A/N: Hey guys this story I dedicate to Chen, SSC and others who like my fic so much. This fic is the prequel to Secrets of the Pandora's Box where it focused on Jin who has a personal mission to learn of Jun's survival and involves in the mysterious tag tournament announced by his grandfather Heihachi who regains his youthful self to become invincible. Here is the my story.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Fatal Lightning


My name is Jin Kazama and I'm the son of my beloved mother, Jun Kazama and my sworn enemy father, Kazuya Mishima. Most of my life has turning upside down because of my cursed family. Currently, I became the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu who brought chaos to the world by starting the war after defeating my great-grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima. I cause carnage to everyone in the world we lived in. Even my friends that I cared about are trying to stop me from my plans. Prior to the war that I started, my old friend Shin Kamiya was the sole survivor of the Mutare Experiment or known as the M-Cell. My father, Kazuya used my long-time friend Xiao as a spy in order to investigate him so I let my android Alisa Bosconovitch to do the same thing. That was when my grandfather tried to lure us out using my old friend but he ends up nothing but a tool to him. Beating my father was not enough for me when he transformed into a monster. But he let Xiao cry making me become a monster. Our fight is not yet over, I know for sure that he was still alive.

After the incident, my plan is to awaken Azazel by starting a war to fill with negative emotions in order to save everyone. Lars Alexandersson who led a coup between both G-Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu that considers him as my half-uncle also drawn from the Mishima blood. I was been defeated by him and I tell him of my plans of starting a war of awaken Azazel in his physical form. Just then, I defeated the monster in one punch and plummets us to our deaths just to be free from my curse. I thought myself to be successful, but I failed. My body was found by Raven and his crew knowing that I'm still alive.

I woke up when they treated my injuries and Raven once told me that everyone thinks I'm dead but my grandfather had already take over after this incident. He let me live for the time being. This is just a beginning and this is my journey awaits...

After Jin's narration, it zooms into the Mishima Zaibatsu: Central Tower where it was headed by a long-time CEO Heihachi Mishima after his grandson's "death". He makes a serum, a drug that makes him regain his youth which is the rejuvenation serum. He waited for the scientists where he ran a top-secret research lab.

"Sir, the serum is all complete..."

"Finally, I just want to test how it works..." Heihachi said as he grabs the serum as he gulped. The effects emerge from his body and he transforms into his youthful body a eternal youthful body with a full headed hair. "Hahahaha... I gained my eternal youth at last."

"Sir... the effects will not work once you overdose in drinking it." One of the scientists said and Heihachi surges with a blue lightning knowing that he will become invincible.

"This is perfect...! I'm going to be invincible with this youthful body, hahaha...!" Heihachi muses as he decides to open a Tag Tournament as he thought of. "Hmmm, this tag tournament will be interesting. I might choose a partner."

Jin visits in the ruins of the Kazama House at Yakushima Mountains where he was raised by his mother, Jun. He remembers how he wanted to protect his mother from Ogre while he was a helpless teen and also his survival of destroying Azazel where he was found by Raven. He never forgets those incidents happened to him and all he gained was just a near-death experience.

How long has it been, mother. It has been seven years after your disappearance.

Jin misses his mother very much as a white appeared before him. A white light was pure as an angel appeared before him.

"Who are you?" Jin asked as the she introduces herself.

"My name is Angel and I'm formerly the soul of your father Kazuya Mishima and you must be Jin Kazama..."

"How did you know my name?"

"It's simple... you are the son of both Jun and Kazuya. I came here to tell you about the woman in the black ooze. The person who saved you after she gets rid of the wolf spirit three years ago." Angel said while telling Jin about Unknown.


"I found her deep in the ocean. But I'm able to purify her with my hands as the black ooze on her body was disintegrated. It appears that your mother was still alive."

"Mother was alive...?" Jin said shockingly.

"Yes..." Angel said and Jin lowered his head finally learns of her survival and tell her.

"I will find mother, Angel. I must find out where she is...?"

"Jin, you still have good left in you. To find your mother you must enter a tag tournament. That's the only way to look for her and be careful when the Devil strikes on you." Angel said and Jin thanked her.

"I will, thank you very much..."

When Jin leaves the ruins of their home, Angel was upset to see him she knows that Jun and Unknown are the same person as she thought.

I shouldn't tell him more about his mother. He didn't know that his mother and girl in the black ooze are still the same. I must guard him whenever the devil begins to consume his soul just like Kazuya.

Afterwards, Angel quickly flies away in the blue sky.