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Yoh wakes up alone, in a place where he's not familiar with. Confusion sets in; yet he's more worried that his wife wasn't anywhere in the room.

Rays of sunlight peeked into the room despite the heavy curtain covers. He brushed aside the drapes and saw the whole city of Tokyo like a diorama. With the stunning view, he figured he must be on the penthouse of a certain luxurious hotel; but as far as he's concerned, he can't afford such, unless it was sponsored by his wealthy friends - Manta Oyamada or Ren Tao.

"Good morning, Master Yoh. Did you sleep well?"

A young man, dressed in a black coat and tie, entered the room, just as Yoh was about to leave.

"Yes, thanks." He answered promptly. "S-sorry but, do I know you?"
"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" The latter said jokingly, slightly bending down to pour coffee.

Yoh's brows knitted closely together.

Just who the heck is this guy?

As if he was saying his thoughts out loud, the other guy spoke,

"It's me, Hiroshi, your personal assistant. You hired me a few months ago? Ring any bells?"

Personal assistant? Since when did I have that?


Hiroshi walks over to him and hands him his coffee.

"Well, it must be the champagne or whiskey you had last night." He declared.
"Last night?" Yoh repeated.
"Yeah. You were partying like crazy. You must be hung over. Coffee would be of great help, Master Yoh."

Yoh took the coffee after a very quick deliberation and sat down on the nearest chair, almost forgetting why he wanted out of the room in a jiff.

"Should I tell you your list of activities for today?" Hiroshi pulls out a tablet PC, and taps on 'Tasks' .
"I'm confused..." He thinks about it for a while and then concluded, "Wait...that list came from Anna right? Where is she?" He smiled.
"Pardon me?"
"Anna? My wife?"

His assistant's eyes were a combination of annoyance and confusion, but decided to dismiss the thought and grinned at Yoh instead. "That's a good one, Master Yoh. Now, you have to get moving because it's going to be a 20 minute drive from here to the office."
"What? What office?"
"Uh, you know, where you work?" He said sarcastically. "Ah, is this one of those days where you wanted to play hooky and ditch work because you're the president of the company after all, and no one would actually mind?"

Yoh was left slack-jawed. Hiroshi could very well be Anna's long lost brother (if she had one, that is.).

"...Well, sorry to disappoint you, Yoh Asakura - and for the record, you mentioned I can call you by your full name if you are being - excuse me for the term - an ass. I can't let you skip work or else, Master Yohmei would totally bite my head off. I was hired to keep you in line."
"H-huh? I didn't understand a thing you just said. Could you just please call my wife?"
"Good heavens, Master Yoh! The alcohol must've really gotten into your head. Here's what... I'll move your meeting an hour later to give you a little bit of time to think everything through."
"I'm going out."
"But...!" Yoh runs off. "Please be back in an hour though!" Hiroshi reminded.

Everyone he met at the elevator knew who he was and were always greeting him with honorifics like he owned the place - oh wait, he does. The Asakura seal was plastered almost on every inch of the building; from the elevator interior design, to the carpet, and a miniature version at the concierge section. He failed to notice that in the room where he was staying in a while ago. The larger version was sitting atop the building.

In less than five minutes, he deduced that his family was now one of the wealthiest clans in Japan. Whatever miracle happened - how his family now holds a fortune - he could care less. He just wants to find Anna.

Yoh's known for being a usually calm person, but his nerves were getting the best of him, mainly because no one seems to know who or where Anna is.


He was walking aimlessly on the streets of Tokyo, wearing only a t-shirt and jogging pants, worn haphazardly, when something caught his eye; a blonde girl, wearing a black dress with a red scarf wrapped around her neck, drinking coffee.

Yoh entered the store and sighed in relief. He approached her and said,

"Thank goodness I found you. Could you remind me again how we ended up in the city? Coz I don't remember a thing. Everything's weird. Did you know we own a five star hotel, just a few blocks from here? Gramps may have forgotten to mention that..."

He sat on the chair across her, while waiting for her response. His wife would've frowned and slap him instantly, but instead, he got a confounded look from her. He was even more shocked when she asked,

"Do I know you?", annoyance most apparent in her voice.

He would've laughed at this for the reason that Anna could barely pull off a joke. If she did succeed on messing up with him in a humorous way, it would've been really funny. But she wasn't kidding; seriousness was visible on her face.

"What do you mean? Anna, I'm your husband." He explained.

She gave him a scandalous stare. "Are you out of your mind? I've never even seen you before. And how did you know my name? Were you stalking me?" She accused.
"Listen Mister, I'm not your typical damsel-in-distress. The only one who's gonna be in distress if you don't leave me alone, right now, is you."

Yoh had to lean back on his chair when Anna stood up and pointed a finger at him. "I mean it. Stay the hell away from me, weirdo."

It took him at least three seconds to recover - stood up and ran after his eccentric wife.

"Anna, please wait!"
"What do you want?" Frustration was all over her features.
"Something's wrong in this picture. Can we please go back to the hotel and talk things out?" He pleaded. "Look, whatever I did, I'm sorry, I really am. Please, let's talk."
"I warned you, Mister."

She pulls out her stun gun and electrocutes Yoh. He doubles over and drops to the ground, his whole body twitching uncontrollably.

She definitely wasn't kidding. I'd rather take the light chair any time of the day, than be tasered, thank you very much.

Author's note: Yehey, new story! This should be really short... I'm thinking 3 chapters at best? But we'll see. Unlike most authors (I think), I usually don't have a clue how long my story is gonna go... :D I just devise a plot and write when something comes to mind. xoxo