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Senri: 22

Husky: 16

Nana: 16

Cooro: 17

Olimi: 15

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Chapter two: A helping hand

Cooro looked down at the girl that had been trying so hard to get away from them. He didn't quite understand why she had tried so desperately to get away, but something must have caused it.

They probably came on too strong and scared her when they, well, he had first approached her.

He suddenly felt that this was his entire fault because he practically announced to the world that she was a +anima. She was probably trying to hide that fact, like most +anima did, plus she seemed to have more than one +anima, which was probably why she was running.

Feeling like an idiot, Cooro stared at the strange girl that had run away from them with multiple +anima while Nana and Husky, well, mostly just Nana, panicked and was ordering Senri to pull the black tunic off of the girl.

She had touched her back and felt something wet, and by pulling her hand away, saw the crimson color of blood, indicating that the strange girl was bleeding.

When the shirt finally came off they stared in shock (well, not that much shock, since they already saw her use them.) at the markings on her back.

There were bat markings just like Nana's and some other kind of weird markings that looked like c's and o's in the middle of her back and then on her lower back to the right were beehive shaped markings (bet you can't guess what that one is.) there was a little hole like scar right next to the beehive marking and near the c and o markings were two claw slashes along with a few new cuts here and there that were bleeding.

Nana then started to clean the girl's wounds, and halfway through cleaning them, she saw that there was a padding like bandage with some normal bandages on the girls hip. Nana carefully started to remove the padding noticing that this wound was the main source of the blood.

After the padding was gone, Nana, and everyone else, stared in horror at the injury on the girl's hip.

It was as if something had gouged out part of her left hips' skin and flesh, leaving behind sharp indentations as if that something had taken a bite out of her. Even some of her hip bone was showing!

Nana quickly regained composure over herself and hastily pulled some bandages out of her bag, wrapping them around the strange girls hips asking Senri to lift her off the ground a little so she could wrap bandages around her body.

After she finished with that, Nana asked Senri to carefully flip the girl onto her back which showed her stomach, shoulders and arms to them.

Everyone by this time just couldn't believe what they were seeing, on her left arm was a mark of the bear similar to the one that Senri has and right under the bear marking were sharp claw like markings, and on her stomach was a paw shaped mark that had little dots around it.

Nana reached for the girls choker and clipped it off to show her neck, which had similar markings as Husky does on his neck," so many +anima marks." Cooro said aloud and everyone nodded in agreement.

Not sure what to do, they just stared at this strange girl with so many anima markings. Nana was happy that the boys weren't being perverted with the girl, since she had bandages wrapped around her chest.

Then suddenly, the girls eyes fluttered open and she looked up at the faces looking down on her, after a bit of looking she jumped up, covering her chest with her arms, she looked over at them and her face was flushed red like a tomato.

"W-w-what a-are you d-doing?" she stuttered looking at them still flushed,

"Well," Cooro started," You saved Nana and me here when we started falling and then you fell to the ground. Then we came over and found you were bleeding so Nana took your shirt off and cleaned your wounds and bandaged you up!" Cooro finished with a cheerful smile.

The girl looked at him and just stared, then she slowly nodded her head and looked at the others,

"W-." she stopped, took a deep breath then spoke up again," w-who are you?" Cooro smiled,

"I'm Cooro! This is Nana, Husky and Senri!" he exclaimed pointing to each of his friends.

"What's your name?" Nana asked curiously. The girl seemed to flinch from that,

"Not important." She said in a blank tone while she looked away,

"That's not fair!" Cooro exclaimed, Husky sighed.

"Girls are so annoying." he said, the girls eyebrow twitched,

"And so are you, pussypants." she said while glaring at him.

Husky flinched from how cold her voice sounded, and then Cooro piped in," You have to tell us your name! We told you our names!"

"I didn't say you had to. You decided that. You could've said no ya know." she replied again in that blank tone looking away and at the trees around them. Cooro pouted, then lightened up,

"Then tell us why you ran." the girl visibly flinched this time and she scooted away from them slightly,

"No..." she whispered in a small, frightened voice.

Cooro looked at her confused, he knelt down to one knee and looked at the girl," why not?" she looked at him, her eyes glazing over with unshed tears, but she held them back.

When she seemed about ready to answer Cooro stood up and announced," I guess if you don't want to say, we can't make you." he then started walking away from her," come on guys, we should hurry and sell those fish and wild game." They nodded their heads and started following him, leaving the little broken teenage girl sitting on the forest floor, all bandaged up, and staring after them.

Then, for some strange reason, the girl reached her hand out for them," Please! Don't leave me!" everyone stopped, and then turned around to see the girl with many anima crying.

Tears were running down her face and she seemed desperate, that, if they left she'd die right away.

Cooro rushed back to her side along with Senri and Nana but Husky didn't seem as rushed, and when they all reached her she took in a deep breath and stuttered,

"M-my name is...Olghdge…..." she mumbled the last part,

"What?" they all asked, even Senri.

She took in a breath, then let it go looking into their faces," Olimi. That's my name, Olimi." she answered firmly looking at them.

Everyone smiled, "and the reason I ran was..." she had started out strong, but then she didn't want to finish, Cooro rested a hand on her shoulder,

"You don't have to say it if you don't want to." They all nodded their heads in agreement; Olimi looked at Cooro, and then nodded her head.

But then Husky asked," what are all your +anima's?" Olimi looked at him then pointed to the beehive marking,

"This one's my bee anima," then she pointed at the c's and o's,

"Jaguar, bat," she moved her hand so that it was touching the bat wing like tattoos. She then touched her left arm,

"Black Bear," then she touched her left hand,

"Wolf, crow," she moved her hands to touch her shoulders.

She then touched her stomach," fox." she said, then stood up and started taking her tights off. The boys all blushed before looking away,

"I'm wearing shorts; you don't have to look away." Olimi said, so they slowly turned their heads to look at her.

They saw +anima markings on her legs.

Olimi bent slightly to touch a mark right under the rim of the shorts," this one's a dear," she said, it looked like a partial hoof with two swirls coming from it.

"And this one," she said touching her left ankle which had a heart shaped circle with little spikes coming off it," is a hedgehog." she finished.

They stared at her in awe," you have so many. How'd you get them all?" she shook her head and started pulling her tights back on. She picked up her shirt and slipped it on, wincing as the movement brought pain to her hip, but she covered it nicely and they didn't seem to notice so then her cloak came on as well as her choker.

Everyone just stood there for a while, none of them knowing what to do, then,

"Do you want to join us?" Cooro asked,

"What? Another girl?" Husky yelled; clearly annoyed.

"Why?" Olimi asked, ignoring Husky's outburst,

"Cause, you're all alone right? I thought you'd like hanging around with us for a while!" Cooro exclaimed childishly. It was strange seeing such a grown up looking person acting so much like a child.

Olimi just stared at him, then, she smiled a small, barely noticeable smile and answered," 'Kay." They all gave a cheer (they as in Cooro and Nana, Senri just smiled while Husky fumed) and started to head for the town again to finish selling their things.

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