Chapter 12: Bali Festivities

At Bali, Indonesia... Lili, Asuka and Sebastian are the first one to arrived to meet their opponents.

"Wow... this place looks gorgeous just like in Okinawa." Asuka said excitedly and Lili gracefully grins at her rival.

"Well this place has a lot of waves... Maybe our opponents would be there."

Both saw, Hwoarang and Baek had managed to get in the third eliminations in which their opponent would be Jaycee and Michelle for tonight.

"Lili, look... isn't that idiot with Xiaoyu?" Asuka said and both saw Jin and Xiaoyu are here as well.

"Sounds like they manage to get in the third eliminations as well." Lili smiled as she noticed Asuka was still afraid and she pushes her out. "Don't try to be afraid, Ms. Kazama. We'll beat them at the same time."

"Don't push me off, you idiot?" Asuka barked. "I'm just been afraid because what if there was a weird woman attacked us. I heard a lot of fighters have been attacked during the tag tournament."

"Milady, what if she was telling the truth." Sebastian said as he tell her. "During the first eliminations, two tag fighters have been eliminated to let their opponents reach to the next round. However, there was an attack going on when the fighters are prepared."

"Well then... we should be continue onward... I'm going to deal Jin Kazama as an act of revenge of taking over the oil fields from my father." Lili said grinning as she walks away as Sebastian followed. Asuka became disappointed to see her as she thought.

Great! Why would she think about that? I know for sure you would be backfired...

Jin and Xiaoyu are exploring the beach waves in the resort. Xiaoyu was very excited wanted to go for a swim just like in Okinawa.

"Jin... we might go for a swim today. It will be good..."

"We'll do that once we're done dealing with our next opponent." Jin said as he navigates his opponents using his PDA. "I hate to say this but our opponent is my annoying cousin and the owner's daughter of Rochefort Enterprises."

"Don't comment them, Jin... we'll just have to concentrate to win not to lose." Xiaoyu said scolding him as she stretches her arms. "I'm getting stiffy after a long trip in here."

"Say Xiao... how about we'll go for a spa?" Jin said requesting. "It will be nice if we need to relax before our match."

"Sounds good... but it's pretty embarassing if the two of us were..." Xiaoyu said blushing as Jin worriedly tells her.

"Don't worry, Xiao... the rooms were separate. I know for sure, you loved it."

At the spa, Xiaoyu is seen relaxing in the spa with orchids on the waters. Therefore, she noticed someone is with her as it turns out to be Asuka who is hiding.

"Asuka... what are you doing here?" Xiaoyu asked as she looked on the room where Jin is having a massage.

"Xiaoyu... I was going to answer the same thing. Why are you with my bastard cousin of mine? Are you having a relationship with him?"

"Excuse me, don't you dare say that in front of me. We're only just relaxing that's all..." Xiaoyu said angrily to her.

"...I can't believe it if it wasn't for Lili she just paid for to relax and telling me to do whatever I want. She knows that I was terrified." Asuka said while lowering her head in disappointment.

"How come your terrified?" Xiaoyu wondered.

"Because... that idiot's mother was far more stronger than I am. We spar each other with our Kazama-Style Martial Arts moves. But I end up losing to her... Dad knows that she was the "Chosen One" coming from our relatives." Asuka said sadly.

"Mrs. Kazama... was the "Chosen One" how come you say that?"

"She's very powerful, I can't say to that idiot about his mother... She's highly psyche if it comes to save others. What I heard from today is, few fighters are unable to compete because of the attacks with black goo or something." Asuka said and Xiaoyu decides to tell Jin about this.

"I have to tell him about this..."

"No, Xiaoyu... don't. If you said it to him he would get angry. I know he likes aunt Jun very much." Asuka said stopping her.

"So, why are you still here?"

"That idiot Lili was up to something, she's going to kill Jin after he took over the oil fields in the past." Asuka stated and Xiaoyu was shock about this.

"Oh no... Jin was still inside, he would get killed."

At the ceiling, Lili intends to assassinate Jin with string that can fit on his neck as she thought.

Look here, Jin Kazama... I'm going to make sure to give us our land this instant. Now is my chance to kill you with this.

The male attendant look suspicious while noticing a string near on Jin's face and he asked him.

"Um... Mr. Kazama... why there's a string near at your face?"

However, to his dismay, Jin snores loudly while sleeping and realize that he was really tired during the trip. Lili, however cover her ears.

How dare he snores so loud? Now I need to kill him now...

Lili tried to move the string just a little more on his face. Suddenly, her phone rings and it's comes from her butler, Sebastian as she got electrocuted from the wires as she accidentally falls on the ceiling. Jin then wakes up in a yawning noise.

"Who dares to disturb my slumber?"

"Um... Mr. Kazama... Didn't you notice there was string that was near on your head. It's probably someone is trying to kill you."

"What? How would you say I'm going to be assassinated?" Jin said while the attendant almost massaging his butt underneath.

"Um... I think I'm just imagining things..."

Lili then wakes up and she hurts her butt while she pretends she's unconscious as her assassination attempt backfires after she was been electrocuted.

"You're finally done... just don't wash yourself with water." The attendant said nicely.

"All right... I won't get wet this time.." Jin smiled as he leaves the room.

The attendant noticed an unconscious Lili and she saw him.

"Where was I?"

"Um... are you a customer?"

"Do you have a mirror, something's wrong with me..." Lili said as the attendant point at the left side as she saw her hair was spiked with large curls due to her being eletrocuted as she screams in agony.


That night after relaxation, Jin and Xiaoyu are now wearing their fighting gears and the place they will fight was in Wayang Kulit. Xiaoyu can't tell him about his mother Jun and Jin looked at her while fixing his red detachable gauntlets.

"Xiao... you look troubled after we were having a relaxtion?" Jin said and Xiaoyu replies.

"I'm thinking that Asuka was pretty nervous. She maybe tough but deep inside she's afraid to your mother."


"We have to get there fast."

"Xiao, I'm guessing that Lili intends to kill me" Jin said telling her. "I think we're going to fight them."

At Wayang Kulit, Asuka and Lili are waiting for their opponents to arrive and Lili finally fixes her hair after the incident.

"Well... you got hurt a lot..." Asuka giggled and Lili angrily shut her up.

"Be quiet, Ms. Kazama... I'm not in the mood after all my attempts were backfired."


"Are you with me or what?"

"Nice timing on your assassination attempts on me. But you were too young to kill somebody." Jin arrives while raising his brow as Xiaoyu is with him.

"You! I knew you come here...?" Asuka said pointing her index finger towards her cousin.

"Seems that I will retrieve our oil fields back for my father and I will take you down by force." Lili said angrily to Jin.

"The oil fields belong to the Zaibatsu, you rich brat. You maybe good on defeating your captors. But it's the right time to beat the crap out of you." Jin smirked and Xiaoyu is ready to fight.

"Come on, girls. Let's fight..."

Both Asuka and Jin are fighting equally as she and Lili pulling their combos at him. Then, Xiaoyu tags in and she pulls Asuka with her own combos as she goes for a Rain Stance and execute Turn of Fortune and Shooting Star sending her to knock Lili out of the ring.

"Get off me, Ms. Kazama... I'm going to deal with them myself." Lili becomes infuriated as they lost the first round.

Now for the second round, Asuka continues to fight her cousin as Lili automatically tags making Asuka unable to fight.

"What the heck are you doing you idiot...! I'm not finished yet!" Asuka exclaimed and Lili goes fighting with Jin with all of her Monegasque gymnastic fighting style with Krav Maga moves.

"I'll never forgive you for messing my hair and my father's oil fields. Gives us our land this instant...!" Lili yelled angrily as Jin parries her attacks.

"Like I already told you about the oil fields. We are not giving up..." Jin said smirking and finally knows her plans. "Now I realize that you attempt to assassinate me with your annoying toys. Your attempts were futile."

"Don't ever say that...?" Lili said as she double kicks him in mid-air using Divine Sweep as she goes for Sunflower Lance as Asuka intervenes by kicking him with Minazuki in tag assault and Lili smacks him with a Peacock Jive. Jin then retaliates with his traditional karate moves as Xiaoyu uses Fortune for tag assaults as she flips around and she and Jin go for a reverse DDT knocking her out as they won the fight.

"Alright... we made it..." Xiaoyu jumps happily and Asuka was satisfied to see her rival unconscious as she crouches.

"Wow... you got ass kicked?!" Asuka said pointing on her rival Lili and Jin coldly tells her.

"Asuka, you shouldn't interfere in my plans or trying to bring me down to capture me. I know for sure you would be blaming me for this."


Jin then leaves satisfied as Xiaoyu followed him. Asuka angrily clenches her fists and witnesses Jin's arrogance and knowing that she hates cocky people.

"If you are going to make a war again! I'll beat you once I found you!" Asuka yelled angrily and Sebastian watches the two.

"Well now... milady ends up in defeat. I'm sure Master Rochefort will be very disappointed to see her fighting." Sebastian said while watching the two.

After the fight, Jin and Xiaoyu are enjoying watching the Bali Spirit festival at the outdoor stage near the resort they've been staying. Xiaoyu likes the concert very much and this is the first time Jin watches the concert. Then, all the people are setting their floating lights as well as the two prepared.

"Jin, you think we can float this thing?"


"Yeah but we're in the only ones are in fighting gears." Xiaoyu commented as everyone finally set their floating lamps in the sky as she and Jin do this as well.

Both watches when the song "Chasing Cars" had been played, Jin grabs Xiaoyu's hand softly to his hand and knowing that it was their wonderful experience to watch the floating lamps in the sky. Xiaoyu looked at him while smiling and Jin happily smiles at her as both continues to watch together. Therefore, Hwoarang and Baek are observing them while watching the floating lamps.

"Master, guess that Kazama's group is next, don't you think?"

"Yeah, Hwoarang... they are." Baek said smirking and he asked him. "By the way, how did you identify that pink luchadora was Julia Chang?"

"Well it's because... she took off her mask and she shows her identity to me. I'd never expect Jules as the luchadora Jaycee." Hwoarang answered calmly.

"Very well then... Michelle her adopted mother, was still beautiful as ever." Baek commented about Michelle and he faces his student. "Come on, Hwoarang... I think it's about time to train ourselves..."

At the hall of Mishima Estate, Jinpachi was sitting and trying to meditate himself.

"If only my son won't see me here. I must tell my great-grandson about these sudden attacks. I have to warn him..." Jinpachi said to himself and begins to meditate while closing his eyes. The Devil Gene flows on his body in a purple haze in which he is able to full control of it.

Outside, Angel was watching at Jinpachi the whole time and this she takes flight to warn Jin about Unknown.


*The Floating lamp event is based on the movie "The Mistress" prior to the wild love scene between Sari and Eric

*The male spa attendant resembles the philippine comedian and actor Vice Ganda.

A/N: Everyone is enjoying in Bali except that they didn't swim at the beach. The next chapter were Jin and Lars clash with their fists as Jun still keeps her dark secrets. Have fun reading everyone...