Title: Just a Little Touch
Rating: M
Pairing: Main Pairing:Shizuo x Izaya, Sides: Izaya x Shinra, Izaya x Kyohei, Shiki x Izaya, Izaya x Kida, Izaya x Namie
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships

Description: Shizuo is new to the school so Kyohei volunteers to show him around and gives Shizuo a serious warning: Stay away from the school slut, Izaya Orihara. Whore!Izaya. Smut. Highschool AU.

Shizuo stared at the school gate with a sign that read "Raira Academy" over top. He had been standing there for a good 5 minutes, just staring, as students walked in around him. He knew that he should just go in, but he was nervous as hell. He was a new student and today was his first day at Raira.

"Just do it Shizuo, once it's over you won't have to do it again." He egged himself on before walking through the gate. There were people all around him but he still felt eyes staring at him. He stood out pretty well. Not only as he a new student, but he was also taller then most kids his age and had blonde hair which stood out from the black and brown hair most of the students had. He tried to ignore the stares, but it was hard since it seemed everyone he passed just stopped and stared. Digging into his pocket, he pulled out a slip off paper that had his first class number written on it. He knew he should probably find his locker first, but was going to do that later. He really just wanted to settle into his class so he felt a little more comfortable. Caramel eyes scanned over the numbers above the doors, but none of them were near the number that was written on the piece of paper. The blonde scanned up and down the halls but figured it had to be on another floor.

What a pain in the ass. He made his way over to the stairs and looked up the endless flights of stairs.

"Jeeze, how many floors are in this building?" He asked himself with a sigh. He really wish he could just go home. His anxiety got worse as the seconds ticked on.

"Hey, your new aren't you?" Shizuo turned around and saw a man with slicked back brown hair standing there with a light smile on his face. The guy seemed harmless enough, but the tall blonde knew that he couldn't quite trust anyone since he knew students liked to fuck with new kids. Despite this, Shizuo nodded.

"Uhh yeah…" He answered awkwardly. The brown haired man extended his hand towards the new student.

"My name is Kyohei Kadota, nice to meet you." He said politely. Shizuo took Kyohei's hand and shook it formally.

"Shizuo Heiwajima." The blonde said simply, feeling a bit awkward with the formality of their meeting.

"Where are you heading Shizuo?" The brown haired male asked.

"Ohh uhmm…room 512." Shizuo said after looking at the slip of paper. Kyohei nodded and started to walk towards the stairs.

"I will take you there and show you around on the way." The blonde nodded and followed Kyohei up the hair. They came up to the first landing before the welcoming student started to talk once again.

"The school is pretty nice; kind of cliquey though unfortunately. I'm sure you will fit in rather quickly though. The girl students are already gawking at you." Kyohei said as he headed up the stairs. The blonde followed the brown haired teen awkwardly and listened to what he was saying. He wasn't aware that girls had been taking an interest in him, but really didn't care either. Shizuo wasn't into that type of stuff. They reached the opening to the second story and started up the next flight of stairs to the third floor. "On the third floor are most of the science and health classes. You will see a kid named Shinra Kishitani there a lot. Don't worry though, he is friendly…just talks a lot." Shizuo nodded as they reached the landing to the entrance to the third floor. Kyohei abruptly stopped causing Shizuo to stop as well. Students walked around them as the two stood there for a moment. "By the way," He turned around to face the blonde to emphasize his point. "Stay away from a guy named Izaya Orihara." Kyohei's tone changed from that of a welcoming one to a serious tone. Shizuo blinked once, trying to process what he was just told.

"Is he…like a gang leader or something." He asked quizzically. Kyohei looked down the hall way and continued to talk.

"Kind of but more like…" He turned back to lock his eyes onto caramel ones. "A sexual deviant."

"You mean like a slut?" Shizuo wasn't too good with complex words so he tried to make it simpler for himself to understand. "But I should be fine right? I mean…I'm a guy and all." The brown haired man ran his hand back through his slicked locks and sighed.

"It doesn't matter to him, he's bisexual. Actually, he kind of prefers guys and your just his type. I can't remember the last time he messed with a female…" Shizuo gulped and nodded.

"So…what does this guy look like?" Kyohei turned and started to walk upstairs once again.

"Trust me, you will know him when you see him." The blonde didn't quite understood what Kyohei met but decided to drop the conversation. They reached the 5th and final floor of the school and walked down the hall way. Shizuo's class was fairly close the enterance of the stairs so they got to his class rather quickly once on the floor.

"My class is down the hall so you're on your own from here. I can meet you after the bell though and show yo-"

"Ohhh Dotachin~" Kyohei was cut off and winced at the little nickname of his. Shizuo was confused. He thought the guys name was Kyohei. The blonde looked passed his new friend and saw a male with jet black hair and a uniform completely clashing the dress code approaching them. He had a cocky smile on his face and striking red eyes. The male was also very thin but he seemed to be fit as well. Some how he already knew who this guy was.

Izaya Orihara.

Kyohei turned his head and looked at Izaya with the wanna be doctor in tow.

"Izaya, I told you to stop calling me that stupid little nick name."

"Awww I'm hurt Dotachin~ I worked so hard to make that nickname for you. You should be glad to have it. I only give nicknames to people I like~" Red eyes drifted from Kyohei's chocolate brow eyes to meet caramel colored orbs. "A new student?" He asked, smirk deepening.

"Leave him alone Izaya." Kyohei said but Izaya paid no mind to him and pushed passed the taller male.

"My name is Izaya Orihara." The raven haired male said to the blonde.

"Uhh Shizuo Heiwajima." The blonde said awkwardly. He wasn't sure if he should talk to Izaya or not. He felt kind of weird knowing that the smaller male slept around and might try and get into his pants. The raven haired male smirked, continuing to lock eyes with Shizuo.

"Nice to meet ya, Shizu-chan~" The blonde winced. This guy was already getting on his nerves and he could feel his blood start to boil. He growled lowly which only made Izaya's face lighten up with interest.

"You piss me off." Shizuo suddenly announced. The two brunette's perked up at the sudden declaration, but Izaya only looked more amused and stepped forward.

"Now why you gotta be like that Shizu-chan? I thought you and I could have some real fun together." The raven purred as he brought his hand up to caress the blonde's face. Shizuo smacked the hand away and glared at the smaller male.

"Fuck off." He turned sharply on his heel and walked into the class. The door shut behind the fuming blonde. The bell rang and the hall cleared out. Kyohei turned and walked away to enter his class, but Izaya made no move to go to his class and Shinra didn't want to leave his friend behind. Laughter suddenly started to fill the empty hallway.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Izaya announced to no one particularly. Shinra stepped forward and placed his hand on his childhood friend's shoulder.

"Hey we should go to class. I don't want to get in trouble an—Ah!" The wanna be doctor suddenly found himself pushed up against the locker, arms on either side of his head, trapping him in. He looked through the glass over his eyes and caught the devious look in his friend's eyes.

"Shinra, you're my best friend right?" The raven haired man ran his hand through brown locks as he locked eyes with Shinra.

"Y-Yes but—"

"Then entertain me~" Izaya purred. The glasses clad man struggled slightly before he felt the soft lips of his best friend's on his own. The raven haired man stepped forward and pressed his body up against the wanna be doctors. The man put up a little fight but relented after deciding it was futile. Izaya always got what he wanted. All he could do is hope that his best friend ended it quickly so he wasn't too late for class. He kissed back and felt the raven's wet tongue press against his lips. Devilish finger tips dipped down low and brushed over the sensitive area between Shinra's legs, causing the male to gasp and allow the wet muscle enter his mouth. Another strong muscle flicked out and started to fight the devious males, wet sounds escaping their mouths and bouncing off the hallway walls. Izaya slipped his fingers into the brown haired males pants and brushed roughly against the clothed member of his best friend.

"A-Ahh…" The wanna be doctor pulled his lips away moaned lowly as wrapped his arms around Izaya's neck. He felt terrible about this, but he didn't want to reject his friend and he was also a male with certain…needs. He would have to write lots of love letters to Celty to make up for his infidenalty. "I-Izaya…" The man threw his head back and pressed it against the cold metal of the locker behind him. Izaya moved his head down to attack his friends neck as he teasingly dipped his finger tips into the rim of his friends pants.

"Hey, you two." Shinra's eyes shot open once the voice of a teacher reached his ears. Izaya stopped all movement and turned to look at the teacher, hand still in his friends pants.

"Yes?" He said as if he wasn't in a sexual position with the brown haired male.

"Get to class you two." The teacher glared at Izaya who challenged the glare. He never liked to submit to authority but relunctively pulled his hand out of Shinra's pants. He really didn't care if he got in trouble, but he didn't want to get Shinra in trouble for his actions.

"Fine." He said as he pulled away from the brown haired male. Shinra tried to hide the blush on his face to no avail. Getting caught might mean nothing to Izaya, but it was really embarrassing to the wanna be doctor. The raven walked away and down the hall towards his classroom. Shinra zipped up his pants and ran after his long time friend. Despite just having a steamy make out session with his best friend, the only thing that crossed Izaya's mind was how he was looking forward to tasting the new blonde student. The raven haired man licked his lips and entered his classroom.

Well...while typing up Caged Bird Chapter 11, I came up with this idea. Don't worry guys, there will be a lot of Shizaya/Izuo but yeah...Izaya is a whore so he will be messing around with a lot of people. I hope you all enjoy this story~ I promise caged bird will be out soon ;o; Slayers64 is going to kill me...but hey...I wrote Izaya x Shinra for her ^^ If you don't like it...just replace whoever you don't like with Izaya with Shizuo's name ^^ I am a hardcore Shizaya fan but it is fun to play around a bit.