The Good, the bad and the undeniable


I walked down the lonely and undisturbed country road. There was an assortment of noises: owls hooting, dogs barking and mice chattering. Among the commotions there was one individual noise: A wolf. Its deserted howls echoed in the murky, midnight sky. I looked over my shoulder and increased the speed of my walk. Breath came out in white clouds swirling around in front of my face; they were twisting around in a beautiful, macabre dance. I shivered and carried on marching tediously forwards. Bleakly pulling my cardigan tighter around my shoulders I wished that I had brought my heavy winter coat with me. To make matters worse, it wasn't right for a woman in these times to be walking around in the darkness without an escort. A rustling to my left snapped me out of my reverie and fuelled pure fear in my veins; I was like a rabbit trapped in the eyes of a wolf. Little did I know how near on true I was?