Shego returned to the apartment late at night. Kim sat on the couch, having returned earlier, not feeling well. Shego had seen Ron and Yori to a nearby hotel before returning.

"Rough day?" Shego asked, approaching the couch.

Kim sighed and leaned her head backward to stare at Shego. "Yes." She sighed.

Sego laid her hands on Kim's neck, gently massaging it. "I can help with that." She whispered.

"Why Shego," Kim said, coyly. "Are you offering to-"

"Indeed, I think I am." Shego stated, moving away from the couch. "I'll go put the kettle on. Tea should be ready soon."

"I love you so much." Kim purred as Shego left the room.

Later that night, the two of them lay side by side in their bed, each having fallen asleep over the covers, collapsing instantly from exhaustion. Kim's arms were tightly wrapped around Shego's abdomen, pulling her as close as possible, attempting to ward off the nightmares that plagued her sleep that night.

"Well hello there Kim Possible."

Kim sighed. Why was it so hard for people to call her by just her first name. She stood in a large, metal room, with various conductors and electrical features dotting the walls. It was, however, conspicuously free of doomsday machines. On a slightly elevated platform in the center of the room, stood Electronique. She had, recently threatened Go City, boasting that she was about to acquire the ultimate evil weapon with which she would dominate the world. Wade had picked up on it, an thus, Kim was here.

"I was waiting for you to show up, I know you'll just love my newest device."

She began to withdraw an odd looking device from the folds of her evil cape.

Kim was quicker on the draw. She whipped out her grappling hook and swung to stand opposite Electronique on the platform. By then, the villain had the device held in both hands. It was football shaped, metal, and had a series of wires coiling around each side. One side was dominated by red wired, the other, blue. Kim snatched the object from Electronique's grasp. And waved it in front of her.

"You're right." Kim said sarcastically. "How could you fail to impress me, and cow billions with this?" She flourished the object dramatically.

"Just wait." Electronique grinned broadly and pushed a series of buttons on a previously hidden bracelet. "You haven't even seen the best part."

The device pulsed alive in Kim's hands, enveloping her in brilliant, red, light.

She screamed in agony, writhing violently, unable to let go of the device. When the light finally faded, Kim found herself on the ground. Electronique stood triumphantly over her, once again holding her machine. Kim raised herself, unsteadily, to her feet, and glared at her opponent.

"Greetings." Electronique said plainly. "And who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

"It doesn't matter what you call me." Kim growled. "In about a minute, all I'll be hearing from you is 'Oh God, please stop.' But if you feel like being creative, that's fine with me."

She lashed out with a series of punches, causing Electronique to crumple to the floor. Before she reached it, Kim swung herself around and hit the villain with a brutal roundhouse kick. Electronique soared over the railing, and slammed into one of the various tesla coils that lined the walls of her lair. She fell to the ground below, dazed, but unharmed.

"Right. Electric themed villain. Stupid." Kim muttered to herself.

She somersaulted off the platform and landed perfectly on the floor of the chamber.

"Wait!" Electronique shouted as Kim approached. "I can help you. You need me. Together, think of what we could accomplish."

Kim knelt beside the woman, smirking mischievously. "I grew up in a house filled with geniuses. My dad is a rocket scientist, and my mother is a brain surgeon. Kim's friends with some of the brightest minds in the world. What makes you think I need you for anything."

"I brought you out." The would be world conqueror said, only slightly hysterically. "You owe me for that."

"You're right" A shadow seemed to set across Kim's face, which was light only by the feral grin she sported. "I haven't been out since prom night. Though I think, that was less painful for me. So," She raised her grappling hook to point at the ceiling. "let me pay you back in kind."

She shot the hook upward, where it latched on to a sprinkler head at the top of the room. Kim violently jerked the line to the side, pulling the sprinkler head away, and sending a spray of water plummeting downward. Kim stepped aside, letting all of it fall on her foe.

Electronique screamed. "Oh God!" She pleaded desperately. "Please stop! Make it stop! Please!"

Kim grinned. "I told you." She whispered pleasantly.

Kim bent over and retrieved the device that Electronique had dropped during her fall from the platform above.

"Oh, the possibilities." She muttered, appraising it.

She turned to take the wrist control from Electronique, but when she turned, she saw that the woman had the device ready, and was already typing in a series of commands. Another flash of light, is time blue enveloped her, and the world bled away. When Team Go finally arrived, they found Kim on the floor. A odd device beside her, and Electronique convulsing sporadically under a light shower of water.