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A New Form

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Where is Dean?" Castiel asked Sam and he heard him sigh deeply.

"No idea, but he said that he'll be back." Sam answered calmly. Castiel nodded his head and he jumped off of Sam's lap.

"Did he drive his car?" Castiel asked him in a serious voice. Sam got up and looked out the motel window.

"No. It looks like he must have decided to walk instead of driving for some reason." Sam told him and he watched as the kitten tilted his head to the side.

"I would have been able to go to him if he had taken the car." Castiel commented, his tail curled around Sam's ankle, and he blinked his eyes. "He must not want to be found or wherever he went off to is in walking distance or he wanted to save on gas."

"Well, There is a bar near the motel. He might have gone there." Sam said to the small grey kitten. Castiel nodded his head and he disappeared then reappeared within seconds.

"He is not at the bar." Castiel informed him. "I will search the surrounding area for him. It will not take me long."

"I'm pretty sure my brother is alright, Cas. He hasn't tried calling for you, right?" Sam asked him.

"No, Sam. He hasn't called out for me." Castiel answered. "However I will still search the surrounding area for him."

The little grey kitten disappeared. Sam sighed and he decided to take a nap.

"I'm sure there is nothing to worry about." Sam muttered to himself before drifting off to sleep.

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