Will Du stood on a stretch of deserted beach-well, usually deserted. Now it was a hive of agents, assault vehicles, hovercraft, and helicopters. Assembly area bravo. It was originally supposed to be alpha, but Will thought it was to similar to Gemeni's coding system, and retitled it accordingly. It was the largest G.J. combined operation yet, and it was still growing. He looked out to the east, across the sea, and waiting for the first tendrils of light. That or Team Possible's ride. Whichever arrived first.

"Beautiful sight, isn't it?" Asked a gruff voice from behind the director.

He jumped, spun around, and snapped an impeccable salute. "Councilor!" He blurted, his voice ruining his otherwise perfect orderliness.

The man behind him stood easily six inches taller than Will. He was dressed in a pressed military uniform. The left side was covered in medals, so many that the newer ones were positioned on the right. Four stars gleamed from each shoulder. The man had an aged face, covered with scars, and silver hair. His eyes, an eerie grey, seemed to look past Will's exterior to see the person within. Finally,he chuckled.

"Please, call me sir. Much less formal that way." He withdrew an expensive cigar from a pocket, and light it, taking a deep drawl. "Beautiful." He said simply, stepping past Will to stare out at the ongoing deployment. "Reminds me of Inchon to tell you the truth. Though, back then, I was one of those grunts." He motioned vaguely down towards the beach. "Still, I suppose its better than jockeying a desk all day, eh director?" He looked bemusedly back at Will."

"Er...yes sir!" He agreed, not mentioning that he was planning on personally leading the first team in."

"Glad we agree." The general huffed. "So you won't mind saving me a spot on the first transport."

Will paled. "Sir?"

"And directions to the field armory, of course. I'm not going in empty handed." He continued to fix the director with his piercing gaze.

"Yes sir!" Will finally barked, recovering. "Down the hill, to the left of the command center sir!"

"Good." The general sighed, turning back to the sea. "Go oversee the deployment."

Will hurried away, not commenting that he was doing just that until the Global Justice council member arrived.

He stood there for another half an hour, watching the waves roll in and out, waiting.

"Alright guys, that's our plan. Agreed?" Kim asked staring at the others around her.

To be fair, it was only Shego, and Wade via the kimmunicator. Kim and shego were currently in the first class section of a very nice airliner on the way to their next mission. Wade and Shego both stared at her, shocked. Shego was the first to recover.

"No." She stated, adamantly shaking her head. "No, no, no. Not happening."

Wade came around next. "Kim, are you sure?" He asked, tentative. "That's pretty..."

"Ambitious?" Kim offered.

"Not the word I would've used."

"This is pointless." Shego interjected. "We're not discussing this, because we're not doing it."

"Shego," Kim sighed. "Do we have any other options to get out of this as cleanly?"

"Actually," Wade paused, thoughtfully. "We might. Do you know who's overseeing the operation?" He asked, looking at Kim.

She stared back, puzzled.

He told her.

She grinned.

The general took one last puff from the stub of his cigar before tossing the remains away, and stomping firmly on it. Abruptly, he rounded, a large grin lighting his scarred face.

"I'd know that silent gait anywhere." He held out his arms. "It's good to see you again Kimberly."

Kim, who was standing on the crest of the hill a few feet from him, stepped forward to embrace him. Shego, exceptionally shocked, waited patiently for things to start making sense.

"Hey grampa." Kim's voice emanated, muffled, from inside the man's bear hug.

Shego decided she'd have to wait a little longer.

The officer let go of Kim, and turned, still smiling, to Shego. "And its nice to finally meet you in person. Your file made quite the paperweight."

And now, sense seemed, to Shego, very far away.

"Shego," Kim turned back to her confused fiancé. "This is my grandfather, he's the American council member of G.J."

"General H. Ardley Possible, at your service." He said, holding out his arm to Shego.

She took it tentatively. "And that's supposed to reassure me?" She hissed to Kim, who'd returned to her side.

"Shego," Kim's grandfather asked, his tone serious. "Who's your contact inside Global Justice."

She stared at him, deciding wether he was baiting her, or just stupid enough to believe she'd give up her source. Finally, she decided to take the bait, knowing that only three people in the world knew where he lived.


The general's reaction, to Shego at least, was completely unexpected. He burst into a prolonged bout of hardy laughter.

"Wade, oh my dear. You have it all wrong." He managed when the chuckles subsided. "I'm your contact."

Shego looked to Kim, who nodded confirmation.

"Don't worry." He assured her. "I'm here to help. I fact," he smirked. "I have a plan, one that helps you get back a little at your dear old director."

"Oh?" Shego asked, now interested. "I'm listening."

"Ron, Yori." Wades face flickered to life on their respective kimmunicators.

"Go ahead, Wade." Ron said, all seriousness.

"Kim and her grandfather drew up a plan-"

"Kim's grandfather?" Ron asked, making sure he wasn't hearing things.

"Yeah." Wade grinned. "Wait until you hear this one."