Title: Just a Little Touch
Rating: M
Pairing: Main Pairing:Shizuo x Izaya, Sides: Izaya x Shinra, Izaya x Kyohei, Shiki x Izaya, Izaya x Kida, Izaya x Namie
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships

Description: Shizuo is new to the school so Kyohei volunteers to show him around and gives Shizuo a serious warning: Stay away from the school slut, Izaya Orihara. Whore!Izaya. Smut. High school AU.

Izaya sat down at the lunch table with a girl that had long dark hair. She was finishing up the rice in her lunch box when the male sat down at her table. She immediately glared at the flirty boy.

"Did I say you could sit there?" She asked with a sharp tongue. Izaya put his hands on his heart and faked a shocked expression.

"Naammie~ You say that like we're not friends. I'm hurt~" The male said dramatically. Namie was unfazed by the performance Izaya was putting on.

"We're not." She said closing her bento box. The dark haired male smirked at the woman's answer.

"Oh? Really? I thought we were; I mean we've fu-"

"Just because you have sex with someone doesn't mean your friends." Namie interrupted with a glare. "Besides, sleeping with you was the worst mistake of my life; Especially because you didn't use a condom." Izaya waved his hand dismissively.

"Condoms are sooooo uncomfortable." The informant whined as he snatched the woman's bento and opened it to see if there was any food left over. He frowned when he saw it completely empty and shoved it back over towards Namie.

"It would be nice to let the girl know that before hand. You can get a girl pregnant that way you know." She added as she folded her hands underneath her chin and put her elbows on the table. Izaya shrugged his shoulders.

"That's why I switched to men~" Namie rolled her eyes at his nonchalant reply.

"By the way, that new kid, Shizuo Heiwajima, he has been here a week now. Have you got him yet?" Izaya frowned at her question.

"Not yet. Shizu-chan is a rough one~" Namie smirked.

"Maybe you're just losing your touch." She couldn't help but tease. Izaya was known for getting into anyone's pants. If he took interest in you, it was only a matter of time before he got you. Izaya glared at the female before she got up and grabbed her back pack and bento box.

"Later." She said before leaving the man to dwell on his own thoughts. He sat there thinking about what Namie had said; it wasn't that Shizuo was playing hard to get, it's that he is different. Ever since that day in the shower, the feelings that he felt towards Shizuo were different than the physical lust he normal felt. The tall blonde made him feel sort of fuzzy inside, which warmed his normally strained heart. It sent a shock of excitement through his body when he saw him. He didn't just want the blonde's body…he wants his heart too…but he isn't sure how to get that.

"Dammit." Shizuo cursed under his breath as he headed towards the detention classroom. He had only been at Raira Academy for a week and he already had detention. The blonde let out a deep sigh. "Kasuka is going to be so disappointed." When he opened the door, he dropped his bag and started to glare at the dark haired man that was sitting at one of the desks. His day had just gone from bad to worse.

"What the hell are you doing here flea?" Izaya turned and looked at the tall blonde with his all knowing smirk.

"Ah, Shizu-chan! What a pleasant surprise~ Looks like we will be enjoying detention together~" Izaya cooed as he leaned back in his chair. Shizuo felt his eyebrow twitch as he nearly threw his bag at the flirty boy. Wanting to just get this whole nightmare over with, he grabbed his bag and sat in the very far corner of the room. He wanted to be as far away from Izaya as he possibly could. Shizuo folded his arms across his chest and looked out the window.

He really just wanted to get this whole day over.

The two males sat quietly in the room for about 10 minutes before Shizuo heard the chair next to him being pulled out. He immediately looked over and glared at Izaya.

"What the hell? Don't sit so close to me!" He yelled but the smaller man sat down anyway.

"But I just want to get to know Shizu-chan better~" The man said innocently which only caused Shizuo to glare more.

"Like hell you do. Everyone tells me to stay away from you because you're going to want to fuck me." The blonde couldn't help but notice the momentarily hurt the crossed the ravens features that was quickly covered up with a masking smirk. Shizuo turned away to look out the window again. His heart was beating fast and he didn't know why.

The two males looked towards the door at the sound of it opening. Shizuo expected to see a teacher in the doorway, but instead he saw the two men that disappeared with Izaya the first day of gym class. He glanced over at Izaya and saw that he had grown tense, eyes locked on the two men. They walked over to the smaller male's desk as Izaya lowered his head.

"Not today Shiki…" The smaller male said softly. Shizuo turned away and tried to ignore the situation, but couldn't help but listen in. Akabayashi raised his eyebrow as he eyed the sitting man.

"You? Rejecting sex? What are you sick or something?" The blonde couldn't help but clench his hands at the word 'sex'. He wasn't sure why, but the thought of Izaya having sex with someone was just really…disgusting to him. Out of the corner of his eye, the blonde saw Shiki grabbing Izaya's wrist.

"I said, no." The smaller male said with a stern glare.

"I don't think you have much of a choice." Akabayashi said with a smirk. Shizuo saw them to start to pull harshly on Izaya's arm to get him to come with them. Without thinking, the blonde had his hand tightly wrapped around Shiki's. His caramel eyes were glaring daggers into the older man.

"He said no." He said with a low growl. Shizuo was ready for a fight, but, to his surprise, Shiki retreated after a few seconds. The blonde released his hand but maintained a posture that let the two know he would attack if the he had to. The red-haired man found the whole situation entirely amusing.

"You his boyfriend or something?" Shizuo glanced down at Izaya, who was just as shocked as the other men, and back up at Akabayashi.

"Yes, I am." He said without a second thought. The smaller males eyes widened as he looked up at Shizuo. Akabayashi started to laugh while Shiki just maintnained static.

"Izaya's a slut! You really think I would believe you're his boyfriend?!" The flash of hurt crossed Izaya's features once again. Shizuo clenched his fists as he resisted the urge to punch the tall, redhead.

"Don't talk about my boyfriend that way, you asshole!" Akabayashi glared and opened his mouth but was cut off by Shiki.

"Akabayashi, lets go." He said before heading towards the door with said man in tow. When the door closed, Shizuo let his body relax.

Did he…just tell them that Izaya was…his boyfriend?

The blonde felt his cheeks heat up at the realization of what he just did. Looking down at Izaya, he saw that he was just as much in shock. There was an awkward air around the two as both didn't know what to say.

"…boyfriend huh?" Izaya finally said. The taller man looked away and crossed his arms.

"Shut up! I wasn't thinking okay?!" The raven haired man leaned back in his chair and folded his arms behind his head.

"It's too late now. You already announced it. Whether you like it or not, people are going to assume we're a couple now." Izaya smirked as he felt an odd rush of happiness run through him.

"Then I will just break up with you then!" Shizuo said which made Izaya feel like he was being stabbed. He sat up right and looked up at the blonde seriously.

"Give me a chance Shizu-chan…" Shizuo looked down at Izaya's pleading eyes. For once, there wasn't that lustful glaze in them it was more…passionate.

"…Dammit…" The blonde said as he looked away again. "Fine."

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