I am having way too much fun with this to let it die easily, it's such a refreshing change from most of the things that I like to write.

Time for Keiichi's reply!

Hey Kamui!

Aw, it's alright if it takes a little while for you to write another letter, from the sounds of it, things have been pretty crazy on your side.

Tell your father 'thank you very much' for the cat hunting tips! I didn't see her last night when I was trying, but I did catch a glimpse of her this morning, hiding under one of the bushes at my neighbor Kinomoto-san's house. He's offered to keep an eye out for her if she comes begging around his or my door while I'm at work and his little girl (she's only four, and has the biggest green eyes I've ever seen) smiled and told me that her big brother (who was running out the door to get to school) is the best cat catcher in the world. She's so adorable, and they're all just the best neighbors to have around. I'm going out again in about an hour to wait for her again, and I think she'll come around. Despite being the masterful escape artist that she is, I really don't think she's going to like it raining on her, especially when I have the house open for her.

Haha, I don't think Yatouji-san is going to kill anyone right now. Ruin their credit by hacking their computers, maybe, but it seems like actually killing anyone is more than she'd like to do. I actually got to talking with her a little bit yesterday, and it turns out that she's taken this job to try and save up enough money to go to medical school, and she wants to be a surgeon as soon as possible. Now while she can't smart her way through the practical training, she is intelligent and driven enough that she might very well be able to realize that dream as soon as she can afford it. A bit of a waste of her computer hacking talents, but they don't seem to make her very happy. And her life isn't mine to decide what to do with, so all I did was wish her much luck in achieving her goal.

She actually looked really surprised when I told her that, I wonder why. Now that I'm writing this, she seems a little lonely. Maybe I'll talk to her again tomorrow, work withstanding.

We had a couple crazier clients come by yesterday. Now we're a pretty small business, there's me, Yatouji-san who does all the receptionist and secretary work, often at the same time, and then Kanoe-san who does most of the web design, and Kigai-san who does the rest of it, and teaches me on the side, although it's confusing how he seems to have the time to spend three or four hours teaching me the basics, doing another five or six hours worth of work and still manages to take a two hour lunch. Maybe he has robots to do the work...Anyway, not being too distracted, we had a woman who showed up, ignored Yatouji-san, gave Kanoe-san a death glare and then tried to flirt with Kigai-san to give her a free really expensive website (and even though I've only been at this job for two weeks, I can tell that it's the kind of site that runs somewhere around a hundred thousand dollars at the cheapest!) without really paying attention to the fact that Yatouji-san was giving her a glare that could have leveled cities! At last Kanoe-san managed to break through and tell her that if she wanted to pay Kigai-san in sex for a website, she could do it on her own time and not company time, and the woman threw one of Kanoe-san's snowglobes at her. It missed and shattered against the wall, and she wasn't hurt by it, thank goodness, but it really sucks that it broke at all. I thought that one was really pretty.

Kigai-san escorted her out and returned with the air of someone who had just taken out the trash, and then Yatouji-san stopped scowling quite so fiercely. But I did spend an hour picking up the glass shards out of the rug, and even after serious vacuuming, there was still glitter there. Kanoe-san seemed sort of melancholy for most of the afternoon, and didn't even make a comment about how I'm such a good boy when I told her that I'd picked up all the glass and vacuumed. She had taken the tiny model of Tokyo Tower and rinsed it off and had it sitting in front of her desk though. I guess it meant a lot to her.

Anyway, the other client wasn't quite so nasty, he walked in and demanded to use our bathroom, but Yatouji-san talked him in circles until he left, until I caught him urinating in the parking lot instead. That was...decidedly unpleasant, and reminded me of college in ways. Fortunately, since it was lightly raining, I didn't have to actually mop it up. I would have done it if I'd had to, but there are a few things that I'd prefer not to have to do at such a quiet job.

Well the delinquent children one does sound like kind of a bad option to take- being that undoubtedly all of them are taller than you (no offense meant) and probably heavier too. I kind of get what you mean about wanting to find a job that has the right fit, but I don't know how easy it would be for you to find the right now. Maybe it's just because I'm not planning on being a tutor, but it seems to me that sometimes taking the jobs that aren't perfect because you need to do the work is a little more important than turning down perfectly good options. Of course, I'm not you and I can't really speak for you in this, but are you sure that not taking a job at this time is the best option?

And...wow, umm, that latter half of your letter kind of struck me speechless. Although it does throw a lot of things into perspective, such as why everyone at college left you alone after you talked with them, and why you were so good at impaling that picture of Reed-san, if you were good enough to throw pencils an inch into cork board, you had to have learned how to throw things of near equal weight and size. I guess...the only thing I can do (since I assume you won't kill me for knowing this now) is to keep the secret. I mean, your brothers are only twelve, and even if you say Fuuma-kun and Seishirou-kun are more talented than you with weapons, it's better not to draw unnecessary danger to them.

So, if it's all right with you (and if not, just skip this page) I'm going to ask some more questions. Why do you not get along with Seishirou so well? It sounds like your mother is a little on the unbalanced side, is that true? How did your father get into the assassination business (that sounds so odd in my head) if he's the kind of person who wanted to be a zookeeper when he grew up? Have you ever killed anyone?

It just seems so...weird for lack of a better term, that my roommate and friend who was sarcastic and snotty and could bury pencils in the cork board so deep that no one could pull them out was groomed to be an assassin. Or at least, to have the skills to protect him should another ever try to take him down. It has to be a different life than the one I grew up with. You've met my mother, and really my whole life was like that, the kind that you don't really expect to see outside of the stories for children. But it sounds like you're actually pretty content with the life you have, difficulties with siblings aside, and so I really can't judge on the whole thing.

Well it doesn't actually really change anything in hindsight. You're still Kamui, you're still my best friend.

Okay, random freak out over.

So Hokuto-san's in college right now? What one, maybe I've seen her around? I know it sounds kind of odd, but I'd like to meet your family. I mean, I've never had siblings, and you had four. What's it like to have siblings, really? Aside from Seishirou being unable to cook

Maybe I can come over some weekend when Kigai-san and Kanoe-san go out of town to have a meeting with a client. Since it's such a small business, they usually just close it for the-

Sorry, my phone rang, and it was Kinomoto-san, saying that his son had caught one unhappy cream colored cat who was mewling desperately at the fish his daughter was holding! I'll close up here, since I kind of need to go get my kitty. She misses you, I know it.

It's going to sound a little pathetic, it's only been a month since we graduated, but I miss you too. Wow, this letter was kind of short compared to yours.

Until next time,

Segawa Keiichi.