not sure if he should tell.

"Died, yeah," the older LJ said quietly, "You told me," he glanced at his younger self and back at them.

Evy frowned, "She said Darillium was the last time she saw us…is that now?"

LJ gave them a sad smile, "Spoilers," he sighed, "Good luck tonight."'

"You too," Evy said softly, so sad for her son, having to experience that.

"Yeah," he nodded at them and turned to leave.

The youngest River walked up the stairs with an armful of clothes, her eyes widening as she saw the Older LJ leaving, "Oh! There's two of you!" she stepped over to the Doctor and tickled Baby LJ's chin, "The mind races!"

"Well, come on you," the Doctor shook his head as Evy took LJ back, "Let's go and see the stars!" he took the clothes from her.

"But I haven't changed!"

Evy smiled at her, "And you never will. Never ever."

She gave them a suspicious look, "What was the other him doing here?"

"Sorry," the Doctor grinned as well, "Can't say."

"What's that word you use?"

"Spoilers?" Evy laughed.

"I like that word."

"We knew you would."

She sighed but smiled at them, "You two and your secrets, you'll be the death of me," she walked around them to the other end of the console as LJ squirmed in Evy's arms.

What did he mean, she dies in a Library? LJ gurgled at them.

They glanced at River to see her just looking at the settings and the controls, jotting something in her diary, thankful she didn't know other languages such as Baby yet.

They looked at each other before sighing, they weren't going to lie to him, not about something like this, 'In our past, River's future,' Evy projected to her son, not wanting River to hear them, 'We were trapped and River sacrificed herself to save us.'

LJ frowned as he looked up at his parents, silent a moment.

'We're so sorry Sigma,' the Doctor said to his son, easier to communicate with him than the minds of others. They knew that LJ was already very fond of River, that he was aware that she knew him very well from the little interactions he had with her and from what he'd gleamed from them. In that moment then, he knew they were very good friends in the future.

Then she should have the best life ever, he determined, blinking.

They smiled, 'We'll make sure of it,' Evy promised him.

"Right!" the Doctor clapped, "We've got stars to see!" and then he and Evy dashed around the console, setting the coordinates and they were off.

To be Trio of Time Lords!

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