Title: Just a Little Touch
Rating: M
Pairing: Main Pairing:Shizuo x Izaya, Sides: Izaya x Shinra, Izaya x Kyohei, Shiki x Izaya, Izaya x Kida, Izaya x Namie
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships

Description: Shizuo is new to the school so Kyohei volunteers to show him around and gives Shizuo a serious warning: Stay away from the school slut, Izaya Orihara. Whore!Izaya. Smut. High school AU.

Even though he had a body that most men dreamed about, Shizuo was self conscious of his physique and really didn't want to be naked in a shower with other guys. So instead of heading towards the locker room after gym class, he decided to linger outside and wait for the bell to ring so that he could shower alone. He knew that he could just go home and shower, but he really didn't want to walk all the way home sweaty mess.

Once he was sure that everyone had left the locker room, he made his way inside. He took a deep breath and walked into the room filled with lockers and shower stalls. He immediately stopped when he heard a shower still going. Part of him wanted to just give up on the idea of showering and go home…but he couldn't be creeping around and wasting his time everyday waiting for everyone to leave. Besides…it was only one person right? He could deal with just one person possibly seeing his nude body.

He sat down on the bench and lifted his leg to start to untie his athletic shoe. The laces made a faint sound as the strings where pulled apart, but the sounds were swallowed up by the noise of rushing water coming from the shower head. Once the blonde had his shoes and socks off, he made his way for his shirt. Reaching down at the hem, he easily pulled it over his head, causing his hair to go wild in the process.

Whatever, his hair was getting wet anyway.

He untied the knot in his shorts and they soon pulled to his ankles. With a faint blush on his face, he pulled off his boxers, the cold on his lower regions causing him to his lightly. After neatly putting all his clothes in a little pile, Shizuo quickly grabbed a towel and made his way over to a shower stall. He made sure that he chose a stall as far from the one running as possible. The blonde pulled the curtain back and stepped in on the cold tile. Cold water rushed out of the shower head when he turned it one, causing him to yell slightly in surprise. He immediately slapped his hand over his mouth to prevent drawing attention to himself from the other man in the room. The water turned warm after a few seconds helping the tall man's muscles relax. Shizuo closed his eyes and had his face tilted towards the rushing, letting it splash against his toned skin. His mind began to drift into relaxation as he ran his strong hands through his wet, blonde locks. He was so lost in his own world that he didn't even notice his curtain being pulled away and somebody scooting into the stall with him. A hand ran down the front of him causing Shizuo's eyes to snap wide open and grab the sudden intruder. The blonde turned around to face the very person that he didn't want to see.

"Such a tease Shizu-chan~ You get naked in the very same room as me and honestly expect me not to touch you?" Izaya teased with a smirk on his face. Shizuo would have been completely livid if he wasn't so embarrassed. He couldn't help his caramel eyes from trailing down to look at the slim, naked figure of the dark haired man that was glistening from the sheet of water on it. Izaya looked away and somehow managed to fake a blush. "Don't look at me like that Shizu-chan. Your making me self conscious~"

Shizuo let go of Izaya's hand and shoved him away.

"GET. OUT!" The blonde said while fully facing his new classmate.

"Why would I do that when I want to be in here~?" The dark haired man purred as he took a step closer to Shizuo. His hand went down in a attempt to grab the blondes limp dick but was quickly stopped by a firm grab. "Get out, you fucking whore!" The taller man yelled as he shoved Izaya roughly away until his back hit the back of the stall. The smaller man's eyes widened as soon as the harsh words left the blondes mouth.

'Do it for me Izaya.' A tall man with dark hair said as he sat down next to a younger boy with similar hair that was only in his briefs.

'Please… I-I don't want this…' The little boy said as he kept his head down.

'You want to make me proud right? If you do this for me I will be very happy.' The tall man said as he rubbed the small boys back.

'Your son is very cute Shirou.' Another man said with a smirk as he started to unbutton his shirt.


"I'M NOT A FUCKING WHORE!" Izaya yelled as he pushed Shizuo very forcefully against the wall. Crimson eyes were full of rage as he screamed at the confused blonde. "You can't make me do anything! I'm not a whore! I am not a whore!" The raven haired man barked out as he slammed his fist against the wall next to Shizuo's head. His eyes were wide and crazed, much different from the sultry and lustful ones that the blonde has only seen from Izaya thus far. The blonde gulped as he remained quiet, just letting the smaller man vent. After he was sure that Izaya was done yelling, he calmly started to speak.

"Izaya, I never asked you do anything…" The tall man said completely confused by the sudden outburst of the smaller man. The raven haired man shot a glare as he got closer to the blonde.

"I know what your thinking and your dead wrong. I'm not a fucking whore so don't you dare say that!" Shizuo was confused but was also growing concerned. Sure, Izaya was a rather annoying and perverted asshole that he just met…but he was slightly worried about the raven haired man's mental health. He wasn't sure if Izaya was just having a mental break down or he had a serious medical condition…but he couldn't live with himself if he found out something horrible happened to the flea because he left him in such a weird state of mind.

No matter how much he really disliked the man pushing him into the wall, he couldn't just leave him when he was in a state of distress.

"Okay…well…let me get dressed and I will err…walk you home." Shizuo said causing Izaya to perk up slightly. The expression on the smaller man's face turned from angry to shocked as he stared up at the blonde.

"What…?" He said quietly, his insane tone of voice suddenly gone. The blonde looked away and repeated himself, causing something inside the raven haired man to strain. Even though Izaya knew that it was probably out of pity, he couldn't help but accept the blonde's offer.

Heh…maybe it would be good for once to get to know someone first before having sexual relations with them.

Shizuo got his clothes on and waited for Izaya to do the same before making his way out of the locker room with him.

The mismatched pair walked in quiet as they made their way down the side walk. Shizuo popped a cigarette into his mouth once they were a good distance away from the school, shocking the dark haired male.

"You smoke?" Izaya asked. The blonde lit the cigarette and nodded as he took a inhale of the nicotine. He pulled the white stick out and placed it between his index and middle finger.

"I've been smoking since middle school." The taller man said absentmindedly as he looked up towards the sky.

Damn. It was only his first day at his new school and he already knew that rumors were going to be spreading if anyone saw him and Izaya leave school together. Caramel eyes sneaked a peak of the normally horny man who very…quiet. Since it was only Shizuo's first day, he didn't know if this was normal or not…but from what he has seen and what Kyohei told him, he was under the impression that Izaya was always a horny bastard.

The blonde wanted to ask about what happened back at the locker room but felt awkward bringing up the subject. He had a right to know…right?

"Do you like the school?" Shizuo jumped slightly at the sudden presences of the raven's voice.

"Err…yeah…I guess…" The blonde trailed off.

"Heh, I hate it." Izaya said and thus the awkward silence once again ensued. It was a good 10 minutes before either of them spoke again.

"Where do you live flea?" Shizuo suddenly voiced as they got closer to the apartment buildings that the blonde lived in. The playful smirk returned to the smaller man's face.

"Such a gentlemen, walking me all the way to my door~" The blonde's eyebrow twitched slightly in irritation.

"Look, I'm trying to be nice." Izaya laughed lightly.

"I didn't know you had it in you. Maybe I can put something else in you~" The raven said with a flirty wink. The blonde clenched his hand and stopped walking.

"I'm going home." He said as he turned around with his teeth clenched. Izaya smirked as he watched the new student walk away. Once he was a good distance away, he cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled.

"By the way Shizu-chan, you have a nice ass!" Shizuo stopped abruptly, facing going red with both embarrassment and anger.

"Izaaaayyyyaaaaa!" Said man took off as the blonde ran after him.

Sorry this chapter is a little short guys ^^; I hope you enjoyed it :) I enjoy writing this story ^^ I don't want it to be long though...I have like 30 stories planned (no joke) and don't want them all to be 20-30 chapters so that I can move onto the next one~