I walked down the hallway, only with my flashlight for light. But Zak guides me using his arm on my shoulder. "Should I do an EVP session?" I ask quietly looking back at Zak. He nods and hands me digital recorder. "Ehem."I clear my throat before pressing the start button. I press it and think of a question to ask aloud. "Where you a doctor who worked here, or a patient?" Was the first thing that comes to mind. Aaron, who is in the back of our line starts to feel strange things. "Dude, I swear to God, right now I am getting wicked chills bro." He says rubbing his arms. "Wanna take out a Mel Meter?" I say. A Mel Meter is a device that can sense changes in the electromagnetic fields and temperature. Ghosts are said to be able to change these things when they manifest. Aaron reaches inside his tech jacket and pulls one out. He turns it on. "Base reading of 50.1ºF." He says softly. We keep walking down the large corridor. Aaron starts to moan uncomfortably. "You ok?" I say hushed. "I have, like, the feeling that I am being drained right now bro." Aaron strokes his head. "Is your equilibrium being thrown off, dude?" Nick says from in front of him. The alarm on the Mel Meter starts to go off. I look at it abruptly. Aaron does his famous "O" face. Zak's face starts to imitate Aaron's. "I have hands on my chest..." He takes a deep breath in. "And it is making it hard to breathe." He takes another breath. "Who's here?" I say loudly. I feel a tug at the recorder. I become weak. "Are you using my energy to talk into the red light?" I say in a challenging voice. I hear a jumble of whispers. I feel my face turn pale. Was it just talking to me? I move closer to Zak. "It just spoke to me... Did you hear it?" I say in a frightened whisper. "Hear what?" He asks putting his arm around me. I feel another tug at the recorder in my hand, and I flinch. "Dude, my head feels weird, bro." Aaron grumbles. Nick has a blank expression on his face like he did in the Moon River Brewery. "You okay, Nick? You don't look to well." Zak asks. Nick slowly nods his head. "Alright! Good! You are making your presence known to us. Can you make a noise to show that you are really here?" Zak says, still holding me tight. We wait in the sound filled silence. Another tug at the recorder. I close my eyes tight, and wait for someone to speak. No one does. We are all on edge. Aaron kneels down, and holds his head in his hands. "We have to keep going, Aaron. Stay strong." Zak says with uneasiness. That is an emotion that you don't hear very much in Zak. Aaron stirs to get back up when a blood curdling scream rings into the halls. I hold my breath trying my very hardest not to freak. The whole group gasps, but is soon to be shushed by Zak. The Mel Meter's alarm went off sending terror throughout us again, like it's not soon enough. "BASEMENT!" I voice yelled from behind Nick. He jumps and looks. "I guess you know what that means..." He half-heartedly laughed. We follow him to the basement. Nick stops dead in his tracks and yells at the top of his lungs. "There was a fucking lady standing at the doorway! She was screaming my name! All I could make out was 'Please help' before she burst into tears."