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Chapter 1!

'Wizards?' I thought. 'Typical. First I'm a demigod, then I find out that Hecate has a stupid pet world full of weirdo's who wear pointed hats and use quills and parchment. Seriously? Ever heard of PEN AND PAPER!'
And now i have to go "proctect" a bunch of snobby kids . . . AND i have to pretend to be a STUDENT! School's useless. All i need to know is Monster-Stygian Iron= BYE, BYE Monster :D
Simple as that.
But noooo, i have to learn about Muggles, and broomsticks and all that crap. -,-
"Might as well have some fun" I thought as i made my way towards the train station.
My Father had said that only the headmaster, Dumbee-something or other would have all my stuff ready and would know about my identity. All i needed was my wand. I tucked it into my back pocket.
I didn't need any more people staring at me. I already stuck out with my Ripped Black Jeans, Dancing Skeleton T-Shirt and Battered Aviators Jacket. Not to mention my Bright and Colourful camp necklace which i kept trying to hide under my shirt.
Where was i supposed to go again?
Oh yeah-Platform 9 3/4.
Wait. WHAT?
I may not go to school but I sure as Hades know that there's no Platform 9 3/4!
I walked towards Platform 9 and 10. I stood in the middle. There's no 9 3/4 here.
Well, Styx. What am I supposed to do now?
I looked around. No weirdos with pointy hats yet.
I leaned against a pillar in one of the dark corners of the station and debated whether or not I should just shadow travel there when I was snapped out of my thoughts by a shrill-HOOT!
"RONALD WEASLEY, CONTROL YOUR OWL!" shrieked a Red-headed Woman.
I whirled around and saw a Red-Headed family along with a black-haired boy and brown-haired girl walking towards Platform 9 and 10 with trolleys filled with trunks and . . Owls?
Oh great, this must be the read-heads Heacte was talking about.
Might as well figure out who's who.
I walked up to them and tapped the black-haired boy on the shoulder. He spun around so fast that my battle instincts kicked in and I almost drew my sword but stopped myself in time. He Pointed his wand at me. (Hecate alrady explained about wands. Apparently these people weren't as powerful as demigods and to use something to channel their magic through. I could imagine Lou-Ellen and the rest of her sibling having a laughing fit if they ever saw them).
WOAH! He looks like a scrawny version of Percy. Except his eyes weren't as green. I'm gunna take a wild guess here and say that's Harry Potter. The one that old Tommo is after. Man, that's sad. I could do him in right now.
He looked at me weirdly, then lowered his wand and looked around nervously.
"What?" he asked.
"How do you get to the platform?" I asked.
Harry studied me. He took in my appearance and I already knew what he was thinking.
"Run through the barrier between Platform's 9 & 10" Said Harry.
"You want me to run at the wall?" I asked. I was getting suspicious. I mean it would be just like him to try and embarrass me by making me run into the wall.
He smirked.
"Watch." He said and gestured towards the brown-haired girl.
She smiled at me and then ran top-speed at the barrier. Just when I thought she was about to crash she disappeared.
i blinked. Okaaay?
"You try"
I shrugged and started sprinting towards the wall. I could feel the eyes of the wizards on my back. No doubt they were wondering why they had never seen me.
'Please don't let me crash' I thought desperately.
Just when I thought i would crash I felt my body melting through wall and I opened my eyes. In front of me was a steaming train with the words-HOGWARTS EXPRESS with a bunch of people in robes wandering around, saying goodbyes.
I couldn't help but and their stupid names.
I walked in and looked for an empty compartment.
I probably walked half of the damn train looking. Finally! An empty one.
Ah styx. There's someone in here.
Well, hopefully the dont talk much.
I slid open the door and realized it was a girl. She whipped around and stared at me.
"Uh,do you mind, everywhere else is full?" I asked.
She studied me. Great, another person to judge.
Then I noticed what she was wearing. Black Jeans, Green t-Shirt and Leather jacket with converse.
FINALLY! Someone who dresses from this century.
"Go ahead, but try not to talk too much." She said.
I nodded and sat down.
That's when I realized Something.
She had an American Accent.
She dressed normal.
And she was sitting alone like me.
Looks Like I'm not the only New Kid.

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