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A/N: The following is to set the scene for the first chapter for my first POTO fanfiction. If everyone likes the idea, and if I have enough time, I may decide to later turn this 'setting the scene' chapter into a separate story that will act as a prequel to this one. I also added all of their respective ages, so that you know the approximate ages throughout the fic.

Marie (11) is a mysterious newcomer to the Opera Populaire. She has an audition as a member for the ballet and is accepted. She quickly befriends Christine Daae(7) and Meg Giry (7), two fellow ballet students at the Opera Populaire. Years slowly past and Christine's infatuation and belief in her 'Angel of Music' grow to a point that Marie (22) can no longer ignore it. Meg (18) also begins to wonder if this is all in Christine's (18) head, something created through her father's death, or something mysterious is occurring at the Opera Populaire.

After the Hannibal performance when Christine disappears, Marie and Meg find her in the chapel and sing with her a tale of an angel of music. As Meg and Christine leave, Marie feels a presence commonly known to the Opera House as the 'Phantom' or 'O.G'. Is this Phantom also Christine's tutor?

After Christine being abducted and Christine's 'Angel of Music' returns her to the company of the Opera Populaire, a note received amongst various other notes signed 'O.G', Marie is even further assured that the mysterious 'Angel of Music' and illustrious 'O.G' are one and the same.

Follows 2004 Plotline loosely, AU… Erik/OC