"Ok, so it's entirely not completely impossible that you, my awesome, pancake eating friend, were right." Gilbert announced, once he had joined up with Mattie to stalk Tino, though he should be stalking Toris. Gilbert currently didn't care. He simply couldn't spend time with Toris at the moment. Not if... Not if Ludwig was still around. He couldn't keep up his mask with him there.

He paced around the small room, rubbing his forehead, frowning and muttering things to himself.

Mattie's attention, however, was not focused on the Prussian, but on Tino instead, the Finnish man playing chess with Eduard van Bock at the moment.

To anyone who wasn't an assistant, this action would have made them think that Mattie was ignoring Gilbert and was being rude and asocial, however, assistants were very skilled at both socializing and being creepy at the same time. Despite currently having a lack of mouth, Mattie considered talking to the Prussian.

"What happened?" Mattie asked after a while of listening to Gilbert ramble to himself in German, a language that the Canadian simply couldn't wrap his mind around.

"I... I saw my brother Mattie. My brother. But... But I'm sure he's dead! So how can I have seen him, right?" Gilbert replied, pacing around in a circle. "I should know what to do, but I don't, because he reacted to Luddie and asked me if he knew me and-and-and... This whole thing's so unawesome!"

"... So you believe what I said about Alfred now?"


"My brother. Alfred."

"Oh. Dunno about your guy, but I know my Luddie when I see him." Gilbert replied, not really caring. He walked up to the chess board and was tempted to move a piece for Tino, the Finnish man having the possibility to get Checkmate. However, Gilbert decided against it, seeing as he didn't want the two running off, screaming on about ghosts.

However, the Prussian then changed his mind. He smirked and decided that he didn't care too much about their reactions and knocked all the pieces over, all at once. Tino jumped and immediately looked over to "Slenderman", as if he were to blame, while Eduard let out a scream of surprise and fell off his seat.

"That was fun." Gilbert muttered, walking back to his friend, hands in his pockets. If it weren't for Mattie's current expression (his shape had currently shifted into Slenderman's rough shape), the Prussian reckoned that the Canadian would be glaring at him.

"Must have been the wind?" Eduard muttered, as he started picking up the chess pieces. Tino said nothing, shooting an angry glare at Matthew, then proceeding to pick up the pieces too.

"Huh. Tino and Toris are both tougher than I thought." Gilbert commented, crossing his arms. "Well, they'll both break eventually." He finally decided.

"They all do in the end." He added. Mattie said nothing, not letting his guise flicker.

Gilbert suddenly noticed that his hands weren't the only things in his pockets. He could feel something hard and delicate. He grabbed the object and took it out, eyes widening slightly.

"Oh yeah, Slendy fixed your glasses." Gilbert announced, handing the glasses to Matthew. Mattie didn't even nod in approval, simply slipping the glasses on. The glasses seemed to merge into his face, making him look like Slenderman once again. It was still a weird thing to watch. Gilbert sighed and crossed his arms.

"Other than him being curious as to how you managed to break your glasses, he wasn't very suspicious." Gilbert added, about to sit down, when Mattie spoke up..

"Don't do that Gil." He said, frowning. Gilbert rolled his eyes and walked over to Tino and Eduard, who were both still picking up the chess pieces.

"Need a hand?" Gilbert pretended to ask Eduard, as he reached out to pick up one of the pieces. One that both Tino and Eduard could clearly see.

"Don't you dare." Suddenly echoed in Gilbert's head, making him jump back. He frowned and glared at Mattie, who was still watching Tino, arms by his sides.

"Oh come on, don't use the link on me. You know it's painful to use when we're close by." The Prussian whined, frowning.

"You should have thought about that, before pranking Eduard." Mattie replied, in a lecturing manner.

"Dude, if anyone should be lecturing anyone, it should be me you. I'm older and am awesomely more experienced than both you and Arthur put together." Gilbert complained, walking over to the Canadian.

An awkward silence ensued, in which Gilbert started whistling that annoying song to himself again. However, Mattie chose not to be annoyed this time. Soon, the Prussian got bored and silenced.

"... So what do we do now?" Mattie asked.


"About our brothers."

"Oh. To be honest... I really don't know. They should be dead and I don't know much about this supernatural stuff. It's not like we have much time to figure stuff out, with Slenderman breathing down our necks half the time." Gilbert replied after a moment's thought. "I guess... I guess for now, I'm just glad that my brother's alive. Rather than trying to figure out why they're alive... I'd much rather get in contact with him."

"... But how can we do that? You yourself said we can't do anything, without Slenderman some how figuring it out."

"That's where you're wrong. I never said that Slendy figured out everything we did."

"Huh? But..."

"Mattie, did I ever tell you about the time I and Arthur managed to sneak away from Slendy, long enough to spend an evening in a restaurant? It was awesome. And then there was this other time, when I went with Gregor- he was before your time by the way - drinking at a pub together. We met some girls and..."

"OK, OK, I get it! ... So what do you suggest?" Mattie said, slightly miffed that despite being around for such a relatively long time, neither Arthur nor Gilbert had told him about their supposed free time.

"Well, I'll get Eduard out of the room, while you give Tino some kind of message, telling him to go and find your and my brother. Remember, my brother is called Ludwig Beilschmidt. Okay?"

"Er, OK... But why should I tell-?"

"Ergh. You're such an unawesome newb. Look, I'll explain it to you later, OK? For now, just do it, OK?"

"O-OK." Mattie replied. Gilbert grinned and slapped Mattie on the back, hard.

"You'll do great kid." He announced, before running out of the room. Tino and Eduard had set up a new game of chess and had started playing again.

Mattie stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Gilbert had told him, yes, but it wasn't very explicit. What if he did something wrong? The Canadian took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

What does he do now? How would he give Tino a message? Should he speak to him in his mind?

The doorbell rang.

"Oh, that must be them. Guess they're finally back with pizza." Eduard announced, smiling. Tino got to his feet. "I'll go get it-" he started, but then Eduard interrupted him.

"No, no. You're the guest, I'll get it." The Estonian said, leaving the room, before Tino could stop him. Tino frowned in worry, only rarely being by himself nowadays.

"Oh dear..." He muttered to himself and looked over to Slenderman, only to find him gone. Tino paled.

Mattie ran across the room and picked up a pen and paper, placing it in front of Tino, then blowing in his face to get his attention. The Finnish man looked in the direction of the wind. He saw the piece of paper on the chess board.

"... Where did that come from...?" He mumbled, hovering over to the table. Suddenly, neat writing started appearing on the sheet, making Tino nearly jump out of his skin. What was this? This wasn't part of slenderman sickness!


The victims are supposed to suffer from hallucinations...

But he always assumed they would involve Slenderman.

Tino watched as the ink appeared on the paper, before it finally finished and read what stood there.

Don't be afraid Tino. He read. Next to "Tino" stood several scribbles, which confused the Finnish man. Of course, he couldn't know that Mattie had tried and failed to write Tino's surname several times, something that had always bothered the Canadian.

I am a friend. He continued reading. More confusion. Maybe he was hallucinating that someone would finally help him out of his misery (other than through death)?

Find Alfred F. Williams and Ludwig Beilschmidt if you want to live. They are friends of the other victim.

Good Luck

Tino felt deep confusion and picked the letter up, turning it over several times. This... Was this real? Was this hope out of this dreadful situation? A chance to live again? A chance for this all to finally end?

He had found letters related to Slenderman before, but...

But this was the first one with good news. Or possibly good news. The first one with hope anyway. Tino looked around the room.

Still no sign of Slenderman.

But what if this was all a hallucination? What if he'd invented it?

... But he had never heard of the name "Beilschmidt" before, so maybe he hadn't invented it? He hurriedly ran out of the room, to Eduard, freezing in his steps. At the door was Slenderman.

But only at first glance.

After looking a bit, it turned out that it was just a man in a black suit, with white hair and pink (or pale red?) eyes. It was still a strange sight.

"So, you're sure there isn't an awesome amusement park around here? Because I could have sworn I'd heard it was here.?" the man asked, before glancing in Tino's direction, focusing on something behind him. Tino turned around to see what the man was looking at, but saw nothing.

Of course, Gilbert was looking at Mattie, who gave him a thumbs up. Gilbert nodded slightly and looked back at Eduard, who was tiredly explaining again that no, there was indeed no amusement park nearby and explaining why there was no amusement park nearby.

"Oh, well, sorry for wasting your unawesome time." Gilbert replied sort of apologetically, while grinning in a manner that made even Mattie shudder. He waved goodbye and walked off, whistling his annoying song again. Eduard closed the door and turned to Tino.

"I swear, this is one of the weirdest days in my life." He said, massaging his forehead. Tino nodded mutely, then walked up to the Estonian, pressing the letter in his hands.

"Do you see this?" He asked.

Eduard looked at Tino with confusion, then examined the letter.

"Yes. Why shouldn't I...?"

"And you can see the writing on it?"

"Well, yes-"

"So read it to me." Tino cut off, a little too eagerly. Eduard sighed deeply and started reading the letter. Despite the Estonian feeling uncomfortable about the way his friend was acting, he couldn't say no. Tino hadn't seemed so... So normal? Relieved? Happy? in years.

"Er... It says 'Don't be afraid Tino, I am a friend. Find Alfred F. Williams and Ludwig Beilschmidt, if you want to live.' Er... Did you write this?" Tino didn't reply, snatching the letter back, a smile breaking out, onto his face.

Not a torment-ridden, breakdown smile though. It wasn't the smile the Finnish man had been smiling for the past few years. It was a real, authentic smile.

"Eduard, I need your yellow pages." Tino announced, waving in the rough direction of no where in particular. Eduard hurriedly scuttled off, to find what his friend had asked for, not about to deny Tino anything, now that something within the Finnish man had quite obviously changed.

Tino smiled widely and began crying and laughing with relief and joy.

Finally a way out.

Gilbert and Mattie watched, feeling a little guilty.

A little short, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. :)

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