In the silence of the Kira Investigation Headquarters, Light observes his teammates and father with a keen eye, absorbing the little details that could help him- Light's attention was focused on the leader of their investigation, Ryuzaki. He was sitting in his usual desk chair at his usual place, eating the usual tray of sweets but…

God damn it! That tapping! Light's eye zeroed in on the appendage that was lazily tapping on the seat of the wheeled chair. It had been going on all morning and, while he had been collecting the reactions of the team, he knew he was acting exactly the same. Will he ever quit?

Light was getting really sick of the noise, however simple it was, and he wanted nothing more than to disappear into another room and drown out that incessant 'tmp'-'tmp'-'t-

"Light," Ryuzaki said softly, his foot freezing. Matsuda released a grateful sigh, sharing relieved lances with the rest of the team, and Light inwardly made the same face. He kept composure, knowing that Ryuzaki could just be trying to get a Kira-esque rise out of him, and approached the quirky detective.

"What is it, Ryuzaki?" He asked calmly, detesting his 'good-boy' façade as the tapping continued in his mind. It throbbed in time with his headache, or his headache in time with it, and grated on his last nerve like a nail file over cotton thread. Light watched as the detective's hunched shoulders hunched closer and shook up and down, shocked before he heard it at the dark quality to Ryuzaki's laughter. Light froze, bewildered, and the Kira Task Force all gathered by Ryuzaki's chair in horror.

What had come over their leader?

"Ryuzaki?" Light called, tensing as the laughter cut off eerily.

Suddenly, Ryuzaki spun around wildly and leapt off his chair, making Light fall onto his rear in shock, and he loomed over the college student with a wide grin.

"JAZZ HANDS." The pasty detective had his fingers splayed out as wide as they would go, his eyes wider than wide, and looked overall ridiculous as he shook his hands around his ears. From his position on the ground, Light watched the display until Ryuzaki stopped and sat back in his chair with a satisfied smile. "That's all." Light nodded hesitantly, getting to his feet with an eye on Ryuzaki at all times.

"I'm just gonna… go…" He said quietly, collecting his thins on his way and quickly making for the elevator. When he got into the small compartment, he pushed the appropriate button and, as it began to move, sighed with relief.

Someone's off his meds today…