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"What do you think your doing?" Hilda gave him a death glare.

"Uhhhh... inspecting for damages?" Oga replied meekly.

"Put my underwear down you fool, I'll have to wash it again now." Hilda sighed.

"What is up with her, usually I would get the shit beat out of me...maybe shes on some crazy demon mood swing thingies" Oga thought dumbly. He picked his ear lazily, after he gave Hilda her rather skimpy undergarment.

"Where the hell did you get that piece of crap anyways, it looks like it would rip if you even tried to put it on." he stated rather bluntly.

"Tatsumi, are you calling me fat?" she asked with her demonic aura surrounding her.

"Uhhh, n-nnooo i was just s-saying that it wouldnt fit your uhhh..." he stuttered. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Yes?"

"Curves" he said while looking away dumbly. She caught a light blush on his cheeks. She smirked "So your saying that i wouldn't fit in this because my but is to big?" she asked.

"What else does it mean, damn woman.." he muttered.

'If you must know your sister got it for me saying that you would enjoy it if I wore it." she simply stated

"Damn meddling family" he muttered under his breath

Taking Baby Beel on his shoulder, Oga cast Hilda a glance "Ill go feed him, you left the food downstairs right?" "Yes, its on the dinner table." He walked out of their room without a second glance.

"Tatsumi is being very...well unlike-Tatsumi. I wonder if he hit his head last night." She thought as she chuckled. She looked at the underwear in her hands. "Hmmm, maybe ill wear it tonight." She thought. A sly smile granced her face as she thought of his priceless reaction.


Meanwhile, downstairs Oga was feeding Beelze on the couch while watching his favorite anime. "Oi, Crappy brother where is Hilda! Are you being a shitty parent again?" Misaki questioned, while giving her brother a noogie.

'Oww, Damn it stop that! Im feeding Beelze so would you just shut up!" he yelled. "Damn woman, thanks to you i had to get scolded by that demon woman about her damn underwear!" the still fresh memory making him wrinkle his nose in disgust.

A black aura surrounded the older sibling. "You...you...ungrateful little bastard!" she screeched.

"Dah! Dah! Dah!" Beelze chanted encouraging his auntie to beat the crud out of Oga.

As Hilda descended the steps to the living quarters, she was graced with an amusing sight.

"Damn woman! Get the fuck off me!"

'Shut your filthy mouth! How dare you swear with your son right there." Misaki seethed.

Upon seeing Hilda in the stairway. She lifted Oga with surprising strength, and made him grovel at Hilda's feet. 'Apologize this instant you brute!" she stated angrily.

'Fucking bitch" Oga thought bitterly.

"Misaki, its quite fine." Hilda said. Surprising both Oga children. "What?" Misaki asked, "But he insulted your body Hilda-san" she protested.

'Don't worry, i have a punishment in mind for him" she said smirking.

"Ho-ho-ho, i knew you where clever Hilda-san!" Misaki chuckled evilly.

Oga broke out in a cold sweat. 'Fucking bitches, the lot of them!" He thought darkly.

"I will cook a rather delicious meal tonight for him" she smirked evilly.

Oga was sweating bullets, while Misaki was dumbfounded not catching on the Hilda's cooking was toxic. "Oga, you lucky guy! You insult her and she will still cook you dinner?!" she was hugging Hilda saying what a good wife she was and nonsense of such.

"No way in hell am i eating your cooking woman!"

"OGA TATSUMI!" Misaki roared and smashed his head through the floorboards at Hilda's feet.

"Dah! Dah Bauuuu!" Beelze cried with glee seeing the violence before him.

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