"Go on, you'll miss your flight." Mickey let go of a crying Rose, who started walking towards the TARDIS as a voice stopped her.

"No, wait! Doctor!" A girl appeared, breathing heavily. "You… Where…Where's the Doctor?" She panted. Rose looked at her, confused, as the Doctor steps back out of the TARDIS.

"Who are-" he cut himself off as he saw her face. "Time Lord." He breathed, running a hand through his hair.

"Yes." Was her reply. She brushed herself off and straightened herself. "That's me. Last of the Time Lords, stuck in this dimension without a TARDIS. It's a good thing you were here for a while, I've been running for… three hours? I'm not chasing after you again, I promise you that." She spoke just like the Doctor, while he looked distraught.

"You're a Time Lord." He stated in disbelief.

She grinned, "Oh yes. And that, is a beautiful TARDIS." She moved past Mickey, who didn't know what to think, and stroked the blue box, which hummed in appreciation.

"I thought you said there were no others, Doctor." Rose looked at the girl in distaste. Her brown hair was a mess from the running she had done and her clothes looked old and rumpled.

"There isn't, in our dimension. I never thought…" He trailed off.

"Yes, you never thought there could be Time Lords in the other dimensions, stray and without a TARDIS. But there is. Me." The girl turned back to the confused crowd.

"Who are you?" Rose asked. She wasn't happy. She was sure that the Doctor would take her with them, but the Doctor was hers- and she wanted it to stay that way.

"I go by the name Violet. I always did have a fascination with Earth." She said thoughtfully. "What about you?" She smiled.

"I'm Rose." She put on a fake smile. Violet?

"You've got two flowers now, mate." Mickey laughed, feeling for the Doctor. He knew how Rose felt, it was one of the reasons he decided to stay in the parallel world. If there was another girl, Rose would draw out her claws, for sure.

"Would you like to come with me? With us, I mean." The Doctor ignored Mickey's remark and was oblivious to Rose's stare.

Violet looked at the TARDIS, then the night sky and grinned. "How could I resist?"

"Welcome on board, Violet." The Doctor returned her grin.

I was happy. After all this time on Earth, I could finally return to the stars.

"How did you find us? We were only here for a few hours." The Doctor asked me. I could tell that he was excited- no, relieved- that he wasn't alone. He had been the one to lock the Time War, and I knew that he felt the pain of it every day. His old eyes were an open book. Little did he knew that I felt the same pain, but for a different reason.

"I've always known you were out there- there was always something, just that little bit of hope. And I know of your obsession with London, so I came here. I knew you would come here sooner or later, and I've been waiting. Even bought a house. Granted, I barely used it since I was in Cardiff so often, but it was… nice, almost." She paused.

"How long have you been waiting for me?" The Doctor asked.

"Me? Oh, 150 years, roughly. Maybe a little less." I tried to cover up my hurt with nonchalance. I had spent so long waiting, hoping.

"I'm sorry." He looked genuinely upset. I nodded and walked around the TARDIS' console.

"What's the bad man been doing to you, poor girl?" I stroked her as I noted some marks and dents. "Have you been hitting her?" I turned to him in disbelief.

He looked at me sheepishly, "I never did pass that test." I laughed and turned back to her, fiddling with a few switches that were on the wrong setting.

"I feel sorry for her."

"Yeah, so does she. Constantly pitying herself, this one is." He put a hand on the console, too.

"Doctor, do you want something to eat? 'Cause I was just gonna go cook." Rose's voice sounded from the hallways, and seconds later she appeared in the console room.

"Oh, um, no thanks. You, Violet?" He looked down at me, since he was easily three inches taller than my five foot eight.

I was going to reply 'yes, thanks', but I saw the glare Rose was giving me and shook my head instead.

"No, thanks, I'll grab something later instead."

"Have fun cooking, Rose." The Doctor grinned, clearly oblivious to him companion trying to kill me with her looks.

"Thanks, Doctor!" She said cheerfully and turned away. The Doctor just stared after her with a love-y smile.

When she was gone, he turned back to me. "So, what did you do in 150 years on earth?"

I gave the hallway one more look and launched into my stories, ignoring that fact that the Rose obviously didn't want me here and that the Doctor was so clearly in love with her.

"I mean, they were controlling the whole world, basically. It didn't take a genius to figure out what would happened next. They locked me up, for a while." I paused and looked at me feet, taking a deep breath before continuing. " They wanted me to join them. Injected me with different chemicals, tried to find my breaking point when it came to electricity. Everything. They accidentally amplified my telepathy to the extent of telekinesis. Helped me get out. It's worn off, now, and it's better that way. You hear so many things, it's scary." I stopped talking when I noticed the look on the Doctor's face.

"I should have been there." He said quietly. He thought it was his fault.

I sighed, "You couldn't have been, it was impossible. In that time…I suffered, but it's okay- it's over. I know you suffer too, every day, because of what you did to end the Time War. But that's not your fault. You did good, Theta, you did what had to be done."

"What did you call me?" He snapped out of his depression.

I frowned, "It's not important. I just want you to know that the universe forgives you, they never blamed you in the first place. All you need to do is forgive yourself."

He was about to say something, but Rose's thick accent interrupted him.

"Doctor, I'm gonna get some sleep, okay?"

He smiled, "Off you go, sleeping beauty. We're going somewhere special tomorrow. You'll love it."

Rose grinned and nodded, but as soon as the Doctor turned away, her grin turned into a smug smile in my direction. I looked down and heard the disapproving hums of the TARDIS, making me stroke her.