When Kim's eyes opened, her vision was filled with pale green skin, and piercing emerald eyes. A face that she was exceptionally familiar with.

"Rough night?" Shego asked, plainly seeing Kim's untested features.

"You could say that." Kim muttered, recalling the dream in unnerving clarity. She shivered.

"What's wrong?" Shego asked, sitting up and staring, concerned, at Kim.

Kim took a deep breath. "Do you remember when I told you about the last mission I went on before we teamed up?" She asked tentatively.

"Yeah." Shego nodded. "Right after Dr. Director...well." She trailed off, not wanting to remember the events of that particular evening.

"I dreamed that I was back then, on that mission." Kim zpoke in a monotone voice, her eyes seemed to lose some of their focus. "Going through it all again. It was terrible."

Shego swooped down and squeezed her lover tightly. "It's alright Kim." She whispered. "Trust me, I ow how it feels. What matters is that you came back."

Kim eagerly returned the embrace.

"Do you want to know something?" Shego gently pulled away, smiling warmly at Kim, her hands firmly planted on the younger woman's shoulders. "Something truly horrifying that happened when I was Ms. Go?"

Kim nodded, hesitantly.

"Thirty percent of my paycheck? Went to charity." Shego gave a mock shudder. "Horrifying isn't it?"

Kim laughed in spite of herself. It was hard to imagine Shego just giving away money. Although to be fair, it was equally hard imagining her earning an honest, mundane, living.

"I'm going to take a quick shower." Shego stated, stepping out of bed. "Remember, we're meeting Ron for lunch later." She stepped out of the room after picking up a small bundle of clothing to replace that which she currently wore. "Why Bueno Naco decided to branch out into Canada, I'll never know." She grumbled as she left the bedroom.

As she did, Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator and established a secure link with Wade.

"Hey Kim." He said as the screen flickered to life. "What's up?"

"Is this secure?" Kim asked tentatively.

"Yeah. The most anyone could learn externally, is that I placed a call to your vicinity. Which shouldn't raise any red flags, considering Ron's in town."

"Thanks Wade" Kim smiled, relieved. "Do you still have the files on Electronique's old inventions?"

"Bad dreams?" Wade smiled knowingly. "Ron went through the same thing."

Wade turned from the screen and began typing a series of commands on his keyboard.

"What do you need?"

"Just tell me how they work Wade." Kim stated. "And any long term effects they may have."

"Done." The sound of a mouse clicking echoed through the speakers. "Okay, the two that might interest you, are the attitudeinator, which both Ron, and Shego were hit with, and the reverse polarizer, which you encountered." He scrolled along the screen. "The attitudeinator reverses the brain's neural pathways concerning the id, and the superego, as well as giving the person's personality a bit of a scramble in the process. According to these notes, it's not completely reversed by a second blast, some elements of the new personality remain."

"Which would explain Ron's newfound confidence, and Shego's disinterest in villainy." Kim nodded.

"Exactly." Wade said, enthusiastically. "But the reverse polarizer is a bit more streamlined. It only effects the id, superego pathways, and is almost completely reversed by a second exposure."

"Almost?" Kim asked, nervous.

"The brain's a complicated thing." Wade offered, apologetically. "Almost is as good as it gets, Kim."

"Thanks anyway Wade." Kim forced a smile.

"Anytime Kim."

She cut the connection, and lay back on the bed staring at the ceiling, and listening to the patter of the shower. She spent he rest of the morning ignoring the dull ache in her gut.