Dr. Director sat alone in her office, watching the clock on her wall tick off the seconds. Her desk was devoid of paperwork, reports, or messages of any kind. Apart from the odd megalomaniac and a pair of hyperactive thieves, the world was quiet. Besides, Team Possible was more than handling the super villains. Because of this, Dr. Director had most of her top analysts and agents attempting to discern the identities of a very skilled pair of thieves, dubbed 'the tag team' by the media-in response, the team actually split up temporarily, each hitting different places at the same time. Just then, Agent Will Du opened the door, interrupting her thoughts, and stepped inside. The first thing Dr. Director noticed as that he looked worried. He never looked worried. The second was that he had two large files tucked under his right arm. He slid them across the desk to his superior. As they slowed to a stop, Dr. Director spun them around, reading their titles. The first was in Tag Team. The second was the KiGo file. She picked up the second one, looking quizzically at her subordinate.

"Why did you-" She stopped, realization dawning on her.

"You may want to re-activate that ma'am."

"You mean…" She already knew the answer.

Will nodded.

She swore.

Kim and Shego sat at the dinner table in their apartment, enjoying an admittedly excellent meal. Kim's abilities in the kitchen were improving exponentially under Shego's tutelage. That being said, it was unusually late for them to be eating. They'd actually gone out to dinner with Kim's parents earlier, but the main course had been an awkward silence with a side of avoided gazes. Toss in the forced smiles, and no-one actually eating. Needless to say, Kim and Shego left early. Kim sighed. Her mother was still getting over the sudden evaporation of all her dreams of grandchildren. Both her parents were still unable to get past the fact that Shego had a criminal history, and had on several occasions, tried to hurt their daughter. Needing to take her mind off of the night's events, Kim looked up from her plate to see Shego eyeing her, concerned. Only then did she realize how tense she was. She tried to relax.

"So…" Kim said, taking a deep breath. "Do we have anything planned for this week?"

Shego paused before answering, chewing her food carefully. She knew Kim wasn't really into the 'Tag Team' anymore. Shego could see it on her face. She had too much of a hero in her. And yet, Kim was still willing to go through with it for her. Shego swallowed before answering.

"No we don't. Not anymore."

To Shego's surprise, Kim's reaction was one of exasperation.

"We talked about this already. I never expected you to give up what you do, just like you never wanted me to stop helping people." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "You don't need to change to make me happy."

Shego nodded once. "I know, but I know you. I know you aren't happy doing this anymore. Hell, neither do I. I think we're both ready to move on."

Shego grinned. "Besides, I just finished my community service. I don't plan on getting arrested anytime soon. I am getting married next week after all."

Kim's face brightened visibly at Shego's words. They both turned their eyes downward, each pretending to focus on their food. The rest of the meal passed in silence. To them, it didn't matter. Words were not needed.

Dr. Director sat at the head of a large conference table. Agent Du stood beside her. Along the table, various analysts, psychologists, and agents bickered over their respective theories. Dr. Director cleared her throat. The room fell into silence.

"Gentlemen." He said calmly, her voice betraying none of the anxiety she felt. "I need to know what the projections are. Give me statistics, give me ranges, hell, give me theories. But dammit" He fist slammed into the table and her voice raised as her calm demeanor faltered. "Give me something."

One of the men at the far side of the table stood. "Ma'am, this is an admittedly unexpected event, but there is no reason to believe that it will escalate or recede anytime soon. She's not doing any real harm, and if we push her anymore, we might lose her." He sat back down.

Another man stood, this one closer to Dr. Director. "With all due respect ma'am, that is incorrect. My projections show that this is just the beginning. We've all seen this before. If we don't act now, we'll have a repeat of the Team Go incident."

As the man returned to his seat, murmuring broke out along the table. Dr. Director still remembered the Team Go incident. When Shego left, the team fell into disarray. Shego was their best, and when she turned, everything fell apart. Even now, many years later, they were only a shadow of their former selves. A local force, no longer a global one. They didn't need that happening to Team Possible. Eventually, a graying man stood. Dr. Directorrecognized him as the man who headed the 'Ron Factor' study.

"That is preposterous! After all that young woman's accomplished, do you really think that she'll throw it all away? I'd bet my underrated pension that this is only temporary, and within the month, the only headlines reading Tag Team Strikes Again, will be in library archives."

Dr. Director caught his eye and motioned for him to sit back down. "Regardless, we need to be ready for the worst, doctor." She eyed the men in front of her. "How many of you agree with Dr. Lambent?" She asked, referring to the second man who spoke.

Almost everyone raised their hands. Dr. Director sank back into her chair, her finger steeping into a pyramid.

Will Du bent over. "I know that look, you have a plan?" He whispered.

"I do." She replied. "I don't like it. Neither will you."

She was right. He didn't.

Kim and Shego stepped into the middle of a huge, dimly lit room. The door slid shut behind them. They were in one of Drakken's old lairs, one that he used to store all of his inventions that never quite made the successful transition from drawing board to reality. Needless to say, there were quite a few. The two women'd gotten a call from Wade, informing them that the lair had been reactivated. Unfortunately, Ron and Yori were visiting Yamanouchi at the moment, so they were going in alone. Just a routine mission, Wade had assured them. But there was an odd finality in his voice before he signed off.

"Goodbye Kim." He'd whispered. "Good luck."

The room's lights flickered on, breaking Kim from her thoughts. It was empty, save for a towering machine, littered with fans and gyroscopic limbs. It looked, quite frankly, ugly.

Shego began to laugh. "Oh God," She said, once she recovered. "I forgot about that one. Doc's first weather machine. It was supposed to create huge windstorms, but we never could get it to work. No matter what her did, it always had too much of a limited range."

Kim froze. "How limited?"

The Shego realized it too. "Not enough."

The machine began to move. It's fans started rotating, its fanlike limbs stirring. Within seconds, it whipped the air in the room into a full force gale. Kim and Shego flew backward to slam against the wall. Kim tried to move. She couldn't. It was hard to breathe. She looked up, as much as she could without moving her head, and saw a ventilation shaft running across the ceiling. It passed directly over the machine. Kim began inching upward. Here the machine actually helped her, the currents it generated were pushing out and up. Catching Kim's movement out of the corner of her eye, Shego began to move up as well. It was hard work, it hurt, and if the walls hadn't been so bare, they wouldn't have made it. As it was, Kim and Shego managed to reach the vent. It was large, heavily reinforced, and probably could survive a tank round point blank. It wasn't anywhere near Shego proof. She melted a sizable hole in the bottom, and managed to climb in. After she did, she turned to help Kim up. For a few moments, the two of them sat in the shaft, each catching their breath. Then Shego pressed on ahead. As she passed over the machine, she melted another small hole in the pipe, and shot several bolts of plasma down at the machine. Thankfully, the wind didn't affect it much, and most of the rounds found their target, turning the device into slag. Shego turned around to see Kim beaming at her.

"Well," She said, smiling back. "That could've been easier." Then for the second time in as many minutes, the air was knocked out of her as the redhead pulled her into a tight embrace.

Several miles away, Dr. Director stood in front of several monitors, observing the diagnostic report being broadcast from Drakken's old lair. She wished the lair had been equipped with cameras, but then again, Drakken had never had much practicality. As ever, Will Du stood at her side.

"Are you sure about this ma'am?" He asked, nervously.

"You've seen the reports Will, you know what will happen if we allow her to continue. Especially with Shego by her side. It's our worst case scenario, multiplied by two. We need to remove Shego from the equation." Dr. Director shook her head, then turned to another agent. "You're certain that everything has gone according to plan?"

The man nodded. "Yes ma'am. We 'convinced' Mr. Load to send Shego to the facility alone. He's also reported that he sent Kim on our decoy mission."

"Has she arrived yet?" Will asked.

"No, but our agent at the entrance got a fleeting glimpse of Shego, he didn't see anyone else."

"And Mr. Load has been cooperative?" Dr. Director asked.

Another agent, this one a woman, responded. "Yes ma'am. Not that he had much of a choice."

Dr. Director nodded. She hated playing the bad guy. But that's one of the reasons G.J. was created. So that they could be the bad guy when necessary.

And right now it was pretty damn necessary.

"Do it."

Across the countryside, an enormous fireball replaced a sprawling underground lair, and the two women currently inside.