The saga finishes

It felt like he was floating.

There was nothing around him, nothing but the calming black void that had swallowed him. He knew he was going deeper and deeper into the abyss, but he couldn't find it in him to care. For the first time in a long while, he felt completely at peace, that he'd done what he was supposed to.


He stared at the sudden ripples above him, unable to comprehend who spoke or why they would disturb the darkness with a whisper.

"Please wake up friend," said another voice, this one louder and more distinctive than this first one. He still couldn't place the voice, but the more violent ripples were beginning to make him panic.

"Come on man, wake up!" This voice was deeper than the last two, obviously male, but he still couldn't place any of them.

"Please wake up Danny. Please wake up."

"Raven," said the teen as he shot up off his back and started hovering in the rippling darkness, recognizing the latest voice that had spoken so clearly. A small speck of green light began to shine off into the distance, from the very place he was floating away from. All he could do was cover his eyes as the light grew in intensity until it was like he was only a few feet away from the sun. Slowly, a black silhouette began to walk out from the center of the light. Danny squinted as he tried to make out who this person was, but the light was too bright to see anything distinguishable.

Then the light died back down to a small sparkle, waves of green emanating from it over the darkness. Danny had to blink several times before the spots in his vision faded away and he could see again. When he turned to look at the glowing figure standing before him, all he could do was stare in shock.

Floating in front of him was his ghost half.

The white haired ghost smiled at his human half while he extended a gloved hand to the teen.

"Come on," the ghost said, determination setting itself in his toxic green eyes. "We're not done yet." Danny stared at the hand for a moment before returning the determined smile. "Not by a long shot."

The moment their hands grasped each other, beams of white light began to pour out from the spaces between their fingers. The two halves didn't even flinch as the light grew brighter and brighter, swallowing them in its warm embrace.

Danny quickly shot up into a sitting position, ignoring the object he'd just unintentionally knocked off his bed as his eyes began darting around his surroundings. He was clearly in a hospital room, wearing a hospital gown, and sun light pouring into the room from a window. His heavy breathing began to slow as he noticed the other occupants of the room. The Titans and Leaguers seemed frozen in place, not one of them moving from the position they were in the moment he awoke, each one staring at him with disbelief. He'd assumed Clockwork had frozen time if he didn't see those without masks blink.


The teen turned to his right to see Raven on the floor, slowly picking her sprawled form into a more dignified manner. Her eyes never left his, the violet orbs portraying disbelief and hopefulness as she stared at him. The halfa gave the empath a small, reassuring smile before nodding to her. He was caught completely off guard as he was almost knocked back into his bed, a set of thin arms slowly crushing his chest.

"Danny!" shouted Danielle in pure happiness as she hugged her cousin as though he would disappear if she let go. Danny stared at the red beanie in shock for a moment before wrapping the young clone in an equally crushing hug. He could feel a single tear slip down his cheek as he pulled the young girl even closer to him, feeling her body shudder as she began crying into his shoulder.

"I was so scared you wouldn't wake up," wailed Dani, her cries muffled by his shoulder.

"It's okay," he consoled, calmly stroking her back as she continued shuddering. "I'm here. I don't know how I got here, but I'm here." He could feel her laughter as she released her grip on the teen hybrid, smiling despite the tears still running down her face. He then turned his smile to the others.

"Hey guys," he said, giving them his best encouraging smile. The effects were practically instantaneous as Starfire and Beast Boy tackled Danny in their own hugs.


"A truly joyous occasion!"

"Wait guys! I don't think this bed can…" The ghost teen didn't even have a chance to finish as bed collapsed under the weight of the four teens. The four of them looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter, prompting the others in the room to do the same. Even Batman had a small smirk on his face while most of the teens got off the bed. But that smirk was short lived.

"What is the last thing you remember after you freed the possessed Leaguers?" Danny's smile faded away as a reminiscent look overcame him.

"I remember Plasmius using the Ghostly Wail on us and Danielle coming to protect me afterwards, but everything's a blur after that." Batman nodded at this, but Beast Boy and Starfire looked at him incredulously.

"You don't remember?!" shouted the green changeling, forcing Danny to wince and shy away from him. "Dude, how can you not remember that?! You practically beat down Plasmius and everyone here!"

"I did?" asked the raven haired teen, confusion evident on his face. "How could I? I couldn't even stand up he used the Wail."

"You transformed into some kind of super-ghost after watching Vlad kill Danielle." Danny's attention instantly turned to his young clone, his eyes widened in shock and surprise at the sudden news.

"It was totally awesome, even if it was totally terrifying," continued Beast Boy, oblivious to the ghost boy's sudden change in attitude. "Your eyes were green light while your hair turned into white fire."

"Beast Boy," called Raven, trying to get him to notice how frightened Danny was becoming.

"The coolest part was the giant ice claw that took up your entire right arm. It was like you came out of an action/horror movie or the coolest video game in existence."

"Beast Boy!" shouted all of the Titans, each of them giving the changeling a piercing glare.

"What?" he asked before looking back at Danny, his ears drooping as the halfa started staring at his trembling hands in horror. "Oh."

"Danny," said Raven as she tried to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. The raven haired teen didn't seem to hear her as he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his hands. He could hear his future self laughing at him, his words cutting into his very soul. 'I won't be hurting anyone… you will.'

"I thought that was a nightmare I was having after I passed out," Danny muttered as he gave his hands a hardened glare.

"It's okay Danny…"

"No it not!" Danielle shied away as her cousin glaring green eyes locked onto her. "I became a monster I swore I'd never become."

"We all lose control of our powers from time to time," Green Lantern responded. "Especially when we're put under as much emotional stress as you were."

"But it should have been impossible for me to become that," replied the hybrid. "Not without absorbing Plasmius' ghost half." Batman's eyes narrowed as he stepped up towards the fallen bed.


Danny looked up at the Dark Knight, his eyes searching for some form of escape. After a moment, he let out a sigh before pulling his knees into himself and wrapping his arms around them.

"It all began with a test, a test that would determine where I would end up in life, the Career Aptitude Test…"

Everyone was just staring at Danny, each of them in a stunned silence. The teen's tale, along with the mental image he'd let the Martian Manhunter project to the Leaguers and Danielle had let them all see why he was so afraid about what he'd transformed into. Danny was still hugging his legs, his head now resting in the crook of his knees. His eyes had a solemn, distant look to them as he continued to stare at the sheets of the bed.

"Since then, I've done everything I could to avoid falling into Vlad's care, not that that matters anymore. Now I'm just one temper tantrum away from turning both the Earth and the Ghost Zone into barren wastelands." The teen buried his face into the sheets still covering his legs and let the fact sink in even more. Everything was quiet for a moment, until a sudden pressure on his shoulder stirred the halfa from his sad thoughts. Danny looked up to see Robin kneeling next to him, giving him a reassuring smile

"We won't let that happen," he said, the tone of his voice giving off the feeling that they really could prevent that.

"I went through the same thing you are going through now," said Raven, catching the ghost teen by surprise. "I can teach you how to control your emotions so that it will be harder for you to slip into that form again." Danny stared at her before looking around at the other Titans, each of them giving him their supportive smiles.

"Thank you," he said, a smile sneaking its way onto his face for a moment. But it disappeared the instant another thought came to his mind.

"What happened to Plasmius?"

"He escaped," stated Batman. "He disappeared while Doctor Fate and Danielle were repairing your core."

"Repairing my core?"

"Normally, it would be impossible for a ghost to survive when their core is damaged," explained the sorcerer. "But because Danielle is your clone, her core was a close enough match for me to use as a template to revive yours."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm just gonna pretend I do," said Danny, earning an amused smile from everyone.

"We still have a problem," said Green Lantern, ending the happy moment. "Vlad Plasmius is on the loose and it's only a matter of time before we're up to our necks in ghosts.

"You guys don't have to worry about Plasmius reforming his ghost army again," the teen replied as he leaned back into the bed with his hands behind his head, his smile never leaving his face. "He'll be going after me from now on till he finally does me in… again."

"Don't confuse your luck with immortality Danny," scolded Raven in her usual monotone. "We might not be around to bring you back to life a third time." At this, Danny started chuckling earning confused glances from everyone.

"Guess I shouldn't change my name to Danny Phoenix then, huh?" Everyone stared at him for a moment before bursting into laughter. The laughter was cut short by the sections of the Titans' costumes lighting up. Robin opened up his communicator immediately and began reading the information the little device was giving him.

"Doctor Light is robbing the Museum."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," announced the empath, her eyes rolling at thought of having to deal with the villain now.

"We've got to go. We'll come back as soon…" began the Titan leader before noticing Danny smirking at them, his now green eyes shining in determination and mirth. Before he could say anything else, the ghost teen leapt out of the bed and bolted for the window. The Leaguers tried to reach out and stop him as he put one foot on the window sill and phased through the glass. They superheroes could only watch as Danny leapt out into the air, the white ring appearing around his waist as he began to fall out of the sky.

"I'm goin' GHOST!"

Hope you enjoyed the final story of this trilogy. Don't worry though, I plan on writing a spin-off/sequel to tie up any loose ends here, but not right now. Now I'm gonna write a new Danny Phantom/Teen Titans story I've been itching to write for a while. Don't know when it'll go up, but I can promise that it will be soon.

Till then, this is TheTragicHero, signing off.