Just A Taste

Summary- Takes place after the season seven finale. Sam makes a deal with a former foe to find his brother. Based off a prompt by sendintheclowns. The prompt is located at the end of the story. Beta work by Floralia and sendintheclowns.

It was a sweltering day in July when he caught a familiar scent. Even the heat of the day couldn't hide the presence he felt not far from him.

Sam Winchester was near. He had heard that the young hunter was in the south looking for some Hoodoo spell to bring his brother back from Purgatory after Dean and the his angel pal had been pulled in taking out Dick Roman. Silly child, it would take more than some basic Hoodoo spell to bring his brother back.

No spell on this worldly plane would work to bring his brother back. It would take strong spell work from a powerful being created in Purgatory to even have a hope of working.

The Alpha Vampire smiled. He was hoping he would find the desperate hunter because he had wanted the boy since the first time he laid eyes on the soulless shell. During his initial encounter he had wanted Sam to be one of them, because without a soul he would have made quite the prize as a vampire.

That want had changed when Sam got his soul back. His need for Sam now was more personal and a bit vengeful. After all, Sam was the reason he was now without one of his favorite virgin playthings.

The boy's battered but strong soul fascinated the Ancient One. The fact he had housed Satan and survived proved that Sam was a one of the strongest humans he had ever encountered. To have that child under his control sent a pleasurable shiver down his spine.

Then there was the demon blood that was mixed with human blood. The thought of feeding on the heady mix was enough to make him willing to make a deal with the human. It was worth the risk of his safety to approach the well known hunter.

He just needed to wait for night to fall.


It was almost to easy. Sam Winchester had drunk a little too much; swooping in and grabbing him had been a lot easier than it should have been.

His thugs had been a bit heavy handed and the young man now lay on his bed, unconscious. The Alpha sat next to his prey, his hand on the young man's pulse savoring the pounding of life in the hunter's

veins. He could smell his demon mixed blood, a combination of old world power thanks to Azazel, and alcohol.

Not wanting to fight the young lad, the Old One quickly tied Sam's hands together and bound them to the headboard, waiting for his guest to wake.

He watched, contented, for an hour in a chair next to the bed, until his newest victim slowly woke. The Alpha watched as confusion and then fear quickly flickered across the man's face, quickly masked by anger.

"What do you want?" Sam gritted out.

The Alpha chuckled.

"I like your spirit. Even caught and bound you are full of spirit. Of course, that is one of the reasons you are here."

Sam glared before replying, "You know if you were going to kill me, I'd be dead, so can we skip the pleasantries and get to the point?"

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you? But you're right, I don't normally play with my food. If I'd wanted to kill you I would have. No, I've come to you with an offer."

"You couldn't have just called me and made and offer?" Sam huffed out.

"Surprise is always the best way to handle hunters. I've heard you were here in New Orleans looking for a spell. I've come to tell you it's fruitless."

The Alpha watched as Sam's face fell just for a moment before the mask was back.

"Yes, so I've learned. Tried the so-called spell last night. So if that is all..."

"Dear child, I have come with a better chance at rescuing your beloved brother and yes, don't look so surprised, I know about his unexpected trip to Purgatory. So I've come with an offer, even if doing so pains me, because I must say thinking of him facing off creatures he killed, well, it does delight me."

Sam's face filled with anger and he struggled with his bonds.

"You son-of-a-bitch!"

"No, son of Eve, but then your brother killed her as well. So you can see why I might have some anger issues against him. I'm a sensible and willing to over look all that though, if you are willing to do something for me."

The Alpha kept his calm as he watched the young man before him struggle to control his own emotions.

"What can I do for you? You're the Alpha, I'm just a hunter, and I still don't see how you can help Dean."

"Simple. I have a spell that can bring forward those who were mistakenly tossed into Purgatory. It is an ancient spell, and quite frankly I've never tried it, but I would be willing to if you'd be willing to make a deal with me."

The Alpha stood and moved to sit down next to Sam. The younger man moved as much as he could away from the vampire.

"Depends on what you want?" Sam growled out.

"Well, the spell calls for the person casting it to be at peak power. I want you to submit to me for feeding for at least a month. After a month, I will try the spell. If it fails, then you have lost a month of your life and you will have to find another way to save Dean. If I succeed, you will walk out of here weaker, but with your brother. So, what do you think?"

Sam took a long breath before answering. "That is all you want?"

The Alpha smiled at Sam, surprised but happy that the young hunter seemed to be willing to take his offer. The young man must have been more desperate than the Ancient One had originally thought.

"Complete obedience for that month. You will not try to harm me or any of my children while you are here and once we are done, we will part ways and no one is to be hurt."

Sam swallowed hard. "I don't want to have to witness you or your children feeding on humans. I can't promise I wouldn't react to that."

"Makes sense. It is in your nature to save humans so you will be expected to stay in your room away from us, and in return we will not flaunt our meals in front of you."

"I still don't get what benefit you get out of this." Sam replied, confusion showing on his face.

"I like the idea of feeding on you, it excites me." The Alpha replied simply.

"Okay." Sam replied quietly.

"Okay then, this will be your room. I'm going to untie you now."

The Alpha felt the young man flinch as he moved to untie his hands. The Elder Vampire then ran his hands down the young man's chest and felt his new conquest shiver in fear.

The Alpha withdrew his hands and stood up leering at the young hunter.

"I'll just let you get some rest and I'll come tomorrow night for our first feeding. In the meantime, the bathroom is the door to your left and is stocked for you. The door to the right leads into the hall and will be left locked. My children will bring you food three times a day and I expect you to eat it. If you don't I can't be blamed if you don't survive our deal. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Sam hissed out.

"Good. Then I'll see you tomorrow night."

The Alpha quickly left the room, relishing the loud heartbeat he heard coming from his now caged prey. He could smell the defiance mixed with fear coming off of Sam. The next month was definitely going to be interesting.


He was screwed. The failure of his last hope at rescuing Dean had left him broken and the Alpha Vampire had taken advantage of him.

Sam still couldn't believe he had agreed to the Alpha's demands but really, what other choice did he have? The vamp had offered a way to get Dean back, and even if it was a lie, it was more than Sam had had just hours ago.

A quick trip around the small room and bathroom had given him little information. He had found his duffel bag with clothes and toiletries on top of the sink in the bathroom. No weapons of course. His phone was gone, as was his wallet.

The two rooms were windowless. The one closet in the room held bedding.

A small desk had his laptop sitting on top of it. There wasn't an internet connection but he had books and games loaded so he had something to do to pass the time.

Sam had decided to go ahead and shower to help sober himself up. Once he was done and in clean clothes he had decided to go over again all his notes on Purgatory and the few leads he had. It would make sense to have a back up plan if this spell didn't work.

The next day, food was brought in at normal meal times. Breakfast at 8 am., lunch at noon, and dinner at 6pm.. Each time it was some young human that brought his meal. Sam figured that was so he wouldn't be tempted to attack the Alpha's servants.

The young teens seemed so happy to be there. It made Sam's stomach turn and made it hard to eat, but he did make himself take nourishment. The food had tasted good and no ill effects had made themselves known, which was a relief. He had hoped that the food was there to keep him healthy for feeding but part of him had not trusted it.

It was shortly after finishing dinner that Sam's nerves had begun to stretch thin. Waiting for the Alpha to come and feed on him was nerve wracking to say the least. He had seen the sharp teeth and what they could do to a human. Sam wasn't sure he would be able to totally submit if the pain was intense.

He would try though, for Dean, he would try his damnedest to get through this.

Sam was on the verge of pacing the room with the door to his room opened and revealed the Elder Vampire.


The Ancient One entered the room and found his human sitting at the desk in the room. Sam had finished his meal which pleased the Alpha. He wanted Sam to stay as strong as possible for feedings.

He could feel the fear, anger, and confusion radiating off of the young man before him, and it made the pit of his stomach quiver in anticipation. The thought of feeding and controlling this magnificent being was a heady one.

"Sam, I'm happy to see you took nourishment."

Sam nodded in acknowledgment but stayed still as the vampire moved and sat down on the side of the bed in the room.

"I know this evening has you worked up, so why don't we get down to business. As we move forward please feel free to ask questions. First, I'd like you to remove your clothes. You may leave your underwear on, and then come and lay down for me on the bed."

The Alpha watched as Sam slowly stood and began to work the buttons on his shirt. There was a slight tremble to his movement that could have been missed if the Elder Vampire hadn't been so in tune to his prey.

"Is there a reason for me to undress?" Sam asked quietly as he removed his button down shirt.

The Ancient One smiled leeringly at the young man who was now staring at him.

"Yes, there is a reason. Less mess is the practical reason, but if I am totally honest, I like to watch reactions as I feed. The tension that melts away until the human is on this euphoric high. It is a delight to watch. So if you were worried about your virtue, don't."

Sam glared at him as he removed his t-shirt.

"So there is no truth to vampires being sexual creatures? I find that hard to believe."

The vampire licked his lips.

"Oh vampires are sexual creatures. It's just I prefer the incredible orgasmic feeling I get when feeding on such powerful beings like yourself. In fact, you have to be the most powerful human I've ever fed on. Lucifer's vessel. The Chosen One. I would never sully that experience with animistic sex. I save that sort of thing for humans that I despise. I gleefully take away their pride by debasing them with raw overpowering sex as I bleed them dry. Normally hunters are perfect for that, but not you, no you are so much more than a mere human hunter, and I intend to fully enjoy sucking down your life force as you submit to me and I will respect you as you do it. Your reasons for doing this are the most selfless I've ever encountered, you are submitting to me to save your brother. You, my dear boy, fascinate me in ways no human has ever attempted too. So again, rest assured, I will not sully our relationship with tawdry sex."

Sam swallowed hard. "Thank you."

"Anymore questions before we begin?"

Sam shook his head no and began to unbutton his jeans. The young man no longer kept his attention on the Ancient One. He worked proficiently in removing all his clothes until he was clad in only black boxer briefs. It was only once all the clothes were removed that the young hunter gave the vampire before him eye contact.

The Alpha let his eyes roam the Adonis like form in front of him. Sam Winchester truly was a work of art. He patted the middle of the bed and motioned with his pointer finger for Sam to approach.

The delicious human in front of him squared his shoulders in determination before moving purposefully towards the bed, and then lying down on his back in the middle of the bed. The Alpha took Sam's right hand into his and held it, rubbing his thumb across the pulse point of the wrist.

He could feel the young human's body tense with anticipation and fear. The heartbeat and breathing of his soon to be delicacy speeding up. The Ancient One relished this response, this power over such a worthy adversary. He was about to dine on one of the most powerful hunters he had ever encountered. The most interesting and powerful human he had ever had the pleasure of capturing.

He liked Sam, and really wanted their bond to be special and not one made of just fear and need. He smiled as warmly as he could in his pre-feast stage and spoke softly to the young hunter in front of him.

"Sam, could you open your eyes and look at me? I want to get us started on the right foot, so to speak."

Sam's eyes fluttered open, slowly tracking the vampire's face.

"I just want to get his over." The young man rasped out.

"Child, I understand that but you are so tense and that will make things more painful. I want you to try and relax as much as you can."

"I've seen your fangs and there is no way I'm going to be able to relax knowing that you are about to chow down on my flesh with them." Sam huffed out.

"Yes, I'm sure you have seen some horrific sights when it comes to your job. Sam, what you don't understand is, I'm not a young inexperienced childlike vampire. I'm the creator of all vampires, and as such, I do not maul my food. Don't get me wrong, I have brutally taken prey when it suited me but it doesn't at the moment. I'm not even going to use my fangs. So try and relax, and just watch for a moment."

Sam swallowed hard and nodded as his eyes became glued to the elder vampire in front of him.

The Alpha smiled and brought his free hand up and took the long nail of his pointer finger and used it to peal the skin back from Sam's wrist. It wasn't a deep cut but because of the location, blood immediately pooled to the surface. Sam hissed in pain but stayed steady, eyes alert and watching.

"I'm going to suck blood from your wrist. As soon as my saliva mixes with your blood, you will start to feel a connection to me. A psychic bond of sorts, and I can will you to remain calm while I feed on you. My saliva will also induce a high like experience. When the feeding is done, my saliva will help heal the skin and you will rest. Do you understand?"

"Yeah." Sam whispered out.

The young man was still tense but he seemed a bit more at ease than when this had all started. The Alpha smiled and then brought the bleeding wrist to his mouth. The minute he took the first pull, he thought he was in Heaven.

The rich strong taste was unlike anything he'd ever had before. There was power singing in these veins. The Ancient One could feel echoes of Lucifer himself there. It was intoxicating. He would have to be careful not to lose himself like a young virgin vampire in this wonderful elixir.

He could feel Sam melt into the bed as his saliva worked its magic. The young man let out a contented sigh and as Sam's defenses dropped, the Ancient One could feel their psychic bond forming.

Just as the feeding had been unlike anything he'd ever experienced, the bond was stronger than he could have ever imagined. The young man before him had psychic powers that were hidden deep in his psyche. That had to be the reason the Alpha hadn't picked up on Sam's psychic powers before now.

Sam's mind was racing with thoughts of feeding. Feeding on demon blood. The Alpha could see it in his mind's eye, the young psychic's thoughts playing out, in Technicolor. Sam in bed with a female demon and feeding heavily.

So we are not as different as you pretend, huh, young one? The Alpha thought as he watched the scene play out before him. He could sense arousal in his young victim, which was not unusual.

It made a lot of sense with Sam considering that the feeding was bringing to surface these sorts of memories. The young man had buried them deep but there was no denying that Sam had experienced great pleasure from his own feedings with this female demon.

There was guilt there too, the Alpha could feel that right along with the pleasure and power the young man had felt, was feeling again.

The Alpha sighed. He understood this feeling of arousal and power. It was how he felt every time he had fed. Taking the life force from a living being was far more orgasmic and intense then any simple sex act.

Only this time it was ten times more intense and he could feel a real orgasm building in him as well as Sam. The Alpha sighed contentedly and savored the final moments of the feeding.


A/N: A big thanks to sendintheclowns for her wonderful prompt and beta help. I also would like to thank Floralia for her help betaing this story. Warning the prompt below is spoilery when it comes to the story. Thanks for reading! :)

Prompt- 1) I'm looking for something that would at least partially come from the Alpha Vamp's point of view post S7. The Alpha was interested in using soulless Sam and even more so once he saw how Sam dispatched Edgar so easily. Now that Sam is alone, the Alpha has approached him with some sort of deal-work with the Alpha to save some vamps and the Alpha will help Sam find Dean (?)-which leads to some hurt!Sam and ultimately Dean not being pleased that a) Sam worked with the Alpha and b) Sam got hurt trying to save Dean. Or something in that general direction. LOL.